Just Screwing Around Today, No That Doesn't Mean Gutter Play!

So this is an idea the cat had, upon meowing two different ways at that Pat lad. After he stole the computer from me and wrote that book of his for all to see. The facts behind this one, will be told when done. But it's going to confuse you in every way, as I have my say. But I love it, so feel free and have a fit.
Upon this daring sight
Your eyes may turn to night

Yoon they daray tusi

What was that you say
Your confused already here today

Whay waco thal yohe tosa

Nope the cat doesn't have a cold
Don't really care if you're not sold

Nodo reath caca doif hayo ano soco

You don't get the facts
Maybe you need new acts

Yoma doyo gene neth faac

Such a terrible cat am I
For making your eyes cry

Fosu amak teyo eyca cram

Wipe those tears away
Hard on the eyes at my bay

Hawi thon teth eyaw

Black with shades of grey
As I continue to play

Blas witi cosh tosh plof

Figured it out yet
Some may I bet

Sofi mait outi beye

Now lets place it into one
And you can see together the fun

Noan youle capl itse toin thon


Yoon they daray tusi
Whay waco thal yohe tosa
Nodo reath caca doif hayo ano soco
Yoma doyo gene neth faac
Fosu amak teyo eyca cram
Hawi thon teth eyaw
Blas witi cosh tosh plof
Sofi mait outi beye
Noan youle capl itse toin thon


Say you dart honey
Thaw why acolyte shit
door death if can
mad yoyo negate one
mate fake same crayon
hat with hoe way
blot cash sue ploy soft
shout bet may
Now fan loo fit coin telethon coy
tape sin haha cocoon you coo


Acolyte death door
Honey ploy sin cocoon
Coin negate shit
One way dart

YoYo mate, HaHa coy
Crayon blot you coo
Hoe shout fit
Soft say thaw
Cash bet fan

Now you tape hat
Loo same with why
May sue if can
Mad telethon fake

So start with rhyme and ended with this little chime. Merged the start of each word above and below, to get the jibberish that does show. Then went and made words from each line, using any leftovers to add when needed to the next batch so they wouldn't whine. Then picked them out and about, putting them in a combination to shout. Now wasn't that a confusing day, did I cause you much dismay? I bet you thought I was full of gas, but something always does come out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. dude WTF, whole lotta quck like a duck, i am delirious, see jumble, double delirious..this might take me a while to figger out you lout...lol

  2. OMGoodness Pat... I feel a bit like a visit to the doctors, if you didn't feel ill when you arrived, you will by the time you leave.
    This has given me brain-ache....LOLOLOL
    Talk about double-bleedin-dutch-and-such.

  3. Hi..!!
    You got a prize..!!

    check it out at: http://madhulikaspeaks.blogspot.com/2011/08/here-comes-my-first-award_20.html

  4. hahaha making you do work
    Guess I'm a rhyming jerk
    Making you figure it out
    Such fun going all over the place with my rhyming shout..haha

    Ewwww doctors I hate
    that is a bad fate
    Comparing my place to that
    Makes my ocd flare up at my mat..hahaha
    Sorry for the brain ache
    At least your knees didn't quake..haha

    Thanks for the prize
    Glad the rhyming cat can be wise
    Or at least pretend to be
    To win one at my sea

  5. Fun write. Love things like this. You always seem to come up with something new and unique. I think you'd like a lot of these creativity books I'm addicted to. They're all mainly about looking at things in different ways- anyhow interesting stuff. Side note: I took a couple of the phrases early on before you spilled the beans, and entered them into google translate and they had no clue, as I thought you'd get a laugh or two.

  6. haha yeah always interesting to just fool around
    And see what can be found
    hahaha poor Google didn't know
    That's Google 0 and plus one for my show

  7. this cracks me up and all i can say is...

    tulashai lo pate ma kida nol
    la cavai nusha fi ti qua no che....HA

    love your creativity pat

  8. haha what was that you say
    You caused me dismay..haha

  9. Oh, I needed help with this
    Glad you spilled the beans off the dish
    at the end
    I couldn't pretend
    to know exactly what you said
    although merging I got without too much dread
    Still couldn't completely decipher
    and needed you to chauffeur!

  10. I stumped you some
    Oh doesn't that delight my little rhyming bum
    So guess I was driving miss betsy today
    As miss daisy went out to play..hahaha

  11. lol...

    Miss Betsy ~ "What are you doing?"
    Orlin ~ "I'm tryin' to drive you to the store!"

