Oh Don't Mutter, It's Just Some Clutter!

seewhatbeaten romSimmeringpainunendingwhiplashbutcluttered

So this makes threes times in a row I gave the old one shot, at onestoppoetry a crack. With last weeks creativety didn't lack, so I figured why not try once again, to see if I can add a bit more to the slaying pen. Thus brought this big mess before you, which I'm sure you looked at for a second or two, thinking what in the hell is this or more crass words you hiss. But never fear as all will become clear, as we head down the tracks and that's the facts.

For from mess can come clarity I guess, so this just proves you sometimes have to look at the little grooves. Take way way way to long to bold all, but I will do it for the title call, so you get the point here at my joint.


Attempting to See What Might Be

Free from lifes straight jacket restraints
Finding nothing but cluttered constraints
Little air gapping through the tightening noose
Prying with crowbars might to get loose

Unable to see through the shroud
Longing to be as whimsical as a cloud
The sting of not being where you vowed
Still feeling the bite of the crowd

An unending whiplash upon your neck
From the twisted roads you trek
Colliding amongst mortar and brick
Constantly poked by the Devil's Walking Stick

Ears pierced unknowingly
Simmering pain comes off glowingly
Dug deep within a blaring twinge
Supporting each invoking cringe

Path beaten from repeated use
Feeling smited from the almighty Zeus
Refusing the ache bruised knees
And the added blindness of trees

As the clutter sings a pattern
As ever changing as the rings of Saturn
Even with back wrenching humps
And the road rearing lumps

With a quick mix of examination
Chaotic mess no longer evokes termination
No matter the wails of the banshee
Trudging through attempting to see what might be

So now do you still mutter, at what came from my clutter? Or did you go blind from trying to find, how I did all of this, trust me I said more than piss, as it took a little while to make it actually work, good thing I had time to lurk. Yes every single word is in there and you can find each one if you sit and stare. Anyway so I didn't use an X this week to mark the spot, but a big old cluttered mess to thicken the plot. This week I might end up walking on glass, but I'll tip toe around it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. pat, i bow at your mastery of word flare, neat little crunch, i like it a bunch, but glad you wrote it out so i did not have a lot of work to pout about, so who were you trying to please when you bruised your knees?

  2. Yes no way I'd make one go and look through that
    I'm not that mean, niether is the cat
    I'd pout just looking at the damn thing
    And sore eyes it would bring
    Actually the sore knees came about
    When I dove on the floor at volleyball, whacking them, yet didn't pout
    And had to press on with life
    No matter the aching strife
    Just figured it fit in rather well
    So why not use it for a spell

  3. Ack - you make my head hurt! But you had me at 'straight jacket.' :o)

  4. That's just a side affect I guess
    Of looking at the mess..lol
    You're an other Mary
    Oh how contrary

  5. Whoa! Very impressive. Yes, I'm glad you deciphered it for us, too.
    As we'd all be in the looney zoo
    If we had to figure it out on our own
    Down that road we don't want to roam.
    So, being the curious sort that I am
    I must ask if there is a pattern there or is it just done at random?

    oh, blogger hates me again
    here I am without a grin

  6. Haha deciphering it one at a time
    Would have made me wish to be a mime
    So I'd be in the loony zoo too
    So it is deciphered for me and you
    I'm sure a pattern one might divine
    If they try to find
    Could it be intentional though
    That is a good question don't you know
    Hahaha didn't want to show your cheery face
    As your name is the only trace

  7. Oh look, my face is back
    They just love to tease and hack
    Wish they'd make up their mind
    whether I can go or leave me behind.

  8. Oh now I can once again scare the rats away
    Doesn't that just make my day..LOL

  9. lol - contrary? Who me?
    Naw....couldn't be!
    By the way, you should see my garden!

  10. Yep they ran right into my paws
    Got caught in my claws
    And now are in my tummy
    Quite yummy

    I thought one needed a pardon
    In order to get a glimpse of your secret garden

  11. Why Hellllo! Pat Hatt...
    I responded to your comment about the film [The Perfect Murder...Oh! what a ["coincidink"][coincidence]..." "me-think" that we both used the word "glass"...

    Unknowingly, I used it in my response to your last comment and then I came over here and read your very nice poem and looky here you have used the word too...Who Knew?!? [I'm Laughing Out Loud]
    deedee :-D

  12. Thanks for that
    From the cat and Pat

    Which comment was that as I left a few
    Probably the last one in view
    I only have so many words I can rhyme with my behind
    So sooner or later it was bound to sprout out of more than one mind
    Guess we know now right
    Oh that might be a fright..lol

  13. I thought I was going blind, Pat! LOL!

    I laugh everytime I see that pix of the cat spanning the world....LOL!

    I'm not a fan of rhyming poems, but I'll make an exception for you...because you like cats (I have 12 and feed another dozen around the 'hood.) and you do (rhyme) what I can not do.

