I Heard You Claim That You Wanted To Play A Game!

I'm simply going to let you guess the facts of this. Unless you live under a rock most you can't miss. So it should be simple enough. But shhhh I won't tell if you find it rough. Oh wait! Don't count on that. I can be a rather big mouthed cat.

This could turn into a rather Trivial Pursuit. 
But you could win some loot.
That would be quite the Risk though.
For funny money type dough.

Although a Hungry Hungry Hippo might swing by.
Yeah, it's just so hungry it might die.
Then you'd be in Trouble.
Might go to jail on the double.

Do not pass go.
I have a Monopoly on little rhyming ass just so you know.
Sorry! It's all mine.
You and the hippo can go dine.

That could be taken out of context.
I might need some Diplomacy before you get vexed.
Maybe if I show pretty pictures.
Although with my Pictionary skills, I'd get tons of strictures.

It would look like a pile of Rummoli.
I'd have better luck being a goalie.
But I could set a Mouse Trap.
Even as I nap.

I could even send you a piece.
Mouse goes quite well with bacon grease.
Then after you can go to Candy Land.
Still the mouse is yummy and quite grand.

That comes from my Master Mind.
There is no other like my behind.
No! Don't undergo an Operation.
Avoid the plastic temptation.

What? You're brain is beginning to Scrabble.
I guess I will no longer dabble.
Can you Connect Four?
To see what I have in store?

You have no Clue?
What am I to do?
Maybe make you Guess Who?
Now, don't turn blue.

Yahtzee! Look you caught on.
It's about time things began to dawn.
As you go through those Snakes and Ladders.
Holding it and suffocating those poor bladders.

Now let go of that stress.
You can now play Chess.
What you like Checkers?
Yeah you and all the old people at Decker's.

Okay, I made that one up.
Don't send a Battleship after me for that hiccup.
Or toss me into Dungeons and Dragons.
Those things will roast me and my wagons.

Just when you think you caught on to me.
I'll yell Jenga with such glee.
In will come a rhyming Twister.
And your poor eyes will start to blister.

So just stroll on the boardwalk.
And don't squawk.
A parrot doesn't become you.
And now my board game rhyme is through.

Oh Damn! I spoiled it for you. I'm sorry it's no longer new. What? You really did catch on? Yeah, keep faking it at my lawn. But if you did not and was a tad slow, Poetical Psyche is where you have to go. Fred gave me the idea. So blame him for this cheer. Now simply just accept that you will never surpass my annoying, yet fun, little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Wow - I didn't even read this yet, but I happened to see you posted 15 sec ago, and I realized I could leave the first comment!!!! Woo hoo! Now I'll go back and read it, lol. Cheers Pat!

  2. Hey mister - that was a real mind Twister!
    (No time to rhyme the first time through,
    so I came back to versify for you :o)

  3. hahaha don't think you posted first with a burst in ages
    Here at my rhyming cages
    Although you did sort of cheat
    But everyone else you beat
    So it worked out
    Giving you the first comment shout

    haha hopefully it didn't twist too bad
    That might not make you glad
    You could get mad
    Or if it twisted the right way fun could be had
    You versify quite well too
    Cheating and rhyming what am I to do..haha

  4. Great Poem- Keep up the good blog work!

  5. I like the mind twisting games
    Some I even forgot the names
    I had a stitch in my bladder
    Before I finish your last liner
    Just wanted to wish you happy Sunday
    Enjoy it before the blues of Monday ~

    (yeah, I am rhyming :-))

  6. The blog work will remain
    At least until I pop my last vein..haha

    You really are rhyming
    Such good timing
    Hope that stitch went away
    That wouldn't make for a fun day..haha
    Yes crappy Monday is coming
    I can hear the sound of the rat race drumming

    hahaha take it that has been over done
    As you had to play it a ton

  7. Pat, I think I like your gaming take, much better than the fun leafed up by my old rake, your's is focused on just fun, mine discusses much of what was once done. Love the nostalgia in this one, there are a few, yes there's some, that I know not of, or cannot remember at all. Hippos I used to love that game, remember those marbles flying everywhere, as a kid I thought it fun, Yahtzee is still one of my favorite games, and Jenga well that is another I forgot of, but remember the fun it brought, when all the blocks came stumbling off, very nostalgic piece indeed, so much fun for me to read and yes, rhyme is rhyme and rhyme is fun, but no one, not him or her and not even me, should try to go vis a vis with a cat on a rhyming spree:)

  8. What a witty twist on games! Nice job.

    Now I want to have a game day with my kids :0)

  9. Snakes and Ladders? Is that the same
    as Chutes and Ladders just a different name?
    Sorry was a favorite of mine
    or Twister where you could intertwine.
    Hang Man is a fun game, too.
    or Hang Cat, is probably what you would do.

  10. You mean you didn't know some
    Geez upped by my little rhyming bum
    Tried to use ones that were common too
    Guess you needed a better Clue..haha
    Yes Jenga was fun
    Pulling out each one
    And down in came
    Sometimes I made a tower that could bring fame
    Yes vis a vis with the cat would not work
    I'd win even if I had to lurk at work and be a jerk..haha

    Just make sure the dog doesn't go poo near the game
    That wouldn't smell tame..haha

    I think it's the same one
    Giving off the same sort of fun
    Can a "blank" year old still play twister
    Wouldn't your feet start to blister?..hahahahaha
    Yes hang cat would be interesting too
    Forgot all about that game as off the rhymes flew

  11. I can still play Twister
    as good as any sister
    since I'm quite limber
    nobody would have to call Timber!
    You have to know your colors, though
    I'll help you if you want to give it a go.
    and you can say my age
    I won't show any rage.

