dVerse And Lean, This Urban Scene!

So had a minute or two and came up with this after visiting the dVerse crew. Yeah I had a moment to come up for air, so of course went all urban in my typical rhyming flare. But not in the called out way, so I guess more dVerse today.

The walls, painted clown
The people, grumble, mumble, frown
The towers mystic glow
Calling those that know

Blinding mice, circling staircase
Crushing bugs at stranded base
Light hides darkness about
Darkness hides lights route

Inviting through "Welcome" entry
Home of "such and such" complimentary
Stricken vermin quickening haste
Delighted through added waste

Ceiling tiles withered creases
Melted glue, hardened pieces
Bull rising ever higher
Next advancement must acquire

Glass smashing, head gashed
Sharded trench, memory flashed
Speed hastens towards demise
Mice cured for cement cries

Scatter from barreling path
Eagerly awaiting imminent wrath
Ego ballooned intervened fate
Collision averted, stars collate

Twinkle gropes minds eye
Vastly towering in heightening fly
Dread slips "Exiting" found
Harking back "Joyous" ground

So that was what came out, when I followed through on Claudia's dVerse shout. Guess when in Rome wouldn't apply, as I think off on a whole other planet I began to fly. But what pops in my head pops in, maybe I should get that made into a pin. Now I've got some mice to go harass, so that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. i wonder whose home is this. nice looking at a city through your feline eyes.

  2. The cat sorta generalized a bit
    With his urban dVerse fit..haha

  3. The house gone into disrepair?
    That seems to be the dare.
    Needn't know, am not aware
    Am more mesmerized with your flair!

  4. for a moment, I thought you were referring to our canadian cities ... anyway looks like it could be any city then if the rhyming cat says so ~

  5. Hopefully not mesmerized too long
    That would be just wrong
    As the time would fly
    And you'd blame this guy
    Errr ummm cat
    For that

    Yeah it could fit here and there
    Could fit just about any where
    But Canadian ones it could be a few
    From this little rhyming urban view

  6. kinda creepy pall on this place...head gashing leaves my teeth gnashing, or maybe its the mouse in the house that should be running or his bones the cat might be gumming...nice spin cate, one to surely win

  7. Send in Pat
    with his bleach and hazmat
    He'll fix the place right up
    then you can toast him with your cup!

  8. Nice house (although its lil creepy)
    I would actually picture the complete scene while reading this.. so I must say.. Its written beautifully :)

  9. hahaha yeah not a place one would want to go
    Avoid it like the plague you know
    Neither would I want to win it
    That make me have a fit..haha

    haha my hazmat suit needs a clean
    As that Orlin stuff was rather mean
    Got it all dirty and yucky
    So might have to wait until I can clean and make everything ducky..haha

    Creepy at times the cat will go
    Here at the rhyming show
    Glad the picture I could paint
    And it didn't make you faint..hahaha

  10. Indeed I like this crazy rhyme
    offering a mountain I am to climb
    Until I reach the top, and gather all the words,
    and feed them one by one, to all the rhyming birds.

  11. Could be anywhere, but I like the rhymes, as always.

  12. ha no - for rome it wouldn't apply...yet rome has a lot of ugly sides as well..you just don't see it when you're heavily in love...smiles - enjoyed the gritty and at times creepy city pic you paint pat

  13. Yes you have to make those rhyming birds plump
    So the cat can get a good meat clump
    When he goes to have a snack
    On the rhyming, bird eating attack..haha

    Yep could be here
    Could be there
    But it will work
    Where every such things lurk

    haha yeah didn't think it would work from Rome
    Maybe a signal garden gnome
    Urban and gritty
    That's just a pity
    A little creepy thown in
    Sure that isn't a sin..haha

  14. Nice twist Pat. Like the alternate point of view for the form, really novel. Excellent write too, took a bit of a different styling here, but still rhyme it did, and as is par for the course, you rhyme without remorse. Again, excellent write

  15. Sounds kind of eerie to me....but lots of images for me to "sink my teeth into" (figuratively, of course.....without recourse.)

  16. Beware those mice, Pat
    For they bite back
    And that is just a Face it Fact
    Running round with pomp and flair
    There not a soul left alive in there!
    With one exception and that's YOU
    So keep it real or they'll take you too!

  17. Yeah the twist just came out
    With my urban shout
    A bit different then the usual way
    But the rhyme didn't go away..haha

    Good thing figuratively that is
    Could break your tooth actually doing that biz
    That wouldn't be fun
    Yes kind of an eerie one

    Creepy can be fun
    Cool as a umm bun..haha

    Oh those zombie mice things won't get me
    I'll run away and flee
    Lock the doors
    Have an escape route under the floors
    And vanish without a trace
    Before they see my face..haha

  18. Very interesting and lively. Sorry I can't rhyme. :)

  19. Glad it was a good one
    And hopefully fun

    Don't have to rhyme
    To have a good time..haha

  20. Fantastic description...
    the image of house was clearly floating as I was reading :)
    Again a fun read !!!

  21. Glad it could float
    And not sink your boat..hahaha

  22. Maybe I should paint my walls clown. :) Thanks for curing my AM frown.

    I really liked this one! Thought provoking.

  23. Glad I could cure a frown
    Even if it was with a clown
    Even made you think
    Oh how low I did sink..haha


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