Friggin Tashtoo Did it Once More, I Really Have to Stop Coming Ashore!

No don’t fear I’m not going all profound, as elsewhere my mind is bound. As Natasha hit a nerve I guess you can say, when I read her post at the Tales of Tashtoo the other day. Look a plug right at the start, hope that didn’t make you tip over your country cart. Anyway when she mentioned the red tape, it made me think of a dumb ape, while not really that per say but we’ll just go with that okay?
As who is the idiot that came up with this crap, that makes you want to take one big nap? You do your job for years and then all of a sudden you find, that you supposedly need to advance your mind. So they hire some clown, to come in which causes you to frown, as you know exactly what is going to take place, it involves you wanting to stab him in the face.  Or shoot yourself in the foot just a little, so you can get out and not be stuck in the middle, of some long drawn out boring crap, that as said wants to make you nap.
So for the slow readers in the audience today, oh did I offend someone that came my way? While it you can’t take the heat, you’re already beat. Hahaha Oh don’t worry if you don’t know how it’s done, now you know it’s all for fun. Except for the Fox, don’t open that box, or he might jump out and bite, that just isn’t right. Of course Betsy also has her mind in the gutter as of late, So Brian today I guess you win mate. As the others are easier to make fun of at this precise time, so you avoid the back talk rhyme. Oh wait a minute we can’t have that, as then you might start to like this cat. But I know your pooped after coming home from your big win, so making fun might be a sin. Aww hell you met Jack Bauer, making the cat all sour. So whether your pooped or in a stoop I’ll throw you for a loop and make you read this twice, to see how I made you eat rice.
Did you read it twice as I asked Brian? While now you are cryin, as I made you read it twice and that wasn’t very nice. As that was the trick I made, just to see if you’d follow my fade, ok I mean fake, so hope you had fun with your double take. Damn I went way off topic there, but I’m sure no one has a care. So back to the evil mess, that you all should guess, is when they bring some person in to train, on the exact crap in the exact same lane.
Yes I’m going to show you how to talk and do a fancy walk, not like you haven’t already done this for years, but I’ll pretend you had lots of beers and act like I’m teaching a drunk, who is in a two year old mind set funk. Really do they expect people to be that dumb? I have more fun counting the things that come out my bum. Oh you saw that one coming right? If you didn’t you aren’t worth the fight. Haha Oh two put downs in one post, maybe I should retire as host. Oh that is never going to happen at least not soon, not even if you give me the full moon.
Speaking of which it seems Kristine, the newbie, has her mind in the gutter and said she’d flash her umm..errr…okay to hell with it booby. Hahaha Oh that was so pathetic it was funny, might not be right on the money. But I’m sure she’ll give me a smack to the face, over at Kristine’s Place. See how I worked that little plug in there? Try and be as sly if you dare.
While next these mooks show you computer things, which sleep it just brings, as only a nut, wouldn’t be able to get passed this rut. So all and all, anyone who gives some training (insert bad word here) a call. Do it well you are still new, if not shove it up the old gazoo, as it is completely pointless other wise and no I’m not spreading lies. Or do you think the cat is just so smart or Pat is just a lazy fart? Hmmm either could be the case, as the cat can’t even tie a shoe lace, while because I don’t wear shoes, I’d save the money and go on a cruise. See I win, you lose, now go get drunk off some booze. Damn I’m just on fire today, wonder what caused me to get this way. Oh yeah Natasha is to blame, as she started all of this within her new little poem frame.
Oh and Betsy says we're in sync, maybe that brought me to the brink? Or it could be that I’m a nut, stuck in a rhyming rut, but I have to say she does pretty well, especially with Five Men I must tell. Oh and watch out for her, she wants to find the cat and steal my fur. As this stranger was trying to get peoples address, isn’t that danger I guess? Hahahaha Oh I just joke, better say that or she’ll give me a poke. That might hurt, but it would keep be alert.
So Silver Fox any bites? Have you had to turn out the lights? Maybe that’s why your mind is in the gutter of late, as you want to love not hate. Hahaha oh that was a corny expression, it belongs on Betsy’s latest nice post suggestion. Where Brian is being all nicey nice too, helping the young folk not like you. Yeah can’t help Betsy or the Fox, as they are older than my locks. Oh damn I just got them both once more, who knows what else I may have in store.
So there is my rant for today, I know you’ll all come back to play. So lets see about the stuff below, as some of you posted two in a row.
The Silver Fox X 3
While thanks to Natasha’s suggestion and Betsy’s overprotection, you were the star of the day, at least that is what some might say. So maybe one day soon, a nice woman near you will come across the rhyming loon and be able to make sense of my yapping, then come over to your door a tapping.
