Go Riot! Don't You Want To Try It?

The cat does not want to lead any dumb humans around. So instead I went out and found, a guest blogger of the day to come by my way. Yes Riot Man will be on call, just for a few seconds at my stall. For oh this is going to be fun. Oh don't shun. These facts should be followed by everyone. Just watch out for his gun.

Riot Man Recruits
From those naked to those in suits

Step right up and follow me
My face is so pretty
I shall not tell a lie
With me you'll reach the sky

I promise we'll cause a commotion
That will get you a demotion
If not fired
You surely won't get hired

You'll follow me like a flock
Because I make you gock
At my shiny toys
Impressing all the girls and boys

Your brain will slow to a crawl
As I give my riot call
In fact as you loot
You'll act like that which goes toot

And what comes out of it
As you throw your pointless fit
Is what you'll have for brains
But you will break the chains

Along with a window or two
Maybe free a monkey from the zoo
Replacing it with you
For all to come and view

As the monkey takes hold
Winning the gold
Of the life you threw away
Because you listened to my dismay

A chimp was proven wiser
Because you used me as an advisor
So come one, come all
I'll make you stand tall

We'll break and smash
Throwing around some trash
Speaking so foul
We'll make old ladies howl

With me you'll be big and bad
No longer a little lad
Now that you've given me a scan
Follow the Riot Man

We'll make history you see
No longer able to pee
Without an escort
After losing in court

Doesn't that sound grand
So raise up your hand
Become a following loon
Acting like a goon

All it takes is one look
And you're on the hook
Answering the Riot Man call
Was your brain always this small

Now wouldn't he be fun to follow. It wouldn't be the first line of bull you humans were able to swallow. But I guess maybe some will see the light and Riot Man will go forth all alone tonight. Maybe he needs his own billboard to attract his rioting horde. Or maybe he should get a Riot Woman by his side. Then those would come far and wide. To see that nice looking lass, as she wiggled something similar, yet more plastic, to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love your blog! I have much respect for people who can rhyme without making up words! Simply Fantastic!

  2. I only make up words when I want too
    Other than that always real ones at my zoo
    Even in the comments back to you
    I know so much one might not know what to do..haha
    Thanks for the look
    Here at my nook

  3. That Riot Man is sure fun to follow
    And no don't worry, I won't swallow
    All his lines and rhyming words
    Because I might end up stuck in his sword ~

    Happy day ~

  4. haha that's good of you
    Ignoring some of the crap he continues to spew
    Then you can avoid that pointy sword
    And he won't think he's some lord
    Like that Drazin guy
    I think they both lie

  5. hmmm.
    You didn't leave a link
    for the riot man's brink.
    I found one through google-ing his name
    but don't know if it's one in the same.
    Or is he just part of your imagination?
    A late night snack revelation?
    Not a single follower he has
    kind of looks rather sad.

  6. hahahaha now you made me laugh quite a bit
    Although you may have a fit
    For me confusing and making you look
    Let's just say he's the same, as Drazin, Narrotor guy, Gung, Ho and all the others at my nook..hahaha

  7. Riot Man needs his own soundtrack too, he'll start to get jealous of all those views that cat gets over at the tube. Even only as a guest, he'll try to impress. Riot man, riot man...Pretty good write, a little different, but of course humans are dumb...

    I'm in a weird mood today, probably the increase in meds, but nonetheless very odd mood. You have some really good lines in here, not gonna go all quoty, but I'll point out that "step right up" intro was awesome, and the center stanzas are great. Anyhow, I'll talk , well, late

  8. I thought maybe he was Drazin
    but then thought you might be jazzin
    Checked your profile and Drazin's blog is gone
    And Riot Man never did belong!
    So, yes, I'm confused
    and a little abused
    worked an auction today
    so my brain is mush, I must say.

  9. Hi Thanks for stopping by today. Sorry it was such a sad post. :) Your rhythm was interesting. I'll be following to see what else you do. :)

  10. Pat,
    Thanks for coming by my blog. Delighed to meet and follow you -look foward to your rhymes - it's not easy, I know!

  11. dude you should totally rap this, with a back beat mix, riot man might blow the charts, better than blowing farts...seriously like the flow and tude, so rock it out dude...

  12. Actually the idea spurred from your mob post
    So I decided to make some guy boast
    And that was that
    So it's your fault riot man came to visit the cat
    And yes everything is always a little off here
    Just my luck I fear..haha
    Hey odd moods never hurt
    Unless you do something that makes blood spurt
    Then that is just bad
    Yeah fun with this one was had

    hahaha No if he was Drazin he would have sad is name a thousand times
    And there would be very little rhymes
    Yes I took that off as I found two and a book a bit much
    But that mook always keeps in touch
    Geez working a bunch of autction lately aren't you
    Having to use the yucky port a pottie loo

    Yes interesting it can be
    Sometimes right out to see
    I do alot of nonsense
    But I always get in my ten cents..haha

    Oh actually it is rather easy for me
    Don't no why it just comes off easily
    I will follow back too
    Thanks for the retort from you

  13. haha Brian I think I might scare people away
    If I tried to rap at my bay
    But yeah I think you're right
    It would be quite the sight
    Hmmm may have to think of something with riot man
    Like the them song, so he may not just be a flash in the pan

  14. you have some incredibly random and rich thoughts, with that adult-juvenile humor (which means adults enjoying juvenile humor, as i surely do:) set to rhymes. now that i'm reading you consistently i am beginning to put to words what i see in your work. it's cool:)

  15. I was rhyming along within your words and could've sworn I was going to read in one of the lines that rhymed here and there in all the bits S**T for brains .... but, it wasn't there. I kinda feel disappointed now.... *winks.

  16. Oh yes lots of juvenile humor, adult or otherwise..haha
    The adult part may just be a disguise
    That be interesting putting my rants to words
    Might be better of looking to the birds..haha

    I actually thought of that one
    After I was done
    But never fear
    Tomorrow that line comes near
    At least in bits and parts
    As I go back on the ranting charts
    So you won't be disappointed for long
    As that would be just wrong

  17. Nice: "Maybe free a monkey from the zoo
    Replacing it with you" :)


  18. Yeah they could make more sense
    Then a human that is dense..haha

  19. Nice topic.. as always.. you wrote it beautifully :)
    However.. one thing that i find really weird about riots is that most of the people join the crowd without even knowing the complete cause ;)

  20. Yeah that is so true
    They see what the others do
    And just join just because of that
    Becoming some following blind rat

  21. I can totally see this as rap!
    Ask Brian to make those mouth percussion noises for the beat in the background! :)

  22. hahaha God that would just be scary
    Me rapping with Brian making percussion noises, probably wouldn't sound too merry..hahaha


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