Hurt Your Head Or Get Angry and Turn Red!

So as the cat was here and there, on a comment tear, out came a little jig, that I knew I just had to take big. The facts of this are simply I'm a loon and nope with my psychic powers I still can't bend a spoon. But I'll keep on trying, maybe one day I'll be a rhyming, flying Donkey...err umm cat, oh stop your sighing.

Did you do, what I asked you to do. By doing it, did it get done or did you do a little of what doing there was to do?
Is the truth true? True to some, but not true to you, does that make it true?

Maybe I'm a liar, lying about being a liar. So lying about a liar would make me a liar, through lying about a liar.
The fire found fire, through a crowd of fire and joined up making a bigger fire. Does that mean the fire merged in fire or was it always one fire?

If you're beat yet can't be beat are you really beat or playing to a different beat?
Your neat isn't my neat, so is it still neat? Or would I find your neat not neat and you'd think my neat was neat?

Think about thinking and when thinking think about not thinking, are you thinking when not thinking about thinking?
If you're sinking, yet sink only a little while sinking, did you really sink or sink while sinking?

Time to check the time of your timing. Does time find time to take time to make time to set time?
Rhyme a rhyme and well rhyming rhyme a rhyme about rhyme. Did you rhyme a rhyme, rhyme about rhyme or rhyme in rhyme?

Paint a white line white with white, so the white line is white with white.
Fought a fight, fighting a fight, fixing a fight. So by fighting a fight and fixing a fight was their a fight?

Stinks stunk such stinky stink while stinking up stinky air. Did the stink stink the air or the air stink the stink?
Link a link and by linking the link create a link with a link to a link from a link, which link is the link?

Now didn't you have fun while I was funny, finding fun in funny and funny in fun. If I run while walking did I really run or was running walking or walking a run? This test one can't pass, as it's some kind of nutty crap that came out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I see what you're seeing. But must I see it through your eyes to be seeing what you saw? Or can I see seeing with my own eyes the same thing you see? You see?

  2. i like to ride the see saw...some fabulous word play to twist the tongue, about to come undone, pinching my nose so that the stink you stunk passes, gases from asses kill masses of people each year, nutty crap might hurt as well, all those hard edges, make you want to jump off ledges, wow this tangent went and left us...see you if i dont saw you first.

  3. But if through my eyes would it be new? Or would the new be old as I already knew? Is that something your knew when you tried something new?

    Wow you went all around, to what was found, taking nutty crap to be found and making it litereally found, but if I saw such a sight first, you would see the saw and the saw wouldn't see. So we'd have a see saw.

  4. It would not be new, that I knew. It would be old...and cold.
    But what if it was an aisle on an isle? I'll bet the isle would be full of aisles. Would we be allowed to speak aloud while walking the aisles on the isle? Or would speaking aloud be an err? The isle air should be quiet for all the heirs.

  5. The isle could have aisles but they'd be in rows and you'd have to row their in a boat that rows, a row boat to get to the isle of aisled rows. All standing in a row as you go down a row and up a row landing on the isle you rowed too, to check out the rows. Now you row away from the rows, leaving the isle of aisled rows.

  6. I guess since I'm rowing in a row boat, I could say "Aye,aye!" and look you in the eye with my eye. I certainly could and would after rowing between the rows of aisles on your isle. Maybe there would be a man named Barry eating berries while bare with a bear. In which case after seeing he was bare, I'd row between the rows faster down the aisles to get away from the isle. Yes, that's exactly what I'll do. :)

  7. How come when I read you I always think I have a headache coming on. LOLOL Typical woman! Hahaha (joking) Oh my my my, you do do my eyes in though.

  8. Fantastic once again. I love stuff like this. A good mix of humor, philosophy, wordplay and entertainment.

  9. So being bare you couldn't bear unless it was a bear than that you could bear for the bear is supposed to be bare. Not being bare would make the bear something you might not bear, but just seeing the bear whether clothed or bare would be something to bear. Wow could that you bear, stinking bear..haha

    Yes typical woman I'd
    Pop a pill and that headache will go away
    Didn't mean to do them in with my post that's due
    Hopefully they didn't give a boo and a hoo..haha

    Yes mixed in a whole bunch of stuff
    As I huffed and did a little puff
    Always fun to mix and match
    When an idea does hatch

  10. um...that was unbearable.

  11. So unbearable it was hairy? The hare really needs more hair, as it doesn't want to be a bare hare with no hair all bare. The bear would make fun of the hare and that it couldn't bear. So an unbearable bear and a bare hare would make quite the pair.

  12. Oh boy, I can tell you always have fun making our head twirl with your rhyming phrases. Nice play of playing the words or stringing the words, in a playful play ~

    Happy day to you~

  13. Glad you liked the playful play on the words i play well I pretend to write a play, about writing a play while children are at play...haha

  14. Heck... you got me a headache.. stop rhyming so much :P

  15. Think about thinking and when thinking think about not thinking, are you thinking when not thinking about thinking?

    it jst blew my mind... hw do u do it ?

  16. Pat,
    Timing your time, rhyming your rhyme
    Gets me off the line, on the bind
    Enjoyed it just the same,not a bane
    Nor likely insane,but likely more sane


  17. The rhyming will never stop
    Not even if one calls a cop..haha

    That one just popped out whil I was thinking about doing something with thinking so was I really thinking or not thinking about thinking to do something with thinking?..haha

    haha I can be both insane and sane, thin line between the two. But either way I'll help one pop a vein that's just what I do.

  18. haha I never give that
    It's all or nothing at my mat..haha

  19. Oh now, don't forget about the scent I sent. It did cost a couple of cents. Still I think you'll like the scent that was sent for cents.

  20. That cent must have went right on by, I guess it wasn't a good buy or bought by a guy who wanted to buy and couldn't go by or stolen by the guy, who didn't want to buy and had to snatch it on the way by. By the way, what a buy.

    Fun as always yes
    Even when I make no sense with my mess..haha

  21. Well, by and by it may eventually get to you, that good buy. Bye!

  22. Unless I figure it's a lie and I lie on the couch avoiding the lie as I lie.


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