Oh No I'm Dead, Whoops Just Messed in the Head!

Oh this just had to be played with at my way, after going over to The Lair of Silver Fox's hideaway. Where he was supposedly on vacation from writing, guess that urge he is still fighting. But it was mentioned how in superhero land no one ever stays dead, not even if they get shot in the head. So I figured I'd see what I could do, with all the ways to come back that are far from new. Also maybe make fun of a few, that I remember from a view.

Damn I got stabbed in the heart, got wheeled off on a cart, even a body bag thrown over me, yet two seasons later I come back with such glee. Even when it was declared officially I was dead, no matter how much one begged and plead. Showing up Jack Bauer who died twice, but mine was much better as it was done with spice.

Oops I died, wait they lied. It was really my friend's, cousin's, niece's, dog's, former owner's, boyfriend, yeah we just hope your confused by the end. So you'll take it and won't have a fit, glad the dust wasn't bit and continue to watch as you sit.

Look at me as I'm back, the real me not some hack. As what you saw was a clone, that got blown up by that phone. Oh the one in the car was a clone too, same with the one who drowned in the deep blue. As was the one in the fire and the one that died so dire. You get the point yet? I'm the real one, until I die, so don't fret.

I'm your son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, dog, cat, bum you walked by or just some strange guy and I'm from the future where you die, don't worry I won't let you get stabbed in the eye. Oops I made a mistake, guess I'll go back and try another take. I promise you won't die more than a few times, as in the end you'll be alive and continue your chimes.

Oh no such and such is dead, wait where is his head. Huh there is no blood, what is up with you bud? Damn a spark, that's going to leave a mark. Oh he was a robot and the real one is just caught.

The poor guy is dead, with not even a shred of his body left behind, for one to find. I'm not dead you nuts, I wish I could punch you in the guts, but my hand goes right through, as I have shifted out of your view. Be it another reality, dimension or mechanical interaction, I can't get a reaction. Even though I seem to go through walls, people and doors, yet I can somehow still stand on the floors. Hmmm go figure that, I even go through the mat, but not the floor, oh look I'm back once you hit restore.

Hmmm, what the? Where am I? Look out you're going to fry and then die, some might cry. Oops you're dead, no matter how much I plead. Ok now you're walking down the road, carrying a load. How can that be? You have to come and see. Turns out he's from an alternate reality you say, oh the things one can do today.

Oh wait that alternate reality excuse has been used and overly abused. Let's go with the tried and true, he's the long lost twin of you. That's right separated at birth you were, now in a quick blur, one is toast, the other might also roast, as the bad guys think your him and you might have to fake it on a whim.

Old age you say? Bah I was frozen beneath the ocean, in some bay. I only age half as fast, making my life span vast. Oh I cured that long ago, no I found a ring that gives me immortal powers don't you know. Nope I was bitten by a vampire and only got the good parts, meaning I don't need to eat hearts. Heck I just found a genie and made a wish or ate a yummy dish. The fountain of youth was found too or I'm just held up by glue.

I ascended and wasn't really dead, that was all in your head. As I can take human form once more and all will be as it was before. No harm done, I can now go back to fun, whoops I died again, oh I mean ascended another time or ten, so now I can come back, no matter how many times my stuff you pack.

Never fear if all of those have been used, we'll just mix and match no matter how much each is abused. Call it a different name, so it won't look so lame and you'll be alive once more, until a cliffhanger or sweeps week comes and we once again need you to take the death tour. Or you ask for too much money, then we'll kill you and think it's funny.

That was rather fun, I can come up with a ton. But I will spare you all of going on and on, as these ones usually, in some way or form, are what make the dead walk across your lawn. I didn't use voodoo, nanities and many more, as writing them all out would make my fingers sore. Have to save time for the facts so you'll have to use your imagination to go down those tracks. So when your favorite hero or villain goes to the grass, you now know they'll always come back thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yep. Nobody dies forever, except in real life. Especially if someone falls out of an airplane, or into the ocean, or goes over a cliff... and they don't find the body.

