Webster is Saving a Buck. So If You Want To Find Aerodrome, You're Shit Out of Luck!

So the cat was going here and there and noticed Alan's News From Nowhere. Or would that be News From Now Here? That's for another day I fear. But thi isn't an overly big deal I guess. As you can go down the Internet aerodrome and find the definition in the world wide web mess.

Plus Webster is saving a few trees, the huggers it should please. As the smaller dictionaries will no longer support, words that have seemed to leave the language court. But don't worry your pretty little head, as these words get put to bed. For it is only the small dictionary. I just think they are trying to be contrary.

Really what the heck is the point, in doing a new dictionary every year from their joint? Has that many new words really changed? Been rearranged? Does anyone even buy those things anymore? The one from 1991 is just as good as the last four. So now that they have no new words to add, some clever gal or lad, came up with lets take some out, so people will shout. Then maybe we'll get some attention and people will buy no longer leaving the print version in detention.

Alienism must have some conspiracy nuts juices flowing, as their fear is growing. Those dirty aliens took out a word, oops I sound absurd. As that word, means the study of mental illiness, boy am I absurd. Maybe I have one of those, nope it's the aliens and that's how it goes.

Damn that cat stole their best material, now they'll have to go back to their cereal and search for a new tin hat, eating all the cereal and just getting fat. Wow sort of went off course there, did the cat ruffle your hair? Just stick that tin hat on good and tight and no one will see your messy hair sight.

Who the heck decides what words go poof anyway? Throw darts at a board and pick whatever they say? Damn that's the weather guy, stealing that would make him cry. Maybe a stauroscope could find a clue, before it's flushed down the word loo.

But I guess with all the added space, Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion will have room at their place. As it's used by at least the cat and shows up at my mat. So word searcher guy, has to see it with his little eye. For they look all around, to see if a word is found. It must not count if people say it outloud, as they just look at the literary crowd.

Oh well, again just a case of trying to get people to say what the hell. As they need a little boost, over at their roost, to pretend any new print dictionary is of need, now I am done making your eyes bleed. Yep today I was all over the place, no rhyme or reason as I go away without a trace. But you all know I'm full of gas and sometimes more than that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. How can they take words out?
    That will really make some pout!
    Especially if they are playing Scrabble
    and are challenged at the words they dabbled
    They have to prove it's in the dictionary
    because to do that is customary
    And now what dismay
    when the word is not at bay
    and the others laugh and call you absurd.
    and say it never was a word

  2. Hey, people!!

    BUY PAT'S BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I read it...it's amazing...and no rhymes!!!


  3. it is a major conspiracy...assassinating words might be part of the alien-ism ascendencey, tin hat cat, dont munch all the capt'n crunch just in case, may have to hole up in your base if little green men come again...again, yes, again...

  4. That is very true
    If a word is known by you
    Yet not all the rest
    You'll lose the Scrabble test
    With all the crap in my head
    Deleting words could cause me dread..hahaha

    A plug in rhyme
    Damn aren't you just having a grand old time
    Nicely done
    And watching, oh no, might run..haha

    Yes those stinking aliens might be the cause
    Lets give them an applause
    As it worked
    And now the words are jerked
    Right out of the book
    Given the hook
    Stupid aliens can't mind their own bees wax
    They come here and I'll feed them some ex-lax

  5. oh no, aliens now?
    i don't know how
    i'll deal with word and body
    snatchers, holy cow!
    guess i'll have
    to hatch a plan to save
    the clan
    from those word and body
    snatchers, lol :)

  6. haha yes those word snatchers are very mean
    Although body snatchers would be a worse scene
    So I'll let them have their words
    Hoping they don't go snatching any bodies, humans or birds
    Or cats
    With nice hats

  7. Pat, love the topic here. The entire ripping language from language is built upon a "purist" rationale, at least that's what these men and women who decide word fate will tell you. But I'm sure, as with most anything involving change, unfortunately in most cases, comes down to money. The printing is an expense, but not as much as it used to do. The big reason is that the word updated, or revised stands out. People have to have their brand new shiny thing. Unfortunately, for webster et al. their revisionary claim is actually providing the readers less for, most likely, more.

    Anyhow, I collect reference material, dictionary, thesauri etc.. I know, I know weird hobby, but nevertheless, i like to look at how one edition differs from another, which ones include which words etc... Which is one of the reasons I care little for the pocket-sized or the compact versions. Their mass produced and yes, shed words. Many will tell you they just shrink type, but really you have to be careful, as some will say things like essential or college or numerous other limiting words, which they use to justify the lower word counts in their editions.

