Another Nut! I Think I Need A Scary Mutt!

As I stated a while ago, with my rant on No, it still did not sink in and I am still constantly sending crap to the garbage bin. That would be the email one or the paper one, for I have said no a ton and I now just let their yaps run. Whether rain or sun.

But they are coming out of the wood work, as around me they seem to lurk. Just look at this stupid conversation. I think their head needs an examination. Let's call this person Flappy, as her lips went a mile a minute making her quite yappy. But her brain seemed kind of slow or it long ago went straight out the window.

"Do you have a place to store this?"


"It be easier if you had a place to store this."

"Well we don't."

"The last place we were at had a place to store this."

"Yeah that's nice."

"There's no office, cupboard or anywhere else to store this?"

"Nope. No attic either."

She became quite surprised Pat was being snippy, never thinking he would get lippy. Waited a few seconds more and once again took the tour.

"So you have no place to store this?"

Was I talking in German or something? Did the phone ring? There was no rhyming, was it my timing? This went on for a good ten minutes or more, as Pat went and did the usual nightly office tour. She just would not stop flapping. Her mouth constantly yapping. I pity the fool married to her. I hope his ears are clogged with fur.

You think if you ask a million times the answer will magically change? The whole place will magically rearrange and there will be a closet just for you, to help your stupid pyramid selling crew? On my lips all I could find was pound sand, but knew that would not go over grand. So I bit my tongue and let Flappy go, still yapping to her usual storage flow. Oh and yes Flappy is real, not some character type deal, which makes it that much worse. Maybe someone will steal the strap off her purse and tie her yap shut. Then she would jsut be a mumbling nut.

I guess some simply can't get the facts or are too brainless to consider their repeat questioning acts. Flappy just likes to flap in mass and the flappy lass is full of gas, more than could ever come out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Flappy seems a little too happy
    and her personality a little zappy
    No thinking and a little yappy
    Maybe she gets it from her pappy
    And there you were being snappy
    She probably thought you needed a nappy
    saying there was no room anywhere on the mappy
    and sounding not at all sappy.


    my favorite line....
    I pity the fool married to her. I hope his ears are clogged with fur. hee.

  2. Oh yes she is all of those and more
    I really really really hate rentals at my work tour
    You'd have to me deaf to deal with her yap
    She never shuts her trap
    Or get some high powered ear plugs
    Or put lots of liquor in your mugs..haha

    I can rant quite fun
    And you know they'll be more, so I'll never be done

  3. The best lyricists have nothing on you, Pat Hatt.

  4. Don't tell them that
    They may attack the cat..haha

  5. ha. you mean it wont change, perhaps i should use the two ears and let the mouth rest, glad you got that off your chest, so is there a place for this? smiles.

  6. hahaha bite me
    No place whether a fee or free
    No attic, closet, drawer, basement, room, cupboard or even a bathroom
    Not for this, that or a broom
    Now that was fun to get off my chest
    But with you I just jest
    Flappy can go pound sand
    Although too germy so I woun't lend a hand

  7. you could talk to me in german any time...and i would understand...just saying...smiles
    thanks for your remark on naked as a jaybird...wasn't quite sure if you were just kidding...who can be sure with you...smiles - but i thought to be on the safe side i gonna change it to stark naked...ha

  8. People like that drive me crazy!

  9. Flappy isn't funny
    When her mouth is runny
    And she will not get the hell out
    Then I want to shout..haha

    hahaha I may know like two words
    The rest I'd have to learn from the birds
    And just go all tweet tweet
    Pretending I get what you say when you greet
    Yes it is hard to tell
    As I ring the crazy bell
    But it is the truth I think
    Naked as a jaybird, never meant bird but some old fink
    Never had to change though
    As most aren't in the know
    But I like your safe side
    So nope I never lied

    I'm already quite crazy
    But I wouldn't mind going oopsy daisy
    And watching her fall on her behind
    But yes people like that irk me whether home or at the work grind

  10. Flappy must be fun to chase around. Thanks for all the rhymes.

  11. More like run away from..haha
    Or to chase the old crone out, as she continues to ho and hum.

  12. Old Flappy needs some Q-tips Pat. But people unfortunately are very much like that. just today I had a Doctor appt. and It was at a hospital, so I had to get the parking ticket validated, which was done, but when I gave it to the lady in the booth, she said 4 dollars, I said it's validated which means free, She said but the machine says 4 dollars, I said validated means free, it's stamped in red, free right there, She pauses then says but I scanned it in and it wants 4 dollars- I snapped right there though saying I don't care what it wants it's a damn cash register and they don't have feelings- to which she looked puzzled and said but what do I do about the 4 dollars- I said open up the crossbar and let me go, I do not owe you 1, 2, 3 and definitely not 4, and for what you do about that 4, I don't care. SHe gave me a dirty look and let me go.

    Dumb-dumbs- World's filled with them

    Great real-world write- and it's very strange how you write these things and I've had some experience the like not too far before- Very surreal, but cool nonetheless, thanks

  13. Freakin yappy flappy. How annoying. ;D

  14. hahaha that was quite the funny tale as well
    I'd have told her to go to hell
    Then you basically told her to stuff her four dollars
    Glad she didn't give any more hollars
    And just let you by
    I guess with her free didn't fly
    Or maybe it was too big a word for her to read
    Dumb dumbs was a great way to describe these nuts that one should take heed
    Very surreal for sure
    Sure each of us also have plenty more

    Very annoying indeed
    All with her pyramid thingy for greed

  15. Drive me nuts for sure. But Flappy is very insistent.

    And what is this post I will read next ~

    Happy day ~

  16. Yes persistent and insistent
    Wish my ears were resistent
    Oh and you will see
    Brought on from your shore, doesn't that cause glee..haha

  17. I don't want to go on and on like Flappy and make you very "unhappy!" by being another yappy! female...

    ...Because I know that isn't "swell" and it may make you want to "yell!" lol
    deedee :-D

  18. hehehe.. I have several experiences of these repeated questions.. so I know how irritating it gets ;)
    This act of repeated question was however done sweetly by Flappy.. but trust me.. when your professor does it.. it doesn't seem to be sweet at all ;)

  19. Had to laugh first
    With your burst
    Then you got yappy
    Maybe you should meet up with flappy..haha

    Oh sweetly I doubt
    Yes a Professor gives a rather insistant shout
    They can be nice
    But most are more full of spice


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