Didn't Things Seem More Tall, At Least That's What I Recall!

Oh I just saw something to my delight, that might cause some of you a fright, but shout it out I will, oh poor Brian did you feel that chill. Yes as every one knows, Brian always goes, to ever place and comments in the space. While as I was doing my little reads, I came across this greats little comment on one of the feeds, something maybe Brian didn't want you to know, but maybe now to WaystationOne you'll go. Or not, as you might not want to get caught, looking at something he might just have received in the mail, ok enough with the suspense time to set sail.

You ready dear old Brian, I really hope you were lying. As no longer will I go on about the gown, awww don't frown, as I've got something way better to use and say a bit to abuse, as Brian just received a big box, nope it wasn't from The Lair of Silver Fox, as I don't think he'd be this bold, as he's a little old..hahaha Oh got him good too, alright before you get into a stew or I need to use the loo or clean cat poo. The item was from edenfantasies is what he said, now I don't want to know the specifics or whether it's for you know or his head and I'm sure at Stuperhero Extraordinaire you can learn more, but I just had to add that to my rhyming floor. As I wanted to give Brian a good poke, even if it was a joke, as it hasn't been done in a while, for Betsy seems to be on the receiving end of my clever rhyming style.

As well(see Betsy and Fox right, now don't fight) as Natasha and her Tales of Tashtoo, where she spins up some mighty big gails for you, with her poetry out of the norm, about meaningful topics and writing up a storm. Wow all that done already, I'm just plugging and rhyming quite steady. Oh and Brian states his cat likes to type sometimes too, so maybe that's who spilled the beans on Brian's fetish to me and you. But I can relate to that, as each of my cats think they can chat, the wild one even chews the keys, must be hoping the computer will freeze and he can get some more attention instead of putting me in detention. So I wasn't going to post today, as I had something else to write and play, but thanks to Brian you got a new retort, here at my rhyming resort. Now on to the title I made, as I wouldn't want that to fade. Of course with some new acts, here and at Face it Facts, I won't let that happen and will continue my rappin.

Anyway it was at My Five Men where I remember Betsy saying how her childhood yard seems so small, now that she has gotten so tall, while I agreed of course, but it still might be able to hold a horse, anyway I now must agree more than ever, I know never say never. As I passed a park I used to go to and had a look, five seconds it took, to realize it now seems kind of small, whether spring, summer or fall. As the swing used to seem like I was going high, now it seems rather pathetic I must say and I don't lie. Everything else paled in comparison as well, still looked kind of swell. But I guess I just never really took the time to look, at this little nook, until the other day, when I went by while on my way.

So there is my little eyes wide open moment for the day, I'm sure you'll all have your say. As Vista Woman seems to be coming by more and more, although I called her a suck up at her door..hahahahaha...so we shall see what she says to that, whether at the cat or Pat. Plus Ocean Girl from Live High seems to be coming by to give her rhyming muscle a wiggle, oh I just have to say maybe something will jiggle...hahaha I offend with such fun and that is just how it's done. Also as I finish this post, it seems a new comment came at your host, from a blog Christine gave a shout, now I bet she'll go and gloat. As Brenda states how It's a Beautiful Life and I just go on causing you all strife. But I love it so much and you all keep in touch. So continue I will, don't know a Bill, wow that just came out, maybe I'm in a drout. So I will end it here, but have no fear, as time will pass, but you will always get a plug, a shout or a poke from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Since you never fail to give a plug,
    That's why I've shown
    my ancient mug!

  2. While (did that just for you, Pat! ha) I can't wait to see what Brian says about his box.
    He might read this post and get a shock.
    I must say we will all wait and wonder
    Just how in the comments he will blunder.

    Funny about the park when you looked around.
    I did that once with the school playground
    I thought when in grade school it looked so huge
    and then as an adult I was amused.

    You're going to miss me tomorrow!
    You'll be filled with sorrow
    As I work an auction all day
    And won't be home to play.

  3. Wow you two were fast
    Betsy I didn't expect a comment this vast
    As it is late
    And I was about to close this gate
    Going to bed to rest my head

    Silver that was quite good
    I always knew you would
    Show your ancient mug here
    Even if you are giving Nothing a cheer

    Yes it should be interesting to see the comment he leaves at my resort
    Maybe he ignore and still pretend he's in a basketball court
    Hoping know one sees
    How he gets stuck for a certain part above his knees
    Oh gutter moment there
    I know I'll never ruffle your hair

    Yes it is quite amusing how you see things in a new light
    Also a bit of a fright
    As you get more old
    But then that's only so I'm told
    From certain people the are found
    Rhyming at my ground..hahahaha

    Awww you're going to leave me bored at work
    Not coming to lurk
    While I guess you have to make some dough
    To pay for all the groceries and gas you got today on the go
    Do you talk like an auctineer
    Really fast that I'd give a big cheer
    As it be really funny
    When you point at the signs and ask for who bids higher money

  4. Good night
    Sleep tight
    Don't let the spiders bite.

    No, I don't talk that chant
    I wouldn't and simply can't!
    I just record what they said on the computer
    And take people's money. What could be cuter?

