They Say A Lot Can Be Said. Let's See What Comes From My Head!

Those five kitties on Betsy's lawn.
Why are you giving them the time of day, boring, yawn.

Cassie shut your yap. This is my place to flap.
And that you do. Do you want an award or two?

Ignore Miss Priss for today. She's just mad she can't rhyme and play.
Yeah that really makes me sad. That you are such a rhyming lad. I'm sure the female cats just love that, keep it up you so called wild cat.

Oh shut up already, you annoy me quite steady. That's right ignore me and lick your behind, I hope something brown and yucky you find.

So in the pic that was sent, with one wanting us to come and the other a bit bent. Doesn't it look like he is thinking really hard, while she is enjoying the yard? Yes they have names, but I'm not playing their games. So frik n frak, is all they'll get from my attack.

As cats I have seen a ton and I don't want to see another one. So having me visit would be quite a commotion. But maybe that Tiger fellow would get an added promotion. As you two might not be so pretty, wouldn't that be a pity?

Oh you are so full of hot air. You'd probably just run away from that pair.
Who asked you? Go back to cleaning off your do do.

The only do do around here is that little thing between your ears. Look I got plenty of cheers. See I will always win. Even at your rhyming garbage bin.
Okay Miss Priss you are toast. I'm going to pack you up and ship you off to the coast.

At least I'd be rid of you. So do what you think you have to do.
Oh go away and leave me be. Go get stuck in a tree.

Just what I thought full of hot air. Or too cheap to pay the freight fare.
Yeah you go fill your gut. At least it will keep your mouth shut.

So I guess the facts of this little rant. Are one can invite while the other can recant, meaning one says one thing and one says another. Isn't it fun to have an annoying sister or brother?

No! Not really. I'd like to be alone ideally.
Alright enough of you. Time I used my kitty kung fu.

You mean a quick dash and then try to blind me with a flash. Sorry you have nothing left there to see, guess you can't beat me.
Look what you two black cats did, you better hope I never get to your grid. Or things may go bad for you. Yeah he may yell boo. Oh that be so scary wouldn't it, causing you to have a fit.

Time I crush you with my mass and that is all out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I can't believe I could stand all the felines around me. I wonder if I am cured of my cat phobia. This one is funny and cute, but they always are Mr Pat.

  2. You have a cat phobia and you're here
    Giving a cheer
    Maybe you are cured, at least a little bit
    So no more phobia fit..haha
    haha yeah the bickering can be fun
    As a chime comes in from each one

  3. stuff, no fluff, but the ass licking is rather sickening, thanks for the image, my brain did it kit learned to climb trees this weekend, up a good 10 feet did he rend round the trunk, came back down to saving me getting in a funk having to climb up and save him, peace to you cat and slim...

  4. Awww! They are so cute! I especially like the one with the white under the nose. Looks like a little mustache. :)

  5. Nothing beats a good old fashioned cat fight...Lol I mean between women, not cats, cat fights are vicious, but then again so are two women fighting... Hmm
    Nice dialogue going on between them, very catty!!
    (pun intended) ;)

  6. hahaha I just used what she did
    Didn't mean for you to flip your lid
    That Cass has to clean night and day
    Not one hair can go stray..haha
    Glad you didn't have to be a fire fighter and climb the tree
    Although that would have been a sight to see

    Thanks what he's called too
    But frik n frak is all I'll call those two..haha
    They do have quite the pose
    Sinking cats to new lows..haha

    Yes true both are quite nasty I will say
    I just get out of the way
    And watch on with quite the delight
    When stuff gets thrown I hide out of sight..haha

  7. LOL! frik and frak
    Whiskers will give you a smack
    Nobody messes with her
    She'll let out a little Grrr.
    If Cass gets shipped to the coast
    she's welcome to come live with my host.

  8. Awesome week-end reading Pat! You have that special knack of creating a provocation with a lot of humor thrown in. Not just that.You took great pains to make it rhyme all the way. I've enjoyed every visit!

  9. LOL. Those kitties are just as gossipy as junior high girls seeking popularity. :)

  10. haha cat fighting all over
    Maybe Pat needs to get a rover..haha

    Orlin doesn't fear frik or frak
    As he'll give them back a good crack
    With a hiss, growl, chirp and or moan
    Like he's chewing on a bone
    Technically you're not at the coast though
    So she'd have a walk to get to your show
    And that be too much for her
    Might ruffle her poor fur..haha

    hahaha I don't know if pains would sum it up
    As I can rhyme without a hiccup
    Humor tends just to flow
    As onward I go
    Having my fun
    And rhyming a ton..haha

    hahaha that is a good way to look at it
    Better prepare for a big teenage fit..haha

  11. lol.. I loved the picture more than the post ;)

  12. hahahaha...loved Madhulika's comment. :)

  13. hahaha those damn black cats
    I'll send then some poison rats
    And make them lose all their hair
    Then they'd be the funny pair..hahahaha

  14. Oh, you sound like P.A.T. scum!
    that's a dirty trick and then some!
    Poisoning your own kind
    What's wrong with your mind?

  15. hahahaha don't compare me the that strat
    The P.A.T. scum have the brains of a gnat
    Only be a little poison too
    I promise it's true
    Just to make them look like a bare potato
    So I can make fun at my show..haha

  16. A cat without fur
    would say Brrr
    he would be so cold
    if truth be told
    and feel a little naked, too
    and all because of you!

    Look like a bare potato?
    Sound like they'll lose their toes!
    Maybe even their heads and tails
    oh, that would cause a lot of wails!

  17. A catfight, nice. Just saw a t-shirt at target tonight, stated that "play like a girl: Win" Very fitting as a heavy-set little boy was picking on his sister, and the girl was right beside the shirt- unfortunately they weren't looking at the shirt, would've been better, but the mother only yelled at the boy, stop picking on your sister lol

    Very entertaining read. I often wonder what my cats are saying to one another as they go about there ways. A family friend once said cats can't communicate, it's all primal and instinctual, I heartily disagreed, as there are times that there's definitely plotting and scheming, and yes, even love. But next time he stops by, I'll be sure to pop on the computer and show him, hey, see I told you cats communicate, they even know how to type.

  18. I'm getting Whiskers one of those T-shirts! In fact, I want one, too!

  19. haha their bodies would be potato ish
    They'd still have legs, a head and tail, unlike a fish
    So it wouldn't be that bad
    Yeah may be cold just a tad
    It's a tad funny when they have to fur too
    They run around not knowing what to do..haha
    But only seen that once with a big time knotted one
    As he got zipped with a razor gun

    hahaha bah I'll still win
    And it's not a sin

    Would have been cool if they saw the shirt..haha...and yes heard that yell a time of two, as I sprouted up..haha.

    Oh that are saying more than primal and instinctual. They know exactly what they are doing and how to get what they want. You can just tell by them looking at you or looking at one another. haha yes now you have proof from a rhyming goof.

    I don't think they make any in her size
    She could hide under it like a disguise..haha

  20. It could be kind of like Mr. Potato Head
    But a cat one who's body has shed
    all of it's fur
    and can no longer purr.

  21. hahaha a Mr. Potato head would be funny
    Some would prob come and pay money
    Just to have a look
    At the kitties at your nook
    Orlin can be so mean on the attack
    To all cats, besides Cass, not just frik n frack..haha


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