This dVerse Could Annoy, Oh Joy!

Beware after this one you might need cardiopulmonary resuscitation, like you were just hit with electromagnetic radiation. As I came up with this rhyme industrialization last week with my own dVerse denationalization. So as you try your reconciliation, A Not So New World might leave you with some diversification. NOTE: Pat's book is to download online, so no shipping, waiting or any other crap in line. Just in case some feel abused or a tad confused.

So with that out of the way, on with the mind bending stuff that will cause dismay.

Ummm Exclamation?

In came the misappropriation
Or was it misinterpretation
Maybe just a generalization
Caused by some disorganization

Guess we should try experimentation
Could lead to hospitalization
Or some type of detoxification
Side effect equals disorientation

Don't I have quite the characterization
In my own categorization
That deserves some capitalization
Or a little intensification

Spelled fully with no abbreviation
As I get my rhyme accreditation
Sticking it to the administration
Boy does that bring gratification

Would you like a modification
From my over dramatization
Through my all rhyming discrimination
Don't worry it won't become globalization

That would just be an exaggeration
But one could use their imagination
And give consideration
To such a socialization

I bet there would be retaliation
From such a purification
So rhymes should remain in privatization
So language doesn't suffer obliteration

As it's good as an infatuation
Not an over glorification
Leading to some investigation
And to my elimination

I wouldn't even want an illustration
Of such a fabrication
So don't make an allegation
Just ignore my aggravation

Or enjoy the demonstration
With my rhyming exploration
Leaving your head in fluctuation
Thanks to my presentation

Some words my suffer mutilation
Upon reading in syndication
But it causes me no perspiration
Even with a Grammar Nazi's valuation

Damn I caused your brain inflammation
Beats a bout of constipation
At least in my estimation
Both could cause devastation

But you can have a celebration
As my rhymes will never suffer a cancellation
Or a liquidation
One day I may need some lubrication

But that's just speculation
Maybe I'll just need a vaccination
So there is no dissipation
Or a single complication

Probably soon time for a summation
As I leave you in frustration
You may give me a citation
For this rhyming narration

But sadly it has become your fixation
Even if I'm full of inflation
You like my rhyming flirtation
Here at my location

So enjoy the sensation
For the whole duration
Don't curse me to damnation
As I need hydration

Yes I'm finished the foundation
Time to go on a days vacation
Before you go into sedation
And the cat turns into a dalmatian

Wasn't this a fun dictation
Or maybe just a fun formation
Here at my dVerse rhyming rotation
And so ends this little creation

So the only facts I have on that, is it was an idea thought up by the cat and I just rolled with the gravitation, coming to a realization. That upon examination this was quite the instrumentation. I hope you suffered some illumination and it didn't ruffle your so called sophistication. Now go into rhyming decontamination as rhyming all the time might come across as insubordination. Damn today the tion words did amass, popping out from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ha - i may need a vacation otherwise i may suffer from suffocation on some words i would need clarification to grasp the meaning without illumination or translation...smiles....oh soon as the cat turns into a dalmatian, i hope you're going to tell us and post a pic...smiles

  2. it is a celebration, a jubilation na na na, everyone can see..what lyric was that? that came to my boggled tion rhyme mind.

  3. Looks like you had fun with my creation
    Hope you find your clarification
    And if they cat turns into a dalmation
    I'll be sure and capture the fabrication..haha

    I boggled your mind
    With my tion find
    Sorry I wasn't kind
    With my little rhyming behind..haha

  4. My brain is now thinking of all the shuns,
    And says whoa, stop with the ones
    That you cannot think of while your buns
    Are tired and you think this poem is fun.
    So off to sleep I must go before my other one
    Wakes up to go to work and I hide from the sun.

    Yup, lots of shuns,
    but as far as shuns
    go you are truly number one.

    God bless.

  5. haha that was rather fun
    A very nice rhyming one
    Even though your were under the gun
    And needed some sleep by the ton
    To your bed you run
    Confused, So i have won..hahaha
    Have fun sleeping away
    And avoiding the light of day

  6. hehehe.. This one is super cool ^_^
    Initialy i felt I was reading some science journal with words like "experimentation, hospitalization, detoxification, disorientation".. LOL...
    Loved your new creation..!!! :) :)

  7. haha yeah I can see how it come off like that
    Really funny comparision to science at my mat
    Glad to be super cool
    As the cat will rule and the dog will drool..haha

  8. so much ation i am afraid of constipation but if it rectifies (no pun stagnation) this great nation, i am all for explification, even with head gyration with elation...this is gratification, so no need to ration, my brain is crashing, not rehashing your tongue lashing.