    Lady Nyo

  14. hahaha Going blind and going out of ones mind
    Seems to be what occurs when the mess one does find
    Yes he thinks he owns everything
    And he does a little chirp and sing
    Glad I can be the exception to the rule
    Wow 12 beats my two, you have a whole kitty pool
    Must be quite the task
    Especially feeding the ones in the hood when they ask
    I'm sure a rhyme or two could come about
    It you tried to hit that note

  15. my eyes are not so young and clear to read such tiny words, mister fox in sox sir...so I'll just trust you on this:-)

  16. Yeah I made sure they were small
    For if they were big and tall
    One would lose their mind
    As it just look quite vast and unkind
    So it's good you trust
    And I won't let you go bust

  17. When I first started reading
    couldn't sort where it was leading
    But I must confess
    your poem, it does impress.
    And for me, I'd say it's true
    I like this side of you.

    Seriously, I started out trying to read those microscopic words and finally scanned down and saw your poem. I liked the piece a lot, especially the reference at the end to the "wails of the banshee." Love anything to do with Celtic legend and folklore. Very nicely done.

  18. hahaha that's another reason I made it small
    So no one would try and read through it all
    That must have really hurt the eyes
    And you must have thought me full of lies
    I have many sides
    They come and go like the tides

    Yeah folklore I enjoy as well
    So when ever I can mix it in for a spell
    I go for it
    Thanks for that bit
    Of feedback on the post
    From Pat or the cat whoever right now is the host..haha

  19. I bow before the master rhymer. I try and try and just can not do it...

    Well played, Pat...

  20. Oh I'm sure you can come up with one rhyme
    Just one time
    See that was easy
    And quite cheesy
    But it did work
    Thanks for coming to lurk

  21. While not a sage
    I face the page,
    seeing no blunder
    I stare in wonder.

  22. More rhymes in one post, I fear
    Than I can manage in a year!

  23. My oh my!! This is what I call creativity!!
    This one's awesome, Pat...
    For this, off comes my hat...
    Before your feet, I fall flat
    I loved this, I can tell ya that!! :)

    From nothing, spurs something.. and that totally changes everything!!
    WOWWW again!!

  24. Creative, clever and very engaging. James.

  25. 3 times is the charm!
    Glad you got off the farm
    and visited me
    next time I'll make tea

    -Other Mary, the contrary one ;-)

  26. I'm looking for my magnifying glass....

  27. Just don't wander to far you might get lost
    Yeah I know that one will cost
    Never gets old though
    Also clever rhyme you left at my show

    Oh I'm sure if you did one a day
    You could come close to all the rhymes my way..lol

    Thanks for the great remarks
    Yeah I have a few creative sparks
    Yeah nothing can bring about
    Something from a goat to a boat
    In the here and now
    Nice job with the WOW..haha

    Have to try to not do the norm
    So I play around with the form

    I'd rather engage
    Then cause a rage
    Although sometimes that later can be fun
    As long as I have plenty of room to run

    I live in a bush
    Not a farm so shush
    Not sure I'd like tea
    But the thought is nice for me

    You could just copy and blow it up
    But with that might come a hiccup
    So the magnifying glass would work
    Although you might have to stay a while and lurk

  28. Interesting. Different...and different usually good. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Yes I suppose different can be grand
    Or just plain loonie toonie here at my land

  30. I'm not going to rhyme, cos I'm not very good, although I probably should. What's in your head, that you're so well read? The writing's too small, couldn't see it at all, but your poem's the best, I don't say that in jest!!

  31. I'm not going to rhyme, coz I'm not very good, although I probably should. What goes on in your head that you're so well read? The writing was too small, couldn't read it at all, but your poem's the best, and I don't say that in jest. :D

  32. My eyes hurt, my brain is a squirt, your rhyming words confound & enthrall!
    I jump right in, nearly drown upside down, but inside & outside sound, I fall.....

  33. You have created a perfect example of the pearl we can create from the irritants that plague us --- it's a jewel. Don't know how you do it!

    Thanks for visiting my place.

  34. Be thankful you couldn't read it all
    As you might start to ball
    For your eyes would hurt
    Looking at each word insert
    God knows what's in my head
    Searching around there might bring dread..lol
    So fun you had to comment twice
    My money is on crap blogger screwing up causing spice

    Wow that was a very vivid comment you gave
    With quite the little rant and rave
    Enjoyed that little spurt
    Hope out your ears your brain doesn't squirt..lol

    I just go aboard of it
    Whether in a mood or having a fit
    And see what comes out
    Here at my rhyming boat
    Yep the stuff the plagues us and confounds
    Can be used to find a jewel on new grounds

  35. Pat, absolutely, without a doubt, a terrific piece. at first I strained to read, but then I realized a pinch would increase what I see, one of the wonders a touchpad can do for me.


    Really enjoyed how you did this.

    Making order out of chaos is perfectly on display. But hopefully it's not just me, a adore the chaotic piece.

    Some of the lines in your original piece are just brilliant, wish you would have kept some for the "deciphered" piece.

    Like the string from Chaotic evokes to constraints mix was great, just to point those few out, but many others in it too.

