A Stroll Through Blogland, Isn't This Just Grand!

So this idea came about, as I was going here and there to shout. So whatever pops in my head, beware could cause dread, I'm going to say, to somes dismay. So in no particular order here we go, indirectly I may poke fun at your show.

Here and There

As I go to and fro
A $1300 bird does show
A happy friendship day
Comes to play

Never knew there was such a thing
The Crows then sing
Coupled with some cloudy shapes
With maybe some cherries or grapes

As cheese can't be around no more
On an attention grabbing tour
The poor pitiful me act
After the tenth time has lost any attract

Some shadow play
Made a cats day
Until the other got in the way
Wanting to have her say

My Nova Scotia I already know
But nice of you to show
Running with crayons though
Might make all their crayoninise run low

The end, the beginning seem the same
Playing the confusing game
Guess still wrapped up in that book
Going backwards from 101 at your nook

Went to Rome
Still stuck under that dome
As the streets were great
Can't get the taste off my plate

Some remain Mute
Such a hoot
As Evening does come
And one can rest their bum

Pegasus is free
Doesn't that mean Everything to Me
Unless he flies upon high
And lets waste go on some guy

Random Thoughts seem afloat
Bringing forth a zucchini boat
Guess that was done Tuesday
I must say

As it wasn't what I did wednesday
That caused my ocd dismay
Much like underwear superheros
They look kind of like zeroes

Whose Side Are They On Now
With their Godly wow
The Little Wishing Well
Might just tell

At least you might win a rolling pin
As that jar should go in the garbage bin
Or it could hold food galore
All that makes my stomach sore

Could be a rockin robin Birdy
Or something that's a tad wordy
Like "Please do not leave your cats in parking spaces"
Yeah that sign would give some funny faces

Much can come from Wet Paint
Although you could faint
As it made a Hot Bright Day
Leaving Waste Management at bay

Or Tiger could strike a pose
That suck up really knows
How do get in the right place
To show his little face

The Silence is Deafening though
Just made sure you know
As Strolling you go
Through my show

But a woman always seemed game
To yell her name
At the cat
But Drazin scared her off my mat
Guess he's not so lame

So there we are
Blogland near and far
Without a car
At my bar

Time to stop and go
To another show
Yeah I sunk to a new low
With my to and fro

This time the facts are for all of those who come to see and nothing about bush number three. So have fun sorting out my little rant. I hope I didn't make you feel like an ant. But if I did, know I kid. Oh what I was too crass? Oops just don't try and kick my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. smiles. i recognize quite a few of these stops along the way in blogland...you brought some fun memories of a week that was grand and took me here and there through others words and pics, in just a few clicks...

  2. this was a nice stroll through the blogosphere pat...and i not only discovered myself in there...great sum up of an exciting trail we're on..smiles

  3. awwww... its sweet :) :)
    I wish I could go there someday ^_^

  4. haha yeah you'd be the one to get the most
    As you go to and fro giving each a toast
    Did as many as I could think of
    That I floated through like a dove
    When one my blogland trail
    Giving a comment wail

    haha yes you were right
    Your Rome days played a part in my blogland sight
    Was fun to sum up
    As I drank from my cup

    Go where?
    To a lair?
    To Rome?
    Or just to visit a garden gnome?

  5. "The Silence is Deafening though
    Just made sure you know
    As Strolling you go
    Through my show

    But a woman always seemed game
    To yell her name
    At the cat
    But Drazin scared her off my mat
    Guess he's not so lame..."

    Hmmm...I wonder? Who?

    Hi! Pat Hatt...
    How are you're doing? I truly hope that all is well with you to...Thank goodness you didn't mention me...Now, that is fine how do you do! lol
    deedee :-?

  6. Hmmm..."If" this is me that you are referencing [I'm not saying that it's ME, but...] What in the "heck" do this mean?..."As Strolling you go through my show..."

  7. Oops! I meant say...I truly hope that all is well with you too... I don't mean to be a bore, but I had to make that correction here on your shores!lol

  8. Actually the first part was a rift off two titles from another's blog
    The later I stole the first line from limerick of the week to add to my blogland log
    So maybe more was looked into it by you
    Then what was really due
    And yes all here is fine
    Plugging my book, the facts and towing the line

  9. Oh, now this was very clever
    Made me smile at your endeavor!
    I recognize a few
    A fun read by you!

  10. Now, that damn bird is following me!

  11. Yes isn't the cat just clever
    Of course when is the cat not ever..haha

    hahahaha that damn bird doesn't want to go away
    Now showing it's face at my bay

    Fun in the sun
    I will not shun
    OK maybe just a few
    But not you..haha

  12. stroll in blogosphere.. looks like u enjoyed the ride a lot :)

  13. Good fun Pat. I also recognize many of the pieces in here, It's nice to see both my spots made appearances in this tour documentary. Very creative write:)

  14. Yes it was a fun ride
    As I took the blogoshpere stride..haha

    Yeah how could I not throw in a few
    Especailly the cat sign as it was just so fun to do..haha

  15. Thought you'd get a chuckle from this
    as the cat's peed on my zucchini plant and it refused to live!
    No more veggies on it will grow.
    so no chance of a boat in which to row.
    No zucchini blimp to float overhead
    now that the whole dang plant is dead.

  16. hahahahaha yes that is rather funny
    Maybe they thought they were giving it some honey
    Helping it to grow
    Big enough for it to fit you and your five men to row

  17. looks like a fun filled interesting place ... smiles ... coming to your blog after a long time and reprimanding myself for being away from so much fun and so many rhymes ... all the best :)

  18. Reprimanding youself you say
    Shouldn't cause yourself that kind of dismay
    Yes tons of fun
    Even on the run

  19. Do you like to run with crayons too
    The that's why you love Tashtoo!
    Yes, you know the Blue Nose well
    But have no fear, I will not tell
    I have ventured with most you tease
    And love them all, we speak with ease
    You have spot lighted some class acts
    And that is just the Face it Facts
    I'll be buy your way soon
    To add another to the Factual room :)

  20. Sure running with crayons is fun
    Almost as good as shooting them out a dart gun
    But other than that
    Don't ask the cat
    To draw with a single one
    As that is one thing that can't be done
    The Factual room is very very slowly getting there
    But one more makes it that much closer to ones chance at the cash back affair

  21. Pat, didn't want to make a new post about it over at my joint, but thought you'd find it funny nonetheless. Went grocery shopping again this morning and they fixed the sign, it says carts now. But over a few steps to where the cafe is, that sign now reads "NO CATS ALLOWED IN THE EATING AREA" looks like we know where they got the R from now. But on that note, It's probably pertinent, as they have a killer turkey sandwich on foccacio bread, I know both my cats would love to try.

  22. hahahaha swiping letters from signs, how low one will sink. That's hilarious though, as they can have sign wars..hahaha.

    Yeah Orlin would chow down on that too.

  23. Pat,
    Your rhythmics are cosmic
    Your energy level is a marvel
    Reading your posting is exhausting
    I'm exhausted, I've just rested
    You are great, give me a break.


    Thanks for your frequent visits
    Gladly there are no limits!


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