I Might Actually Go In, But Using Would Still Be A Sin!

So as Pat was at work, going here and there to lurk. He sent this to the cat, an email they sent around at the work mat. It was too fun not to use, especially with how much I port a pottie abuse.

What could she be going in? Maybe a high tech garbage bin. Look at such reflective glass. Would you have guessed it is for your ass? Yes when you feel a tingle and have to go, no longer do blue little buildings steal the show. As in you trot and now they've made it so you won't get caught.

As once inside you can see far and wide. Who knew using the can could be a fun ride? No need for a paper or magazine, as you get to watch the daily scene. Plus you can see if someone is outside, trying to get in and know if they lied. When they say they really have to go, you can now tell by the actions they show. That would be quite weird indeed, with all those people about some might not let things be freed and be worse off than before. Oh the pain of taking the one way mirror port a pottie tour.

Now imagine if you were drunk or in some kind of funk and looked down to see this. The ground you might miss, grasping at this and that, until you realize it's the same as a floor mat. This would actually be rather nifty to have I say, might scare the germy users away..haha.

And if you think I would ever do this. All you'll get is a hiss. Plus Pat would never let me at all. As he'd have to leave the seat up and in I would fall. Yes I've taken a dive in here and there, that water just calls me, it's so unfair. But the litter I will take and in cat toilet training is something which I will never partake.

Either way the facts are no port a pottie I would ever use, but I can use them to abuse and the later to maybe confuse. That would be quite the rouse. I'll take my tush and go in a bush, if need be and that is all from me. On a new kind of port a pottie. But they need something to replace the phone booth you see. So I guess this is the next best thing. I wonder if they are sound proof in case you want to sing? Oh this is all just giving me gas, so off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. LOL I saw that mirror toilet a long time ago. I think I'd have to be so desperate there was imminent danger of me wetting my pants before I would ever use that. OMGoodness, imagine if anyone scraped the reflective stuff off so the could peep through... Sheesh!

  2. lol...have seen the see thru potty and no place to put my tushy...a little self conscious maybe but all seems a little shady to me you know...

  3. I'd have to go REALLY bad to use the see through "out house." Although it would be great for people watching. :)

    Love that flooring in the second one! That would be just awesome.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to use a human toilet. Although Spud would like it because it would be one stop shopping for him. We had to start leaving the lid down because he has discovered he can drink out of a toilet. It would be like a buffet in his eyes. Yikes!

  4. hahaha yes if someone changed it to be two way
    That would cause great dismay
    And sure peepers would
    If those creepers could

    Yes shady it does seem
    Letting a full moon beam
    And all could see
    Not that, that really bothers me
    But some may take offense
    And chase the cat clear over a fence..haha

    True would be an interesting place to people watch for sure
    Yeah that would be one awesome floor
    Oh Orlin drinks the water out of it too
    Which is just ewww
    Although he can't seem to hold himself up
    So he has a bit of a hiccup
    And falls right in
    He doesn't think it's a sin
    Just shakes off and goes about his day
    At his bay
    But it stays down forever at my show
    Not that I left it up much anyway, unless off I had to go..haha

  5. hahaha...now if a porta john happens upon one of my auctions looking like that mirrored thing
    I might have to find a bush in the back
    as going in it wouldn't be happening.

  6. hahaha that wouldn't be a good thing
    Especailly for the beetle your blog did bring..haha

    hahahahaha oh you wouldn't like such an ordeal
    You could still keep an eye on the auction wheel
    Although if you tried to bid
    Your bid would be hid
    So it might get confusing
    Looking out would be quite amusing
    But use never
    Not ever..haha

  7. This is funny.. and that portia is creepy.

    If I am desperate, yes.

    Happy day to you ~

  8. Yes have to be very very desperate I'd say
    But I wouldn't use any on any day
    Take a bush or an alley
    Even in the middle of a valley..haha

  9. Wow the toilet humor's out today, lol Actually never seen one out in public but, and you had to know I'd have something to say, When in lived in France for a summer many moons ago, ok 15 years ago, this one club we went to had coed bathrooms, yep, and all the stalls were see-through, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so pause I did, let others be the guinea pigs. But they fogged up nice where nothing else could be seen.

    Also, when you flushed a mechanized voice said thank you. literally.

    Also I heard that in europe they have all sorts of innovation when it comes to matters of wastefulness. Yep, I've been told, and even read it in books, many cities there have talking garbage pails, yep with not but one but a variety of words to say. I swear I'd have so much trash with me I'd make em' swear.

    Final note, that pic of the privacy depraved cat- well, now no joke, I had this aunt, long since gone now, but she had a cat that she taught to use the toilet as one would use a litter box- unfortunately it never learned to flush, not as advanced as mr. jinx Is I guess. But it was funny when I saw this cat on the seat, and after it ran scared, I bet you know how surprised I was to see what was left to see, lol

  10. Your sense of humor keeps me humored! I think I would draw the line at sharing a commode with a cat though. Tee hee.

  11. haha oh yeah that would be quite interesting, I'd have to watch just for the hell of it to see too.
    Good thing they fogged up as many wouldn't want to be seen, guess they knew it was true
    hahaha the voice would be a bit weird I'd say
    But oh would I make it play
    At least with the garbage can one
    That would be so much fun
    I wonder how many languages they can speak
    As garbage they seek
    hahahaha that would be quite interesting watching the cat
    Thinking it's being a dirty rat
    When really it used the actual loo
    But it couldn't flush it's poo..haha
    Guess the cat needed to meet the fockers
    And also didn't like gockers..haha

    Yes I would draw that line too
    As if it went on the seat that just be ewww

  12. ooohhhh my God...!!! A mirror toilet...!!!

