Oh How Low They'll Go, Which I'm Sure You Already Know!

So what was just announced on the movie side of things? Something that proves a moron is pulling the strings. For the new wave in the movie world is board games. Yep they really are making them off those brand names. That almost beats reality TV and the shovelware on the Wii.

But they just announced Risk is being wrote. Oh that must be a hard note. As finding the words to write a script on a board game, trying not to make it lame, is a huge feat, should just quit and admit they are beat. Board games are fun themselves, whether about money or furry elves. But making a movie out of them is really dumb, as they now have gone as low as finding a shoe and scrapping off the gum.

Movies off books usually suck, Videogame based movies just make you think what the **** and now board games will just put you to sleep. Oh and don't worry they are making a whole heap. For Battleship is coming too and Monoply is coming to a theatre near you. But I haven't gotten to the best yet, for this one is a sure bet. It will make millions on opening day, I'll bet you half a penny and some hay. As it will be so grand and it is none other than Candy Land.

Yep a 90 minute or so movie based off Candy Land, strike up the band, bring in all the popcorn you can muster, for this one is going to be a record buster. Whoops it will be that in reverse, as I hope they empty their purse and lose it all, after taking such a fall. Instead of new, they make stuff like this for one to view. Hey maybe that dustball over in the corner would make a good movie, it could float around for 90 minutes acting groovie.

Oh but there is more, as board games aren't just in store, but other mind boggling games as well, for now we're really stepping into hell. The Rubix Cube is going to get it's own flick, isn't that just sick. We can watch as all the colours line up, unless you're color blind like a pup, then you can just pretend, as you watch it bend.

Remakes and Board Games will really take the cake, I know you just can't wait to partake. Hopefully people are wise for once and stop this crappy trend, making board game movies meet their end. As you'll regret seeing Hungry Hungry Hippos on your local screen, as somethings should be played and not seen. That is the facts of today, about this new crap trend that causes dismay. I only wish they were lies, let's just hope the board game trend dies, with a word to the wise, to bad most are only wise in disguise. So before I get more crass, that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    I never played the board game "Risk" and after watching the film [Like you say I will...probably "hiss,"] but not have a "fit!"

    [Non-rhyming mode:
    I own the "Lara Croft," films [Which Of course were based on video-games] and I have read the reviews about each films [In Guide To Films books] and it seems as if the second film [or sequel] was more or less well received than the first film.

    Therefore, I'm not sure how well a film based on board-games will do among the viewing public.

    Oh! well, we will see what happens once the films based on boardgames is/are released [or unleashed] on a foolish public] in the Theatre(s).

    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee :-?

  2. Oh, I had not heard this yet
    How very strange I'm sure everyone is set
    To go see Candy Land The Movie
    Won't that be a beauty!
    I wonder if someone will get lost on Gum Drop Mountain
    or drown in the Chocolate Fountain!
    And don't forget, if you land on a black spot
    you loose your turn or some such rot.
    I wonder who will play Princess Frosting
    or the Candy Cane King?
    Maybe Willie Wonka will get jealous
    and the Oompas will come to be hellacious.

  3. seriously disturbing especially if they ask for $10 buck a pop, i can do without that crap, maybe 3D so they can charge 15...

  4. Doesn't matter what board game you play
    As if one sells, tons will be on the screen to stay
    Yeah I have those too
    And that crap Mario Bros, Double Dragon and Mortal Kombat 2
    The only good video game one was Mortal Kombat one
    The rest are just garbage by the ton
    If the veiwing public makes these a hit
    I will have a fit
    Such a low people have sunk for entertainment now a days
    Which can be seen by the crap that plays
    Foolish is definitely the words to use
    Unless you really want to abuse..lol

    Oh I hope they gum up their behind on that mountain
    And watch as the movies plummet and the losses they end up counting
    Then maybe they'll get some sense
    And stop being so dense
    But I doubt that very much
    They'll make the board game movies go overboard by more than a touch
    Willie Wonka might get upset
    Although a profit percentage somewhere he gets I bet

    Oh they will ask ten bucks a pop no doubt
    Then they will go on and on with a spout
    About how this is the biggest film ever
    And the stupid people will fall for it that aren't clever
    Because in reality most films now a days make nothing that older ones did
    But that fact gets hid
    As they ignore inflation and the prices that have gone up
    For with that it's no wonder more money is in their cup
    Doesn't mean it's better or more profitable than before
    But they forgot that when they give you the tour
    Oh and yes most will be 3D
    Which should be sent out to sea
    For that is just trash too
    And it's been around ten different times yet they act as if it is new
    There was a rant in the comments below
    To bad they wouldn't reap what they sow

  5. I wasn't aware of this trend either. It's such a stupid idea, it almost sounds like a spoof!

  6. Yeah and most of those are dumb as well
    Scary Movie 50 can go to hell..lol

  7. I heard about CandyLand
    Man oh man!
    Where are their heads at?
    I think they're headed
    straight for the can
    And that is a FaceitFact!
    Risk was a game
    I used to enjoy
    As it got me close
    To some pretty neat boys
    But that was then and this is now
    Taking it to the theater
    Holy COW!
    Fraid it's not my cup o'tea
    But than again, that's just me
    But here's some news
    Just for you
    I'm doing a book
    In full color too!
    So because you have been such a help
    Thought we could give the facts a yelp
    Let me know what you think
    I'll reserve your page in one quick wink!
    Seriously...want to give you some props
    Just need your permission so you don't call the cops! :)

  8. Yeah they seem to have their heads up their behind
    And have lost their mind
    Board games are fine by themselves
    Filling the shelves
    But for movies stupid indeed
    But they will soon be on everyones feed
    A book you say
    About poetry from the bright to the dismay?
    Sure go ahead and use the facts
    Any help going down those tracks
    Would be appreciated much
    And I can hopefully spread the book around a touch as well
    I think the cops would just laugh at me anyway
    So you don't have to worry about them coming your way..lol


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