Yes the internet blows a whole lot with that internet crap, everyone says the same thing in their little box yap, it’s like a carbon copy plastered the same thing with different names, as they all just like to play games, but I won’t go there any more, as that one is a closed door.
Hahaha and you know about the whole little lass, that was a great catch as you pretended not to be crass. But I was constantly on the go, so never stopped to read the actually flow. But yes reading it fast now, really made me laugh and wow, glad you pointed that out, as it deserved a shout
Betsy X 2
What’s this you go from ten to two, what’s got into you? Oh no poor old Pat to go back and forth and chat, heck you just could have asked the cat. While this month 50,000 visitors have come to lurk, but the whole dating thing will not work. As the ads last forever and as much as the Fox may say never, he won’t look that way for life, as someone will come along and cause him strife. So lets Face it, the Facts stray away from the dating acts. Look you gave me a plug too, wasn’t that nice of you. Yes the game is something fun I do, when I’m not on here rhyming with all of you. But then I also like sneaking up behind a foe, stepping on his toe, sticking a mine behind his crouching butt and watching as he tries to run like a mutt, then goes boom and I sit and loom. As I wait for him to come back and then once again attack. Can’t do that with Pokemon you see, as they don’t really have guns that make you flee. Yes you can try to look as young as me, but it might not happen you see. As I found the fountain of youth last week, and with a little tweak, I’ll stay alive for years to come, while everyone else develops a saggy bum..LOL
Yes we really do that a lot, lets hope we never get caught. By any one but ourselves you see, as they might take that out of context from me, wait you already did that with my last post on your blog, as you saw way through the fog and looked for more that wasn’t there, but you didn’t come back with rhyming flare. Then you say you have nothing in common with the Fox, while I say you both have some of the same rocks, rolling around in your head, from all that I have read. Wasn’t that fun? Now I’m done.
Brian Miller X 1
Wow Brian you are getting slow, must be because you were constantly on the go. Plus you were kind of high, as you reached for the sky and won your award, straight across the board. Congrats to you, that win won’t make you blue. Yes a party we had while you were away, what do you think we are trying to say? I’m sure with all your little words, you can mix the bees and the birds, finding a way to give the Fox a hand, helping him find a woman near his land. Yes you broke down at the end, that has to drive you around the bend, knowing the cat out did you once more, as you closed the door and went to sleep on the floor, because you didn’t do that chore.
Alan Burnett
While the Fox sent me your way and I went for a bit yesterday, then you came to play, wasn’t that a roundabout way. Yes you added to the stock quite well and your comment didn’t fell, err umm fall on deaf ears, so I give you a few cheers. Although the end was kind of lacking, but it beats Brian’s so you sent him packing. That is a big plus, now look at all the fuss, you created by coming here, but don’t fear. Brian, the Fox and the rest, know that I just jest, so whatever comes out of my trap, as I sit here and flap, don’t take to heart, as it has the value of a fart, for I can blab on filling a tanker, as I’m just a bloody wanker!..hahaha like how I worked that in to my retort, now I go back to building my fort.
By chest I meant like where a pirate keeps it’s loot, but you are a hoot, as you went right to the gutter and no you didn’t mutter, so when you come by on your next dash, don’t forget to give a flash, as the Fox would really like that, maybe even Pat.
Natasha X 2
Okay after most of you went to the gutter, I'm going to go there and putter. Betsy right on top of things? What kind of thoughts do those words brings? hahahaha Natasha should really watch what she says around here, as I won't be the only one reading into that I fear. Yes Silver got his ground rules laid out, now you and Betsy have to not make him pout and find a girl that's right, so Silver can win his fight, finding at least a little fling, making him feel like a king. Ok enough of the lovey dovey talk, now I take a walk to the other stuff you said, before I rest my head. Yes Brian might have to relearn a whole lot, thinking he's oh so hot to trot, as he is so large now, winning that shorty wow. Quite the play on words there, I didn't mean to I swear. I can keep up with the rhyme any day, it's the time that just isn't coming my way. So yeah with a little luck, I might not be saying over and over ummm duck, you know what I mean, so don't turn green, or red or blue, just get over it you. Yes you must sell, in your real estate hell, so you have to chat with not just the cat, or poor old Pat, not even someone with the last name Hatt, but all kinds of strange folk, some you just want to poke, right in the eye, hoping they'll cry, oh my, give it a try. So I will be along to your tale, once my time gives me time to sail.

