OK Brian I'll Give It A Try, But You Know The Cat Is One Mouthy Guy!

So lets see if I can get the facts right in this little game, as I try to remain tame and do a 55 word story thing. Oh pain this could bring. As I have to shut my yap, once I hit the 55 word trap. But look I got exactly 55 in rhyme, with my 55 word dime. So here I go, psssst this part doesn't count just so you know.

55: Oops

Bleach fumes encompassed the hairs of my nose.
I saw a guy wearing a radioactive suit for clothes.
I received a dirty look as he cleaned.
He seemed to be the source, that dastardly fiend.

I shrugged saying I thought it was gas. 
I never knew anything would actually come out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. lol too funny patt, too funny. what can come out of you in just 55!

  2. Uh oh! Sounds like Orlin got in trouble!
    And Pat cleaned up and let out a mumble!
    I think this is your shortest rhyme ever!
    Your usual long diatribe you had to sever!

  3. hahaha yeah I was surprised 55 came out so well
    I usually have to use way more to rhyme and tell..haha

    Actually it came back up not out
    As the dumby ate elastics and I quote
    Ewww, Blee, Blaaa, Blue
    Not one, not even two
    But 4 damn hairballs from that
    Pain in the butt cat..lol
    But that didn't work with ass
    So I switched it around to make it pass..lol

  4. I was going to say you said ass and not throat
    Probably felt like he was seasick in a boat!
    Poor little guy, all full of fuzz
    Had to get rid of them just because!
    I'm sure he feels good as new
    and is sorry that you were blue!

  5. hahaha think he was more blue than me
    Throwing up all over bush number three
    But after it was threw
    Around he flew
    Jumping here and there
    Giving Cassie a scare
    So just had to get them up
    With eating things he's as bad as a pup..haha

  6. dude...must have been taco night last night to blos such a fright that hazmat had to be called...you done well pat...

  7. hahaha hazardous material it was
    Disgusting just because
    Least I didn't step in it though
    That would be nasty, which you know

  8. Hey, you finally did it. great fun ~

    I thought you will also do the Ghazal form over at D'verse because rhyming is your stuff.

    In any case, good night and see you ~

  9. I might give it a look too
    Took a while for the 55 word to come due
    So we shall see
    What type of rhyme sparks in me
    Agree soon time to turn off the light
    Good night

  10. wooooaaaaaa..... someone is good at 55 too ^_^

  11. haha - fun ride in 55 words - haven't done a 55 in a while...but always found it a good exercise and surprising to see how many words can be cut without damaging the poem

  12. I guess good I can be
    At the 55 word fee
    But it hurt not running my yap
    And letting my lips flap..haha

    True it is interesting to see the word count
    And how the amount
    Makes the piece better or worse
    Using the 55 word curse

  13. wooo great..
    its like impossible 4 me to write in limited words :)
    as always there's nothing impossible for u when it comes to doing something with "words" :P

    enjoyable read !!

  14. Yeah there doesn't seem to be much I can't get across
    With my rhyming word toss
    But who knows one day I could get stumped
    Bah that won't happen even if the rhymes got dumped

  15. that will never happen :)
    by now I know this... your blog n of course u r the most fantastic n creative person I've ever met.
    I mean it !!

  16. Awww thanks for that
    Wait until you see what's coming soon from Pat
    More creative I will be
    And yes not rhyming(except once in a blue moon, like that Drazin loon) will never happen at my sea

  17. So know we know it doesn't take Pat any definite number of words to get a good laugh out of my trap. Really well done and obviously hilarious too. I'm always amazed at how Brian can describe so much and tell such a lengthy tale in such a short word limit, I go on and on so not so sure I can quite correctly sing that song, but maybe one day I shall try to tell, but Pat, for the 55 you did it very well.

  18. Yeah I never thought I could do it at all
    As I also go on and on and on at my stall
    But I guess I can do it too
    And don't need a bunch to get a laugh or two...haha
    One day you'll have to see
    If you can do it too like me

  19. Too funny, Pat. I am proud of you, you did it in 55 :) wow!

  20. Pat...
    This Rhyming Game
    Will drive you insane!
    But I'm sure it's gotten you laid!!
    I really appreciate you playing today.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  21. haha yes it was a struggle not to go on and on
    Here at my rhyming lawn
    But I supressed the need
    The yap alot of my feed..haha

    Oh I'm already out to lunch
    Of course one could easily have that hunch
    And no when it comes to that
    No rhymes come out of Pat
    I don't think that would go over well
    So I keep the rhyming on the dl and don't tell..haha

  22. Oh I don't want to do that
    Jail wouldn't be a fun place for Pat or the cat..haha

  23. Hahahaha... I feel like that when my dog drops those silent but deadly's SBD's ...sitting right by me.
    You crack me up!

  24. hahaha yes deadly those little things can be
    They don't care who can smell or see
    Just lets it come on out
    Without a doubt..haha

  25. Now, I want to try a 55,
    so I'm glad I stopped by
    But, I get a grossed out easily
    you've left me a bit queasy :)

  26. hahaha well it is pretty gross
    After the first one I had my dose
    But he did it some more
    The nasty stuff up all over the floor
    Have fun with the 55
    As you take the dive


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