Don’t Stick Your Finger In

You have to watch those outlets, they can really fry you. Even if your finger fits, don’t stick it in. Would this count as a PSA? Does anyone who would actually do that know how to read yet? You’re kinda lacking common sense if you stick your finger into an outlet, just saying. Now back to another outlet which you can stick your finger in. At least in many cases.

Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

Umm, errr, ummm. Can I get a a redo? I’ll take creativity for $1000. Does the IWSG even have that budget? No? I’m stuck with this question? Darn.

Hmm all the outlets have those plastic things in them. Seems mine have many of the same plastic things. Not literally though. Not into that kind of thrill. But to each their own.

I write…I umm pretend to be a rhyming cat…I umm did make YouTube videos when I actually had time to do them…I umm errr play with poop machines and keep them amused…I umm err can we go back to writing now?

I do get creative with ways to do things thanks to crappy life stuff. Does that count? No? Darn, shirt outta luck then. Fork it. Time to go back to writing.

Do you have any other creative outlets? Maybe I should take up knitting, you think? Yeah, probably poke me fingers off. Can’t do that to my one good arm.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.