It Works With Noon But Not Loon!

So here we go on a little jog that might leave many in a fog. But the facts of this little quest, should clue most in as I go about my test. But if you are one of the rest, don't worry as I will treat you like a guest and tell you to get lost somewhere neat. Don't really believe that beat. As you will find out one way or another, even if you have to whine for help from your mother.

Beware if you have aibohphobia steer clear, as these stats could cause fear. But bub if your name is Bob and even if you're a slob. Just like Aba or Ava you will get this, even you're dad can't miss. I'm a little rhyming devil, going to a whole new level. My sagas are quite long. Is that really wrong?

Madam don't look at me or I'll refer you to a flea. Then you'll get bit, even if your in Kinikinik you'll have a fit. This testset has to be getting on your nerves. Your minds racecar must be doing swerves. Some morons upon high should clearly be devoved of all, giving it to someone lower in their stall. I could also use cammac for this rant, but I might get squashed like an ant. As some would consider that cheating or find it fleeting.

If your forehead dewed yet? If so don't fret. I'll send you a fact kayak soon, hopefully before noon. Damn Hannah left, guess my rhyme had too much heft. Peeweep just looks strange in and of itself, but you know I had to use it at my shelf.

I think Pat should repaper the room, as the wallpaper curled from my smell of doom. Or I could get one of the Rotavator things and see what kind of help that brings. Then it be in pieces though and I'd become a redivider at my show. Nope did not say reviver that time, guess I just did with that chime.

If I do not shut up soon, someone may murdrum this loon. Then you would never find me no matter how much you plea. Plus I would be dead. That would just bring dread. Maybe I would make it into a song, singing solos about me could make me the new Donkey Kong.

Oh those compounds hurt my mind. I think detartrated should be what comes of their behind. Okay I and a is just a big cheat. Whoever uses them should just be beat. Dammit, I'm mad! Not really, just had to use that to make you sad. As that whole line works, just like LOL those use when they lurk.

Now as my palindromes run out of gas. Damn I spoiled it for you lass. I guess you'll have to kick my mass and know it just did not work with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha...oh those palindromes!
    They'll turn your brain into a gnome!
    Since you're related to the puma
    I'm guessing you're
    A nut for a jar of tuna!

    ah...see that last line?
    I did sublime!

  2. Can it be a sentence or must it be one word?
    I know you might tell me my entry was absurd!

  3. wow betsy has the palidrome flow, funny was just thinking on these the other day, say i need my notebook as i wrote a short hook on it as i wanted to see if i could do a whole poem of them, just a whim but my head hurt too much...such is life though, maybe i will give it another go now that you have given me ammo...

  4. Yes they truly can hurt the brain
    I attempted to come up with one for my rhyming little ass refrain
    But it just hurt my head to much
    So that idea lost touch
    Yes it was sublime
    You used that twice tonight which could be a crime
    One here and once over at your shore
    Want to use it once more?..haha

    Yes it can be a sentence too
    A very nice one from you

    Guess my psychicness is back on
    As I got the vibe from your lawn
    Creating a rant at my place
    To help your with your palindrome embrace
    Yes it is quite the pain in the behind though
    So good luck with it at your show

  5. Yes it was so palindromatic right
    At least it didn't bite..haha

  6. I got to one point and I stopped
    Your verse is relatively longer than most
    But it presents good read
    That's just what most need
    I'd take doses of the sweeties and I'd flop



  7. hahaha oh that is nothing at all
    My next will make you ball
    As it is one long spiel
    But don't worry it's not real..haha

  8. I did, did I?
    ok look, another one
    sublime it is ~ a ton.

  9. dude, the fact kayak and the new donkey kong had me laughing out loud. i read half of this to a friend just now and we were busting, especially with rhyming ass.

    you busted my gut
    if i was in rut
    i'm all fixed up

    (slant rhyme is all i can do to end it:)

  10. I proclaim you the new Donkey Kong!

  11. Pat

    Palindromes are tough. The one word ones are easy to catch but the strings and sentences, boy must have taken some time. Really impressed, can always count on you for a wow. Lame factoid: The entire time I'm writing this little comment I'm trying to think of some to include and all I can come up with is WOW. WOW. Guess that's 3, but no, still just

  12. goodness...i didn't even know what a palindrome is...but now i know...thanks to wikipedia...leaning towards the greek and i second mama zen in proclaiming you the new donkey kong...smiles

  13. haha reading it out to a friend
    hahaha glad it could amuse to no end
    Yes little rhyming ass always comes into play
    As I finish what I have to say
    The rhyme worked too
    As least the first two lines from you..haha

    Yay I get to be Donkey Kong
    Oh that kind of sounds wrong
    Donkey = ass
    So Ass Kong might not be a good name for my mass..haha

    haha yeah it is tough to come up with sentence ones
    But I guess there are tons
    And lol can technically work if that's all you say
    So you got two or four however you count it here today..haha

    Look I can rhyme and make you learn too
    That's something that usually doesn't come due
    But I'm sure that moment will pass
    As I go back to being crass
    Guess Donkey Kong it is
    Although as said that can be a disturbing biz..haha

  14. So you just ignored my second one?
    Well, I've only just begun!

    Stack cats.
    Star rats.
    Step on no pets.
    Was it a cat I saw?
    Was it a rat I saw?
    In words, alas, drown I.
    Is it I? It is I!
    Now I won!
    How fun!. lol...

  15. Oh damn I guess I was blind
    I did not see when scanning through with my little behind

    "sublime it was once more
    With your encore"

    See there we go I didn't miss
    So you dn't have to spit or hiss..haha

    Holy crap went right to town
    Trying to win the palindrome crown
    Guess it was not "Too hot to hoot"
    Those "Solo gigolos" will go mute
    See I can keep up
    Even with my blindness hiccup..haha

  16. That's what you get
    trying to look with that part on which you sit!

  17. hahaha yes it does not work very well
    Maybe it needs some sort of bell
    To tell me when there is something new
    That is there to view

  18. a bell that says toot?
    um, yes you already have that to boot

  19. oh,...and my favorite palindrome after a long hard day...

    Did mom pop? Mom did.

  20. hahahaha very true that I have in spades
    And it never fades..haha

    hahaha did you pop a vein or a pill
    Or both for a thrill..haha


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