Oh The Pain, I Could Pop a Vein!

Now this could be a rather interesting situation and upon some examination, I'm sure you'll get what I'm doing rather fast. As this one is no where near as confusing as the last. But if you do get a tad confused never fear, you can curse my little rhyming rear.

So here and there I stuck my face
Face the frivolous shell many embrace
I thought it would be rather neat
Neat ordering ones chaotic beat

To play off the last words
Words an excuse for political herds
Of each and every line
Line a load of bull expected to be taken fine

Plus of course I'd make it rhyme
Rhyme considered a poetic war crime
But then something else took hold
Hold endearing one with no words told

Now I get to be a nut and profound
Profound letting one know with each resound
So no need to have a fit
Fit claims overstated by some a bit

Damn I'm talking to myself again
Again same foolish attempts at pointless gain
All these voices won't shut their mouth
Mouth promises emitted that soon head south

Don't know if I can count the amount
Amount a tally of greed used to surmount
As there are so many coming out
Out loop holes that magically sprout

So I guess I'll just let one speak
Speak used for foul critique
Hopefully giving my brain a rest
Rest ignorance is bliss in their quest

Crap I didn't succeed
Succeed considered by others lead
This could be tough
Tough usually a hangman's bluff

They might all come out soon
Soon a foolish word for in a blue moon
And that could simply be scary
Scary useless fear those squawk and ferry

I guess that would be the definition type voice in my head, but I'll cause it dread. As it got them all wrong or maybe it was trying to allude to a different song. Either way, I guess we had our say. So off I go with this voice mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. cool rhyming my man ...thanks for sharing x

  2. Very cool! How the heck do you do this so well? My brain would be a scrambled mess just attempting it. LOL!

  3. Political herds -- ain't that the truth!

    I love your depth and humor rolled into one package, Pat. I mean -- Orlin!

    WAIT, just glanced at your sidebar -- you're in Nova Scotia -- I lived there 2 years before moving here to Texas. I am N.B. born and bred. Freaking cool!!

    Vive le Canada!!

  4. I will share
    More than some could bear..haha

    hahaha I can switch between different modes on the go
    So nothing gets scrambled that I know
    As so many voices are going
    Sometimes I have no idea which on is showing..haha

    Yeah I used both profound and nutty stuff
    With this huff and puff
    Geez your were really close
    Now you're as small as a mouse
    So far away I can't see
    Texas must be quite the change of scenary

  5. the mass gets lost among the words of the crown, just means though that we need to speak loud, let voices rise, for if we hide, it will slowly turn the worm inside...

  6. I like the reference to political herds, Pat. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  7. True but we'd have to speak very loud
    As they are quite proud
    That they think they are king shit
    And you are just throwing a fit..haha

    Yes those awful herds
    Sure have lots of bs words..haha

  8. Good write as usual pat. You didn't let the repetition overpower the piece and the flow was natural, almost conversational, and carried us along rather well. You got me though, you mentioned in the header that you mentioned you'll see what I'm doing rather fast. Soooo, of course I was trying to tie these stanzas into movies or tv, when duh, the answer was right in front of me lol

    There's actually a term for what you did here, just can't pick it out of the smokey fog in my head right now, and don't particularly feel like looking it up either right now, but as I'm sure it'll antagonize me for the rest of the day, some hour, probably late, I'll find myself digging through poetic dictionaries. haha but serious ending a line with a word and then beginning the next line with the same word is an actual term. You did a great job using it too, of course taking a liberty here and there, where some lines just seemed to sprawl into two.

  9. haha yeah I figured there was a term for this one
    As it had to be done
    No idea what it is though
    And I always take a liberty or two at my show..haha
    Can conform to the norm at all
    That just isn't right at my wall..haha
    Thanks for the great feedback
    Sure didn't lack
    And I confused by not confusing
    Damn I love abusing..haha

  10. "Rhyme considered a poetic war crime"

    That cracked me up!

  11. Whoa!~
    Had to read this twice
    I think the job is very nice.
    Still can't believe the things you do
    and do quite well I might add, too!

    "crap, I didn't succeed"
    I was just saying this at my feed
    about the mother cat
    letting me give her a pat.