Oh now you came back with a second post, and this one is the most. The best of the bunch, is my hunch, giving the facts a big old plug, aren't you great at giving them a tug. So thanks once again for that, from Pat more than the cat.
I will only give you hell for rhyming LOL, but that was pretty clever, as I haven’t seen it done here ever, maybe that means we're above that, or it wasn’t thought of by a single rat. The acronyms are quite the pain, but something like TFB could cause pain. So I won’t go there just now, instead I’ll talk about a cow. How the cow wanted the ham, but instead he got yam. Then tried the eggs, but they tasted like wooden pegs, so he did not want them Mary I am, he did not want green eggs and ham.

Look a post two days in a row, but I am always on the go. So don't get used to this kind of attention, but don't worry I will always be back to give you a mention. Now I have to go eat, with my hands not my feet. I'm having chicken not bass, so away I take my little ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Putting in the over time
    Don't have that much time to rhyme
    Just wanted to let you know
    I'll be back with my rhyming flow :)

  2. Ha! Number One
    I rule the world
    I rule the sun
    And I am in the title post
    Holy cow, aren't I the most :)
    Back before you know it
    Gotta get home before I blow it (SLAM!)

  3. Just whizzing through
    In case your blue
    to make your day less boring
    So I thought I'd sit
    and bare my tits before you started snoring...

    have a good one!!!
    (it's pathetic rhyme but it's a start. :P)

  4. I know! I went from ten to two!
    I didn't want to hog all of you!
    But we were commenting on each other's blogs
    so that was fun, being in sync and all.

    And no, the rocks in my head are not like Silver's.
    The thought of that just makes me shiver!
    And he's a lot older than me!
    In a whole other decade you see.
    Yes, his mind can be in the gutter
    But I don't agree, I just shudder!

    So, did you have a bad day at work?
    Someone came and gave your tail a jerk?
    Wanting you to advance in your area?
    Sounds like you'd rather have diphtheria!
    I hope you withheld all notions
    to put your fist in motion
    and cause a lot of commotion
    but kept in check your emotions
    or you could have been fired and cried enough tears to fill the ocean!

  5. Are you saying you don't want to be like the poor fox
    While maybe he'll come steal your socks
    So you're telling me I have a disease?
    Bah all that will do is make me sneeze
    No nothing happened today
    It's just something I had to say
    As dumb things like this happen every once in a while
    And really there is no need for this vile
    If I got fired I'd just shrug and not cry
    At least then I wouldn't have to sneak comments in on the fly..haha

  6. Well, no offense to the poor old guy.
    I'm sure if we met I'd like him just fine
    But be like him...exactly?
    That would be a little wacky!
    And I'm sure that he would agree
    He wouldn't want anyone to be he!