  13. A fogging stall and a talking flush?
    That's enough to make me blush
    I wouldn't certainly be in a rush
    to be in there with everyone and their hairbrush
    wouldn't hear me gush
    about how nice it was for my tush.

  14. haha yes what will they think of next to sell
    Probably something that will still make one go what the hell..haha

    hahahaha Also there are ones that shoot water at your behind
    Damn that I wouldn't want to find
    That feel awfully funky and then some
    Especailly if well doing it, it gave a hum..haha

  15. Those that give you a spray
    are called bidets
    yeah, I wouldn't like that
    not one bit
    could have a fit
    what if it was too cold
    and if the truth be told
    too much of a splash
    and soaked your clothes along with your ass?
    Guess we're too westernized
    the benefits to realize.

  16. hahaha yes I guess we are
    Maybe we need to go to the co-ed bathroom bar
    Or to the bidets that are far
    By plane or by car
    Using the pennies in a jar
    So we can be on par
    With all the rest
    Or just do a toilet test
    Seeing which one is the best
    Or has the most zest..haha

  17. Um, no thanks I'll stay in my nook
    you go and then write a book
    and let me know how zesty they are
    those splashing toilets near and far.

  18. So Pat would hate a bidet
    He'd rather join the ballet
    Words cannot convey
    all of the dismay!
    I daresay
    he'd rather belly up to a buffet
    and partake of all the gourmet
    eat all of the flambe
    even a chocolate sundae
    and a cheese souffle
    a mocha frappe
    and a fruit parfait!
    Words cannot downplay
    the feeling of doomsday!
    He would never obey
    getting that spray
    even if Santa brought one in his sleigh!
    He'd rather wear a beret
    and go on display!
    He'd rather miss his birthday
    or get an x-ray
    Gee, I wrote an essay
    with this wordplay!

  19. And now a comment, as I channel our late cat Missy:
    Ha, and the one where you can see the peoples outside but it's like mirrors so maybe they will pick their teeth and you can pee harder when you laugh I don't use the toilet cuz the nasty butts of Mommy and Daddy were on it no cat would stoop to that this was funny cuz it was about butt holes and pooping ha ha ha ha

    Missy is gone. Sorry about the above. Your friend, Amy

  20. hahaha a book on each loo
    Yeah that just wouldn't do
    I'd upset my ocd
    I'd have to pay someone a fee
    To use each one and report back
    As all those toilets would give me a heart attack..haha

    Wow that one was rather large
    And so in charge
    But I'll run and jump on a barge
    Before I let my stomach enlarge
    With any of that stuff I'd need to discharge
    I'd rather pay a surcharge
    As all that food made me need a recharge
    Can't tell what's worse
    The food or loo, oh my quirks are quite a curse..haha

    hahaha yes Orlin feels the same way
    It would be quite funny seeing them to that as they stray
    Then knock on the glass
    And they fall on their ass
    Thinking what the hell
    And you pop out laughing because they fell..haha
    Missy is always welcome in spirit or voice
    Even if she takes you over and it's not by choice..haha

  21. i would use that glassy toilet any time...and if i'd live close, i may would use it instead of my own....ha ha... no really, we have such a toilet in basle as well in the top floor of the exhibition tower and the view while you... is breath-taking

  22. hahaha oh yeah I guess you if you can't beat the view
    Might as well use it a time or two..haha
    Still would never cross my tush
    First I'll use a bush..haha

  23. No thank you for me
    Wouldn't take a chance on being seen
    What an embarrassing mess
    One I would never confess

  24. hahaha yes most would not like that
    Although it wouldn't bother the cat
    As he meows when he goes
    Making sure everyone knows..haha

  25. Ha! I Missy got the puter back from Mommy. You do good rimes Patrick and when you wrote bout the discharge I laugh so hard I fall off Mommy's chair but it is a twirly one my tail got caught and Im goin round and round like a ceiling fan ha ha ha ha ouch.

    MISSY! Quit bothering Pat! He's trying to work. Amy here, I know you said she's welcome but Spirit Life cats can still do some pretty nifty tricks, huh? Peace.

  26. damn that would hurt the tail
    Just don't give a ghostly wail
    Or the neighbor might call ghostbuster on you
    And busting makes them feel good, it's true
    Actually I was writing book number two
    So I guess it's sorta work at my zoo
    But bother away
    As it doesn't bug Orlin or me any day
    Maybe Cassie though
    As she's a bit of a Priss you know
    Yes they can be quite tricky
    As long as they don't slime you, that be icky


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