A dVerse From Me To You, Mr. Linky Might Sue!

So the facts of this one are simple enough and some might get in a huff with what I'm about to puff. But I promise not to be too rough. Okay I might lie, but the cat will give it his best try. Anyway last Tuesday, the cat went here and there, following the yellow brick linky road everywhere. As I did so, I thought it would be fun to jot down the name of each show.

So if this goes on a while, in my typical rhyming style. There is no one to blame but dVerse, so send them your best curse. Or you can give it to me, I'll take it gladly. Now without further adieu, time to rhyme the Mr. Linky crew.

Hey Bub! This is the dVerse Pub!

One has to take Life in Degrees
But those Zen Moments make it a breeze
Helping you send a Letter to the Moon
Don't look a Madame Sweetcheeks you loon

You might get stabbed with a Sharp Little Pencil
Mad Kane's Humor Blog could relieve this tensile
Thwarting Mercutio's Revenge
Henry Clemmons will avenge

Rhyme Me a Smile you must
Wow that look is full of Sweet Lust
The Mockingbird Sings tonight
She's Writing fighting the good fight

Is that Catnip I smell
Or a Word Salad, I can't tell
I guess I need to go to The Word Bar
I want a Word Fresco not tar

Haiku Love Songs have me under a spell
The Borg Poet might shoot me to hell
But he's too busy Chasing Tao right now
So a Peaceful Idler I'll be as I meow

Damn I'm Jaywalking the Moon
I climbed a Glass Staircase and used a balloon
Ed Pilolla don't rat me out
After my Verse Escape I'll send a trout

Those Loose Leaf Notes gave me a scratch
Pages From My Mind beat that batch
Oh that one's Signed.....bkm
Shine the Divine on such a gem

In the Corner of My Eye
A Knot in the Line I spy
The Tashtoo Parlour is the cause
But Diana's Words will still give applause

On a Day Like Today
Excursions and Diversions might be the way
1 Emerald City is pretty I hear
As it's Celebrating a Year

Avoiding Urbanality at its best
Can you pass The Sanctum of Sanity test
A Sun Kissed Life could come true
If you're more than a Daydreamer Too

Not a Bird's Eye Gemini
But I Rhyme Without Reason, no lie
The Essayist might take offense
As my First Pages are quite dense

Y I Write God only Knows
Could be because My Tenth Muse joined the pros
Or I need some Immersion Blog-apy
Or just some Miscellanous Yammering for you to see

Faith Fiction Friends
WaystationOne has them to no ends
Poems to Ponder are all around
Poetical Psyche has many to be found

Penguin Poems are quite rad
Simplicity helps I must add
But don't fall down Oran's Well
Becky Kilsby might yell

Finally Pheonix would pry you out
So a new Poem Blaze you could spout
Modernity's Muse would be delighted
As some Poetic Delusions would be sighted

Are you having a Zero Summer
Jannie Funster considers that a bummer
The Garden Gate has you covered
If from A Glass of Bubbly you've recovered

Think I'm past The Halfway Point
As Aressa's Melodies fill my joint
The Wayside Word Garden fills my senses
Art Happens 365 on the fences

Fractured Phrases can be tough
But Lady Nyo's Weblog keeps you up to snuff
Inside Out Poetry could turn you around
And The World Poetized you could be found

Writing Without Paper can be fun
As a Bufferfly and Cocoon is spun
Peering through Windowland
Seeing Wolfs Rosebud's Blog is grand

This is quite the Alokoli for sure
With each abstract Semaphore tour
Fiorghra is all I can say
As the Yellow House Cafe sits on the bay

A Thing For Words and fun play
Mrs. Mediocrity tends to display
Shay's Word Garden helps words grow
As Bardology spreads words on the go

But Words Are My Drug of Choice
Beachanny's Texas will rejoice
As Rockpool Poety does pool
Safehouse Poetry plays it cool

I got An Inkling of Sorts
The Fourth Dimension is sending reports
Or Poems From The Heart
Giving Poetic: Whispers a kick start

That California Ink in Motion
Is seen in Orchards Windows Roses and oceans
The Noiseless Cuckooclock doesn't hurt my ears
Even Insanity in Purple gives cheers