  9. Yeah constipation could cure money woes
    But to avoid that kind of rectification they'd sink to new lows
    As they have a money fixation
    And need their million dollar vacation
    Guess they deserve a trashing
    Hopefully your brain comes back on after leaving my tongue lashing..haha

  10. Oh what complication
    in this situation!
    I guess you won
    with your 'shun' word gun
    Could be like poison
    but I don't run
    I like the stimulation!

  11. haha I knew you wouldn't scare
    With my tion fair
    As I continue my experimentation
    Each new a new aspiration
    So with no salutation
    I go back to drowing in work saturation..haha

  12. Ha..ha.. what a complication indeed...

    I enjoyed reading it~

    See you later~

  13. Glad you enjoyed this situation
    Of my rhyming dictation
    It was a fun exaggeration
    With some mind saturation

  14. Fantastic creation
    All words u've already used
    now nothing left for explainations :P

    Enjoyable read !!!

  15. Yes the was no need for an explanation
    Maybe a bit of an examination
    But that could be a proclamation
    That could cause inflammation..haha

  16. ha ha I bet no one can beat u in rhyming :)

  17. That might be a safe bet
    But I might lose one set
    Just to make them feel good
    And let them think they could..haha

  18. Pat...I'm not falling for the rhyme thing here, in comment! (The Japanese don't rhyme!! in tanka, etc...too damn easy to that language..LOL)

    But! I really enjoyed this one. Clever!

    And when the cat transforms into a Dalmation..


    Lady Nyo

  19. haha you didn't fall for my rhyme comments below
    Don't know any Japanese so I'll just rhyme in English at my show
    But if this one is easy for me
    Japanese be fun to see..haha
    Damn now every one wants to see the cat transform
    Guess that's what I get for going out of the norm

  20. Wow, that was brilliant. So many -tions it's amazing how you incorporated them in the piece and It had some great flow and the voice never got distorted. Cat came up with a winner here Pat, better give a treat. Anyhow, loved the piece

  21. haha oh he gets enough treats for ten cats
    Scracthing at my legs and mats
    If he does get to eat whats on my plate
    Missing supper he sure does hate..haha
    Yeah it did come out way better then I expected
    Guess with my non rhyming bookt he cat felt neglected..hahaha

  22. It sets out the demarcation without the
    pre-qualification. A modification sets in motion. Whew! It's exhaustion

  23. haha yes it can be daunting
    And maybe rather haunting
    Bringing for exhiliration
    From all the constant deliberation

  24. Lubrication makes the world go round.

  25. hahahaha yes I suppose it does
    But what most others do with it, I don't want to know just because

  26. always a joy to read ;)

  27. haha yes I will entertain all day
    As one reads at my feed, as I play..haha

  28. I hereby pronounce you Fully Accredited in Rhymes!! And vaacinated against all ills. Wait -- that is NOT how you spell vacinated. and neither is that. But you catch my drift, I'm sure.

    You are such a fun and funny guy, Pat Hatt with cute Bengal cats -- or have they now changed into dalmations?

    It's always uplifting to be here.

  29. My head in spinning, in only good ways of course :) Well done!

  30. Dog in cat's clothing, er...fur? Hey, are you sure instead of Pat's not Cat in the Hatt? Just kidding. you look like you can take it.

    And what patience you have to create that rhyme for all to ponder. thank you!

  31. This is my favorite that I've read so far, you just get better and better, I started laughing out loud early on, this is amazing.

