Prepare For Snow, Yeah Nuts I Know!

So first some facts of the day, before I get on with my play. If you didn't believe the cat, which never admit or I'll squash you flat..haha. Or Betsy too, of course with her "dear" shame on you. Then you can go and see, Lanie's huge review of A Not So New World and it even has a little on me. Damn she's good, click here you should.

It was four months before Christmas and all through the land
Not a snow flake in sight or a mitten on hand
Everyone still at the beach without a care
Naked enough their almost bare

The kiddies were going back to school
Most not thinking it was at all cool
The parents flew free
As if they were full of holiday glee

When out on the doorstep arose such a slam
You duck and cover expecting a sales scam
Away to the window you slowly slink
Inching back the curtain trying not to blink

The sun shined down with a spotlight glare
Showing you there was no one there
But what should catch your watchful eye
A dog chasing that mailman guy

He ran rather fast dropping his bag
Trying to out zig and out zag
The dog walked off quite proud
Pretending his shih tzu bark was quite loud

The action had settled in the street
As you wished you had something to beat the heat
Upon opening the door to get some fresh air
Was a sight that almost makes you swear

For you learn it wasn't a salesperson at your door
But something much worse you couldn't ignore
"Sears" had paid you a visit that day
With a catalogue for something four months away

They basically say screw Halloween
And anything else inbetween
Don't you want to shop now
These prices will wow

But wait it isn't available until November anyway
Yet you should order today
Before you see the sales and find we overcharge
Making our prices look rather large

You give a flip through and see the same old stuff
Most of it nothing but fluff
But you cry out "Oh no"
Where did the time go

For the door swings open and in they come
As you try to hide the book with a ho and a hum
But they see it and the long wait begins
Damn those catalogue Christmas skins

They flip through wanting this and that
Quite over eager in their chat
How long is it the kids demand
Still four months before Christmas all through the land

Oh that was rather fun, as I saw the new catalogue the other week arrive in the sun. I thought it was rather nuts and rolled my eyes, as they come out early with the so called great buys. And so it starts all over the place, as they shove things down your throat and in your face. But I won't let them harass, as I'll ignore and walk on by with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. This is exactly how it happens!

  2. so much truth in this! and here i thought it was bad seeing the Halloween displays up in August! anything to get you to buy. Thanks, Pat!

  3. haha yep they try to suck you in before hand
    Hoping you'll spend a grand
    When really it will be cheaper later on
    But they just chuck it on your lawn

    Yeah I know
    Halloween they show
    Well at the same time
    Giving off a Christmas chime
    Nuts indeed
    Oh the greed...haha

  4. Is competition so intense that the catalogs are dished out far ahead. Customers are being offered everything under the sun. It gets frightening.

  5. Yep when it's sunny theyy offer stuff for the snow
    And when it's snowy they offer stuff for the sun on the go
    Isn't it fun
    How they try to put you under the gun

  6. In India we don't celebrate Halloween... so no idea about it :(
    Nice post though :) loved the way you defined the dog's bark " his shih tzu bark " ;)

  7. Another good one! Loved it.

    We don't get the "Wish Book" here anymore. At least I haven't seen one in about 20 years.

    Brings back memories though. My brother and I used to cut the people out of the Sears catalog and I used them as paper dolls to play with. It was simple, but fun.

  8. crazy stuff this marketing thing,
    by christmas it will be easter
    as the world spins faster
    i do hear gas will get cheaper
    might be able to afford a wish or two
    but 4 months early, come on dude...