The Linnet will fly on by
Pandamoniums Cat's blog might cry
As Expatincat's blog eats it first
Live2write2day's blog will quench the thirst

Poet Dreamer Steve's Shack
And Chromapoes don't lack
Kavisionz are fun to see
As Quazism's blog grows the poetry tree

The Cassandra Chronicles this has become
The Walking Den can walk and hum
Words and Thoughts PJs you will relate
As Memory Box Creations fill your plate

So Live High from each rafter
And keep Living Creatively Ever After
As a Rainbow shines through
And everything is simply new

So ends my dVerse chime
Here at It's Rhyme Time

Wasn't that a fun trip down the dVerse road, with some nutty rhyming bs load. I got all I saw and typed them out with my paw, but if I missed one or got it wrong with my rhyming fun. My bad, we'll blame that Pat lad. So after typing this huge dVerse mass, off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That was really fun and you had been everywhere. This can be your Cats the Musical. Always glad to welcome you at Live High.

  2. Pat, you are just terrific
    Not just that, it’s fantastic
    And my goodness! Me too!
    For the honor I humbly thank you

    "As a Rainbow shines through
    And everything is simply new"

    I made it just
    Being mentioned the last

    Hank aka kaykuala @ Rainbow

  3. This being a musical would be rather interesting I'd say
    Although an instrument that cat does not play
    Glad I'm welcome at Live High
    Whether it's the cat or that Pat guy..haha

    The best for last?..haha
    My list was quite vast
    Just picked the out as I went
    And yours fit in perfectly with the end of my vent
    Glad it was enjoyed by you
    I couldn't not add you too..haha

  4. Phew... I am constantly left amazed by your little rhyming ass cats or Pat... SMH amazed.

  5. Now I know my little rhyming ass is nice
    But it's I wouldn't say it's amazing twice
    Oh you were talking about the write
    Yeah that can also be an amazing sight..hahahaha

  6. dude...this is truly fascinating...that is awesome how you blended everyone in there...may need to steal this to put on the wall in the pub, no not the bathroom stall, bub, but a place of honor, for your rhyming ardor

    for real man, way cool.

  7. It's not a dVerse road, but a city!
    And your rhyme was very witty
    They will all enjoy seeing their name
    and how you came to bring them fame!

  8. haha for the Fonz the bathroom wall was cool
    All he had was "sit on it" at Arnold's pool
    With my rant one might need a bigger wall
    Just don't put it in a port a pottie stall..haha
    Yeah just wrote the titles as I went and went at it just like my movie and/or music fun
    Can do it with most anything if I have a ton
    Feel free to use
    Even abuse..haha

    Yes the road stretched right through town
    And into the city city touching The Leaders crown...haha
    haha fame they can keep
    I'll take the cash and hid in the deep..haha
    Meant deep in the woods though
    As in the sea the cat just couldn't go

  9. This is really cool and neat to stitch
    our blogger names up in your rhyming post

    I concur with Brian's suggestion to post
    this up in the D'verse Pub

    Thanks and kisses for your big heart ~

  10. Yes those Leaders would pop a vein
    If I cluttered up their reign..haha

    Stitch is a good word to use
    As I stuck them together trying not to lose
    Having my usual rhyming fun
    Under my little sun
    Although the cat would run and hiss
    If you try and kiss..hahahaha

  11. wow pat - this is GORGEOUS!!!! i just loved it and i was smiling and smiling and smiling all the way down....we have to find a place right on the bar mirror for this..you rock the place!!!

  12. But if it's on the mirror it might come out backwards for all to see
    That could be confusing but would cause me glee..haha
    That was a lot of smiling too
    You must have been worn out by all the smiling you had to do..haha
    Glad it was liked through and through
    And I can rock the place a time or two
    But the cat might take it literally though
    And heave rocks through the window..hahaha

  13. Dude, this is brilliant. I was entertained and amazed all in one :)

  14. Hey! so sweet this is!
    but where are the links to all these? :-)
    Lucky me
    I am 'in'
    And thus I am familiar
    with this big family

    Shame you forgot my poetry
    That's cause you not fond of me?
    Thus come-I insist...


