The Dirty Human Did It, So No Google Fit!

As if Google hasn't stuck their over sized nose into every ones business already, now they are going to make sure you go slow and steady. Their precious robot car, after traveling near and far, had it's first big break. I wish they would drive this into a lake. But oops wasn't the cars fault, so no need to break the Google vault. As it was all the humans doing, least that's the idea that's brewing.

This makes me think planking is a good idea, that just strikes fear. Having Google make a computer that controls how you drive. I'd rather stick my head in a bee hive. Also isn't it rather convenient that the human did it, so they can use it to increase PR for the computer a bit.

No wonder there is so much money crap going on, people wasting it on garbage like this from dusk until dawn. Could take 10% of that and train people a little more and they could be better than before. I know some will still drive like idiots though, no matter if they are going fast or slow. But still the day I let a computer drive me, as the day I buy a boat and go live on the sea.

Oh wait that would probably be computer controlled too, maybe I'll go live in a zoo, with the new robot animals or something. Oh annoyance this does bring. But wait the insurance people will fall in love and they'll flutter around like a dove. As now the computer will make less payouts, guaranteed Google will get kick backs from their happy shouts.

Disgusting indeed, I hope Google's bank account starts to bleed and all the money goes by by, letting this stupid car idea fry. But the chances of that are nil, so guess one day we'll get our fill, of all these robot cars. Just think of all the drunks that will use it as an excuse not to get thrown behind bars.

Oh look a car is coming the other way and it's swerving on the icy road to my dismay. But I can pull over as the computer won't let me, so poof I get hit like a tree. Or someone runs out in front of the car and the computer can't see that far, poof dead human one or two because the stupid thing still can't stop on cue.

So if you want more of the facts on this junk, can find the story about this foul smelling skunk by clicking here, although warning it does strike fear. Now that was just another rant with some sass, from my ever ranting little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh I can not imagine sitting there in the passenger seat
    Hoping the robot the stop sign does see.
    My right foot would be breaking on the floor board
    as I wondered what we were driving toward!
    Seems rather scary to me
    I like the wheel in my own hand, you see!

  2. Yes would just be a completely weird feeling
    My brake foot would also be reeling
    You just could never trust a machine
    To be sure all was seen
    I trust myself way more than this piece of crap
    I hope it takes on big dirt nap

  3. kinda freaky when the cars start driving themselves...havent they every watched terminator...maybe that was prophecy and google is skynet...the governator needs to get some royalties here...oh i forgot to rhyme, i am slime...see there you go, so long for now, dont have a cow...

  4. A limerick if you may,

    Funny having a robot car to drive
    Would it ever be likely to arrive
    All in one piece
    Proudly at ease
    But the driver? He is lucky to be alive!

  5. Yeah first thing I thought of was Terminater too
    Maybe Arnold should sue
    You still paid the rhyme dime
    So no so much slime..haha

    hahaha that was a good one
    Limericks are such fun
    Yeah the human would prob have a heart attack
    As the computer went down the track

  6. wow, I never heard of this before, guess that's proof my rock is way too insulated. But I read the article and geez. Blame the humans, that should be the slugline for the car. The thing you wrote about the drunks is too perfect. Esp. for me here in Buffalo, I think there would be a lot of those cars out on the road.

  7. google indeed has an over-seized nose..sometimes it scares me a bit - i mean there is google mail, google maps, google friend connect, blogger is owned by google, now google+ - they really becoming more and more powerful and i feel a bit uneasy about it... and i'm totally amazed about your rhyming skills as you even manage to cover topics like this with a rhymer smiles...awesome pat

  8. I heard their special car had already crashed and also hope it helps the idea get smashed. :)

    Computers are made by humans, therefore blaming errors on the human doesn't make the computer infallible. It just makes the computer controlled device more scary. It will do what you tell it to, whether you directed it correctly or not.

  9. Yeah I never knew it was going on at all
    Until I came across this news call
    Really made me sick
    This robot car trick
    Big piece of crap
    Better take a dirt nap
    And yeah I can see the drunks loving it
    As they use it to babysit their habit

    Yes it is quite scary
    One must be weary
    As whatever you type gets saved in some big database too
    That's what I heard, think it's true
    Uneasy the whole thing is
    But Google is one unstoppable biz
    Yes I can do most anything in rhyme
    Each and every time

    My sentiments exactly it should be smashed
    Whoever invented this dumb idea needs to be tongue lashed
    Yeah they'll always blame the human for everything
    So the computer can't feel the sting
    And it will go about it's day
    Doing whatever you say
    Wrong or right
    Day or night

  10. Gawd luv a bleedin duck ain't no robot car gonna drive ma truck... OMGoodness, I'm rhyming now Holy cow!
    You and your little rhyming ass! LOLOL

  11. I do not want to held captive in a Google car!

  12. hahaha look you rhymed a bunch
    Must have had a good lunch
    Yes I love my little rhyming ass
    It can be pass gas, be crass and still sass..haha

    With your there
    No Google car is getting near my lair


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