  12. Of course Orlin would add something that rhymed with store
    Like more or boar or tour or chore..haha

  13. yeah, but that wasn't in the original script
    so the rhyming wouldn't be hip.

    How about this one...

    Oh, yeah, she flap around some, but she's all right, she in da store. Oh, Lord, she jus' looked out da window an' seen me on da phone... prob'ly gonna throw a fit right there at da checkout!

    yeah...knew you'd like that one! ha.

  14. hahahaha yeah that one would do
    Which you knew
    As it has fit
    And flap in it..haha

  15. Couldn't resist such a quote at that
    here at your flat!
    with two of your favorite words
    not to use it would be absurd!

    Now if I can just find Daisy popping a pill....

  16. hahaha or a vein
    But I don't think she did such things with her cane

  17. No, but she was pretty sassy
    kinda like Cassie!

  18. haha very true
    She could prob teach miss priss a thing or two

  19. well that gave me my eyes a spin
    what a mad concoction you spun
    gibberish and more, i give up..

    happy saturday...

  20. hahaha gibberish can be fun
    Maybe not a ton
    But here I will give it a cheer
    Never fear..haha

  21. gibberish it was
    licorice just because
    clownish it's true
    brownish hair have you
    replenish the laughter
    varnish it after
    astonish the bloggers
    admonish the slackers
    banish a few
    ticklish are you
    uppish is Cass
    vanish this lass

  22. Geez you went all on an ish rant
    Did my tion make that idea plant
    Knock that I cant
    That was a fun ish chant
    Never have to recant
    Or any type of transplant
    Now I'll go kill an ant
    I would have been astonished if you had them in alphabetical order in you ish slant..haha

  23. haha...no alphabetical ordering
    just typed as the brain did the sorting
    ish words were fun to do
    now that's all I have for you!

  24. A cool, off-the-wall, cat-inspired write. What's not to like? Too bad my black cat, Missy, died before this was posted. She had all sorts of weird slang, like, "Beak my bassoon, wild aphid!" and my favorite slander: "Bitch hole!"

    You are too funny for works, Patrick, this just cracked me up and I have to show the hub tomorrow after I march in the PRIDE parade and he's done with church!! Meeow, Amy

  25. Got way out looking for a way out. Got entangled but somehow realised it was a bit off. But even then it took great efforts to come to this. Great!

  26. haha what no more ish words
    Maybe you should talk to the birds
    See if they could give you some more
    Might give you one or four..haha

    Bitch hole haha strat
    That's a good one from a cat
    Also quite the slang
    Did she say it nad pop out a fang..haha

    hahaha yes it was just up and away
    Causing a little dismay
    Didn't no where I was going at the start
    But just pushed the rhyming cart

  27. Well, lets see
    another day and a good night's sleep
    there certainly should be more ish words to say
    and I'll leave some more here at your bay.

    What would you wish
    for dinner on your dish?
    Would it be a fish?
    One who's tail goes swish?
    Wouldn't want it to squish
    as it goes splash, splosh and splish!
    But dinner would be delish!

  28. I fish would be grand
    I give that idea a hand
    Guess it was good you went off to never never land
    At your sand
    So send the fish my way
    And I'll slap it in my food tray
    Then lap it up
    With some water nearby in a cup

  29. I'll send you a fish
    but it could be kind of squish-
    y by the time it arrived at bush no. 3
    with our postal services sabotaging
    Pat might not like the smell
    in his mail box which wouldn't be swell.

  30. Yes Pat would get a rather rude awakening when he looked in
    That would be such a sin
    But so funny to do
    Although I'd hate to see the pay back he would send you..hahaha

    Trippy, dippy, hippy, flippy, whippy, blippy, nippy, rippy, lippy, sippy, I'm done, such fun

  31. You're so snippy with your zippy words
    newcomers would think we're absurd!
    Payback would be bad I feel
    but might be worth it, for real!

  32. hahahaha oh I'm not so sure about that
    But know it would come from the cat
    I just hope it wouldn't get too banged up in the mail
    Then the poo would come out like hail
    As the pringle can lid goes pop
    And sight of the package would make your eyes plop..haha

  33. lol...
    if a pringles can came in the mail from you
    I certainly would know what NOT to do
    Open it? Never
    I'd be sorry forever!
    Oh the stories to tell
    the day I screamed 'hell!'

  34. hahahahahahaha that was good
    But you never know fill it with something else I could
    It wouldn't be as funny though
    As catching a whiff and screaming hell at your show..haha

  35. That it is
    Fun verse is just my biz


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