  12. At Boggle Master
    my son is the bastard
    who always wins.
    I'd rather give the dial a spin
    and play the game of Life
    where my little pink woman always took a wife.
    I'm straight as can be
    but two pink women married in my car made my husband so angry he'd start to pee.
    That's what you get for torturing me.
    I'll play the game of Life as I please.
    He will end up with some nasty disease.
    Now give me a Masterpiece, if you please.


  13. A Green Ghost tried to whisper in my ear,
    But I said "It's Easy Money! So disappear!
    I can guess, Hands Down, whence come these names.
    No need for Kreskin's ESP games!"

    (Rhythm's a bit off, but I'm a bit rusty. It did help that I remember games from the 1960s, though!)

  14. Yeah for including Mouse Trap. I used to love that game :) And, this was a great idea from Fred. Can't wait to see what's next! (Does this mean you take requests?)

  15. Scary part is that I remember playing some of these games as a kid and as an adult. Scarier still is that I enjoyed playing them alot.

  16. Master Mind, Master Mind, I want to play Master Mind.

  17. nice we are all about fun and games in this house bored board all board, cranium is rather fun, monopoly deal, farkle, spades, hearts, rummy, other card fun-ny...a lot of these i have played, hope you had a good day-d...lol

  18. haha the cat is color blind
    So you might have to help my behind
    At least they say cats are color blind
    Not sure I believe that grind
    hahaha yes but if I spread your age
    Your twin might go into a rage
    After all isn't he supposed to be on the same page
    He might shove the cat in a cage..haha

    I forgot all about Life
    That just causes me strife
    I played that a bunch too
    Only had one pink woman unlike you
    Geez you want him to catch some nasty disease
    Will it make him do more than sneeze?..haha

    Easy money was the only one I heard off that I could recall
    The rest were knew to my hall
    Bah no Rhythm Nazi's here
    So go ahead and ignore the rhythm with a cheer

    Yes Fred put the idea in my head
    And this is where it led
    Sure I can take requests
    From any of the comment guests
    Would be rather interesting to see
    What was asked of me
    Then to see where I go
    Here at my rhyming show

    haha nothing scary about that
    Just means you have board game fun at your mat

    Okay I'll be sure and remember Master Mind
    If you ever come to see my little rhyming behind..haha

    Oh yes I really like card games too
    Rummy and 45's is what I'm into
    But that is a whole other rant
    Here at my rhyming plant

  19. I'll bet you're a whiz at card games... which would make you Numero... UNO?

  20. One pink lady?
    That sounds like a movie title, crazy!

    Cats are color blind?
    I thought only dogs endured that grind.
    Help your behind, you say?
    Oh, you are a flirt today!

  21. hahaha oh that was a good one
    Yes card games I win a ton
    Even some Poker in my day
    But gave up gambling at my bay
    Figured I'd go out on top
    Instead of letting my winnings flop

  22. You gave up? Huh! I never thought you'd be one to Flinch.

  23. Ever played "Hand and Foot"? I think that card game might be fun for you.

  24. haha not one to flinch
    Not even an inch
    But my luck was sooo good
    That figured change it would
    So I retired from that
    Before it turned and I was completely broke at my mat

    Never heard of that one
    Just looked it up, looks interesting and fun

  25. Betsy posting while I post
    Not nice talking the same time as the host..haha
    Yes pink lady would be Grease
    Which was a long ago release

    Oh and cats are supposedly partially color blind
    So all the colors wouldn't show up for my behind
    Look at you reading into it more
    Throw those dirty thoughts in the drawer..haha

  26. hehehe.. you and your thoughts Patt.. only you can write lines like this "You and the hippo can go dine"

  27. I was thinking if u left any game so that I can add.... Damn... no single I can remember.. u had it all summed with ur rhyming ass :D

    Fun read !!!

  28. Fun verse, as always. I just stopped by to thank you for you delightful participation in my weekly Limerick-Offs!

  29. Thank you - you put a big smile on my face. Again! Now I feel like playing Dungeons and Dragons :-)

  30. hahaha yes as soon as I typed that hippo line up
    I knew some could see it as a hiccup
    But with my rhyming play
    I can get away with it any day..haha

    Not many popular ones I seemed to miss
    Just Life which made me hiss
    Still glad I could sum
    With my little rhyming bum..haha

    Not a problem at all
    Always have fun at your hall

    Glad I can give a smile
    With my big nonsens pile..haha
    Have fun playing that
    Just don't send any dragons after the cat

  31. Give me some scrabble
    i'll bring lots of rabble
    how about Jeopardy
    for a hopping party
    I don't know about twister
    unless I can substitute my sister
    how about dominoes for fun
    or bingo before day is done
    highest card takes it is a bore
    but with sheepshead i can score
    there are games for you and me
    but I wonder about games for three
    I think it is time for me to end
    and for me this rhyme to send.

  32. haha damn you are going right to town tonight
    Suffering from a rhyming plight?
    Jeopardy would be fun to do
    I could hum the tune and annoy you..haha
    Bingo is ok if not in some smoking place
    Where everyone has a grumpy face
    Was fun from start to end
    Another rhyme that goes right around the bend


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