  7. So tell me dear Cat,
    You do love your hat
    But I want to know, you big kitten
    what's on your hands...gloves or mittens?
    They seem to be a combination of the two
    With separate spots for your thumbs and pinkies, too!
    But don't your back paws feel left out?
    Being exposed, they could catch the gout!
    And if you dressed them, like you really should do,
    Would you call those gloves or just shoes?

  8. hiya my brizzo, just walked in the do'
    but came by just to say, you make my day,
    so hey swing back in a bit, once i unpack all my sh*t

  9. Ta da - same day!
    what can I say?
    Don't need too much attention
    but I have a apprehension
    of what you might mention
    so I came with prevention
    in mind. And I only can hope
    you don't go down that slippery slope,
    then I'd secure you with a rope
    until you could cope.
    So ta ta for now,
    oh holy cow -
    now I know
    time for me to go!

  10. I gen'rally come here all inspired.
    Tonight I'm just too effin' tired.
    So now I'll leave you with a warning:
    I might come back... in the morning.

  11. Wow Brian going all in the hood
    You can tell to much time in NY isn't good
    Mary back twice in one day
    You'd think I gave her some pay
    Betsy yes that would be weird when you put it that way
    So I guess I accept what you say
    At least for the current time
    Until I come up with another rhyme

    As for your question
    I find it a good suggestion
    As everyone should know
    That it isn't a bow
    That's the tie
    So I won't lie
    The hands a gloittens
    I invented them when I was a kitten
    As they work quite well
    Can't you tell?
    As for my other feet
    They are kept quite neat
    Plus the are tough from all they endured
    So they need no gloittens to keep them cured
    Of disease and whatever else there may be
    Now you've been answered by me

    As I was typing this the Fox came back
    Just looks like all but Betsy and Mary were caught by my rhyme attack
    What can't handle two back to back
    Maybe you need to eat a power snack
    But I'm sure the fox will be around
    As he is usually easy enough to be found

  12. Gloittens? LOL! Well, I've learned something new.
    How clever you are at inventing, too!
    If my fingers in the middle get all stuck together
    or by some weird phenomenon turn into feathers
    I'll have to get some gloittens like you
    To wear on my hands, of which I have two!

  13. Yes I always said I was clever
    It just took you forever
    To admit it out loud
    Aren't you now so proud
    That you don't have to hide the fact
    That this cat has tact

  14. Well, of course you are clever
    To deny it, I would never!
    I have to tell you what happened in the night
    As I lay in bed without a light.
    I couldn't sleep well cause I kept feeling a tickle
    And I would wake up and start to wiggle.
    I kept thinking it was my imagination
    And that my mind was in an exaggeration
    Thinking of spiders like we talked before
    And how they crawl on us while we snore.
    So I tossed and turned all night
    attempting sleep, I tried with all my might.
    And wouldn't you know this morning I found
    A tiny little spider on my night gown.
    At least he didn't give me a bite
    That would have been an ugly sight!
    How funny that we had just talked about this
    so my story I didn't want you to miss!

  15. wow that is quite funny
    So today you might not be all bright and sunny
    Thanks to the little spier keeping you up all night
    Maybe a nap you might want to take and not fight
    But at least you were awake
    And didn't let the spider take
    You tears
    Or go in your ears
    Or go in your mouth and get eaten
    So you left it beaten
    As all it did was keep you awake
    But you out lasted the little snake
    So now it is probably dead
    But you might want to make sure there are no others in your bed

  16. Hey there Cat, know what you should do?
    Bring face it facts to the country, and I'll come to work for you!
    I can only imagine all the fun in there
    Big egos, big voices, but no brains to spare
    oops! guess I shouldn't go there
    They'll fine me for making fun of their hair.
    Or perhaps we should both just quit
    chew on some straw and then give a spit
    Out here in the country you can do that you see
    But that's where you're roots are, I know you'll agree
    Glad you enjoyed my little rondel
    For those that didn't~ you can all go to sell
    On another blog that is not my own
    Unless you decide you want to buy a home
    Now I'm just being silly, I think you'll agree
    But thanks ever so much for thinking of me :)

  17. No drinking of my tears
    or crawlingin my ears!
    Just tickling the back of my neck
    As I would think, "What the heck?"
    Yes, the little thing is dead
    He will not be back in my bed.
    And yes, I think I'll wash the sheets today.
    That's on my chore list anyway!