  32. I think my head just exploded you evil evil person haha

  33. haha I take the accredidation
    And use it for some rhyming dictation
    Yes I get your drift
    Don't worry spelling I sometimes rift
    Oh you are close
    As he's not a bengal or a mouse
    But a Savannah cat
    Who can rhyme just like that..haha

    Just don't let it spin around
    Could pop off on the ground
    That would be bad
    More than a tad..haha

    Oh I can take whatever one can dish out and more
    So never fear I won't pout at my shore
    Yeah it took a little while
    But came off in typical rhyming style

    Better and Better I will become
    As I keep rhyming off my little rhyming bum
    Hopefully no one saw you laugh out loud
    I wouldn't want you to draw a crowd..haha

    hahaha oh I love being evil at my place
    But you must still have part or your head left on your face
    As you can still type
    So don't gripe haha

  34. Ha ha...."damn I caused your brain inflammation beauts a bout of constipation....:) you are funny!nicely done.

  35. hahaha yes that one was quite fun
    In the little tion that I spun

  36. Oh for goodness sake in all good contemplation, I hesitate to even mention that you really have grabbed everyone's attention for all your shuns! :)
    How was that go for your little rhyming ass? LOLOL

  37. A mind bending versification
    One has to continue the alliteration

  38. haha don't hesitate such a thing
    Escalation that could bring
    But it worked well for my rhyming ass
    So you get a rhyming pass..haha

    Aren't you glad there was no verification
    That would just add to the aggravation

  39. Thanks for rhyming on beyond indentation...

    Boggles the mind...thanks for the all the rhyme now it's time to head on over to the next lines of poetic expression.

  40. I'll keep on rhyming at my plantation
    Constantly in transporation
    Going here and there
    Checking out lines as well every where

  41. Jeez Pat

    I have had a hellava day and you just roll me over man - You spew enthusiasm my brother - and i love your energy - its infectious.


  42. haha yeah had those crappy days
    But just go at it with my rhyming ways
    And let the energy flow
    Fun that it's caught and doesn't slow
    Nice that there was no hesitation
    For that I give admiration..haha

  43. I've never seen such a contagious addiction
    in the comments here at your plantation!
    Seems the shun words are a fun addition
    and haven't caused too much complication.
    Many rhymes and even a few puns
    Now look what you've begun!

  44. And good grief people, down load his book!
    You'll be glad you gave it a look!
    Curl up and read it in your nook
    with no regrets that you partook.

    partook? yeah, that's not a word
    it sounds absurd
    but you know what I meant
    so don't get all bent.

  45. I too, especially with my experimental poetry, have been accused of causing bodily harm. One commenter claimed cerebral seizures (and not in the complimentary way Arron will tell you you've blown his mind :) I feel for you, here's my empathetic shout out to you being the wild ride you want to be!

  46. it felt like predestination
    or elevation
    but this narration
    tells me something of absolutely positively no read no
    materialization as to the limits
    of vindication

    or something.


  47. I'm not sure what is wittier your poem or all the rhyming responses.

  48. You may give me a citation
    For this rhyming narration ----consider this a citizen's arrest ;)

  49. Yes it does seem to catch on rather cast
    The tion wors are rather vast
    Thye can really last
    I think maybe half I got past
    As I went on the reiteration
    Of each tion gyration

    Awww nice like plug
    You sound like the cat at his rug
    That might not be such a good thing
    But sure do appreciate the words you sing

    hahaha yes me they just don't get
    The head and their floor keep getting met
    Such a wild ride it always is
    As these rhymes just start to fizz..haha

    Just like each other time
    To not do so would be a crime

    An elevation of what came before
    Here at my rhyming shore
    Four by Four
    Or just a little more
    Either way it isn't fiction by too much
    So vindication I'll take just a touch

    haha yes as always the comments below
    Can be quite the show

    So now your a jail bird from this rhyming complication
    Sorry for the added frustration..haha

  50. I do believe you are a walking dictionary.

  51. Is this now the season
    For rhyme without reason?
    Would the cat in the hat
    Have written that?!?

    And was your feline
    crafting such lines
    cause he suffer from a lesion
    or was he jus' teasin'?

    Thanks for the phun.
    Now I, too, am Donne!

