The First is always the worst, but I'll quench your Thirst!

Well after all the blog rhymes and the twitter ones so many times. I decided I'd give this a shot because why the heck not.

Although rhyming on this scale might take a while, I'm sure I'll develop a style. I just hope I don't start talking like this in real life or it might cause me a bit of strife.

Now what should I address today, something that others play. Maybe just the month of May or that I eat off a tray. No that last one was a lie, I had to rhyme something like pie.

This isn't as easy as it looks, I have to read lots of books. Nah I don't do that at all, I'd rather go to the mall. Then I can watch the flick and it be over faster with a tick. Yeah they aren't usually as good as the book, but I don't have a nook.

So the movie it always is, even if it's turned into a mostly shitty biz. Oops excuse the language I just spoke, it tries not to come out of this bloke. But alas I can't stop it all the time, is that really a crime?

So this was my little rant for now, I hope it was able to wow. If not there will be plenty more and I promise at least one won't bore.

So for now I bid adieu and wish you all a merry poo.

Yep I just said that, as I'm a cat in a hat.


  1. I was rather curious to see what your first post was so I gave a look.

    It's bit strange to see the comments section look like a blank book.

    So um No #1 with no zealous

    even if it makes kaykuala jealous

    1. haha my first post
      was a long while ago a my coast
      Lots has changed indeed
      As it is no longer to advertise the facts at my feed
      And number one
      You beat hank at least sorta under my sun
      There was a time
      When there was a blank comment section to my rhyme

    2. Adam beat me to it. It's... a fact.

    3. Beat you to this one
      Way way way back fun

  2. Adam beat me to it... I should 've known
    Wants to get his facts straight on his own
    I was curious, Pat
    What do you think about that
    You'd rather go to the mall - I didn't know
    Way back in time on your show

    1. A long long time ago
      Seems like forever as things changed quite a bit at my show

    2. Like that bit of work you did the other day
      Spinning 24 rhymes at your bay

    3. Yeah it has grown
      With my rhyming tone

  3. Someone said poo on day one
    I guess it had to be done

  4. Ha - I had to come and read this first post
    this is where it began - Let's have a toast!