    So are you on your blog and taking a peek
    While at work? You are such a sneak!

  18. Oh I so want to quit
    I'd have a big fit
    In a very good way
    Maybe that will come some day
    But with student loans up the ass and all of that
    That isn't going to happen soon for poor Pat
    Maybe I should stop with the ramble
    Then go and gamble
    Worked once before
    Until they showed me the door
    But yeah probably was a fluke
    And I don't want to be a mook
    Then lose any money
    That wouldn't be funny
    So I will stick with the facts for my million or so
    Which could happen if the thing could get more on the go
    Then yes I'd get out of the city for sure
    And give facts galore
    Oh and the egos I know all to well
    Those people can all go to, well yes, hell

    Yes I'm at work looking around
    As during the day that is where I'm found
    Not that I really like that fact
    I'd rather be home doing some other act
    Heck I'll trade and do your wash all day
    If you come sit here and stay
    How does that sound
    Oh first you'd have to know where I'm found
    Then a stranger might come after me
    That we can't have you

  19. Me do accounting and you do the laundry?
    Now that would put us both in a quandry!
    Although the change of scenery would be tempting
    I was never good at numbers so while attempting
    Do you your work, I'd screw something up for sure
    And they come after you
    but find me there
    in your chair!
    Ha this is starting to get funny!
    Maybe we should do it just to make their brains go runny!
    I'd trust with my laundry I guess,
    Although you've not seen such a mess!
    So you don't trust me with your address still?
    I guess a little treat I can't send until
    You get over that little problem
    if you will.

  20. Yes that would really be quite the joke
    Having you come in pretending to be this bloke
    Sitting down like you own the place
    Right in front of their face
    But never fear if you get it wrong
    I can BS a good song
    Making them think it was all in their head
    As they dreamt it in bed
    Laundry I don't like much at all
    Sometimes I even stall
    But I can do it just fine
    At least when it comes to mine
    The cat only pretends to care about the address
    As it's not like anyone can do much mess
    Unless they intended to do harm
    But you don't raise that alarm
    So it's bush number three
    In the forest a ways in so no one can see
    Was that helpful enough
    Or is that still to tough

  21. I'm sure the laundry pile here is taller than your whole frontier!
    A family of six can really make a heap
    Some must be done each day so we can still leap
    over the mountain that forms each day.
    Now, I'm sure I've made you want to stay away!

    Although, it would be fun to sit at your desk
    and pretend to be you and joke and jest
    As I'm sure you do while playing with their heads
    and wishing you were at home and resting in your bed.

    Bush number three?
    OK, that should be easy!
    I'll just look for the red striped hat in the window
    and as you sing, listen for the crescendo
    of your little song
    with notes all wrong.

    Yes, you should be easy to find.
    And if you don't mind
    I'll tell you that I used to track people down for a living
    And repo their cars when they were not giving
    Their payments on time!

    It's true!
    and Brian did, too!

    Now what a fun rhyme
    and it didn't cost you a dime!

  22. hahaha You and Brian were repo people really?
    Good thing my crap car is ideally
    All paid off and payment free
    Or you might decide to come out of retirement and after me
    Damn you and Brian acting together
    Would really ruffle a feather
    As I'd have to run and hide far into the trees
    Leaving no trail, not even fleas

    But the cat can be hard to find
    Even if you use all your mind
    Can be being the key word
    As now I'm easy their a bird
    So you wouldn't stress
    To find my bush address

    I'm glad it didn't cost me a dime
    As then I'd be broke in no time
    Sad but true
    With all the comments by you
    Not that I mind
    As I never fall behind

  23. Yes, Brian and me for real!
    It was really quite an ordeal.
    Although we didn't do it together
    it's a job that happens in any kind of weather.
    I posted about it once and he said, "You, too?"
    and then we had to share a story or two.
    It's the kind of job that is scary in the present
    But hilarious as you tell the tales past tense.