    But that said it was a nifty rearrangement and a well played "traditional" piece.

    Can't say enough, absolutely loved this:)

  36. i like the idea that the chaos of words had a pattern. often when we're in the midst of chaotic circumstances, a swirling cloud of pain or emotion blinds us to any "rhyme" or reason... but it looks like you found the rhyme here :)

  37. I like the celestial cat with the hat. That's isn't Schroedinger's, is it? Cause chaos for kitties ain't good.

  38. Actually that constrained big blob
    Came second to the verse I sent out with a lob
    I rearranged it all into a big mess
    But looking at it you're right, you can see more not less
    Although some lines just don't rhyme
    Maybe I'll have to try a non one sometime
    Thanks for the indepth response on the post
    Taking pleasantly by this host

    hahaha clever use of rhyme and reason
    Hopefully the rhyme was pleasing
    Yes one must sometimes not scoff
    And just take the blinders off

    No not Schroedinger's cat
    As then I might just be squashed flat

  39. Thanks for the laugh, Pat.


  40. Oh, look at you now
    your head is as big as a cow!
    It can't even fit on your cat body
    so proud you might become snotty!
    Way too many compliments here
    and everyone giving a little cheer!
    You know, if I didn't agree
    it would be as irritating as a flea
    But we all think you're great
    So I won't hesitate
    to join in
    and say well done, again!

    choke, choke.... lol...

  41. Eyes strained a bit
    I must admit.
    Good came from your mess,
    I must confess.

  42. No problem laugh at the words
    Or the cat chasing the birds
    Either will do
    Here at my zoo

    hahaha all choked up
    What's the matter someone slip drugs in your cup..LOL
    Oh you think I'm great
    Doesn't that just elate
    Or make me weary of what you want
    As you usually taunt
    But oh you said it twice
    Maybe, you could be, hmmm, just being nice..haha

    It was small so no one would go and strain their eyes, skipping it
    Guess that didn't work one bit
    But thanks for the confession
    Glad it didn't lead you into depression

  43. You are defintely clever with the rhyme Pat ...oh I have clutter that must go it is singing all over my house...fun, fun, fun..bkm

  44. Yeah clutter is everywhere
    Some we have to grin and bare
    The others we can chuck out
    Without a doubt
    Fun Fun Fun
    Is what is done..lol

  45. weary of me?
    aww, how can that be?
    off I go now with hurt feelings
    leaving you here with such dealings.
    have I really worn out my welcome?
    I'll go back to where I came from....

  46. Holy cow! look at you now!
    I don't stand a chance anymore
    As all your fans bow their heads
    And leave rhymes at your door!
    At first glance I took a chance
    And thought this was a pot
    For a shape poem, or image trick
    But I guess maybe not.
    I think if you took a chance
    To try a nonrhyming dance
    Your words would still impress
    Because dear cat, as your comments show
    You're pretty close to best.
    Soon you'll be giving Brian a run for the money ;)
    Throwdown in comment town! Yippie :)

  47. Well you are a bit eerie
    There ummm deary..lol
    Spiking your cups and such
    Just a touch
    But don't cry and weep
    As you are always welcome at my keep
    For rhymes you have by the heap
    As you always take the leap
    And you'll be back to lurk
    Now I go back to crappy work

    It can be whatever you make of it
    As one sees one thing a little bit
    Yet another sees something else in its wake
    Just depends on who cares to partake
    Oh I could go really profound with no rhymes
    But I might commit some crimes
    As it prob be crap
    Make people take a nap
    Funny I do
    Profound may not be so true
    Brian's too busy with cat scartch fever to run
    Oh that was fun

  48. Never mind if its a mess
    Your post and comments are sure fun to read.

  49. Yes at least if anything it is kept light
    Even if the mess does cause a fright
    The comments can be a post in and of themselves
    Sometimes enough to fill shelves

  50. I don't think I know anyone who has as much fun with their posts and comments. I couldn't rhyme like this if my life depended on it. You're amazing.

    (Daily Spirit)

  51. I don't rhyme and I'm not even going to try.

    You are quite the creative one!

    Thanks for your comments over at my blog.

  52. My oh my, you strain my eye! But, I won't cry, nor will I die. And... I enjoyed your words. That's not a lie.

  53. Yep a fun time seems to be had by most
    As I don't get a roast
    Amazing you say
    Doesn't that just make my day
    Thanks for stopping by
    And increasing the head of this guy..lol

    Not even going to try
    I'm sure a word or two you could pry
    Out to form a rhyme
    But for some it does seem to be quite the hurdle to climb

    Glad you enjoyed the write
    Wouldn't want to strain your eye sight
    So I made it a small skippable height
    And wrote out the plight
    And we wouldn't want to lie
    Thanks for stopping by

  54. ...

    to see what might be
    plato's ideal fantasy
    or po├Ęte maudit?

  55. Not totally against society
    That just be an impropriety
    So I'll go with fantasy for sure
    As long as it's a good one when I take the tour


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