A Novel Idea, STRAT It Doesn't Rhyme I Fear!

So here are some things you didn't know, about the last month or so. Pat and the cat have been fighting over the computer every day, as of course I wanted to just rhyme away. But Pat had other ideas and decided to shift gears. But the little strat didn't rhyme, not on purpose one single solitary time. For that the cat can never forgive, but I guess I have to live and let live. As his little endeavor turned out rather well, as he rang the novel bell.

Today is the launch as it's done and up, so today to Pat I tip my cup. As on a chair you might soon find yourself curled, with A Not So New World.

So I guess after all that work I'll give him a plug and a HUGE thanks to Betsy for taking the time away from her rug. To edit and give feedback on the book, as it kept her on the hook. As she helped make it even better for sure and nope it's not at my floor.

As Pat even made his own site for it, pathattbooks one should give a hit. Yes notice the plural there, as that may be the first over at his fair. But 20 more are to come, so for a long while he'll be harassing my little rhyming bum. I guess we'll have to learn to share, that I might not be able to bear. But the cat has heard that it is good, so take a look you should.

Also not a bad site, which Pat did in one afternoon at work and a little that night. So have a look or two, as it's nothing like my rhyming zoo. I know the shame, how can he not play the rhyming game? But that doesn't mean one won't enjoy, A Not So New World and no I'm not being coy. So feel free to go there and trespass, as it's really a far cry from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yay! Maybe we'll all celebrate today by not rhyming in our comments! ha. Seriously, though...congratulations. It's a great read, no loony rhymes and I hope people will give it a chance. Who knew you could do that?? I'm SO impressed. I'm looking forward to the sequel(s).

  2. Thanks for that
    From Pat and the cat

    Ok just for you I won't rhyme, maybe just one time. Thanks and thanks a ton for your help. Yeah who knew after the loony rhymes that this could come about, but there it is and sequels should be fun too. But first should see how the first one will do. Back to rhyme, not would be a crime..haha

  3. Congratulations Pat..!!! and all the very best for your book.. may it be a huge success.. :)
    If i could get a copy of it in India i would have definitely given it a try :(

  4. Pat, way to go. Finishing a novel is always said to be near the top of a bucket list, so I'm super pleased to hear that you have sequels in mind, LOL but really it is quite the accomplishment. Wish I knew this last week, before I went to the Borders closing sale spree, but once those 10 are done, probably about 3 weeks or so, yeah I read a lot lol, I look forward to finding out what happens in this tale, as the description makes it sound something I'll dig for sure. Again, congrats

  5. Well shall have to see how it does
    Sells or picks up fuzz...lol

    Yeah I just started in one day and out it came
    A far cry from my rhyming game
    Oh yes sequels I have a bunch
    So as I get time I have a hunch
    The second will come out rather fast
    As it is in my head quite fast
    Yes I have boughten dvds like that
    So I know about a backlog at my mat

  6. congrats! the dog and i often battled over computer time:)
    beautiful cover.

  7. Isn't that a pain
    When the pet that your train
    Take your computer over
    Whether kitty or rover..haha
    Yes I like the cover too
    Thanks for the feedback from you

  8. Wow Congratulations Pat!! Well done! :))

  9. Congratulations Pat!. The long hours would now pay dividends.Good luck on the promotions. Be wise, strategise!

  10. Thanks and yeah it was fun
    Even though there wasn't a rhyme when it was done..haha

    Yes we shall see
    If dividends come to me
    Or just a penny or too
    As far as strategy goes I have a little bit of a clue..haha

  11. This is my first visit to your blog...enjoyed reading your post...
    love the rhyming...I'm trying to be better at it myself...you seem to have a real talent for it.

    I also appreciate the sharp contrast of the white print on the black...so many set up this way are difficult for me to read.

    Will be back to read more.

    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  12. Thanks for the visit and yes it comes off rather easy
    Even if a little cheesy
    So I go at it all day long
    And glad the colors didn't go wrong
    As yeah some can be very hard to read
    So made sure it was easier at my feed


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