Heaven Is To Blame For This, Oh So Scary Bit of Bliss!

Once again it seems the cat is stretching his skill. That may have been a bad choice of words at my hill. But after viewing so much of these germy human umm things, which Heaven constantly sings. The cat got one stuck in his head. Oh the pain and dread. So I blame her for this. I still cringe at you dirty humans and your germy bliss.

Walls simmer from ecstasy's choir
Paper rippling from quenched desire
Fingers loiter over glistening skin
Circling sweats shimmering sin

Echoing quivers confess yearning
Desires glow vigorously burning
Lips glimpsing reflections trace
Quickening to devilish pace

Delicious fragrance drips intoxication
Trembling confirms invigorating sensation
Simmering fire erupts intensity
Blooming sought after propensity

Blossoming waves surge cries
Endless measure of surprise
Hands grasp in smothering force
Driven thrusts fiercely endorse

Confined to voiceless whimpers
Basked in unending simpers
Trembling loins send shivering delight
Ascending souls into night

Circling sweats shimmers in sin
Fingers loiter over glistening skin
Paper stripped from quenched desire
Walls bare from ecstasy's choir

So if you can't get the facts of this one. You are either stuck in a rut or just a little one. If it's the later did you close your eyes? That would have been wise. Now that cat feels all dirty today, still can't get over this dirty human play. On second thought I think the bliss was just gas. That is so much more tolerable to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. germy bliss...ha ha :) Heaven inspired you well, nicely done...blissful.

  2. Whoa! I need a glass of ice water instead of this coffee.



    Actually, very well done, Cat. And if anyone thinks this is good, they should read Pat's book. He writes loves scenes that will make them feel..um...needy? lol. How's that for a plug, huh? :)

  3. "You are either stuck in a rut or just a little one. If it's the later did you close your eyes? That would have been wise. Now that cat feels all dirty today, still can't get over this dirty human play. On second thought I think the bliss was just gas. That is so much more tolerable to my little rhyming ass."

    Laughter! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! giggle chort!chort!

  4. Omg! What's this all about at first you started off like a writer Of a Harlequin romance novel...Why I knew it couldn't "last" everything was alright until you mentioned the word..."G-A-S!" lol

  5. I like the play of sensuality
    not a bit of sentimentality
    But if I inspire you to bliss
    then you have my flying kiss(es)
    No, nothing germy there
    Just happy smiles from here to there ~

  6. might i suggest a cold shower...with industrial cleaner to scour your skin...these are germs i dont mind, not even a sin, to enjoy the many wonders of one you love, below or above,,,please hold the gas though, that might ruin the show....

  7. Can't wait until you answer Deedee's question of what's this all about.
    Let's see how you spell it out.

  8. Hi! Betsy...
    I don't need Pat Hatt to "spell" it "out" nor do I need him to give me a "shout" in order for me to understand what this post is all "about"...

    ...I was giggling because the post started off romantic and filled with "class" until Pat Hatt broke l'ambiance and mentioned the word..."gas" and sent the poem into another strange dimension with his little rhyming "a_ _" lol

  9. hahaha bliss
    May make the cat hiss
    But with Pat it's fine
    Towing the blissful line

    hahaha do ice water and coffe mix
    That idea you might want to nix
    That was a nice plug
    Giving a shout to Pat's book rug
    I can make one feel needy you say
    I'll just let that rest to cause no dismay..hahaha

    Laugh once more
    Seems to be your main tour

    I can stretch my skill
    From Harlequin to my rhyming hill
    I just used two in one
    Making everyone become undone
    But if you really need to know what it's all about
    Give Sister Sarah's a shout
    You'll be schooled rather fast
    Their ummm tools are rather vast

    hahaha the cat will take the non germy smiles
    For miles and miles
    Yep you gave me the idea
    With my blissful cheer

    The cat is a peeping tom actually
    Least he doesn't try to cop a feely..haha

    hahaha That cold shower
    Does have some cleaning power
    But Pat is with you one that
    Those germs don't bother him, just the cat
    Yes the gas doesn't ummm blow
    Just so you know

    Yes I answered it
    Was it a good rhyming fit

    Added another laugh too
    Who knew

    You sure you don't need a sign
    With a big arrow pointing to the right line
    Would that help
    Or would you continue to yelp
    Oh bad choice of words once more
    I'll go before you get sore
    Ooops I did it again
    Today I'm just full of sin

  10. Talk about huff and puff and won't say the next word...hahaha
    Pheeeeew... naughty cat or is it Pat!

  11. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Oh! boy, Oh! boy, am I "sore" because I never...

