Oh How Low Some Have Sunk! Who Would Seriously Get Involved In This Funk?

Before I get to what I just saw today, as I was out and about at play. Just wanted to point out I got rid of that ugly blogger favicon, now it's me up top when you visit my lawn. Yeah it's small and such, but looks better than Blogger's crap by a touch. Didn't know you could do that until I was messing around and it was found. Now I no longer have to advertise up their for blogger what a shame. Bah they still get some fame. So don't feel sorry for them yet, they'll probably change it back I bet.

So this brings me to the dumbest thing I've seen since I don't know when and I've seen dumb things upwards of ten. Planking! No your chain I won't be yanking. This is for real and is supposedly quite the big deal. I just heard of the stupid thing and had to give it a ring.

So in order to play sometime during your day, you go out and find a stupid spot and lay down on it pretending to rot. Let's say you're out in the grass, you lay down your whole mass, acting like a wooden plank, thus planking is the name, and that's it to this game.

Oh wait you take a picture and post it online, so more planking people can find you and whine. As they say theirs was better by far, as they planked on a car. Wait some plank on a roof too, no I'm not kidding you. Soon some kid will see it and figure he/she could do that little planking bit. Climb up on a roof and fall, because he/she wanted to answer the planking call.

This is just so dumb and then some. Oh I so want to act like a piece of wood, come one and all do it you should. Grown ass people have even done it and for doing it, taken a hit. Gamestop employees did it and got fired, okay I can kind of see them finding this fun, as their brain cells could be scrambled from constantly being hard wired. But doctors and nurses also did it while at work. I guess it's no so bad I lurk. Really they had nothing better to do, but to act like a piece of wood, snap a picture and slap it online to prove to all they could be wood too.

So there are some plankiing facts for the day, hope for any sane person they cause dismay. As it sounds as fun as a pet rock or talking to yourself with a puppet made from your sock. Hope I wasn't to crass, as I ranted about with my little rhyming ass...haha

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha yeah this has been around a bit but becoming quite a hit, we made a game out of lazy, how that happened is kinda hazy, maybe we are just crazy, but better than some, and not worse that such,
    harmless mostly, and doesnt cost much, though the cops are cracking on those whose creativity is not slacking as they lay in high places, to deaths door the race is, walking a fine line, now rottings a crime.

  2. haha true it is pretty harmless for the most part
    Just amazed some actually take this to heart
    Making a contest out of lying on something
    Whining if people don't sing
    About how great they were as a plank
    When it should be nothing more than a prank
    Oh wait not really surprised after all of that
    As lately society isn't becoming the smartest cat
    Least it's good they crack down on the nuts upon high
    Of course they'd do that and let the bad guys off because of a fancy lawyer guy..haha

  3. Pat, I heard of this planking thing before too & like you and the cats I'm sure, I also thought it to be such the racial slur, yes that's right I chose that fight, humanity vs wood, who would have, who could? why, Wow I can see it right now, two drunk or stoned guys, said hey bro, lets lay down flat as we can and pretend we're like a tree, that would be cool woopee.. I didn't go research this whole "phenomenon" but I had heard that people are dying doing this too, acting like wood on highways and streets, then cars run over them, guess when that happens they become deadwood. This should get those wooden folk out and I bet they take a poke or two, maybe captcha you'll have to revive, but then again can wood type?

  4. Yep amazing that people would act this dumb
    Ummm actually probably not as most seem numb

    hahaha yeah that was probably how it started
    After the two drunk and/or stoned guys parted
    They spread it around
    And a new stupid nothingness was found
    Never knew dumbies actually laid down in the street
    To this planking beat
    That's just idiotic at best
    So if they get run over do they pass the test
    Yeah I think they'd have to break from being wood
    Or unable to type they would

  5. Laying on a plank?
    OK, let's be frank!
    I'd be wondering what they drank
    or in what ocean their brain sank
    wish I had a dollar in the bank
    I'd even settle for a German franc
    for every person that's done the plank
    I'd have to give each a big thanks
    wonder if they've planked on a tank
    makes me just stare with eyes so blank

  6. hahaha yes I think your their brain has shrank
    Or someone took it out with a yank
    Even lie places all dark and dank
    With such an awful stank
    Trying to get a higher rank
    Thinking acting like a tree is swank

  7. Need to give their head a spank
    lock them up with a big clank
    make them walk the gangplank
    leave them in a snowbank
    even if their name is frank
    or maybe even hank
    shoot them pointblank

    oh gee...I'm sounding just like you
    maybe I need to go planking, too!

  8. Poke them with a shank
    Or give them a good crank
    Such a stupid prank
    They don't even cover their flank
    I was told by some guy named Hank
    That was it that rhymed with plank..haha

    Yes sounding like me
    I'd start to run and flee..lol

  9. Yes, I will run
    as my rhyming is done
    no more words to rhyme with plank
    although I tried, you I can't outrank.

  10. Yes bed I must go
    Hey maybe I could sink to the plank low
    As when I sleep I don't move
    I could take a picture and join the plank groove
    But that might be scary too
    So something I'll never do..haha

  11. tomorrow I want to change my favicon
    you made it look so fun with the B gone :)
    night, Orlin, Pat and Cass
    go rest your little rhymings ass...es.

  12. A great idea, to "plank" in your bed,
    That way, you wouldn't end up dead,
    Cuz no one could run over your head!
    And no earthworms would ever be fed!

  13. As my son is into yoga, this is part of the training form. There are other variations, but what you saw was probably the simpliest form.

    Its like Chinese exercise, tai chi... it looks funny or weird, but believe me, its a meditative kind of working out.

    Happy day ~

  14. haha yes looks better with out the crappy B
    For all that come to see
    Our little rhyming ass...es are rested now
    So we're back to rhyme and make some go wow

    Yes that was the plan
    Glad your a fan
    I wouldn't want a completely white tan
    Resulting from kicking the can..haha

    Yeah there is a point to it for that
    As you stretch about on your mat
    But just to go lie in the road to one up some loon
    Has as much point to it is scrapping your arm with a spoon

    Not just nice by nyco you say
    Does that stand for New York City Opera, never heard them play..lol


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