    This bothers me, as they are, by doing such, attempting to tell college students or whomever what words are appropriate or "useful" to them. Which, in my opinion is ludicrous and elitist.

    Anyhow, I don't use every one of the editions I have. Actually, I thumb through them all from time to time, but the ones I actually use are the monsters. The 1300 page mammoth dictionaries or the Rodale synonym finder.

    It's better to add to the language than detract from it. Hell, I frequently like to make up my own words here and there.

    This is long I know. But one final thing. Those people deciding the fate of words are few. It's not like the AP, as in sports where each accredited journalists gets a say or a vote on awards etc.. There's actually a small amount here I've heard from a handful that really make the final decisions to a couple hundred to present a list of words up for the axe. They meet up for conferences, I believe this last one was in Detroit.

    But to give them credit, they also decide which words should be entered as well. but then again, if it's a word, it should be in just because it's a word.

    Again. Great post, great topic. Thx

  8. Ha! My newest web project is a site that deals with "word of the day" and I've been using my 1994 Webster's to help out with it.

    I remember the scandal when they added the word ain't to the dictionary. A lot of English teachers cringed over that one!

  9. Holy strat!
    That was a post by itself in the comments below of the cat..haha

    Yeah so very true, why the heck should anything be retracted. Guarunteed as long as the language is spoken someone will need it or say it agian at some point in time, with 7 billion people or so it's just going to be said again or used/needed in some form. Also stupid how only a few so called elitists get to pick, that's just idiotic. My theory always has been if you can say it, it's a word..haha.

    Oh and collecting such things, yeah a little bit strange hahaha but I rhyme who am I to talk.

    Oops no rhyme
    Look what happened to me with your long comment chime...haha

    Yeah there is no big difference at all
    In fact the 1994 one is probably a better one to recall
    Yeah I remember when they added that too
    About time it was due
    May not be considered great speech
    But the dictionary is there to teach
    So should be shoved in
    Not that much of a sin

  10. I agree with Fred. If it's a word, it should be in!

  11. ...you definitely don't get shorted on your rhymes. do you rap on the weekends?

  12. Think we all agree on that
    So these so called word people fell flat

    haha I try not to fall short
    But I only rhyme at my blog fort
    No rapping for me
    That wouldn't cause too many glee

  13. Webster.
    Is he no longer a pleasure?
    Less is now better
    in our word ledger?
    So how do they measure
    what stays for another semester?
    This could be a sentence wrecker
    as they pick off every letter!

  14. The dictionary
    has gone dietary!
    We need a tributary
    to our vocabulary!
    Is this really necessary?
    It will be easier on a secretary.
    No more words that are legendary.
    Could get a little hairy.
    Some could have a coronary
    in a literary
    Hope there's enough words left for an obituary
    It will soon be as quiet as a monastery!

  15. Yes some are truly going to go blind
    As they have a fit at not being able to find
    The word they are looking for
    And so much more

    Aren't you being contrary
    At my rhyming prairie
    Would suck if all the ary words they decided to bury
    Then your rhyme would be kind of hairy
    But it still wouldn't be as nasty as dairy
    Or the tooth fairy
    Or some nasty berry
    Oh this is making my stomach scary

  16. Berries your stomach declines?
    Better stick with nuggets and heinz
    that sounds so sublime,
    I can hear chimes!
    Eat as many as your mouth inclines.
    There will be no fines
    as there are no crimes
    against eating two at a time.

  17. Yeah I think my guts would disagree
    As upset they would be
    After I ate nuggets with glee
    Like a busy bee
    And they'd get mad at me
    Causing me no glee
    As they want to let the nuggets go free
    And the toilet eventually hears their plea..haha

  18. literally what the hell :D
    Dictionary-alienism.... whrz the connection ha ha
    but u know how to create connections very well.

    Fun read !!!

  19. hehehe... this time dictionary got your rap :P
    how do you manage to think all this???
    where you out this weekend trying to get yourself a new dictionary :P

  20. haha literally what the hell was nice
    I had to say that twice..haha
    Yeah no connection problem here
    Unless the power goes out I fear..haha

    Just get an idea and off I go
    Ranting and raving at my show
    Bah I'd never buy a new one of those
    Especailly sense google knows..haha


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