Bitch of a Glitch!

So saw the prompt over at that dVerse place when I went to show my face. I really have no rhyme or reason for this little bit of rhyming treason. But the facts are simple enough, as this is what came to me with this little huff. Not directed at anything in particular at all, just a little call, to this and that, from Pat and the cat.

Bitch of a Glitch

It's pride versus greed
Greed versus lust
Cropping the demons
Wrath considers a must
Sloth girated mess
Envy distorted pace
Gluttony's skilled hand
Provoking temptations embrace

Souls darkened edge
Courting the right
Hells paved intentions
Scarred murky sight
Chasing saviors praise
Mantis position rich
Striking ablaze
It's a bitch of a glitch
It's a bitch of a glitch
Moral drained ditch
Don't matter at all
It's a bitch of a glitch

Some see it as pleasure
Others a crutch
A festering treasure
An unrelenting clutch
Line blurred sinner
Tempting demon's jewel
Coming up thinner
Inner voices duel

Souls darkened edge
Courting the right
Hells paved intentions
Scarred murky sight
Chasing saviors praise
Mantis position rich
Striking ablaze
It's a bitch of a glitch

Moral drained ditch
Don't matter at all
It's a bitch of a glitch
It's a bitch of a glitch
A bright erupted switch
That can kiss my ass
Warp the bitch of a glitch

So surmise from it what you will, as you read at my rhyming hill, crap happens to us all. We can fall or get back up and answer life's call. For the little things matter most and that is all the profound crap from your host. Time to go back to being loony and crass. So off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Is this your little temper tantrum Mr Pat? I enjoyed the rhyme even though I had no idea who was the bitch and what glitch.

  2. This really got me thinking.
    "Moral drained ditch" is my favorite part ;)

  3. oceangirl, I love your comment. :)

    Pat, this is another incredible piece.These are my favorite lines: "Souls darkened edge Courting the right" and "Coming up thinner Inner voices duel,"

    ~Shawna @

  4. ..It's pride versus greed
    Greed versus lust
    Cropping the pat...what a set up..what did you give your cat for dinner that he comes up with things like moral drained

  5. I must say that its a thought provoking post..!!

  6. dude, you punch line is tight and love how your repeat it regularly, this has pops, another one i would love to hear you rap...def 'tude in this one.

  7. Pat, the little things are the things that matter most. True.

  8. Well, a pretty heavy topic, Pat, but what better day for it ...the Seven Deadly Sins. I think your poem camouflages a presumed reference to 911 very thoroughly. I like your footnote directing us to make of it what we will. It swirls around in my brain wanting to take off in a hundred directions. Since you read my work so often, which I appreciate so much, you know I am attracted to serious subjects, so love this seldom seen side of Pat Hatt and cats:-)

  9. Forgot to say: perhaps no rhyme, but surely reason. Cheers, Ann.

  10. It may be a bitch
    or a bitch of a glitch
    but I think you hit
    the near perfect pitch

  11. Pat! This is awesome! "Cropping the demons
    Wrath considers a must .... courting the right... lined blurred sinner" Wow - great rhyming. I love the content and the passion. Great balance that makes the "cursing" a truthful reflection of the mind.

  12. The seven deadly sins in rhyme! Really enjoyed your take here, wishing my rhyme was a glint on yours lol

  13. Pat, these sins are the theme of most of my poetry yet your rhyming gives them an even more sinister bite. Yes, life is unfair and crap happens. It doesn't make it a more understandable situation but at least we aren't alone.


  14. Your poem resonates reflection and anger. Hope we find answers to the glitch ~

    These lines are great:

    Moral drained ditch
    Don't matter at all
    It's a bitch of a glitch

  15. Nope no temper tantrum today
    Such what came out when I saw the dVerse display
    I suppose it could be found as one
    After all my other fun..haha

    I made you think
    Damn I've hit the brink
    Need to go back to mindless stuff
    Before everyone gets in a huff..haha

    Don't egg her on
    She might come back to my lawn..haha..j/k
    Thanks for the feedback too
    Out this one came and then it flew

    haha he had some chicken
    And his fingers were sticking
    So maybe that made him profound
    As the correct key couldn't be found

    All these thoughts might make one pop a pill
    Or start up some rumor mill..haha

    Yeah the cat gave it some tude
    Trying not to be too rude
    Gave it a regular vision
    With my final decision

    Yep that they are
    But sometimes they are near and far

    Yes this side only creeps out once and a while
    Mocked by my rhyming style
    A hundred different directions you say
    Damn hope you don't lose your way

    I guess there was some reason to the rhyme
    But no rhyme to the reason this time

    Hit the near perfect pitch
    Out of the park and in a ditch
    Or smacking some guy that's rich
    That might cause the bitch a glitch..haha

