The Drazin Guy Wants Me Dead, So I'll Copy Fred!

So I seen this a while back and decided to give it a crack. As I was over at Poetical Psyche and saw diarized poetry there and figured I'd see how I fair. You can go there for all te facts on it, right now I'll let the self proclaimed God have his fit.

August 16th, 2011.     Placed the cat nip down for that rotten cat. Left a long trail for him to follow. Drazin knew as he got closer, he'd be hanging from the end of a rope. Drazin reveled in the notion of having Drazin's new cat slippers. The bushes were prickly as Drazin waited, but the nagging pain was bearable for a God of Drazin's stature. As Drazin saw those two cats coming, lapping up the cat nip, Drazin crouched down and waited.

Thought he was brazen
Really the mind of a raisin
Getting me high on cat nip
Hoping Cassie and I would take a dip
Not knowing we smelled his stench
After our cat nip need got quenched
We'd leaving him hanging
His mouth banging
Upside down
With a frown

August 16th, 2011.     As Drazin's new slippers came that much closer to reality, Drazin 's eyes emitted a glow from the bushes. Drazin guesses that is what gave Drazin away. Oh the powers of a God can be such a curse at times. As Drazin began cursing those cats with words Drazin doesn't care to write. But Drazin will have Drazin's day and those cats will pay.

Wow Mr. God you can really swear
While your hanging upside down there
I guess your trap was unwise
Just like your fake Godly disguise

Now Cassie don't berate this God so much
Even though with reality he's out of touch
As he might turn the rope around
And hanged he may be found

Wait would that work
With one quick jerk
His ego would break the branch
Leaving no need to stop a stanch

Yeah this fool is too dumb
And then some
To ever be out of our hair
But what should we care

He can't beat us
Although with an ego the size of a bus
We should give him a hand
As up his you know he can pound a lot of sand

August 16th, 2011.     Those two mouthy felines left Drazin hanging upside down, in Drazin's own trap. But that doesn't give the Great God Drazin any despair. As the more they let their guard down, the more chances Drazin will have to strike and get Drazin's cat slippers. As winter is coming and even the feet of a God get cold.

So there we go. I of course took some liberties at my show. But used the idea to weave in and out, this latest shout. From that Drazin mook, who would probably survive a nuke. As I just can't be rid of his hot air and gas, guess I'll have to try harder with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. just jumped over to fred's blog to read about the form - really like the idea...was wondering if you're writing about the mathematician drazin and was searching for mathematical hints...ha

  2. hahaha no Drazin is a loony character Pat made up
    That shows up once in a while to give the cat a hiccup
    Never heard of the mathematician guy
    I don't even think Pat's Drazin knows pi..haha
    There was a math crack just for you
    And look Fred I sent one over, commission due..LOL

  3. Pat it feels great to me, to be spotlighted here at Bush #3. Liberties, yes you did take, yet you took the essence of the form, put it all into place and nailed the form. Really great write, I'm probably the only one who visits your shore, that does not abhor the old Drazin goof. His rants and tremors are entertaining, at least for me, but cat slippers draws the line, Drazin no longer is a friend of mine. Glad you put him in his place, with your diarized poetry take.

    Really like what you did in that first section, also side note, starting ending with Drazin there was a nice touch to that poetic passage. Again, thanks for working with the form and mentioning me in your opening lines. Really enjoyed.

  4. smiles...drazin it getting more and more like Wile E Coyote, maybe he needs to call ACME for new traps to trip the cats...gues a brain the size of a raisin would not be thinking that way, but hey, fun play

  5. No problem it was a fun attempt
    No way I could leave you exempt
    Had to take a liberty or two
    When incorporating the rhyme time crew..haha
    Yeah you could be
    But he's no abhored by me
    As he's so fun to write for
    Three years been writng the Drazin tour..haha
    He is mean though
    With those cat slippers he wants for the snow
    Thanks for the feedback report
    Glad I nailed it at my fort

    hahaha that is kind of true
    Drazin may become coyote stew
    But I'll never go Meep Meep or beep beep
    No matter how much he digs into the ACME heap..haha

  6. Are you sure Drazin isn't a bat?
    hanging up side down like that?

  7. Well they do say every God (dog) has his day.
    It reminded me of Tom & Jerry. Or as Brian said, Wile E Coyote. Dastardly felines. ~!

