All I Can Say, Is What The Hell Today!

Okay, so I opened this window ready to type about some sort of hype, when nature gave a call and I darted off down the hall. I did not even bother to close the laptop. Hell! I did not have time to hop or I might have needed a mop. Let's get past this before someone calls a cop.

So after doing what one does and I'm skipping that just because. I came on back and it seemed my computer had a heart attack. The writing for my post looked something like this, djkkghgdjkjoedjsgkhdkhdgjl. Yeah, it was pretty hard to miss. Also some things I had open were no longer there and the screen was all funny thanks to some f1, f2 affair.

I thought maybe the computer was flipping me off a time or two and just swore back at it, as I tried to get it back to normal view. After a few minutes of that all seemed right and I saw a rather peculiar sight. I stared at the screen and then looked around, figuring someone snuck into my mound. But not a soul could be seen. Except of course a certain female cat acting all pristine.

Everything else I had seen before, excluding, ajkdkjdglddggd, at my shore. Yes, I have seen it. But each one is a different fit. But this one thing, I never ever seen it before or gave it a ring. Yet there it was as plain as day, making me go "what the hell" today.

Now where the hell did this come from? Suppose someone is trying to tell something to my little rhyming bum? Of all the things that could pop up, I found this little hiccup.

I suppose it's better than some human porn or some person pretending to be a unicorn. It beats a camel spitting or some grumpy old men hitting. A baseball that is, just in case you did not get my quiz.

It is rather funny too and something that I would use for a view. Which makes it so strange that some four legged feline at my range, could stomp the keyboard and leave this image stored. YES! It was stored on my desktop, like someone went save and plop.

I keep it clean so I know what's there and this one came from something with hair. So today a certain feline stepped on the keyboard all on their own, gave, kjhahjkfhskfhjkshdkjf, a moan. Then flipped me off with some combination like f3 and f5. Lastly she somehow opened a new window and found that, saved it to the desktop at my mat and then deleted the window afterwards. I guess she could have had help from birds.

So wasn't that some weird facts? I guess Cassie really wanted to make sure that image was used in the acts. Still find it weird as hell and yeah I already knew she could not spell. I guess I should be sure and put "Don't Trespass." So no one will interrupt my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Today where I'm at the weather most definitely, isn't "sunny" but this little tale you spinned(Sp) about your cat, keyboard, etc, etc, etc, is certainly...funny! lol
    By the way,
    I will stop and give your new "book" a "look!"
    On my way, out Of your "door" and before I leave your "shore." lol
    deedee :-D

  2. I've seen that sign before
    it gave me a laugh and more
    Can't believe out of all the ones to choose
    Cass picked that one, and saved it to boot
    Smart kitty she is
    making your brain go fizz
    Bet she acted all innocent
    but inside was smirking at your confusement.
    Would loved to see you looking around
    seeing if someone was there unannounced
    sneaking through your door
    while you went and did your um, chore.

  3. That is very adventuresome. I haven't seen that post before...and them being sick of us, is really funny ~

    Days and nights are colder now.. keep warm ~

  4. lol, that sign is awesome. You don't have to tell me twice that animals are sometimes up to no good. They're not all like Snow White's clan. There have to be mischievous ones in the bunch, too :)

  5. Yes miss priss thought she was funny
    And right on the money
    As she stomped on the keyboard while I was away
    At least she made a post easy today...haha
    Actually have to leave my shore to have a look
    But techniqually its still my nook
    Just another one
    With writing fun

    Yes she sat stretched out on the floor
    Acting like she never took the tour
    She had to hit the right keys or something
    To give that sign a ring
    Don't know how she picked that one
    But it was quite fun
    I looked to and fro
    But door was still locked and no other face at my show..haha

    Yeah it was quite funny I'd say
    After I got over all of my dismay
    Yes colder it seems to be
    But my heat is free
    So I crank it up when need be
    So I'm warm and cozy

    They are usually up to no good a lot
    But only do the bad things when they think they won't get caught
    hahaha defintely not like her clan
    Their mischievous with a plan

  6. I'd say you have a very bright, sneaky cat!
    This brightened my day in a wierd way, Pat!

  7. I'd say it's about time, that I saw that sign.
    How very funny, I'd upset a cat's tummy.

  8. haha glad it could brighten your day
    Whether weird or any other way
    Sneaky cat indeed
    Trying to get her two cents worth on my feed

    Yeah I agree
    About time the sign was seen be too by me
    Guess she just wanted to show
    That us humans upset them tummies and make them go..haha

  9. [Non-rhyming mode:You know maybe I should have said, it the other way around and added a few more rhyming words.]
    For instance,"Before I leave your "shore" On my way, out Of your "door."
    I will tap the image on your "sidebar" and I know that I don't have to go "far..." just to have a look at your book on your other nook. lol

  10. Pat, you can thank the cat for editing his stint at the loo, I do believe we all do know what cats, when there, must and definitely do. This pop up, download, put there by a feline so bold, I've never seen this before, but seriously I almost fell on the floor, the last line was set up perfectly- now as for the pop up, download thing-a-ma-jig, I have no patience for things like that, but at least, for this one time, it offered something for the cat to laugh at in his view. Thanks

  11. Yes that made more sense
    Here at my rhyming fence

    hahaha yes I made sure he didn't spell it all out
    That would just be a rather gross shout
    Yes those things are a pain
    But at least the cat got something for the rhyming train.
    So one time it was fine
    And did not cross the line
    Oh and yes it worked perfectly for the end
    As I did my usual ass remark around the bend..haha

  12. lkasdfjaölskdjföalksdjfasdklfjasdlk....oh...wondering what happens to my that sign...maybe that would've impressed my son...he used to climb EVERY fence...i can tell you...i was the most sportive mother and had reflexes like a kung fu fighter...ha

  13. haha what you don't have those reflexes anymore
    Did they run out the door
    That must have been quite the quest though
    Having to catch him after climbing every fence on the go

  14. dude, your cats sending you a message as they sit there and lick, the fur on their hips and then their lips...might want to check the history to see the full story of where they have been...

  15. Cats know how to type, as well as play the piano. Not well, but it's a beginning. Love the sign.

  16. My cat does the same thing! lol I never know what I'm going to see after I've walked away. I think it's her way of flipping me off and telling me to stop messing around and pay attention to her.

  17. We used to have a cat that played the piano after we went to bed at night. I hated being awakened when she tickled the ivories. Strangely, she died from a fall behind the piano. Perhaps she was pushed, but not by me.


  18. Yeah I looked at the history later on
    And she pulled a con
    As I could see where she went
    And how her time was spent
    Know idea how though
    Guess she just hit the right ones in a row

    hahaha yeah I've seen them play piano too
    I think they need many more lessons or at least a few

    haha yeah that's probably the reason for their keyboard stomp
    One even bites the keys as he goes on his romp
    They want the attention
    Or at least a mention

    Maybe she hit the wrong key and bumped her knee, the fell down behind the piano well, or it could have been her toe, that really does suck though

  19. My friends cat used to lay on her laptop keyboard and would type all types of gobbledygook just like yours~!
    Love the sign :)

  20. haha yes the gobbledygook comes out in a bunch
    Even when they try and have the keys for lunch

  21. seemed my computer had a heart attack..
    looks like your cat is more amazing than u :)

    The Sign board LOL

    Fun read as ever !!!

  22. haha yes the cat pulls one over on me
    They both think they are quite the sight to see..haha


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