    Yeah the cursing I never really tried to do
    In this one between me and you
    It just is what worked with the thing
    So gave it a ring
    I guess it can be a reflection of the mind
    Although in mine such things may be hard to find

    haha oh I'm sure it's a glint
    At least there is a hint
    Gave those seven a run
    Under the rhyming gun

    Very true understandable it doesn't seem to be
    Just laughs along at you with glee
    Give it a big screw you back at times
    And try some rhymes or whack some mimes..haha

    Yeah the glitch there seems to be
    Yet prob won't be found by many
    Although one day it could
    Stopping all the crap that long ago we should

  16. Crap happens to us all..we can fall or get back up and answer life's call.

    It wasn't in the rhyme, but I love that. A life motto of sorts for me. You can become bitter or try to make it better.

    The rhyme? Wow, Pat with cat. :) Incredible. Loved the it twice. Love this side of you when you let it come out.

    Hey...I'm so in awe, I forgot to rhyme!
    I'll come back later and ring that chime! lol.

  17. Pat, what a post. Without a doubt you ripped this one up. Really a lot in here, sins to hardwiring. A bit of a departure from your typical stylings but amazing just the same. The rhythm and repetition made the piece for me, love the songlike flow here. Anyhow, great write

  18. Yeah very true, it's easy to go the bitter way
    Which is the case most choose to stray
    Or dig down and find the bright side
    And once again enjoy the ride
    Oh getting too profound
    Need to go make some silly sound..haha

    haha this side hides in the recesses of my brain
    But once in a while I let it board the train
    And so in awe forgot to rhyme
    I guess since you are in awe I'll let it go once again this time..haha

    Yeah I depart, just as you, every now and again
    From loony to the plights of men
    My intention was the song like flow
    Good to know
    That it came off that way
    Here at my bay

  19. Yo Pat - you do profound with a style i can relate to. this is a brilliant piece. i enjoyed it all and ate up some great lines and revelled in the tone - you got craft booooy!

  20. Can relate to my profound
    And the loony stuff at my ground
    Hmmm something could be wrong with one of us
    Maybe were both on the loony bus..haha

  21. Ah yes, life is filled with both 'bitches' and glitches' and sometimes 'bitches of glitches' along with sales pitches and Halloween witches!

  22. The sins may not be parceled equally, but everyone's got a share of something, we all throw them onto the scale, and the bitch of it is no one leaves with clean hands.

    You're fun to read even in a huff - can't help it, can you?

  23. 'Moral drained ditch
    Don't matter at all
    It's a bitch of a glitch' ~ it sure is a 'bitch of a glitch' ~ you can really get your teeth into those words spoken out loud they spit .. gets out some of that pent up anger at such a horrible waste ~ yes greed v lust ~ really strong and powerful language conveyed much Pat ~ gonna keep repeating those words 'bitch of a glitch' .. biting .. x

  24. You had me at the 7 deadly sins alright... great way to capture that from the prompt.
    Moral drained ditch for sure...

  25. Yes those halloween witches
    Can sure be scary bitches..haha
    Unless their cute little ones dressed up
    Or maybe even a pup
    Or cat
    Okay enough of that..haha

    Very true no ones hands are clean
    Whether nice or mean
    And no I just can't help myself
    Still have to throw in some fun at my shelf..haha

    haha don't repeat them when people are around
    They might think your insulting them at their ground
    That wouldn't be good
    So repeat them under your breathe you should..haha

    Those sins caught your eye
    Some of them should fry
    Then the moral drained ditch
    Might not be as empty and rich

  26. This is a cute temper tantrum not quite understand what the bitch was all about and the glitch either but in the end it was a cute way to end this bitch and glitch thanks for sharing Pat loved to read this

  27. Oh it's okay
    If you can't understand my way
    You won't be the first or the last
    As my nutty head is vast
    At least it was a fun read
    That's all I go for at my feed..haha

  28. So, this one's got some punch to it for sure. That first stanza really comes out swinging :)

  29. Came out swinging
    Hopefully my punch didn't leave nay bells ringing..haha

  30. It's a bitch of a glitch
    Moral drained ditch
    Don't matter at all

    with this refrain alone you could make a fortune in pop music - definitely different, cat's wearing a black beret tonight (picking up habits from his time with the Beats in the corner of the pub).

  31. Interesting take - bitches and glitches make a fine muse

  32. haha send the fortune my way would you
    I'll take it, even if it is from pop music, it's true
    Yes the black beret is all that bars fault
    Making me open this vault

    Yes fine muse indeed
    Slap them to together and someone might bleed..haha

  33. The opening stanza really grabbing, loved the bite to this piece ~ Rose

  34. Yeah I'm grabby
    At least I'm not crabby..haha


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