  15. Entertained and amazed
    And damn I wanted your eyes to go glazed..haha
    Ok not really though
    Thanks for the feedback at my show

  16. SCREW the links is all I can say
    That would have taken all night and day
    I'd have popped a vein and fifty pills
    Doing the linky hills
    That is what dVerse is for
    As no Mr. Linky resides at my shore..haha
    Not fond of you
    Hmmm that I never knew
    I guess I can come on over
    Just don't call me rover..haha

  17. Believe it, no lie
    And you may learn to fly
    With some fairy dust
    I hear that's a must..haha

  18. The Noiseless cuckooclockAugust 30, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    blame your rhyme talent,
    you are far beyond excellent.
    time to go for a drink,
    before the sun starts to sink.

  19. WHEW!!! ROTF~~~

    This was really entertaining, and hats off here to the Rhymeister!

    You and da cats got it alllll in.

    This was a lot of fun....

    Enjoyed this romp.

    Lady Nyo

  20. Don't get too drunk
    And get in some funk
    You could rhyme like the cat
    Some drunks might not think much of that..haha

    Glad the romp was fun
    And yes the cat can get it done
    Even made you go through the acronym door
    At my rhyming tour..haha

  21. Pat, this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it and I know that everyone else will too :) thanks xx

  22. Truly brilliant! You never cease to amaze me with your mastery of words and rhyme. That you incorporated so many poets in such clever ways was truly a wonder and tied such a sweet sentiment through this poetic community.Really very touching.

    Thank you for including me in the verse, I am honored to be among such splendid words! ~ Rose

  23. They are all going to love it
    Geez I wanted one to have a fit..haha
    Guess my rhyming loon self will be enough
    Or next time I'll have to get rough..hahaha

    Hopefully I can never cease to amaze
    Or I'll have to go out to pasture and graze
    All that grass
    Wouldn't be good for my little rhyming ass..haha
    I weaved in as many as I came across and jotted down
    Of course I couldn't miss you in rhyme time town

  24. Patmister - super ryhmer extrodinaire - you have pulled it out of the cool cats top hat baby!!! - i caught sight of the first name check and got excited from then on it was just thrills - as ever i love what you do pat, fun smart and buzzin! - YOU ROCK THIS BAR!

  25. haha yeah he didn't like me pulling things from his hat
    Swore at me with words worse than strat..haha
    Buzzin I can be
    Glad a thrill was had as you came to see

  26. So cool! That was fun! Thank you for pulling that all together.

  27. The Tashtoo Parlor -- how cute is that!

    Your friends are lucky to have you, Pat! You are one-of-a-kind that 's for sure. In A GOOD way, of course!

  28. It was fun to put together too
    As I went here and there to view

    Oh so Natasha is cute
    Sure she'll find that a hoot..haha
    One of a kind
    With my little rhyming behind..haha

  29. Do you ever run-out of rhyme?

  30. hahaha not just yet
    As I seem to cast a wide net

  31. i've never seen something like this done before. you really have been all over. a lot of fun. very original. you have a style all your own.

    it's something i wish i could do
    i want it so bad i could sue
    but in the end i don't have a clue.
    and so i happily defer to you.

  32. Yeah I did it with my movie/tv/music fun
    So I decided to give the blogs a run
    All I need is a way to go
    And then can easily put on my rhyming show
    Looks like you have a bit of a clue
    As a rhyme came from you
    Maybe just do a few
    And you'll have one of your very own to view..haha

    Clever times three
    That just causes glee..haha

  33. What a FUN TRIP visiting our blog-Peeps! And you tied it all up as a gift might be. POET you are, Sir--I've said it before. Please don't go away. Please stay. There's coffee and cake, they say.


  34. Pat this is pure, unique genius. You continue to amaze me.
    I knew to expect a rhyme
    but you blew me away this time!

  35. Pat, Cat, Seriously!
    You named every tom, dick, harry and she
    Amazing you are, you rhyming fool
    You named every poet's that sat on a dVerse stool!
    So I guess all I can really say is Wow
    That a Face it fact...trigger locked...POW!