    [I promise on a stack Of Bibles...I Google it a few minute ago my face turned beet red and I was fill with dread and wished I dead!]

    ...heard Of Sister Sarah "before!...lol
    If you, don't apologize I will never come on your shores anymore!
    deedee :-(

  12. Pardon me. I need to take a cold shower. Who'll join me?


  13. Apologize never
    So you can now go seek out Sister Sarah's for a unique endeavor..haha

    Maybe one of your dogs will join in
    Pretending to be umm rin tin tin

  14. And yes daydreamer it was the cat
    For he doesn't like the germs at all in doing ummm that..haha

  15. Very powerful! Then when you wrote the gas part---I LAUGHED SOOOO HARD!

  16. Pat, didn't know Orlin had it in him. Wondering who's been scratching his back, getting that tail to shoot up in a straight line. Very nicely penned, quite good. Perhaps Orlin will start himself a second blog now?

  17. "Maybe one of your dogs will join in
    Pretending to be umm rin tin tin..."

    First, Of all I don't have anymore pets...[They have transition from this universe to the next...Oh! heck if you, don't apologize and take that back I'm going wring your neck. [and I'm not going to wash my hands man!]

    If you don't apologize I want be back on your shores until a cold wind blows in from the (N)orth to the(S)outh.

    By the way, did anyone ever tell you have such a filthy mind and a potty mouth. :-P

  18. hahaha yes I had to keep the humor in
    To not would be the real sin
    After all the cat can't go all bliss
    I think he'd start to hiss

    Orlin has many things in him
    From bliss to crazy to dim
    Yeah more than one blog(with all the other crap I do) is too much
    So Orlin will just use this one to keep in touch

    You need to look once more
    As the dog comment had nothing to do with your shore
    So you can continue to flap hot air at my bay
    Or just go the hell away
    My mind and my mouth will say water ever I please
    And if you want to top Flappy and repeat crap with your over and over and over again breeze
    You'll get more than a mouth full from Pat
    Along with Drazin and the cat
    Yes that was directed at you
    Just so no more confusion is had if you view

  19. Wow, way to go, Pat!

    Our cat used to sense when we were making love and you'd see her little paw under the door, trying to find a way in to watch. It would crack us up and totally spoil whatever was in progress, but finally we learned (just like teenaged pot smokers) to stuff a wet towel under the door!

    Loved this, thanks so much. Amy

  20. Oops!
    I'm sorry I did come back and re-read the comment and see that it wasn't directed to me.

  21. I ended up showering with one of my dogs this afternoon.
    This problem seems to happen every June.
    Tall dog stepped in poop
    that I failed to scoop.
    Tall dog wiped poopy paw on
    short dog and laughed HA! HA!
    Short dog came in with golden-brown streak that
    caused quite the stink.
    So in the shower we went.
    And now we smell like Heaven Scent.


  22. Oh my
    Quite the ummm cry..haha

    hahaha that's a good way to keep them out
    Even if they want in and pout
    They won't be able too
    Come in and umm watch you
    Not that I really care
    Although they can be creepy when they just sit and stare..haha

    Damn my psychic powers are back at work I guess
    Although that would be quite the stinky mess
    I hate picking up dog poo too
    Got it on my finger once between me and you
    That was just plain ewwww
    The soap did brew
    As washed it for like ten minutes or more
    Here at my shore..haha
    So funny about the dogs too
    Guess that's one way to get rid of the poo


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