  5. "What could be cuter?"

    You, Betsy. ;-)

  6. whats in the box, well its certainly not socks
    and for the record i won it on a blog, and its not big and rubber the size of a small log, at least not what i won, all in fun, nope it was nice things you rub on for lovin playin if you know what i am sayin, some even heats with friction, thats probaably poor diction, ahem, ahem, but thats enough about them...other than they work, but i dont have to worry about a stork...if i go any further there might be trouble and if T reads this there might be double so i better get to sleep, so not a peep...

  7. Fox, I could be cuter? Umm...ok...I'll try to work on that!
    Out the door..no time for chat!

  8. How perfectly snug
    to find me in your plug

    There's no present like this time
    to leave you my own rhyme

    And say thanks for the fun
    Now I hav'ta run

  9. @Betsy: What I meant was, what [is] cuter than "record[ing] what they said on the computer and tak[ing] people's money?" You are, silly.

  10. I got my wild cat to scare the spiders away
    As he'll sit there and play
    Then eat them when he's done
    He thinks it's quite fun
    hahaha maybe you could be a new auctioneer
    One that talks in rhymes to give the bids a steer
    That would be quite funny
    Who knows you could make more money
    I can't believe you can't talk that fast though
    At least your typing isn't slow

    I think your words were a tad turned around there fox
    Maybe you should have said her socks
    I know what you meant
    Maybe you got confused by doing nothing as you vent

    Oh you won it huh ok we'll pretend that
    But it gave lots of ammuntion to the cat
    The details I didn't really need to know
    As you gave plenty of details before you had to go
    Maybe the Fox got all turned on
    He could be out doing something on the back lawn..LOL
    hahahaha Oh I wouldn't want to get you in trouble
    Let alone make it double
    So I'll keep it on the down low
    But Betsy I just don't know

    hahaha yes you work on that
    I think the Fox's comment fell a bit flat
    As it could mean one or the other
    I'm sure he's thinking oh brother
    Guess being flirty
    Without being dirty
    Got him in a bit of a pickle
    But no worries no one here is fickle

    Oh look a new person with a rhyme
    Isn't that just a fun time
    Lets see if it has just begun
    Or if she'll get scared and run

  11. Maybe Betsy isn't used
    praises here (the silly goose)?
    The Fox was up until
    quite late.
    (I just woke now to urinate.)
    I wrote this weekend's lengthy tale
    (Which should impress, unless I've failed)
    I hope my readers find the time
    To read this story, which
    won't rhyme.
    Late Friday night, please take a look!
    The subject? Pricey comic books!
    This Fox must now
    return to bed
    To rest his ancient, weary head!

  12. hahahahaha oh that was great
    Especailly the crack using urinate
    Never thought of using that one during my rhymes
    See you never know what comes of these fun times
    Oh I'll be on plugging the facts
    Hopefully exposing it to new acts
    So I'll surely read
    You're new tale on your feed
    I'm sure Betsy will too
    Even if she was offended by you
    hahaha which I know she was not
    As that would take alot

  13. Brian got some friction goo
    Imagine the poems that will ensue...
    Hope he keeps it to the facts
    So as not to offend this simple lass! ;)
    But I see the Fox has stopped by my place
    And Betsy's been by too
    And Brian is the best for chatting
    Cat, what will I do
    If you keep shouting out like this
    I'll need an assistant too!
    But again, thanks everyone
    For making my days so much fun
    So much better than work you see
    All I ask is don't judge me :)
    Sometimes I get a little blue
    But most days I'm on the up
    But mostly in the Land of Tashtoo
    You're graced with lots of luck :)
    And Betsy's playing Face it Facts
    Cat, I think that's great
    If we keep this up before you know it
    Those ads will replicate!
    So back to work I must go now
    And earn my meager pay
    But I'll find my way back somehow
    So I can speak what I have to say.

