Floppy Disks, Cat Hair and Binoculars Oh My, Lets Give This a Try!

Sturdy, scratchy grained artificial timber, leg jammed beneath, crevasse ingrained knee, barely limber. The dust divide inhabiting it's allotted turf. Airways obstructed, possessed by clamoring windpipes through the dusking surf. Each blow exclusive, wishing for a silent reprieve. Footsteps overtake reason, as hope the piercing voice will leave. Shoulder tugged, caressed searching for attention, engaged through touch purring at a modest name mention.

Adequate recognition or the ear flattening clamor initiate retreat. Rushing off as if after a treat. An exclusive strand of cat hair lay stretched across G H J perfectly centered. No alarms raised, as a gust initiated from a finger stroke, hurls it towards a nearby crack, result entered. A dwelling secured as satisfying as a vault, promising a future barring a heinous vacuum assault. Amused in the thought of a sneeze, from allergy encased plebeians attempting a key squeeze. Finding fault with the hair, empowering dander to run amok, the authentic killer, completely unaware.

A slight circulation finds the light escaping room completely naked of other worth. Although a tingling suggests a deeper scrutiny would find a cat or two unearthed. Suspending the search as that voice sends a tingling up your spine. A sly smirk at mention "why" event suffered your decline. Screen saver furnishes the screen with tubes intertwining, reflection of blacken corner finds eyes bulging, escaping the cover of the beds silver lining.

Shifting knees quake the desk, erupting a stack of floppy disks, motivating a nose curl and a feeling quite grotesque. Years not even amassing the age of toe hair, recognized these with formidable worth, charging a sumly fare. Yet now stripped corners creating ninja stars of plastic or submitting them to the test of an elastic, remains of their use, face scrunching up at their ungodly abuse. An ability to retain meager portions of data, thus the thumb drive originating them to an ill attempted beta. Breaching the mind of thought, how long before the thumb drum becomes something to be thrown and caught?

With the point questionable at best, the petty heap hoarded back with the rest. A forceful thrust situating them into position, brings forth a mention extracted from prying ears, catching a digit on another addition. To bare of any electric glow to see, a yank at the strap is undertaken out of a magnetized curiosity. Darkened eyes of Stakeout fame materialize from buried pictures seen, quickly followed by "Rhythm is Going to Get You" and a peeping Chris scene. Unsurprised mind manifested in the gutter, "Higher Love" also begins to flutter. Quick comparison to the floppies careless one way or another if wrecked, creates a kind of spill over affect. Differences between outdated and timeless, seemingly some unrelated to progress.

Wonder saturates the synapses causing the bulb to spark, as these binoculars reside among the technological weeds one would expect to hit the conventional computer mark. Double checking for black residue in case of a dupe, focusing, researching prevailing sights, viewing no reason to snoop. Window seems blocked with coverage worsened due to the summer season. Lush green, impede all surveillance avenues, leaving little reason. Storage or a quick place to hide the signs of a devious task, funny thought, attempt to look for a hidden flask.

Screeching voice leaves ears almost bled dry, no longer are they jealous from the eyes attention, due to an intrusive sty. Attempts to watch with binoculars ensuring final relief, yet certain holdings, with size increased, give the eyes grief. "WARNING" should be applied to the side, some sights can't be erased, especially if two large cheeks collide. Pull back wishing instead for black circles or falling toilet paper, yet zipping by, flutters a creature on a caper. A newly hung feeder resides in the front and after getting a full view and feeling the brunt, a red chest ringing proud, with a rainbow of colours helping it stand out from the crowd, and wings flapping faster than the eye can see, allows me a glimpse with Orlin scrunched down, ear flattened, licking his lips with glee.

Bet I had you all confused there, I know not fair. But over at WaystationOne Brian has lots of fun, using some simple things, like gum, to come up with a verse, I decided to see if I could do it with rhyme and all as I converse. So there we go and if you get the movie reference I guess you're in the know, meaning you know some facts, if not travel down the "Stakeout" tracks. So did I fail or pass, with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. So, exactly who were you spying on through the trees
    and today can you move your knees?

  2. I wasn't spying on anyone at all
    Just wondered why there were in the computer stall
    Nope knees still cramped against the keyboard tray
    Just as they were yesterday

  3. Oh...OK...I need to go back and read it again
    as I got the wrong idea, I admit with chagrin!
    Let me pop a pill first
    haha...did that make your head burst?