    Good for you not having a car payment
    that has to be sent.
    You can send all your money to the university that owns ya.
    Because they gave you a great big diploma!

  24. btw, I sent my friend Subby over.
    I know he likes to rhyme. More over

    He has a different dialect,
    I'm not sure what I'd call it, in fact.
    It's kind of German, and morphs to Old English and some times it sounds more Southernish.

    But he's a fun, sweet guy with a heart as big as the sky.
    I hope he comes over and leaves a comment
    And gives you another friend to torment.

  25. Yes those greedy univeristy bums
    I can come up with lots of hums
    For that lot
    As half the crap I was taught
    Was a bunch of bull
    They used to keep their pockets full
    Plus I could have just lied on my resume
    And said I went and not have gone one day
    They didn't even check
    And I can do my job without a single thing needed around my neck
    Like some piece of paper they gave
    Which is all the rave
    But that's long past
    And thank god I got out fast

    Yes I'm sure you were told off quite a bit
    And most probably had a fit
    When you took away their car
    Prob some was outside a bar
    That would be fun
    Unless they came after you with a gun
    Which they might do now
    When they have a cow

    Sending others my way
    That just makes my day
    Even if that cat can't understand
    Because he's from a different land
    As you say I can torment
    This poor gent

    Now I must go eat
    Because Orlin is chewing on my feet
    As he wants to bum
    For he thinks chicken is yum
    As bad as a dog
    For he is a greedy food hog

  26. No, Subby's from Massachusetts land.
    He just sounds like he has command
    of like 5 different accents all rolled into one
    You'll see once he's begun.

  27. Well Cat, this is what we'll have to do
    To get you out of confinment with those few
    Annoying, pestering, itchy fleas
    You'll have to come and work for me!
    We'll set you up all nice and sweet
    Give you a computer and buy you Tim's treats
    You can network and build our brand
    And help build the hype for Tashtoo land
    Wouldn't that be where it's at,
    While at the same time building face it facts
    We'll sell the house and sell the cars
    And become super, duper, internet stars!

  28. While technically it's a different land than mine
    So I guess what I said can work fine
    Subby hasn't come yet
    Maybe I made him fret
    With all my little rhymes
    Maybe he thought I was committing crimes

    haha that could cure me of some fleas
    But could add some more stress to these old knees
    Oh now The Fox is how I'm beginning to sound
    I wonder where he can be found
    But yes super duper internet stars would be a delight
    While it might also be a fright
    I'd just take the money and run
    Ok I am done

  29. Ha! You said gazoo! That made me laugh!

    I know, but better late than never... right? :)

  30. haha while your comment thirty
    So does that make you dirty
    Or just a tad slow
    Even though you are on the go

  31. I thought I was done here for today
    And wouldn't have anything more to say.
    But I had to come and tell you that
    after you commented just now on my sight
    that my Google ads have changed alright!
    Now they say things that are meant for a Cat
    Invisible fencing for cats...things like that!
    There's one for flea spray, too
    And special chow made just for you!
    Isn't that funny? Cats are not in my post
    just you commenting and not from the host!

  32. Unbelievable!
    I'm a bit overwhelmed but really digging it all.

  33. Yes that is quite funny
    Hey maybe the Cat will make you some money
    As lots of people have pets
    So you might get clicks in sets
    Then you'll come and thank the cat
    And maybe even Pat
    For all the help I gave
    At your little cave

    Oh look a newbie to the group
    It's alright to come and snoop
    As yes Betsy can be a bit overwhelming from her smell
    shhh I wasn't supposed to tell

  34. just wait!
    I smell great!

  35. haha look I got another rise
    Aren't I just so wise
    Or would that be smart
    With ass thrown in the last part

  36. the latter suits you better
    as your head swells even bigger!

