A Different Approach To The Movie Couch!

This is what happens when one tries to get from point A to point B, using a D.C. Cab and a movie.

I checked out my Tin Cup and thanks to my Air Bud pup. I had enough to Let it Ride. I can't believe that Bird on a Wire lied. Sent me here with no Paycheck, making me reach my Boiling Point at this deck. But now I have Money for Nothing at all and just have to hope the Taxi Driver will get me back to my hall.

But it seemed I was Zapped with some bug, as The Conversation amounted to only movie titles coming out of my mug. So I found a Vacancy and stepped in. I wished this conversation was Vice Versa than I would win. But with the current State of Play, I knew I would make him Scream before the end of the day.

"So where you heading?"

"Road House"

"What road house is that?"

I could have been talking with a mouth full of Meatballs for all he knew. At least I never spurted out some Indecent Proposal that would turn me blue.

"In the Valley Elah"

"And where is that? I never heard of it?"

"Red Corner"

"Listen bub! Stop being so contrary and tell me where you want to go!"

Contrary to popular belief saying I Love Trouble. I hate The Hard Way as I usually end up in rubble. The guy looked at me like a Hollow Man. I could tell I was being a Major League, Major Payne to Stan.

"Failure to Launch"

"I'll stop this cab and launch you out!"

"Deep Blue Sea"

"There is no sea around here."

I could tell he wanted to get back to the Rat Race, staring at me with one Red Eye on his face. He did not appreciate Pushing Tin and in District 9 he was about to chuck me in.

"The Falcon and the Snowman"

"Now you're going on about snow? What the hell?"

He could not make out my Distrubing Behaviour one bit and was having a Radio feet. Telling his Horrible Bosses about me, saying he was about to make me Die Hard and live free.

"Heaven Can Wait"

"Alright bub! Pay up and get out now!"

This was no Joy Ride for him. I don't recommend Coming to America on a whim. Or thanks to some bird on a Chicken Run. Have A Simple Plan with some Mo' Money and you will have fun.

"Pay it Forward"

"That's right hand up the money you owe me and I won't make you dead."

"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead"

"What? You killed the babysitter? You are a nut!"

"Yes Man"

"Umm how about I give you half off?"

"Taking Care of Business"

"Yes! That's right. Now just pay half and you can take your crazy ass down the road."

"Homeward Bound"

"Good for you."


"Yes, I'm waiting."

He either thought I was a Psycho or The Last American Virgin. I really don't know. But I never wanted to board Con Air or join Cool Hand Luke in his jumpsuit underwear. So by some Fluke of fate, I ended our movie Mystery Date before he sent me Hellbound at High Noon and I became another Hollywood Homicide rhyming loon.

I quickly gave him a Tango & Cash and watched as he made a Silver Streak mad dash. Jumping into his cab and taking off at high Speed. Maybe he wanted to Take the Lead?

Next time I won't Say Anything and just point at the Signs. I will get the driver to follow the Rising Sun and the lines. Putting this movie Risky Business behind me, so I can skip Orange County, no longer be Trapped in Paradise or be stuck with Passenger 57 as home I hope to see.

Just remember It Could Happen to You or a Perfect Stranger you never knew. So before you call the Men in Black, Metro or the Police Academy for an attack, just know it could be a Midnight Run and someone is stuck in Mimic movie mode, which they may not find fun.

If your Jaws get struck with movie disease, Lean On Me all you please and have an Iron Will. Do not pick up The Hitcher for a thrill. The Hills Have Eyes so I will see. So don't get Dirty and try to trick me. Now leave my Fortress so I can stop and I expect you Gone in 60 Seconds or I will call a cop.

You know I would never do that. Oh look I am once more a normal talking cat. At least as normal as I can be. I think these facts you can see. For I shoved in the first movie that popped in my head and now enough has been said. Except for many more could amass. So thank God I stopped my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh, God!. The Miracle Worker once again shows that he is The King of Comedy. I felt a touch of High Anxiety looking down at all those titles on my PC monitor! I'll probably have Electric Dreams tonight...

  2. haha...nice movie references and a compelling and humorous story pat. was afraid you might end up in the dead poets society if you pressed on, and thinking you an illegal Alien, Rendition might have come as a Patriot Game on your rhyming ass...

  3. Oh. My. God. This is brilliant. One of your best! I swear you're a Man on Fire!

    Too bad you didn't run into The Karate Kid or maybe Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm sure they would have helped you out. On your own you can make a lot of Public Enemies if you Push that movie talk on other people. I'm sure you were Running Scared!

  4. I think before you were born someone programmed your brain with the Encyclopedia Britannica. I swear it! I just don't know where you get all this from. Your brain must never be still. Another fun read ;)

  5. hey patt !!
    visiting after a long time.
    hw u doing ??

    As always a fun read. The best thing about ur posts is the continuous smile I have while reading it.

  6. hahaha screw the rhyme, this one time. Movie responses galore, know I love those at my shore.

    You all Made it a movie Field of Dreams and it was Foolproof too. Being thrown in with Aliens would put me In The Line of Fire, not being part of My Fellow Americans and all. Might trade comedy for Heat or some Showtime. A Beverly Hills Cop might have helped too. But then I'm a Lethal Weapon so they may show Mad Love, if I strike First Blood. The Fugitive I could become to a Cop and a Half. I Guess I should have just took a Boat Trip.