  36. Caffine I don't need
    I'd go even more nuts at my feed
    Cake isn't for me
    As I barely eat anything you see
    But I can give a fun trip
    And stay around flapping my lip
    So I won't go away
    At least not far will I stray

  37. Guess part tornado I can be
    Blowing you away as you come to see..haha
    One day there won't be a rhyme
    So expected the unexpected sometime..haha
    Glad I can continue to amaze
    As I go on with my rhyming maze

    Yep and huey, duey, luey and webby to boot
    Giving the dVerse crew a good hoot
    Yep rhyming fool for sure
    That and so much more
    Powing the Face it Facts
    Gotta love those acts..haha

  38. Great job incorporating so many blogs and keeping an impeccable flow that spans so naturally. Always something new at this rhyme time zoo, lol Never a let down, not that I've found, but always something to turn a frown upside down.

  39. Yes I try to keep bringing in new attractions
    Getting new reactions
    With my rhyming actions
    From all kinds of factions
    And make that frown go away
    As I rhyme, rant and play..haha

  40. Great I guess I can be
    And I gave a followback from me

  41. This was a fun and cool read. AWESOME! :)
    Thanks for the visit!

  42. INCREDIBLE! I saw each one as I ran into their names. What a wonderful tribute to the poets and the event! Bravo! Wow... I love it!


  43. wow, you really are a rhyming wizard
    and this was certainly a poet's blizzard.

    okay, fine, i'll leave the rhyming to you.

    loved this, big smiles, as always!

  44. This is fantastic. You are very good at being a rhyming wizard

  45. What a trip! More Alice in Wonderland.

  46. What fun, and so clever too,
    a sincere thanks from me to you!!

    <I am amazed at the creativity that went into this!! Good job!!)

  47. Always is fun
    That's just how it's done..haha

    I guess it can be a tribute of sorts
    At my rhyming courts
    Glad it did wow
    And no one seemed to have a cow..haha

    Hey the wizard and blizzard worked fine
    You can rhyme anytime when dropping a line
    So you don't have to leave it to me
    As rhyming here is free

    Yes but no wand or weird hat
    That wouldn't look good on the cat...haha

    Down the blogger rabbit hole I went
    Giving many a good dent

    Yeah took some time to gather them up
    But then it went off without a hiccup

  48. This was so much fun to read--I hope it was as much fun to write! I saw many of my favorites listed in here, Pat. Thanks for the fun!

  49. I will say... WOW
    a fantastic tribute to fellow bloggers :)
    Bestest !!

  50. Good kitty. Nice kitty. Sharp Little Kitty...

    How you managed to get just about every poet I know into here, and a few I have yet to meet... laughter with every stanza. I was flattered to be included, thanks. Loved this, Pat and Cat! Amy

  51. What a way to go Pat! Rhymed dVerse names like that. Your words flow like a flood. Rhyming hot in your blood! Bravo :-)

  52. oml ~ you are so freakin clever, loved it! I used to do this when I wrote letters to peeps, I would fashion in all of their favorite rock songs to rhyme, too fun, Pat!

  53. Very clever and fun. I always post lateish; it's a time zone thing. So I forgive you for not including me this time - but only just :)

  54. Is it too sad that I was really happy to see my blog in your poem, lol :) Thanks for remembering me, sweet Mr. Pat Hatt. This was so much fun that I forgot about rhyming :)

  55. pheeeeeewwwww... Loved it :) :)
    You made me feel amazed and happy at the same time :)

  56. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    That is a very nice "nod" to each and every one Of your fellow blogger's blog(s).

    I must admit some Of the blogs I'm familiar with and some Of the blogs I'm not...[As I blush...face turn red...hang head and wish that I was _ _ _ _! lol]

    Therefore, I hope the bloggers that I'm not familiar with yet, don't roll me down the river on a "log" because I'm currently, in a state Of a "fog" lol

    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-D

  57. Pat ~ this is such fun! Always a terrific rhyme time here!!!
    ~ deb

  58. Pat,

    As always, great fun. You've read everyone. I hope you remain to rhyme us again.

