Bush #3 Is Under Attack, At Least The Names Don't Lack!

So I was lounging about at bush #3, scratching at a pesky flea. When all of a sudden I noticed some tracks, so decided to investigate, searching for the facts. As I followed them toward the trees, I covered up in the grass, bending my knees.

As off in the distance I could see names floating in the air, as I peered I also saw someone was there. They were running about, commands they would shout. I tried to keep quiet as I watched on, but some of the names strolling across my lawn, really made me giggle, as I ducked down trying not to make my behind wiggle.

The first one I saw was dingleberry22. Don't think I'd want to be referred to as that between me and you. He was trying to chase down bendherover27, maybe he wanted an extra dingleberry because he thinks they smell like heaven?

I was scared as I saw spermygerms, as he just opened a whole can of worms. My ocd wanted no part of that, plus he was running alongside snottybum, I knew I'd have to de-germ my mat. A DEADPLANT came into view, he seemed to be going after The Henchmen crew. Although is it fair to be called The Henchmen when it's just one guy? I guess maybe he was trying to multiply.

I got excited when I saw the MightyJamaican coming to play, but he suffered an EVIL POiSON to his dismay. He should have followed runMFrun maybe then he would have got things done.

LEWTENINT DAN came rushing around from out of the blue, chasing after Twiztid Voodoo. Guess he wasn't afraid of a curse, as he made Twiztid Voodoo need a hearse. But dangerD68, went and shot Forrest Gump's mate. Right in the back, what an evil way to attack.

Grave Digger UK was all around, he was lying on the ground. Guess he was just looking for the best place to dig or maybe he wanted people to think he was a pig. But than some efinplayer stepped on his toe and they put on quite the show. For the two squared off seconds later, I couldn't make out their words, needing a translator.

Oh no I thought, as a xXkillaXclownXx I also caught. I hate those horrible clowns, but this one was a killer really making frowns. He had meatball1568 for lunch, as he stepped on him making him go crunch. But then he got surrounded by like20rednecks, maybe he was so dumb he thought 19 more joined him when he tried to flex?

I had to laugh as omgwtfIFarted came flying out of nowhere, chasing after ahairyfanny, they made quite the pair. I guess who8mycracker to offense and shot them both, as they seemed pretty dense. PrepareForHurt made him, umm well, hurt. But he finished him quick so little blood did spurt.

IM DAMAN 82 thought he was tough, coming in all big and brave like he'd had enough. But got rocked by irockspeedos pretty quick, yeah the sight of him must have been quite sick.YESZZIR flew on by, chasing the irockspeedos guy. I guess he was just following orders by his name or yelling really loud to try and seek fame.

Another came from Tennessee, just to see me. As I saw a TENNESSEEXGOON, he seemed like a bit of a loon. Guns o Blazin came out with his guns ummm blazing, shooting the goon as he took to grazing. xLOSTnCONFUSEDx seemed rather lost, yet wanted to survive at all cost. So she teamed up the The Dean83 and Guns o Blazin I could no longer see.

FineItsNick was trying to catch thefastestsperm, but I guess he had come to full term. As he was too fast to catch, not even by BlowyBarrel2 or MikeHunt32 as they tried to play fetch. But then a countdown clock appeared over head, signaling for those alive dread. As they ran about, once again orders they did shout. As they attempting to get one last thrill, searching for a kill.

Finally BLUE TEAM WINS showed up in the sky and I was shaken by that Pat guy. As I was muttering in my sleep, resting comfortably at my bush #3 keep. I guess I watched Pat play that game one too many times, so my dreams brought forth those weird name chimes. But fake or not as I was lying in the grass, one could easily tell more people have quite the fetish with behinds than my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh their gamer names are quite hilarious
    and even somewhat gregarious.
    I see nobody's sporting having big brains
    just wanting to lay out umm... other claims.
    Some made me roll my eyes
    others I admit to laughing and "Oh mys".

