I Have The Touch! I Do Not Like It Too Much!

So when Pat was at work, Cassie was being a jerk. I went to tackle Miss Priss and slapped her one, making her hiss. But then she moved as I dove at her and began to purr. For a pile of DVDs fell on my head and then a few more, oh the dread.

Pat has these things going up the wall and down the hall. But I had to pick up the spill and of course Miss Priss left me to fit the bill. But like something straight out of Meteorman, it seemed I tuned into a new wave ban. For every one I touched to put back on the pile, I seemed to tune into that movie dial. Warning! This could get vile as I walk another movie mile.

Who is Keysor Soze? Maybe that nice blue jay? Wait! I didn't say To Kill a Mockingbird. Don't act like Aliens going all absurd.

Feeling a bit shagged, fagged and fashed are we? It's All About Eve I see. Now sit Up there is no time to go infinity and beyond for you, silly pup. Sin City is where you live and a Scarface I will give.

Having fun traveling down this Mystic River. A Beautiful Mind can be such a giver. You're going to eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder! The People Under the Stairs may consider that a blunder.

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles, damn I'm tired now. I can't even let out a meow. I guess it's Gone With The Wind or I suffered a Breakdown and The Wrestler has me pinned.

Men are shameless. If you're not thinking with your wiener, then you're acting directly on its behalf. Oh don't laugh. Son of a bitch, he stole my line. I guess with Modern Times that's just fine.

The Apartment is almost clean. Gladiator's speech is making a scene. Maybe Some Like It Hot? I cast you out, unclean spirit! I guess not.

That American Beauty is causing much Heat. It's just too bad Twelve Monkeys make her complete. That's a tad Off Beat though. Maybe it's time to feel the glow?

I don't want any Stripes. But I am sorry The Elephant Man broke your pipes, as he came in like a Raging Bull and Chinatown is no longer full.

Richard Parker and I stole this money from the company to pay for my sex-change operation. Umm let's change to The Kid station. Not time for A Christmas Story. So go call back in old Glory.

There is nothing more frustrating than playing hide and seek with a deaf wolf, don't you think? That Full Metal Jacket sure does may you sink. He's got so many politicians in his pocket he walks with a limp. Maybe he should just have a Fast Five or a blimp.

That was a lot of work and that was just one pile picked up where I lurk. The rest I will save for Pat, for I am a crazy enough cat. Talking to myself here at my shelf in all those voices and such, is just too much. So alas, the following was based on a not so true story about my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. All these movies make my head spin
    bad guys lose and good guys win.
    One could watch movies all day long
    but right is right, and wrong is wrong.
    Maybe I'll do this in my spare time
    when I get bored with writing in rhyme.

  2. Your not so true story using movie titles, what else is about that rhyming YKW (you-know-what).

  3. Out of every movie you mentioned in your post I've only seen the Gladiator. Sheltered much? lol

  4. dude 12 monkeys, dont make me go brad pitt on you, cause one flew well over that cuckoos nest, talk with your weiner bet you are glad to get that off your chest, all that work you might need a rest...

  5. haha sometimes the bad guys win
    Which could be a sin
    But it isn't too often they do
    Yes I've watched more than a few
    During some days
    Especailly when outside the snow plays

    You know what
    You mean my butt?..haha

    Geez very sheltered indeed
    Need to expand your feed
    Although at least you avoid the crap
    And the stuff that makes one want to take a nap

    Going all Brad Pitt on me?
    Does that mean you'll cheat with old Jolie?..hahaha
    hahaha wasn't necessarily about mine
    Just another movie line
    Yes I will take some rest
    From another movie fest

  6. Oh, no. Now, I'll spend the rest of the day muttering, "who is Keysor Soze."

  7. ooh, I always love me a story with some slapping, purring and other naughty actions ....

  8. Again you shoud have linked all those
    Great one bunch!!!!

  9. Nice working of the celluloid genre into the mix.

  10. hahaha I could spoil it for you if you like
    To stop your muttering hike

    Naughty actions
    Can get some reactions
    Just watch what you do
    And those who can see you..haha

    Yeah sure
    Linking is one big bore
    Never take that tour
    As I go movies galore

    It all gets worked into the mix
    As I go on about flicks
    And take my movie licks
    Except for maybe those Deliverance hicks

  11. When Pat's away,
    the cats will play!
    At least it was DVD's
    they're easy to stack again, you see.
    Better then a roll of toilet paper
    dragging through the house during some caper.
    But tp may be more fun
    for the ones that got it done!