  9. Skipped Halloween altogether
    As christmas as what showed up in this fine weather..haha

    Damn that's a long while
    I see one every single year in typical holiday style
    hahaha cutting the people out you say
    Do you do the underwear modesl that way?..hahahaha

    Yeah they need to get a jump
    Thinking they can get over that hump
    Be nice if there was relief at the pump
    Gas no longer going up a bump
    Yeah 4 months early is dumb
    And then some

  10. ha ha - think it's never too early to prepare for christmas...mentally...but def. should enjoy autumn first.... *giggles*

  11. hahaha if autumn was as nice as at you tour
    I'd enjoy it spring, summer, winter and so much more
    But sadly autumn doesn't play that way with me
    I guess it doesn't feel as free..haha

  12. Those catalogs are certainly a blast, with all there this and thats. Sears is one of them for sure, but the others are much, much worse, preying upon those who are credited low, so they pre-approved them too, inviting them to pay 10 times or more what could be had today at the dollar store or so.

    And yeah, even at stores it is baffling, went into target the other day, 90 degrees outside, all customers in shorts and they think, Oh yeah it seems like the perfect day to try on sweatshirts and woolen coats. Then when the ice is all about, speedos and bikinis are flashed about. Excellent post and entertaining to the manner that many of the things that seem to get you irked, I find myself thinking about their ludicrousness as well

  13. Never got the chance to see or celebrate haloween :)
    Though nice write up about it.

  14. haha yeah it is quite pathetic how they prey on people with their dumb cards and pre-approved crap
    Everyone should make those take a dirt nap
    By the time most get it back to zero, if they ever do
    They've paid for the thing ten times more than they did for the price it was due
    Oh how they get you in the end
    That's why I tell them where they can send
    There dumb little cards and deals
    If they come nipping at my heels..haha

    Mentioned Halloween once and that was it
    Think something was off a bit..haha

  15. We are celebrating Eid in four days and we just went to get a set of new clothes yesterday and that was it, we are done.

  16. Yeah no need to go overboard like some crap company states you should
    Well for thme it's all well and good
    As they get the stuff cheap as can be
    And we get to pay the mark up and any royalty..haha

  17. I guess coz Halloween n Christmas r more catchy when u r talking about holidays n all :D

  18. Oh, yes it is such a ploy
    getting the kids to beg for a toy
    Same sneakiness as filling the grocery check out isle
    with candy the eye level of a child.
    I agree August is early
    It's enough to make your bills go curly!
    We're still celebrating summer
    and not in the mood for mittens and long unders.

  19. Yes they are catchy as all know
    Some don't follow the show
    Which makes the selling people mad
    And they think one is bad..haha

    hahaha yep on big ploy indeed
    Working of the kids for their own greed
    Very true
    I see that too
    Those sneaky grocery stores
    Making candy so low you can reach it on all fours
    Screw the long unders though
    Not wearing them sun, rain or snow..haha

  20. Oh the Sears catalog
    they want you to make the orders backlog
    dreaming of the yule log
    and even a little eggnog
    forget grilling hot dogs
    and the summer shorts in which you jog
    this is just a prologue
    don't get bogged down by the slog
    order about the time of the groundhog
    while you drink your new year grog
    don't worry about the autumn fog
    or even the city smog
    not even the drain you must unclog
    order today while you listen to the bullfrog.

  21. four months away. that is an early catalog. i mean, it's still august! ah, what do i know. the marketers know it all, i acknowledge.
    great choice for satire.

  22. hahahaha that was quite the speech
    Maybe a thing or two you could teach
    To extend their reach
    Of course then they may be more of a leech
    But take your comission and buy some bleach
    Wiping off the foul odor, stating dear and going back to being a peach..hahahaha

    Yes very damn early indeed
    I guess they think they know it all with their greed
    But it must work or it would not be done
    Oh the rush has begun

  23. aw, you called me a peach, Orlin. ha.

    a leech is a good description
    they suck out your life without redemption
    just a little layaway fee
    to give them a little glee
    or fees for not ordering early
    now that will make you kind of surly

  24. It had to rhyme
    So I figured I'd be nice one time..haha

    Yep they sure get you with tacked on crap
    Filling the so called big sales gap
    So in the end you've paid more
    Than if you went to the nearest store
    But people see the big sale this and that
    And think they need it now for their mat


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