  12. Yes, those damn loopholes do seem to sprout! Much truth here and you use humor well to deliver your message.

  13. hahaha the war crime remark I just had to use
    Had to poke fun at those rhymes infuse
    In a bad way
    As the poor people just get full of dismay..hahaha

    Yeah I had to read it over twice too
    Look at each voice that was there to view
    Awww helping my head grow as well
    Of course that's not a hard sell..hahaha
    haha in sync tonight I guess
    I'm a little psychic I will confess...haha
    Maybe just tonight

    Yes stupid loop holes
    Always good for moles
    Who like to hide away
    And steal your money at their bay
    Yes humor is always used too
    Thanks for the feedback from you

  14. psychic tonight?
    oh that will be a sight
    you'll soar to new heights
    and give us delights
    try with all your might
    what's in my mind to recite
    might be a fun game
    couldn't be too uptight
    or have stage fright

  15. hahaha yes that would be rather interesting to do
    But be scary though between me and you
    So that could go by the wayside
    As I might have to run and hide
    If I get the pyschic vibe
    And embarrass a whole tribe..haha
    Almost a perfect rhyme
    The game was a crime..hahaha

  16. lol....psychic...is that a little like
    strolling through your brain files? hahaha.

  17. Geez who can curse this fantastic piece..

    Crap I didn't succeed
    Succeed considered by others lead
    This could be tough
    Tough usually a hangman's bluff

    Loved this verse :)

  18. Pat, I love the way the poetry spills out of you, seemingly haphazard but always holding a brilliant agenda. And if you're going to embarrass a tribe, I'm willing to join it! Love your shit, just love it, the freewheeling man with the grey Stripe-ums on his masthead... Amy

  19. another piece of writing with amazing rhyme...
    loved the lines...
    Damn I'm talking to myself again
    Again same foolish attempts at pointless gain
    All these voices won't shut their mouth
    Mouth promises emitted that soon head south

  20. Like your style...it's conversational and enlightening...thanks for sharing your words...ONE::

  21. haha might be a tad different I guess
    But you get the idea having been in the file mess
    Actually it was nice and neat
    But we'll pretend I'm psychic because that be a feat..haha

    haha I can cruse it quite well
    Damn it to hell
    See there we go
    hahaha yep that verse sure has a flow

    Yeah it just comes out
    With each idea I shout
    Rhyming all the way
    Gotta love the shit at my bay..haha

    Yeah rhyme will always prevail
    No matter what I wail
    Those lines were fun too
    That you knew

  22. It is like maypole poetry (don't bother looking it up as I have just invented the term and you are the only living exponent of the style) It creates intricate patterns but you need to take a few steps back to get the full effect.

  23. hahaha making up things too
    I love it, it's true
    But good thing you told
    Or I would have been sold
    And went to have a look
    Then you'd trick the cat and make him sook..haha

  24. Pat, in case you were wondering, Anadiplosis is the repetition of the last word or phrase at the beginning of the next line

  25. No way I ever would have found that
    Good job finding it at your mat
    Hopefully you didn't have to search to long
    Then you'd miss out on ummm Donkey Kong..haha

  26. I wonder sometimes
    if you speak in rhymes,
    around the house or
    while petting your mouser!

    Great fun, although a MOST depressing reminder for this pastor's wife that yet another Christmas is coming, when we watch the long lines at WalMart on Black Friday and at church on Christmas Eve! We only give one gift to our families: Hives of bees to The Heifer Project. A family in an impoverished country gets a hive, the bees, a suit, training, and all the equipment necessary to become self-sustaining. Would that more folks eschewed The Big Boxes and gave, locally or globally, like the Birthday Boy would (no, not Santa, silly!). Peace meow, Amy

  27. hahaha even though I think you hit comment on the one above and not below
    It was a great retort at my show
    Yes I've spoke in rhymes around the house sum
    Even on the phone followed by an ummmm..haha
    Oh black friday is just crazy
    I'd rather be lazy
    People get killed over that crap
    As their prices flap
    Nice you do all of that
    Sure doesn't fall flat

  28. Nah, took a few seconds, I got lucky as I typically look through the dictionaries from z to first, but for the reason, whatever it may be, I think I knew it started with a vowel so A seemed like a logical place to start. lol

  29. haha seems logical enough
    Didn't have to go far so glad it wasn't rough


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