  14. Lets not and say we did
    Listen to any poems about him lifting the lid
    On that friction goo
    As I wouldn't want to read that not even if wrote by you
    As to the gutter I would go
    And don't really want to go to that show
    Offend you
    hahahahahaha oh Tashtoo
    You are too funny
    As you make meager money
    But I can relate to that for sure
    But it beats a corner store
    As been there done that
    Wasn't all the great pay for Pat
    haha aren't I just so good
    Bet you didn't know I could
    Get so many to come and go
    To your little show
    From the rhymetime place
    To Face it Facts my ace
    Now if it will just fill to the brim
    Things wouldn't be grim
    So lets replicate the crap
    Out of the ads in a rap
    As I have a jingle coming as well
    Should be funny as hell
    Oh you got all difficult rhyme on me this time
    But that's not a crime
    Wait until my next post
    As then I'll truly boast

  15. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    This is my first-time posting at your place...I didn't know that you, are suppose to leave a rhyme as I state my case.
    Thank-you, for stopping by for a chat...I now follow you and Thank-you, for following me back.
    This entire conversation has been a blast!
    I truly hate to go, but I know that it can't last!
    DeeDee ;-D

  16. friction goo
    too funny you
    but if the shoe fits
    its worth wearing
    see what you did pat
    got me all sharing
    better watch my comments
    on other blogs, you readin
    what i'm sayin, leaving me
    all explainin, strawberry
    flavored too, that slippery
    friction goo, but will
    keep it out my verse,
    though i could think
    of worse.

  17. Think of worse...I'm not surprised
    Strikes me as...one of those guys!:)
    And now a new poster too...dear cat what ever will you do
    Soon you'll need your own friction goo
    To keep you doing what you gotta do
    For we all desire shout outs you know,
    But now this chick has got to go!

  18. Wow, I leave for a day and all kinds of stuff are relayed!
    Sounds like Brian's been having too much fun
    But it's with his wife so that shouldn't stun.

    And yes, Mr. Fox I see what you were trying to say
    I just thought "You could not be cuter" would have been the way
    To say what you meant
    Without it getting bent.

    And Dee Dee came by...I know her!
    She has a clever blog
    She's brave to go through this slog
    Hopefully she'll like to rhyme
    and come back another time.

    Boy am I tired
    That auction was admired
    But we were short a clerk
    and that meant more work!
    I didn't even eat lunch
    and had to work a bunch
    then walked in the door at 5 o'clock
    and although they didn't mock
    They all said what's for dinner
    So I couldn't linger
    in a chair to rest myself
    But had to see what's on the shelf!
    So I grilled some steaks and tossed a salad
    Bet you love this little ballad!

  19. I go out for a few hours and everything goes to hell
    But now I'm here so I can rhyme a spell
    DeeDee thanks for visiting me
    You don't have to rhyme but it's more fun you see
    You lasted longer than some that have stopped by
    Don't let the length of Natasha, Betsy, Brian or the Fox make you cry
    As they've been here a while
    And already have their own style

    Wow Brian came back twice on the same rant
    That friction stuff must have made things go higher than an ant
    Plus got him all hot to trot
    Of course we have to remember the stuff he never "bought"
    Oh now gutter stuff is going through my head
    Look where one little comment lead
    Yes I pick up on things every one states
    And then the cat reiterates
    So as I lurk and move about
    You better watch that which you shout
    Or you might find yourself the subject of the day
    To your liking or maybe dismay
    Yes I could also think or worse
    But as with you I'll leave that out and not even curse

    Will my friction glue be strawberry too
    Can you promise that Tashtoo
    hahahaha oh don't worry I can keep up quite well
    Even if sometimes I need to watch how I spell
    Or Betsy will pick it out
    And do a little gloat
    While you give the facts a nice spot at your tales
    So don't worry shoutouts will always come by the bails
    Then you can pretend you are out there in the hay
    Drinking your wine all day

    Yes you go away and everyone picked up the slack
    Going on the rhyme attack
    See you didn't leave me high and dry
    Bored to death at work so I won't cry
    Brian does sound like he's having fun with the stuff he got for "free"
    But I'm not so sure about that last part just between you and me

    See I knew you knew what he meant
    And I don't think he got too bent
    If he did he'll get over it fast
    As some more rhymes he'll soon cast

    Betsy you're as bad as Brian
    Knowing everyone who comes a trying
    To rhyme at this little resort
    To which I give each a retort

    Wow you sound like you were worked to the bone
    But at least your were in the zone
    Working up a storm all day
    Not stopping for food or play
    haha they couldn't cook for themselves
    Maybe you should borrow some magic elves
    They make cookies and shoes if I remember correct
    Then them you could elect
    Then you could rest in your chair
    As those birds of yours sit and stare
    Yes the ballad was like a rocket
    Almost as good as Davy Crockett
    haha had to put that in
    I know what a sin


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