Doesn't This Sound Good? Watch You Should!

Beats me where this came from. I guess I just had to beat this drum. Not the usual movie fun, but needed to be done.

Brand new on your screen
A movie like any other
Sucking in the teens with over bloated scenes
Yet still trying to appeal to your mother

Brand new on your screen
A movie you've already viewed
As before it even starts, you've seen the best parts
So out of your money you've been screwed

You curse the preview clip
For the inflated hype
But you get a grip
As your bathroom break saved on bum wipe

Brand new on your screen
Wow it's in 3d
Newly converted, looking so perverted 
You'll forget they charged a larger fee

You still might get a thrill
When they talk all kiddie
As PG trumps free will
Causing shhhhirt to make you giddy

Brand new on your screen
A 200 million dollar flick
With half to the poster face inflating his ego base
Along with paying to bronze his dick

Brand new on your screen
The DVD with bonus features
Each cost a dime to make but your wallet they break
Those real life greed sticken creatures

Brand new on your screen
Sequel number two
Barely rehearsed and worst than the first
Don't worry in five years they'll be a redo

Barely rehearsed and worst than the first
Don't worry in five years they'll be a redo

So that's some fun facts on all the crap, that seems to keep making the movie lap. But it's one big continuous circle we're stuck in, making us stuck in the garbage bin. But never fear, as with any rhyming rant or cheer, you won't find any PG here, at least usually when you come to peer. As I will remain crass, with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Ah, so true
    the words from you
    don't remember the last time I saw a movie
    and raved about how it was so groovy.
    So not worth the price
    sitting on my couch is nice
    and watching it on DVD
    and that way the popcorn is free!

    We're better off reading your book!
    Hope folks are taking a look!

  2. hah! I know where this came from... those cheesy pre-season trailers for upcoming shows. Funny!

  3. Yeah I haven't actaully gone to any of that crap in years
    Not much deserve any cheers
    I'll take the DVD any day
    As sitting on the couch, with a big tv, is the best way
    Don't eat popcorn so no problem there
    Another book plug you're on a tear..haha

  4. haha yes those things are crap
    Especially if some garbage reality tv they flap
    Then I just want them to die
    And no more trailers for this guy

  5. How very true! Watching it at home is more fun and more relaxed,popcorn and all!

  6. ugh...the remakes seem even worse...superman coming soon, might want to take the hearse for the dead horse...they keep beating, ruing all my old favs, makes you want to pull your hair out, blow some hot air out, that rhyme was a cop out, i got to go get out...

  7. Yes way better and more relaxed
    Plus going to it you aren't taxed
    At least not directly that is
    They'll get you in the end that tax biz..haha

    Yes those remakes they should shove up their behind
    They are compelte trash, just about every single find
    Yep both blow hot air and pull out your hair
    Plus curse and swear
    As what ones wants to do
    Wasn't so much of a cop out by you..haha

  8. Pat, I agree with the remakes most are absolutely terrible and I typically refuse to watch them. 3D I've learned is a gimmick and a half, and from reading my sqwerm reviews I'm sure you've seen me rant about not finding any worthy of the extra 3-4 dollars they stab you for. But that all said I prefer a cinema, stadium because I'm spoiled, having done plenty of the traditional, and there's no comparison, the kids growing up now, they don't know the difference, it's kind of sad in a way. Even though I have a large flatscreen there's still that special feeling going to see a movie on the big screen, in fact it almost makes the bad ones tolerable, if it weren't for the price these days that is.

    I never see the remakes though. Except for this week, I'm pretty sure Fright Night's coming out, and as sappy as the original is, it's still one of my favorites, so i have to go and see how they destroy it with Colin Farrell of all people.

    I agree, This rhyming rant here had to be done. Now wait for spiderman and batman to come out this year, all of course restarting at year one. lol

  9. Yeah they are just awful hunks of junk
    Should be buried in a trunk
    And chucked to the bottom of the sea
    So no one could ever see
    Yeah Colin Farrell will ruin that
    The original and even sequel was liked by Pat
    But this one will be garbage for sure
    Just like Footloose, Dirty Dancing and so much more
    Yes Spiderman is starting all over once again
    How many times do we really need to see the origin or these superhero men
    If you don't know it by now
    Then climb out from under your rock some how
    They just get money making the same thing over and over
    Like some stupid butt sniffing rover
    Actually that's probably insulting the dog
    Maybe they could be a mud rolling hog

  10. Yep! I don't even bother with movies anymore.

  11. Yeah I nowhere near do as much as I used to
    I still watch older ones, but screw the new

  12. Ooohh.. so true man..!!!
    whenever I go to watch a movie.. it always turns out to be a torture and then I blame those trailers which made me go for the movie... :( :(

  13. "Along with paying to bronze his dick." I am laughing out loud here, Pat. I only Netflix, and this is the reason why. Hard to find a movie worth the price, because they are either blowing shit up or slobbering all over each other!!

    Give me Bogie and Bacall DVDs any day of the week. We are old movie freaks at our house, anyway. We will pay good money for a John Sayles movie, though. Thanks for the laugh and the pointed critique of Hollywood! Amy

  14. brand new post is much better n enjoyable to read even without a trailer :)
    the whole situation creatively woven in words is worth a read !!!

  15. Brilliant! Says it all about the celluliod industry of recent times. Mind you I loved the remake of True Grit...that was a good redo...I thought...

  16. haha yes those stupid trailers make anything look good
    Ignore them we should
    And just assume it's crap
    Then maybe we'll avoid taking the crap movie lap

    Yeah that's pretty much all they do
    Once you've seen one fake ass slober you've seen two
    And blowing shit up is so pointless now
    They've blown up everything from a house to a cow
    Mind you 24 usually did it right
    But something like Indiana Jones 4 and the nuke is one big big fright

    Yes don't need a trailer at my place
    I think I can do well enough yapping off my face
    Glad it's worth a read
    With my new movie lead

    Yeah recent times are complete trash
    Most just leave a bad rash
    I agree True Grit wasn't bad
    There is always the exception to the rule to be had
    The Mist was a decent remake too
    But something like the Fog one would be better off sticking their head in the loo

  17. Pat, I enjoyed your movie take
    find most too expensive to partake
    except if there is an exceptional one
    or for rainy days or cold winter fun
    but in summer I prefer being out in sun!

  18. Yeah most are just pointless to go to
    Better off visiting the zoo
    Yes in the winter is the best time
    To watch some awful crap as the cold weather is a crime..haha

  19. Better off visiting the zoo?
    Hope you didn't mean my little home, you!
    No, I'm sure you didn't as there are other zoos
    but they probably don't amuse
    quite as much as my little house
    at least I don't have a mouse!
    yet. ha.

  20. hahaha no I didn't mean you
    That I would never do..haha
    Well at least not in the comments below
    I make sure everyone saw your show
    Yeah now that you said that
    A mouse will be crawling across your mat
    But five kitties will kill it
    So no need for a fit

  21. No fit by me with a mouse
    in my house
    but if it turns to five
    which is likely at my hive
    then I may have a fit
    just a little bit
    The kittens should come to the rescue
    to earn their dinner, that is true.
    They could make mice burgers like you've shown
    here before at your home.
    So should I serve Heinz with those
    just don't squirt it on your clothes!

  22. Depends on the cat
    Some like mustard with the mousr squashed flat
    Others like ketchup with it plump
    The cat wears no clothes so already over that hump..haha


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