  37. haha you rhymed
    And it was well timed
    Now you just have to expand
    I'm sure Betsy will give you a hand

    hahahaha yes my head is pretty big
    It could really snap a twig

  38. Hey, it's Christine!
    Now Cat, don't be too mean!
    You'll have to warn her
    that you tease and ruffle fur!
    But it's all in fun
    When your game is done.
    We'll dish it back to you
    So don't you turn blue, too!

  39. Glad you're not a Hog
    And said, your head was the size of a log.


  40. It's lucky for me that the jokes are in fun
    Or this poor Fox might just want to cry.
    Pat talks about me as a true ancient one,
    And Betsy called me "poor old guy!"

  41. hmmm Betsy it looks like we got another foe
    We'll have to see how it will go
    As she might not like my big head
    And run to bed
    Or you might scary her away
    When you talk about killing poor spiders in some mean way
    I can take anything you dish back
    As I'm as sharp as a tack
    So yes it is all in fun
    That's just how it's done
    But I will always torment
    Each and every comment

  42. Look the Fox is awake
    I just he splashed is face in a lake
    He finally came back
    And he comment didn't lack
    See told you Betsy he'd come undone
    At your comment whoops it's just for fun

  43. Well, Fox calls himself worse
    So I'm not sure about that verse!

  44. I've been up quite a while and just got home from work!
    And Betsy won't seriously say I'm a jerk.
    She's too much of a lady to flog me in view
    Of Natasha, or Brian, or even, Pat, you!
    So I knew she was kidding, just like all of us.
    We're all smoke and mirrors here! Never a fuss!

  45. Aw, Silver I didn't call you a jerk
    I asked Cat if someone gave his tail a jerk
    Maybe you need eye glasses
    or take some reading classes?

  46. No, the awful word "jerk" wasn't one that you used,
    But you teased me other ways. If you'll peruse
    Your earlier comments, you surely will see
    That you said you would not want to be much like me.
    But there was a slight compliment that I happened to get.
    That you're sure that you'd like me if ever we met.
    But "lot[s] older than" you, and that I'd make you shiver
    Were words that I'd hope you'd not
    really deliver. ;-)

  47. While you two seem to be having quite the time
    I don't even know where to begin to rhyme
    Didn't you say you were retired
    Or were you just fired
    As you got home from work
    To come here and lurk
    Maybe I'm just reading things
    You know how much crazyness rhyming brings
    Betsy and the Fox are into it now
    So I'll just sit back and let them wow

  48. Ok. Sorry, Silver Fox.
    Don't go and loose your socks!
    I thought your age was fair game
    since 'ancient' is a name
    you give yourself without shame!
    As far as my brain working just like yours and that would give me shivers,
    If I started falling for all the married ladies, wouldn't that make us all quiver?

  49. No, I'm not retired, I'm years 'way from that.
    I'm not old to the point where I'm old
    enough, Pat!
    And Betsy's a true-blue friend; hers were wisecracks.
    knew they were friendly jokes, and they weren't "facts."

  50. Betsy, milady, my age is fair game.
    From my silver hair came the Silver Fox name.
    And as for my socks, well, they seem quite secure,
    And all thoughts of yours we all know are quite pure!

  51. Good night, all.
    I must go to bed.
    I'm tired and have a pain in my head.

  52. Oh must have read that somewhere else I guess
    Heck it's late and I'm in a mess
    As Betsy is a pain in the butt
    Oh she has one in her head whoops I forgot
    Yes nothing here should be taken serious
    Or all would go delirious
    So sorry is allowed
    From now on that is vowed
    Just go at it in fun
    And if they can't take it they soon be done
    Also even if they have a band
    They can just pound

  53. I found your blog today,
    I am writing here to say,
    your words are fun and second to none
    And my hope is to you they pay!

    Your blog is a place where I can spend time
    practicing my writing, my diction, my rhymes
    I hope they make sense, for I am new to the game
    I want to be fresh, not stale and lame

    So it is to you that I offer a tip of the hat
    may long life and prosperity come to you and your cats
    And if you feel like you need to tweet
    @keepitreal73 is in the Twitter drivers seat.


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