  52. hahaha maybe as far as spouting out words go
    But a "true" definition I may not show..haha

    haha wasn't that a fun play of words
    a little messy like the birds
    It's always the season
    To rhyme, even if I commit treason
    Isn't that just pleasing
    Hope my hair doesn't make you go away sneezing
    This cat in the hat did write that
    The other might have fallen flat..haha

  53. Do you have as much as it appears you might in writing these? We invariably have fun reading them. Great fun, Pat.

  54. OMG---ation. That's all I got. :)

  55. Tion-tastic. Kool rhyming once again . a blast. Are there any tion words left? Way kool. And thanks for the comment.

  56. Oh yes some are just fun to write
    I have to stop myself before I go on all night
    Glad fun in reading as well
    Here at my rhyming cell

    haha hey at least it was something
    With an ation ring

    Oh I probably only used half, if that
    So there are plenty more left for someone elses flat
    Tion-tastic was a nice one
    Thanks for the comment fun

  57. Nice one! This line was brilliant: "Some words my suffer mutilation"

  58. hahaha yes and that they will
    As I use them at my rhyming hill

  59. You must have had fun writing that. I bet it's great read out loud.

  60. And then there was nothing left to say
    The rhyme has left the room, the cat's toys are tucked away and even Pat has had his say.

  61. How in the world do you continue on rhyming so
    when a few stanzas would definitely prove you
    can rhyme with the best
    but you continue in jest
    just to test
    us all, lol.

    Always fun here, Pat :)

  62. haha never tried to read outloud
    As I did it at work and didn't want to draw a crowd..haha

    Sounds like a plan
    We all let it hit the fan
    And came on out
    With another rhyming shout

    haha truth be told I just can't shut my yap
    As my lips flap
    And I something else pops in my head
    So the write continues to get feed
    But it is fun to test
    And to be a bit of a pest..haha

  63. Pat, you must have been raised on Tom Lehrer. I can hear his "When You Are Old And Grey" in the background now, only yours is EPIC, man! EPIC! Loved it. 'Nuff said. Peace, Amy

  64. Never actually heard of him before
    But took the tour
    And now I'm going to have to try
    And make one like that no lie..haha
    But since mine beats his already
    I guess the next will keep up with that steady..haha

  65. Pat you've swallowed the dictionary,
    It gives you verbose words a plenty,
    You should move up with the gentry,
    Teach lengthy words to young Prince Harry!

  66. your command of the English language is phenomenal! This amazed me from beginning to end!

  67. Now I REALLY appreciate your compliment on my rhyming. Yours is sensation-al!

  68. You are a character, Pat Hatt!
    You kind of remind me of Scat Cat.
    Your words are a joy to read
    though they cause my eyes to bleed.
    Your vocab is enormous
    Your feline is gorgeous.
    Your rhyming is stellar
    Your humor is clever.
    Thanks for the chuckle,
    I truly am grateful.

  69. I do seem to have some command
    Here in rhyming land
    Grammar on the other hand
    Isn't quite as grand...hahaha
    Glad I could amaze
    As you gaze

    Thanks for that
    I like being a sensational cat..haha

    Wow you really went at it there
    Rhyming in the comments below more than most dare
    Guess you just have to flair
    Even with eyes bare
    As they bleed
    From my feed..haha

    That was one long goood
    Copyright that you should..haha

  70. Too... much... rhyme...
    Must be a felony... (I mean "crime" :-)

    Kudos to you Pat and all you rhyming commentators. Lol!

  71. haha switching felony and crime
    Just to make it rhyme
    Thanks for dropping a dime
    And even acknowledging those that comment sublime

  72. Hey Pat...well that was fun indeed, I shall not rhyme, as my words would slip inside time, & pale upon a ghostly place, outside the halls of your verdant grace..argh! you infiltrated my mind..seriously that was a great expression of your skills...

  73. hahaha in I creep
    Making your mind leap
    To words of rhyme
    Every single time
    Now if only the expression of my skills
    Could pay the bills..hahahaha

  74. Holy crap , you rhyming cat
    Think you've even got Brian beat
    As I stroll thru your write then lose my way
    Down this huge freakin' comment streak!
    I've got to be quicker
    These comments got thicker
    but I guess it just goes to show
    You are indeed packed
    Here at House of Cat
    Standing room only, front row
    Good right too, but you knew that
    As its a simple Face it Fact :)

  75. haha yeah these comments below
    Here at my show
    Will sure give him a run for his money
    Guess my place is just so sunny
    Or makes ones mouth runny
    And they can't help but post some comment honey
    hahaha funny how it is quite thick
    Wall is building brick by brick
    Maybe I need to find a bigger bush
    For this commet push
    right or write?
    hahaha Oh I suffer from that plight

  76. You are the undisputed master of rhyme.

  77. undsiputed works for me
    That way no one will try and chop down my rhyming tree...haha

  78. You are fun! Maybe you've hung around the pub a little too long...had a bit more brew than you needed?
    Anyway, at least (I don't think I saw) any obfuscation.