  8. Maybe he'll pretend he's a vampire next
    In some weird writing text
    Yeah I hope not too
    As they are way way way over done at any zoo

    Haha Tom & Jerry too
    Wow that Drazin loon is all over the place with his stew
    Dastardly felines we are
    He'll never take us near or far

  9. funny punchline. i enjoyed it. drazin is a character:)

  10. An intriguing tale, and an intriguing form!

  11. Yep always fun and then some
    With my little rhyming bum

    Yep Drazin sure is a mook and more
    Whenever he comes and take the tour..haha

    Form is interesting indeed
    Glad both were intriguing at my feed

  12. What a fun form.. I might give it a try sometime.

    Happy day to you and Drazin ~

  13. I'd never heard of diarized
    is that like salt that's iodized?
    Or maybe just you, more humanized
    with dates and feelings theorized
    ideas that are journalized
    and dreams that are realized

  14. Yes it was interesting to try
    Drazin might think you lie
    With your happy day
    So ignore the mook and don't let him cause you dismay..haha

    Maybe that could be
    Although you'd never catch me
    Doing any of that
    In some real journal thing at my mat
    But I still like to be idealized
    That one may have realized..haha

  15. Well, sure...and you like to be idolized, too!
    Yeah, I've caught on to you!

  16. hahahaha shhhh don't tell
    Others might not have caught onto that at my well

  17. Oh, I think they already knew
    in fact, they helped create that ego in you!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. They feed it every day
    with gushy comments at your bay
    100 or more some times
    oh how sublime. :)
    And I'll admit I've helped, too
    because such a dear are you!

  20. Yes over 100 is quite the amount for a cheer
    hahaha Oh and I was with you until the dear
    But better than any x and o touchy stuff
    Still by ego it does

  21. haha...who said anything about x's and o's?
    I know better, that'd curl your cat toes!
    How about a scratch behind the ears
    and a pinch of catnip with cheers?

  22. The cat nip will work
    Scratch behind the ears might make my paw jerk
    Cassie's would for sure
    As Pat is the only human allowed to touch her any more..haha

  23. uh oh...scratch behind the ears would be considered a touch
    guess you're as bad as Pat with such
    Not even a little pet?
    You'd like it I bet.

  24. I could win her over
    with a treat under cover
    I'd have her sitting on my lap
    and taking a little nap
    maybe even a purr
    would come out of her.
    We could have some girl talk
    as we're both with males a lot.

  25. hahaha after the whole growl and scare try
    I'd might came around no lie
    But Cassie on the other hand I'd like to see
    You might end up with a scratch or three
    Before any of that, if ever, came to pass
    Better off sucking up to my little rhyming ass..haha

  26. OK, as you wish clever cat
    you'll get the accolades on your mat
    I'll keep working on Miss Priss
    even if I get a scratch and a hiss.

  27. haha took her a full 6 months to come around to me
    She didn't like me encrotching on her territory
    But now she is fine with the rhyming cat
    So know you'd have to suck up to her half a year at my mat..haha
    Anyway off to bed I go
    With a hi a ho

  28. ok...don't steal Pat's pillow
    You'll make his head feel like Jell-o. :)

  29. Too hot so I sleep right in front of the fan
    Or on the floor stretched out like I'm getting a tan..haha

  30. We always sleep with a fan blowing on the bed
    that way the sweat doesn't form on your head.

  31. Just looked at your weather report
    A high in the 70's is all
    Hope you don't call that hot
    because to me it is not!

  32. Yes the fan blows my way
    All night and sometimes all day
    Lurking at my weather now are you
    Nothing better to do?..hahaha

    No that isn't that bad
    It has been a bit better which I'm glad
    But with no a/c
    Doesn't matter if it's 100 or 70
    Still a pain
    Making me pop a


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