  4. hahaha oh being more profound
    Made you lose ground
    Yes it was great you popped a pill
    Don't mistake it for grape face on your windowsill..LOL

  5. You passed. It's actually really difficult coming up with a verse like that, Brian does a great job at it, that's for certain. Not half bad yourself. Really enjoyed the language in this one, really some top notch word choices, another entertaining piece

  6. Yes he does them really well
    I figured I try one what the hell
    Used words that just popped in my head
    To back up what I said
    Glad I passed
    And didn't get gased
    Or called an ass
    Oh wait been there done that from both man and lass..LOL

  7. haha maybe grape face would help me decipher
    this rhyme was really quite aurifer
    but his brain has withered a lot
    so I must rely on what I've got.
    It would have helped if I'd seen Stakeout I guess
    But with a second read I did my best!
    Yes, it does smack of a Waystation write
    and that is a compliment, a very cool sight!

  8. If you've seen Stakeout
    You'd be able to half decipher what it's about
    If I knew what aurifer meant
    Maybe grape face wouldn't look so bent
    Had to give it a try
    After seeing Brian go about it at the Waystation sky

  9. aurifer = golden :)
    and it had to rhyme with decipher
    so my brain had to work harder! ha.

  10. haha I put it in Google but no return
    That is why I felt the burn
    Yes you must have worked hard for that one
    I guess I can admit it was nicely done..lol

  11. aw shucks, thanks for the praise bucks folks, maybe i need to write about yolks, anyway thoroughly enjoyed this pat, i agree the word choice was superbly played and of course this was delicious to my sense-abilities....smiles.

  12. Fun and crazy post again.

    Happy Canada Day !

  13. There you go Brian that was an ode to you
    As I wanted to see what I could do
    Now your ego can get a bit bigger as well
    Glad your sense-abilities found it swell..lol

    Fun I'll always be
    At least most of the time when you see me
    Yes Happy Canada Day
    Even though it's really not a day off as I don't work Friday..haha

  14. Hey, it's Friday
    and a total play day
    for the cat and his duo
    crazy little fellow
    I suppose they'll sleep in late
    and eat some nuggets on a plate
    Then there's laundry, shopping and chores to do
    and some x-box games for at least one of you.
    It's nice to have a day in the breeze
    just to do whatever you please!

  15. haha it's been that kind of day all week
    As everytime I've come to peek
    I've been on vacation from work
    So I haven't had to watch over my shoulder and lurk
    But next week it's back to reality I guess
    Be nice if I won the lottery and could ignore this whole work mess..lol

  16. Vacation all week?
    Well now, aren't you neat!
    Just chillin' out at home
    That's my favorite kind, you know.
    Very relaxing
    and not at all taxing.
    I bet they missed you at work
    giving them reasons to lurk
    watching you fight with the postage machine
    acting all angry and mean.

    Hey...my word verification is 'funny'...well, thanks, Blogger...I do try, you know! haha.

  17. Yep didn't do much of anything at all
    Didn't even make a phone call
    Could get used to that
    But then I'd be a lazy cat
    I didn't miss work
    Maybe I need more time away first to lurk..lol

    haha does it think your funny haha or funny looking
    Maybe it thinks you need a circus booking..LOL

  18. Funny looking?
    Ha! I didn't think of that!
    I hope it really can't see me when we chat!
    Although I'm dressed with makeup and even fixed my hair
    So I shouldn't be more amusing than they can bear.

    But you, Orlin, do you have your whiskers in place?
    Have you washed your paws and face?
    Licked all the places that needed attention
    and found a sunny spot to sprawl in elation?

  19. haha All things are thought of by the cat
    That be weird if it could see you well you chat
    Sort of like a War Games movie
    Wouldn't be very groovie

    Yep used the litter and cleaned all up
    Even bit the tail of a pup
    Stretched all out in all my glory
    It's not PG so some might find it gory
    As a cat in the nude
    Can seem kind of crude
    As the picture long ago did show
    I don't care who sees me high or low..lol

  20. Now I'm REALLY glad there are no cameras
    as I do remember that flaunted pose
    and up in the air was your nose
    (among other things!)
    But all cats are like that, I do believe
    as I've just been adopted by five you see

    If Blogger added cameras it would be like
    blogging with Skype!
    It might be kind of fun
    When it first begun
    But would soon turn quite scary
    and we would become wary.

    I suppose the anonymous ones wouldn't care for it much
    They would have to wear a bag on their head and such
    OH, that might be worth some glee
    with eyes holes cut so they could see!

    lol....and what would it be called?
    Sklogging? Blype? The word would be mauled!

  21. hahaha yes many cats do that
    As well as dogs and probably even a rat
    Other things have been fixed
    So up in the air it doesn't go as that's been nixed..lol
    Oh that would be scary indeed
    I would rather read
    Then see some scary faces
    At the blogging races
    Although paper bag heads would be fun
    There could be a ton
    Each with pretty pictures painted on the side
    From those far and wide
    My vote would be for Blideo
    Or maybe Blodeo..lol


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