  12. I almost missed this post today
    I've been reading and reading and reading away
    lost in a time fraction I was
    can't stay away just because!

  13. Yes they knock over things every which way
    As they go about their day
    I hid the tp a bit
    But they can still open the cupboard if they want a tp fit
    Just makes it harder to do
    So that brings something new
    Yes Orlin does think tp is way more fun
    As he's wasted a ton..haha

    Bah you never miss one
    Always here for fun
    Whether a day or two late
    Or stuck behind a time fraction gate
    Wouldn't want you to have to say strat
    Over and over again to the cat..haha

  14. Not a diehard moviegoer I guess
    I did do for just about a few
    Remembered some quite well at best
    Others only the titles I knew


  15. only 50 pages to go,
    don't you know
    I've read all day
    in between the laundry play.
    The family's been neglected
    but I'll blame you for that one.

    Hey, how's the tongue today
    any perspiration at play?
    lol....hahahaha. Oh, that was funny.

    yes, it's hard to beat the tp for an indoor game
    if you're a feline and thinking life is lame
    when pat is gone to work
    and no mice are there to lurk
    so they have to find entertainment
    that will make you lament
    when you walk through the door
    and they sprawl across the floor
    acting like they don't know what's wrong
    but say you were gone too long.

  16. you ever listen to the people under the stairs? they are an l.a. band. hip hop. very fun, like this piece. only different:)
    your form was different for this. i wonder why.

  17. Ohhh.. I haven't seen most of movies on this list :(
    I guess I'll have to see them first ;)

  18. Oh, and I forgot to ask who dusts this huge library of yours? Seems like awfully lot of work to do :) Do you have a butler named Igor?

  19. Well at least you knew a few
    And have had a view
    Know the titles too
    So not a bad go from you

    DAMN you really went right to town
    Hope none of your five men gave a frown
    At least you got the laundry done
    So they'll be clean undies for everyone..haha

    The tongue is a bit dry
    I seem to have a perspirating eye
    I guess it skips senses
    After jumping some fences..haha
    Not going to let that one go huh numb tongue
    hahaha I'll always have that one to be flung

    hahaha that's just what they do
    Sprawl out with everything in view
    Like nothing they did was bad
    And act all glad
    Because fun was had
    Screw the Pat lad..haha

    Shame, shame out of touch with the movie game
    Oh well sure there is someone to blame..haha

    Igor up and quit
    It was too big and made him have a fit
    Bicentennal Man joined up the other day
    But all he can talk about is going the human way
    So he got fired
    Now someone needs to be hired
    Care to dust
    No beneifts, low pay and lots of hours, doesn't that sound like a must..haha

  20. So witty. I love it when you incorporate movie titles like this :)

  21. Yes many many many reside in my brain
    So I just let the movie titles and quotes rain

  22. I love these movie writes. This one, I do have to say, I didn't do nearly as well as I did at the previous show. A couple of quick notes- Yep, quick, not a joke. Usual Suspects is an all time fave of mine and although I don't dig the horror show, I actually really like where the people under the stairs go, very underrated If I do say- Mystic River's a good movie, and while I believe awards it did win, read the script-it's better even. Lots of good films scattered about the room- and yeah, for every Chinatown there's a breakdown in their someplace too:)

  23. Is there anything from which u cannot pick up the rhyme..

    Fun read !!!

  24. haha someday I'll go all far far away
    And do ones many haven't heard of at my bay
    Making the percentage even lower
    Not even big enough to get chewed by a lawn mower
    Just to cause pain
    Or pop ones vein..haha
    Yes the usual suspect is a damn good one
    So well done
    haha Breakdown and those trucker hillbillies might come after you
    Don't buy a truck that is new..haha

    haha doesn't seem to be
    As all comes out at my rhyming see

    Got to love movie fun
    As my mouth does it on the run

  25. That's some great advice right there- I've seen those hillbillies first hand, and their trucks- lol

  26. hahaha yeah I've seen a few as well
    If they play a fiddle run like hell..hahaha

  27. Oh and Ed not ignoring you, stupid blogger said spam was due and stuck you in the crappy spam box, just saw it and undid the locks. Nope never even knew it was a band, you know the form is different when I take a movie stand..haha


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