  2. Or if they walk in a building and it goes boom
    A manhole cover, secret room, hole in the floor, open window or what have you, let's them get out a second sooner avoiding the doom

  3. Pat, that was very entertaining, love the references in here. I have to say my two favorite parts are paragraphs 3, 5, 10 & 11. Really well done, thanks for posting:)

  4. Maybe I owe the Fox a commission for putting this idea in my head
    As it has seemed to have lead
    To something rather entertaining I must say
    Thanks for the feedback as now I know it's not just me that thinks that way
    Never fear I'll post almost anything
    Only a few limits I won't sing..lol

  5. I have died and then come back
    And that my friend's, a face it fact
    I know that I've been born again
    But it didn't wash away my sin ;)
    I've also died falling from trees
    And died from stinging honey bees
    Oh...now wait it was just a dream!
    Nothing really is as it seems :)
    So Fox is back, guess I gotta go
    |To the lair of Silver's show
    And read the inspiration for this post
    That keeps this rhyming cat the most!
    So today, number one was not for me
    But I won't complain since posting's free! :)

  6. Oh crap I forgot that one
    That has been used a ton
    They all explode or die in a some weird way
    Then poof they wake up and it's a bright sunny day
    As it was all a dream in their mind
    Used for shock or a warning of some kind
    Yeah the Fox snuck that one in
    I guess breaking his no post rule isn't a sin
    Nope not number one
    But still plenty of comment fun

  7. When Fox says he's on a break
    has a mental block he can't shake
    or that he's burnt out and doesn't care
    not having anything interesting to share
    Just wait a day or maybe three
    and he'll be back repeatedly
    because once blogging gets in your blood
    it sticks to you better than mud
    It's hard to stay away for long
    you know it's here that you belong.
    So whether it's a 'gone fishing' sign
    or a can of soup with a sorry line
    Don't believe that he is dead
    Cause the fox will return, it's all in your head.

    :) How was that, Silver? ha.

    ok..off to an auction I go
    Wonder who there will steal the show? ha.

  8. Damn aren't you just the suck up today
    With your rhyme and play
    Giving the Fox a clever plug
    I was waiting for you to pull out the rug
    But you stayed all nice
    What was your price
    Did he pay you well
    Looks like you also watched the words you spell
    As you didn't want to bring out the Grammar Nazi side
    Oh what was that? You lied?..lol
    But yeah agreed
    When something comes along ones likes, it goes on the feed
    In a rant and rave
    Or profound until one is in a grave
    Hopefully no more belly buttons pop out
    Don't really need to see that again at your shore as you shout..lol

  9. Very clever, Betsy, tying in my little vacation with the whole "nobody dies forever" thing on my blog and Pat's!

  10. Death and Life sure are sombre topics
    But you made it fun and entertaining
    I just couldn't make out whether you were
    talking about super heroes or villains
    from movie sequels or television series
    because the main characters never die~

  11. Oh don't go egging her on
    Then she'll start in on us from dusk until dawn
    Oh wait too late
    She already does that, guess that's just our fate
    Sure we can live with it though
    Whether here, there or at my show

    Yes they can be quite dark topics
    But I prefer to remain in the tropics
    Yeah I skipped around here and there
    But both mediums use them without care
    If they want to bring someone back
    From a past death attack

  12. Silver ~ very clever? Thanks for noticing!
    And I know you and Pat consider me a blessing.
    You miss me when I'm gone
    and love my little suck-up songs.

    What's that I hear?
    Pat coughing in my ear?
    haha...oh, you know it's true
    If you don't want to admit it, I'll forgive you.

  13. i was just resurrected myself, and stinketh...need a shower, cause the Suns power makes me sweat, wet rivers soaking my shirt, accentuating the dirt, it did not hurt though, hi de hi de hey you.

  14. Oh someone is high on herself
    Here at my shelf..lol
    Sorry for the coughing being so loud
    But you were just standing so proud
    I had to make sure you heard
    As you soar like a bird
    Up on your mountain top
    Did I make your ears pop..lol

    haha yes especially with the heat you guys got
    Must be in a sweaty rut
    Oh that isn't really a image I wish to see
    So shower first next time before you come to see me..lol
    Oh and hay is for horses don't you know
    And cows too, it helps them grow..haha

  15. Yep, popped an ear, a vein and a pill
    If anything will make you chuckle, that will!

  16. hahahaha yes that was quite the funny thrill
    Guess I can add ear to vein and pill
    Maybe next I'll pop a toe
    Or an eye, but that be gross you know..lol

  17. pop a toe? as in knuckle?
    Oh, that really made me chuckle!

  18. Guess one could pop most anything
    That could be a post I could bring..haha


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