    Yes that brain is always on
    From dusk to dawn
    Whether I like it or not
    Maybe some space could be rented or bought..haha

    Doing good
    Back to visiting my hood
    Glad it was a fun read
    And a smile was created by my feed

  7. This is hilariously epic!!! You are awesome ;)

  8. we both love trouble
    and while pat talks to barney rubble
    i worry with a face of stubble
    nothing about killer a baby sitter is subtle

  9. Awesome write- love all the references- but I'm going to play this as a game- I found 80 or 81 movies in here, lost count. Could be more, or less- but doubt the less, as that was but the first part of the game. So this could take long- I'm going to try to name a star from each film, just going to list them in order as you have them, not going to retype the film-so of course If I missed one it will throw the whole thing off. Anyhow, here goes

    Rene Russo
    Some Dog
    Richard Dreyfuss
    Goldie Hawn
    Ben Affleck
    John cusack
    No Clue
    Luke Wilson
    No Clue
    No Clue
    Neve Campbell
    No Clue
    No Clue
    No Clue
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    No Clue
    No Clue
    Rachel Macadams
    Billy Bob
    Some predator looking aliens
    Timothy Hutton
    Katie Holmes
    Cuba Gooding Jr
    Jason bateman
    Bruce Willis
    No Clue
    No Clue
    Eddie Murphy
    Mel Gibson's Voice
    Billy Bob
    6th sense Kid- haley something
    Jim Carrey
    No Clue
    No clue
    No Clue
    Chuck Norris
    John Wayne
    Harrison Ford
    No Clue
    No Clue
    Tom hanks kid
    No clue
    no Clue
    Eddie Murphy
    No Clue
    Roy Scheider
    No Clue
    No Clue
    No Clue
    No Clue
    Christopher Lambert

    Phew-- I've actually seen all these films except for Air Bud, Hitcher, hills have eyes, but got so many names more than I thought I would.

    Anyhow, I know I just hijacked the message place, and probably will get a few claws to the face, but I'll thank the cat in any case, for a fun game over at his place.

  10. Watch a few movies this week? haha. Nicely written as usual Pat!

  11. I don't think that I could even name that many movies!

  12. Epic and hilarious all in one
    Such is my movie fun..haha

    hahaha yes but the babysitter croaked of old age
    So it wasn't done in rage
    They just boxed her up and dropped her off at the morgue door
    After dragging her across the floor

    Damn you named a ton
    Really took some time looking at this one
    The few you missed have some I know you'd know
    But a few barely have any familiar faces show
    So those ones can't really say much
    Damn you really went at it more than a touch
    Hijacking is fine
    Was interesting to see you place the actors in line

    Oh and yes applegate was right, but you got to wrong, the shame..hahaha One was John Wayne and the other Belushi, should have been gary cooper and murray. The rest are here.

    Gene hackman
    Judge reinhold
    Russell Crowe
    Tommy Lee Jones
    Richard Gere
    Michael J Fox
    Thomas Jane
    Cuba Gooding Jr.
    Warren Beatty
    Paul Walker
    Michael J Fox - voice
    missed "Waiting" Ryan Reynolds
    no one really to name
    Ethan Hawke
    Richard Pryor
    Reeves - Speed
    Bandareas - Take the lead
    (missed one of the above two)
    Morgan Freeman
    no one really to name
    Thomas Howell
    no one really to name

    Just so you aren't left hanging or your head is banging..haha

    haha only watched a few, not one of these though did I view

    hahaha oh that isn't even the beginning of what I can do
    That I can assure you

  13. You put the Z Boys in my Dogtown Pat.


  14. I didn't think anyone remembered Bird on a Wire but me, lol. I really did like that movie. My mom and I watched a lot of movies in our day. She's the one who got me started early. This was fun, as it always is here :)

  15. ah very nice...this brought back some pleasant memories...tango & cash..nice....need to watch some of them again..

  16. Excellent, Pat. This was a fun ride :)

  17. hahaha glad I can add to your Dogtown
    With out a Chain Reaction or frown

    hahaha I liked that movie too
    The bird sure flew
    Yeah I watched so many starting young
    With tons of info in my brain being hung

    Always nice to spur memories of ones forgotten about
    Glad I could do that with my shoud

    My Joy Ride was a fun ride
    My movie knowledge I just can't hide..haha

  18. Reality Bites unless you are Dazed and Confused or Gone With the Wind, Tommyboy.

    (those are some of my old-school faves)


  19. Seen them all and yes all are grand
    Isn't it fun going through movie land..haha

  20. I can not believe you included so many movies in this post. It flowed perfectly. WOW! I came over via a comment you left at Brian Miller's. So glad I did.

  21. haha Oh when it comes to movie fun
    I can do a ton
    This was nothing between you and me
    I just didn't want it to become as big as the sea
    And from Brian's you say
    Always fun at his bay

  22. I agree with the person who said this is one of your best. Amazing how you could work so many movie titles in. Impressive write.

  23. Even with my movie knowledge being a pest
    It's nice that it's one of the best
    Just gives my movie couch that much more need
    To do another tour for my feed..haha


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