So We Now Know I Can't Be Beat, So I'll Just Go All Repeat!

So after a combination of things, a thought was what this stuff brings. As first it was over at The Silver Fox Lair, where I laughed as he sold things on eBay with some flair. Then Pat nagged at the cat, to do just that.

Thus the creation of this rhyme, which I may have to use other places I go to chime. Or then people might think Pat is more of a nut and the cat might get a kick in the butt. But what the hell, I just thought I'd copy the ad and see any feedback one might tell. Yes I know I'm quite the lazy ass today, but at least I had something different to say. Unlike a certain My Five Men, who could up the ante to ten..hahaha oh wouldn't that be fun, I'd love to watch all things come undone.

Then of course I was over at WaystationOne and you know the new diddy Brian has done, is really quite swell, although he might make the lazy bloke curse him to hell. But he is right, damn did those words come out of my mouth must be late at night. But then all Pat has to impress is a cat or two, so that will be kept in the back of his mind although stuff he already knew. But a refresher is always a good thing, as who knows what it might bring, still say he should go write a book, least most women would give it a look, shoving it in the guys faces, Brian then might have to hide at a couple different

Oh yeah and a few new people came to rhyme in the comments below, will they come back or run out of pills avoiding my show? So now for the ad I wrote, does it have your vote, or is it more of the cat being crazy, as I'm never too lazy.

So your out and about looking for advertising options or places to put your sites link and look what you've found:

- sites that charge you $100's a week, if not day, but you figure what the hay

- then you find some sites for free, that have so many free ads visitors will flee

- oh but your on Twitter and Facebook too, well bully for you

And what do you find, when the day is done and your looking in the mirror at your behind?

First you find that option number one, which for that kind of money should really make your web traffic have fun, increasing it up and up, while you just sit and relax, drinking from your coffee cup. But lord and behold you got two whole clicks, making you think what dicks.

You go and check each great free site, as you know your ad is real tight. But where did it go? Oops it's now ten pages below. As a few hundred other sites have buried yours, look closely and half will be for the same old stores.

But Twitter and Facebook are so grand, they have to have lent you a helping hand. Oh look they increased your traffic by a bit, your sales must have been lit. Whoops not a one, as people only use those things for fun.
So now after all the work, you have no idea where else to go to lurk. Yet you hear a tale, of a great site to let your link set sail. Where you aren't charged an arm and a leg and to pay for advertising you won't have to go out and beg. Where you get not just one, but two backlinks of fun. Where you are so appreciated that a bonus has been made, with enough cash back to even help the guy in his mothers basement get laid. This mythical site can't be real, as this is too good of a deal.

Plus after your dealings with all the other crap, you instantly want to give it a bad rap. But hmmmm testimonials are all real and strong, maybe you should unbunch your thong and take a closer look because now your on the hook.

Now you can sit back and relax because you are one of the acts. No longer will you have to go through the rain and the mud, just to have your sites link buried in crud. No longer will you get the people playing for fun, on Facebook and Twitter with their Hun and No longer will you pay a huge amount to get traffic that on one hand you can count. As even if don't get one single click, you could get cash back right slick, plus the fee is less than you spend on toilet paper, so it won't cause you to get angry and expel water vapor.

But your link will remain for life, so clicks galore you should get with little strife. As together we make internet history with something new, giving one and all something to view. So no more will you put up with the same old crap, go take your lap. Join up now and become one of the many acts and that is simply the lets facts.

Yes the cat got paid in chicken for that, but it was a fun little chat, bet you never seen an ad like this, if so keep quiet or I'll hiss. So there was my endeavor for today, which I cheated and used to play. Guess I killed two birds with one stone, yes I know but that saying I already gave a moan. So as Betsy watches the kitties across her grass, Brian makes some lazy men say things crass, Pat tries to gets the  ads to amass, I will forever be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. And I SO agree with all that you said here
    and I'm glad I bought an add from you, dear.
    I can see lurkers on my sitemeter sent by you
    and it's the cheapest cost out there to get a view!

    how was that? :)

  2. That was not bad at all
    Still glad to hear lurkers come to your blog like a bouncing ball
    Of course as we both know many just lurk
    After all that friggin
    Yes cheapest indeed
    Makes the cat wonder why he does it for free at his feed..hahaha

  3. ok so, just how much dough so i need to fork over to cross the factionary border, perhaps i will check, what the heck i could use another gazillion eyes peeling at what it takes to get out of the mess and have great sex, all in the context of a healthy relationship of course, cause thats hip, just file all that away for some day you get more than a cat, pat, and you can stick that in your hat.

  4. Brian, oh Brian
    A sign~up's a must
    After all, it's
    Only ten bucks!
    Then you can double
    This whole mess of trouble
    By adding a few
    More followers for you!
    It's been great for us
    No where close to a bust
    And Pat is just awesome to boot
    It's there forever
    It's really quite clever
    To see what this cat can do!
    I'll wait to see
    If you listen to me
    And watch for your ad to go up
    Here's hoping you do
    Cause this site is true
    And this cat really does give a :)

  5. So I guess the little ebay diddy works
    Now just need to convert some of the people who lurks

    Look Below
    Natasha explained everything with a hi and a ho
    Yes I will file that away
    For if I ever arise on that day
    As my luck with everything but dating is good
    But sooner or later work it should
    Or I'll just get a mutt
    But still sex beats watching a dog sniff a
    So plug on there I will too
    That's all I seem to be able to do

    Damn you saved me the time
    Of thinking that all up in rhyme
    As you beat me to the respone today
    Sorry about that Brian as I was typing up a new resume
    And you were on here early too
    Thanks for the praise by you
    Yes I give a duck
    Err I mean ****


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