  2. haha and to think I left out the real juicy ones
    As I'd get curled up noses by the tons
    For some people are rather crass
    Saying more about a lass or mass or well ass
    Yeah big brains go out the door
    As there are many many more
    Mine is actually creative though
    Just so you know

  3. well thanks for sparing our tender eyes
    as I'm sure there were plenty to centure-ize.

    I'm sure your own is very creative
    because boring would be vegetative!

  4. Yeah some I wouldn't want to repeat
    As they just curl the toes on my feet
    Nope but vegetating can be fun too
    Just depends on what you watch or do

  5. But for a gamer name it doesn't sound very aggressive
    not even a little possessive!
    But Vegetative State could be like a zombie
    so would seem a bit mean and scary.

  6. haha unless they were the very slow moving zombies they just trot about
    Giving a moan and shout
    Unless there are a ton of them around
    Not much scary can be found

  7. When I read the title - Bush #3 and attack
    I thought it was going to be about Jeb Bush
    Something screwed-up, or behavior too lax.
    But I was so very wrong when shove came to push.
    Byt the way, Mike Hunt, that made up name-
    I know a man in real life who answers to the same!
    His entire existence this has been his bane.

  8. For the perfect gamer name
    I think I can play this game
    But between me and you
    The perfect name must be Tashtoo :)
    Was worth a try, you rhyming guy
    But games I no longer play
    I seen the tweet and came to greet
    Sir Pat and cat at play.
    Good on you I say dear cat
    I had a chuckle too
    And that's the Face it Facts my friend
    Shouted by Tashtoo :)

  9. No rhyme from me,
    but don't you see
    I appreciate your fluency!

  10. hahaha yes for those not in the know
    Might think something completely different of my bellow
    Yes just a tad wrong
    Okay more than a tad as your were wrong from here to Hong Kong
    Oh yes that would suck to be named that in real life
    Could really cause strife
    But Pat Hatt is just so fun
    Doesn't bother me if that's used by anyone..haha

    hahaha that was a tad obvious I must say
    Tashtoo is what all would say you would use if you decided to play
    Glad I gave you a chuckle at the weird crap
    I happen upon when taking the gamer lap
    And the face it facts shouted out by tashtoo
    How nice of you

    Hahaha yes I can see that rather well
    But you said you didn't rhyme what the hell..lol

  11. Mary and the Other Mary were here almost together!
    I wonder if they are twins in any kind of weather!

    And how nice of Tashtoo to give the Face it Facts a shout
    I should do that more since I know what it's about!

    Have to say about her name, though, and this is true
    that when I hear it I want to say gesundheit or God bless you!

  12. haha yeah the Mary's could get rather confusing I'd bet
    But I can tell the difference so won't fret
    Could be twins like you and Brian
    Twins with a tad bit of lying
    Yes Tashtoo is very good at that
    Helping Pat and the cat
    With the facts and such
    Shouting it out here and there a touch
    Yes I can see how it would make one think on sneezing
    But it beats smog and all the wheezing..LOL

  13. cough cough wheeze...oh, sorry, did you say something?

  14. haha all that smog can't be good
    Build that zucchini boat you should..haha

  15. Love all you came up with all these gamer names, which most were quite funny to be sure, but what I liked is how the names wove themselves in meaning to the story itself. Quite novel a piece well-done

  16. haha yeah just checked my past played list
    To see who might have came and shook their fist
    That they got beat
    Lying dead at my feet
    And used some to weave a tale
    Glad you liked and it didn't fail

  17. Ok, I'm breaking the rhyme rule, cause I'm just that kind of fool.
    Mary was blogging and a member submitting to poets united before I was. We thought two Marys was a little confusing, so as the late-comer I changed my name to, what else but:
    Other Mary!

  18. Other Mary~
    You should have picked "Better Mary"

  19. Or could have picked funnier looking Mary
    Oh aren't I contrary..hahaha

  20. Be nice or she might change to
    Don't Mess With Mary!

  21. But then I'd just have to mess with Mary because she said not to
    So that probably wouldn't do...haha

  22. So she would have to be
    Please Mess With Mary
    just so you wouldn't?

  23. Yeah if she asked that be no fun
    So she should switch it to that one..lol


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