Time for a Cat Call, You're Sure To Have A Ball!

So I guess it's time for some facts on me, here at my rhyming sea. One has to be beaten with a rock and then living in a sock, to not know the cat rhymes. With many, many chimes. But it was brought up a while back, as Pat made some wisecrack over at Betsy's place about all the noises that come out of my face. So let's see how many I can say, in my usual rhyming way.

First there is they typical meow, of course any one can do that, even a cow. So I guess that makes one, yeah that's easy and no fun. But it gets me what I want, so I use it once in a while to taunt.

Next up there is my half meow, half crunch thingy when I eat, it does have quite the interesting beat. But that is only if I really like the food, if it's blah I'll curl my nose up, try to bury it, and then run away thinking how rude.

Oh and I even have my own digging meow. When I dig in the litter and take a bow. I meow my head off as I dig, but then concentrate as sometimes my movements are big. I'd say it's of a higher pitch and Pat knows when I'm going in my litter ditch.

Then if there is a high spot I want to jump too, I let out some weird groan between me and you. It sounds like more of a bellow and with it I can sorta sound like some human fellow.

Of course there is the typical purr, when I allow one to brush my fur. But I'm special as I drool a bit, yeah it's nasty and you humans would have a fit.

Also besides the normal hiss, when I'm telling all those other cats what to kiss, I have a really shrieky one. As those cats are just no fun. When they get close I swat them back and do some weird shrieky growl thing going on the attack.

I also can do a growl and meow at the same time, it doesn't really rhyme, but it makes those other ones run away and allows me to have a nice day.

I can hiccup in my sleep too, I do quite a few. But at least I don't snore, that be bad as Pat would push me on the floor.

Of course whenever I get a new toy, I have to kill it and enjoy. So I act like I real wild cat, yanking it from Pat and growling as I chew it up. Yes I know I sound like a butt sniffing pup.

I can give a meek meow like a mouse, if something is interesting yet scary in my house. Then I sneak right up to it all crouched low and if it moves I spring a good five feet backwards just so you know. Oh and if you are in my way, you may mistakenly get a big scratch causing dismay.

I also have a playing in water one, it's a gurgle and meow crossed noise until I'm done. Yeah I'm a cat that plays in the bath tub, you have a problem with that bub?

Then there is the really really weird one, that I only do at night on special occasions for fun. I chirp like a bird, yep that's the right word. Pat once woke up in a huff, thinking a bird got in and was flying over stuff. When really it was just me, maybe I just wanted a light on to see. It's one of those continuous annoying chirps too, like one of those nonstop cell phone ring tones had by a few.

I think that's all for me, Cassie makes a few too but I'll ignore miss priss today at my sea. As she can't make as many as me, maybe that's why she always swats me off the cat tree. Oh well at least now you know when you pass, what each noise means when it comes out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hey any idea why i am restricted from leavin you comments?

    linguistics for cats is a must, for cat lovers like us, we miss out on the bathroom croons, as our loons use the lieu outside, so will leave that one for you...


  2. Hmmm no idea why it wouldn't let you
    Stupid Blogger prob in a stew
    Yes it's quite interesting how we know
    What each one means whether feed me or I'm going to go
    Least there is no litter for you
    But it isn't that big of a pain with just two

  3. well... i am not a cat person at all.. but after reading your post I got a feeling that cats can be really sweet devil at times... :)
    and yeah.. I guess "meow" would be good name for a cat (if I ever get one)... lol...

  4. Brian ~ it's because you're my twin.
    Blogger finally stopped picking on me and now you win!

  5. Oh the chirping bird got my attention
    as on my blog you gave it a mention
    They really are quite entertaining, aren't they
    never a dull moment I would say.
    It's been a long time since we had a litter box
    but I seem to recall one doing that shock
    of a strange call
    announcing to all. lol.

  6. Oh yes a savannah especailly
    As they think they are a wild cat/dog for all to see
    Meow would be an interesting name too
    Be hilarious to name a dog that it's true..haha

    Yeah my blogger has it in for you two
    Your the only ones that it doesn't send me an email for when a comment is due
    Weird indeed
    Guess it just doesn't like your feed

    Yes never dull for sure
    Whether it's ripping up toilet paper all over the floor
    Or chirping like a bird
    Can be a pain in the butt and a fun turd
    All at the same time
    Yes going to the litter some like to announce it and give it a chime..haha

  7. You covered all that there are to know of what tabby could do.

  8. haha except wasn't the tabby
    Was the spotted one that thinks he's not to shabby..haha

  9. LOL
    I never knew cats made all types of weird and wonderful sounds but, they can and do. You just about covered them all here.
    I have no idea what goes on in your head but, I sure am glad it's not mine..*winks

  10. trust me - i spent hours in my uncle's cow stable, trying to teach the cows to speak...and i never managed..and now you're telling me i may have succeeded when i'd taught them to meow....? smiles

  11. That was great. My orange cat Chloe does this double, sometimes triple Meow that she does loudly with the meows coming in rapid succession. She uses this meow tactic to announce her presence as she enters a new room. Then the boy, the little black cat, Cocoa, he growls too, but only when it has to do with food. I never knew cats growled before, and I've had cats before, but this one did, so I looked it up and thought it was a feral thing, but nope, not the case.. This I didn't know. The cat in the water thing, you should put that on you-tube, then the other cats would never misbehave cause they'd be deathly afraid, saying that cat's loco, don't mess with it. Anyhow, good stopover at your shore. I'll have to keep a keen ear tuned for any other cat noises I deem as new

  12. Oh yes they can make plenty of sounds
    All over the grounds
    I covered a ton
    But I'm sure there is at least another one
    That one day he will do
    Maybe if he finds a cat he wants to woe..haha
    haha yeah half the time I don't know
    I just let it flow

    Yeah you did a great job teaching them to meow
    Although I wonder if they can still do it now
    Or did it all go away
    With a cow pattie one day..haha

    haha you never knew they could growl
    Orlin does it with quite the howl
    But yeah some don't at all
    So I can see one never hearing it at their stall
    Isn't it fun how they all make interesting sounds all their own
    Whether meow, moan or groan
    Whenever I try to video him in the water jumping around
    He gets out and shakes off on the ground
    Camera shy a bit
    Or it makes him have a fit..haha

  13. well this is an interesting post.. not that I know anything about cats you know...

    happy day to you ~

  14. haha now you know a bit more
    Just from taking the rhyming tour

  15. A lotz of Cat's General knowledge ...
    I'd call it a informative post :P

  16. Yes knowledge is one thing I have on a lot of things
    A gift in a curse by brain strings
    Filled with much
    Sometimes just a touch
    Other times a tad overboard
    With the info that is stored


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