  79. hahaha the cat is as sober as ever
    Didn't pull the beer tap lever
    Of course that just means I'm a nut
    In a rhyming rut..haha
    But never use obfuscation
    In my rhyming escalation

  80. The rhythm here is perfect rap. Your rhyming skills are very impressive.

  81. Yeah the tion words made the rhythm work great
    Impressive I can be here at my rhyming gate
    At least with rhyme
    The rest some of the time..haha

  82. Love this rap coming from your rhythmical rhyming ass!

    Grammar Nazi

  83. A master at fabrication and tion rhyming, to be sure, but also some pretty neat commentary woven in there. Thanks for the laughter; I did find it engaging all the way to the end.

  84. The Grammar Nazi has shown his face
    Been a while since he came to my place
    Used ass too
    What got into

    Yeah I threw a little commentary in here and there
    As it popped into my head at each pair
    Glad it was engaging
    And not to enraging..haha

  85. In summation, this metrical pollination yields a blooming variation to our poetic situation.


  86. "And the cat turns into a dalmatian"! fav line here :) (though I hope it doesn't come to that!)

  87. Nice transformation
    On my rhyming culmination
    Glad it was a successful situation
    Upon your contemplation

    hahaha yes he hopes it doesn't happen too
    He'd have a big fit between me and you..haha

  88. I refuse to rhyme
    I refuse to rhyme
    no - no
    can't take the time
    so go - go
    you won't blow my mind
    no - no
    I refuse to rhyme
    so go - go
    on vacation time
    leave my peace of mind
    and you will find
    no - no
    I refuse to rhyme

  89. For refusing such a situation
    You seemed to have quite the complication
    Worked rather well though
    So I guess the no - no wasn't a go - go haha

  90. Bravo, Pat!!! I really enjoyed this piece! I am imagining myself clapping my hands right now as you take a bow after reciting your poem onstage. Excellent work! :-)

  91. hahaha reciting it onstage
    Doubtful even if I was all the rage
    I'd let the cat go up and do it
    He read it off in some meowing fit..haha

  92. Haahh.... You totally rock at this, Pat... HATS off to you!!
    "So rhymes should remain in privatization
    So language doesn't suffer obliteration" -- Cheers to that one!! :))

    By your won volition
    You have brought salvation
    To a world of starvation
    With your rhymacious rendition! (I just made up that word.. only for you!) :)

  93. hahaha making up words for me
    That's so nice to see
    Gives me some rhyming relaxation
    Great comment from you too in my estimation

  94. Awesome write Pat and almost at 100 comments WOW!

  95. Yeah pretty damn close
    Here at my rhyming house..haha

  96. I ain't no sap
    So I set my cap
    and read my map
    not to cause a flap
    finding what's on tap:
    your words make a rap!

  97. Thanks for your creation,
    it brought me jubilation...

    Subterranean Homesick Blues redux.

    This must have set a record for responses

    Steve King

  98. haha that was quite the interesting flap
    Like how your staircased it on my map
    Without even a single solitary gap
    Look what you did with your trap
    Made me do a reverse type lap
    So I'll give a little clap

    Glad you had some jubilation
    Instead of a bout of constipation
    With my little rhyming ass
    Going off on the tion grass
    Yes this is the most I ever got
    Guess I have a popular little

  99. I enjoyed the demonstration
    of your rhyming exploration

  100. Love the application of so many diversications within one subtle postulation.

  101. Wasn't it a fun rhyming federation
    With no needed explanation

    Truly had many diversifications for sure
    Plus some other circulations and so much more..haha

  102. ~ You are the Rhymester ~

    I am dizzy with the diversification translation and without exception; I love your composition lol! Brilliant!

  103. hahaha rhymester I guess I am
    With my tion jam
    Glad there was no exception
    At least at first perception..haha

  104. lol nice work ....

  105. Thanks for the lurk
    looking at the work

  106. What a playful rhyme challenge! I especially like stanzas 5 and 9, and the second to last. This really made me laugh: "Damn I caused your brain inflammation / Beats a bout of constipation"

  107. hahahaha yeah that just popped out
    I laughed at myself as I went on with my tion shout


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