  59. Yes it was quite fun to write
    Filling an hour or so the other night

    Yep stuck as many in from dVerse as I cam across
    Or rather the cat did, he's the boss..haha

    Kitty not that good
    But pretend the kitty could..haha
    Yeah once I get started I can get anything in
    Even items filling a garbage bin
    Just comes easy enough
    None of it is too rough

    Hopefully your blood doesn't get too hot
    Like a boiling pot
    That could be bad
    Then you'd blame this lad..haha

    Yeah it's fun throwing in a bunch of things
    And seeing what the rhyming brings

    Good for a laugh for sure
    Here at my shore

    Yeah I got busy and never got to all
    But I'll get you next time at by hall

    Not too sad
    Okay maybe just a tad..haha
    I couldn't forget you
    As you come to view

    Amazed and happy
    See I don't go for sappy..haha

    Well at least you knew some
    In my little hum
    But if they roll you up the creek
    Don't go over the waterfall peak

    Yes rhyme time will be here
    For such a fun cheer

    Yeah I read quite a bit
    To use for my rhyming fit
    One day I may do it once more
    Taking a different type of rhyming tour

  60. Well Cat and Patt
    you’ve turned me into a mad hatt-
    er that’s going to try a rhyme
    for the first time:

    Each poet shines here like a fixed star, you must study astrognosy
    your words set sail for our hearts like a pageantry of argosy
    poetry imbued with the unique perspective of anamorphosy
    cat is always entertaining, your work never falls into prosy
    a soothing balm concocted with the skill of pharmacognosy
    that cat’s fun and original outlook is oh so wonderfully rosy
    you’re a gem highlighted, within this revealing geognosy
    I humbly offer you an enormous thank you from chromapoesy!

    I know, I know there’s a reason I leave this to the professional cats!

  61. hahaha that wasn't bad in the least
    The words were quite the beast
    I had to look a few up
    That you made with your "osy" rhyming cup
    Fun how you factored in your name too
    As I figured that was what you were trying to do
    And there it was at the end
    Great nit just for the first time around the rhyming bend
    Even though you sorta cheated with the - in the one before
    But I'll let that go this once at my floor..haha

  62. I'm always awed to see how much time and skilled effort you must have to put into these Homeric heavy lifts. Or at least that prolific Cat does. I appreciate your always-sterling wit and being one of the boys and girls you have chronicled for the digital forever.

  63. Yes must pretend the cat does
    Just because..haha
    Yes it was quite the chronicle I went on too
    Glad you liked being added to my crazy dVerse brew

  64. You are just sooooo entertaining! great

  65. Soooo very entertaining is great
    I love be sooooo at my plate..hahaha

  66. I'm in love Pat.....great had fun all the way through you are the best...

  67. Of course I bow to your rhyming dexterity (or maybe it's the cat who does that part) for it is not my forte. What fun this was! Felt like I was in the pub looking around at all the wondrous poets here!

  68. Glad it was fun all the way
    Loving it was also nice to say

    Yeah the cat would like the bowing for sure
    He has an ego that won't let his head fit out the door
    I guess with this one I can be an extension of the pub
    But if you want to get drunk go to their hub..haha

  69. Impressive! What a great shout-out to the dVerse crowd! Kudos for this fun piece.

  70. Kudos are fun too
    Thanks for the visit from you

  71. Well done, Pat. I'm impressed by this comprehensive wordplay catalog of many whom I consider both colleagues and friends.

  72. Comprehensive would be a great word to use
    And yes with many you can't lose

  73. Clever me? never
    Or maybe always and forever

  74. this was such a treat - to see all of my favorite bloggers weaved into a poem this sweet. It's funny how hard it is not to rhyme when I visit the cat who does it aaaaaaaallllll of the time!

  75. hahaha glad it's very hard not too
    Then I get a rhyme from you
    Oh what fun it can be
    Yep all the time here at my sea

  76. yes you're right-- it WAS fun (:

  77. Wow Pat!
    What an amazing piece of work, managing to mention so many of the regulars down at the dVerse poets pub. A triumph of rhyme and relevance.
    Had to read it very carefully to spot I had a mention. Thanks, and congratulations on a fine write. James.

  78. See I'm always right
    ummmm yeah right...hahaha

    Thanks for the feedback
    Yeah there were so many have to be careful to see yours on the track
    But it was there
    Glad it was liked, my dVerse affair

  79. Where would we be at
    without the joy of Pat Hatt?
    To find delight prime
    visit It's Rhyme Time.

  80. haha you could be in a better place
    But would not get that smile on your face..haha

  81. Silly Willy Got a Thrilly
    Did you know
    He even had a nice big bow


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