A Godly Theme Song. Boy Is This Just Wrong!

So it seems the Godly one is jealous of the cat. For I have a theme song for where I'm at and he has none. I guess he went out and got one. As the poor Drazin mook sent me this. It sure is something you might want to miss. So the cat does not blame you if you ignore this so called Godly loon. After all he is like some over the top, bad Saturday morning cartoon.

When Drazin was a young lad, a moron said to Drazin
Step right up and learn your history
He said once a fearsome God shriveled to a raisin
He was your great-great-great- grand daddy Nurvy
Drazin just smacked him upside the head
But his frozen feet warning still haunts Drazin to this day

Drazin will squash you flat and throw you in the street
Drazin will watch and laugh as you're squashed in the concrete
The day you mess with Drazin you'll have quite the blast
When the cat slippers are Drazin's and it becomes your last

They hide in a bush for most of the day
But Drazin knows where it is they lay
Although much to Drazin's surprise
Those stupid cats Drazin just can't incise
They seem to possess some sort of power
But one day soon their luck will sour

Drazin will squash you flat and throw you in the street
Drazin will watch and laugh as you're squashed in the concrete
The day you mess with Drazin you'll have quite the blast
When the cat slippers are Drazin's and it becomes your last
When the cat slippers are Drazin's and it becomes your last

The only facts here, are that this Godly one sure strikes fear, with his awful breath maybe. The rest is just giving the cat such glee. As he spouts his crap and lets his lips flap. But he can't take two little cats and is the king of rats. So he's more likely full of gas and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I want to ask what tune this is sang to but, am scared you might just tell me and then I'll have it stuck in my head for days ..Yikes!....LOL

  2. haha I had this annoying tune in my head
    Causing me dread
    Some mixture of this and that actually though
    So don't think there really was a certain one as this began to show
    Does that make you head feel better now
    I know with me I doubt that some how..haha

  3. I like the irony with the cats. Very creative ;)

  4. Yes that Drazin guy is quite the pain
    Wanting to make us pop a vein
    And turn us into slippers for his feet
    That just wouldn't be neat

  5. drazin has quite the complex eh, slippers for his feet, say, bet that would taste just dandy, maybe some left over for gloves on his hand-ies? ok terrible rhyme but you started it so dont throw a fit, or shrivel uplike a raisin in the sun cause drazin, despite his ego, seems fun....

  6. Nurvy?
    Oh how lurvly!
    He sounds kind of dreary
    and not at all cheery
    makes me a little leery
    I think he's rather eerie
    The cats would be teary
    if they lost their skins clearly
    for the purpose of slippers, deary!
    They would be a little teary
    and somewhat weary
    not to mention chilly
    when the weather turned bleary.
    And that's my theory!

  7. haha yes that was bad
    Just by a tad
    He'll never get the cats for slippers on his feet
    We won't suffer any defeat
    Not for his feet or his hands
    No matter how he spits from his glands
    I guess he can seem fun
    But he's a dunce and now I'm done

  8. hahaha making up words now are you
    Isn't that fun to do
    Unless it's for this Drazin strat
    Who should be hit with a bat
    You'll never be teary
    Always cheery
    As that mook will never get the cats
    Niether will any other dirty strats
    As that would be rather cold
    So on that idea we'll never be sold

  9. Wow you are very creative with you rhythms. Love it.

  10. Good thing seeing Drazin as creative and not scary
    Although he's anything but merry..haha

  11. I just almost hear a tune for this!

  12. drazin is one cool cat
    if you think he's only cool then
    you're wearing too tight a hat
    he'll thwack ya good
    like you know he should
    with his paws or a two by four of wood:)

  13. I am not really a cat person...
    However, I loved the way you referred to " bad Saturday morning cartoon".. It brought back a lot of memories ;)

  14. Hi! I'm your newest follower. Love the drawing of Pat Hatt and Cat.


  15. Yes it would work well with a tune
    As Drazin is quite the loon

    haha I think he'll use the wood
    As that would make him feel good
    Although he'd miss me
    And I'd laugh as he kept swatting and missing with such glee

    haha yes there are tons of those
    Rows upon rows
    Good and bad
    Although now the shows are rather sad
    And complete crap
    Make you want to take a nap

    Newest follower you say
    That makes my day
    Glad the drawing you like
    Here as I take a rhyming hike

    It would be interesting to make a video of that
    But I really have nothing to use for Drazin, since he isn't a dog or cat
    I suppose it could be an overtone type thing
    With the cats and such as he gives a ring

  16. Interesting to ponder what Drazin does look like...

  17. Oh the cat doesn't need to ponder at all
    There is a picture of him at that other place he goes too for a pin fall

  18. About time old Drazin got himself a theme song. lol Pretty classic. Tell old Drazin he's got a fan- but I think he knows that. Oh, by the way, there is a spray, it's blue and shoots out in a mist, and although they don't like it much, it will kick that nasty breath to death. It really works, they don't like it, but it works. Perhaps this measure could alleviate the anxiety could cause the cats, then again having better breath might further enlarge old Drazin's head lol Nice read pat, thanks

  19. just sent you a 'must see' email. LOL! Oh, I am SO funny, let me tell you. hahahaha

  20. Don't give him anything else to gloat about
    I here enough of that baffoons voice gloat and shout
    And you have to be a fan
    That might earn you a ban..haha
    He already thinks he's a God though
    So probably can't get much bigger of an ego

    haha my aren't you funny today
    Leaving poor Orlin in complete dismay

  21. Is Orlin speechless?
    Oh what sweetness!

  22. haha speechless I don't think he'll ever be
    As he will shout out much very freely

  23. You know there are all sorts of times
    When I wish I could comment in rhymes
    But there's little worse
    Than my verse

  24. haha hey you made a verse
    And didn't have to curse
    Nothing wrong with that
    Wasn't at all flat


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