Once Again Out In Blogland. Be Sure and Take This With a Grain of Sand!

I swear it is not me this time. Yes, I know I use it here and there when I rhyme. But it seems lately everywhere I go, to each and every show. There seems to be a fit about, well, shit. Some I took a liberty or two and added such things as I flew. But that is all the facts and now for the third time, I think, I go down the Irish drinking song tracks.

The Shit Fit Irish Drinking Song

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

It's done every day
In pretty much the same way
But lately it seems
To be going to extremes
It must be a full moon
As all seem to commune
Right outside your door
Even across your floor

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Unless you live in Japan
I can send you a pringle can
It will scoop right in
Then off to the garbage bin
Or send Spud a receipt
As he thinks it's fun to eat
While Lola's dogs wipe it on one another
Getting to bathe with their mother

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

I also have come to suspect
With eleven cats much will collect
After all the free food
That must be kind of rude
And if you neighbor has a dog
Your shoe will fill with a brown log
Feces foot should be addressed
To which Brian and The Scribe can attest

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

What seems to be the deal
As this shit gets real
Blogland seems to have its share
So I'd double check your chair
As next time a brownie it might not be
That leaves a brown spot for all to see
And you'll literally walk around
Letting everyone know where the shit can be found

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Oh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-diiii-deeee-diiii-deeee-diiiiiii!

So I guess I have to thank WaystationOne, My Five Men, The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom, Women: We Shall Overcome and Lanieblogs for such shitty inspiration here at my rhyming station. Don't you just feel all dirty now? I am sure you will get over it some how. From now on I will do a double pass, to make sure I have no shitty stories to give from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Well! That was... errr... different.

  2. 'Feces foot must be addressed', never truer words spoken.

  3. The eleven? haha. Well, I'm only still claiming four
    And for the topic above I'm glad they aren't indoors
    They seem to think the landscaping gravel is a good spot
    and bury it deep so I can't complain on that thought
    So our Pringles cans go in the trash empty
    and I keep my sanity.
    You were missed in blogland last night
    you gave us the AWOL fright.

  4. I didn't quite get this one, but I have a strange feeling it's a bit on the naughty side :PP

  5. haha hey I got it from everywhere else as I went about
    Then clumped it together for a shout
    Bad choice of words once more
    Least there is nothing on my floor..haha

    hahaha yes that must be addressed right away
    Anything else will cause dismay

    Four is a good number to claim
    But with 10000 you could seek fame
    A kitty plantation
    Oh the frustration
    But you could charge a fee
    When everyone comes to see
    Your kitty crowd
    Who act all proud
    Better stay with four though
    Any more and it can be a pain, trust me I know..haha
    Awww you missed me too
    I was hung up being an achievement whore well past two(am)..haha

    haha that felling would be correct
    Could be confusing unless your one of the ones this crap seemed to interject..haha

  6. Achievement whore?
    I don't even want to open that door.
    Yes I missed you.
    Without you, blogland is blue.
    And a little less furry
    so I start to worry.

  7. It's what we call people who beat a game
    But continue to mame
    Just to increase their overall score
    I'm almost done with the tour
    haha awww blogland being blue
    Depending upon the shade, it could make an improvement or two..haha

  8. I figured it was a game
    and you were putting others to shame
    be careful or they will call you names
    and I'm sure they won't be tame.

  9. LOLOLOL!!! That is hilarious. Thanks for the mention. I need to check out those other blogs :)

  10. Ohhh I get called some rather interesting things
    Stuff I won't repeat in the blog wings
    I just think it is rather funny
    And continue to remain sunny

    hahaha yes your poo got a mention too
    I had to use it, it's true
    Now you can become a looky loo
    At the other for well ummm poo..haha

  11. Hilarious! I just read Brian's before stopping here, so I'm beginning to get the theme... creative use of the Irish drinking song, I must say!

  12. All this poo thing is getting around
    Never would have thought it would sound
    Ok and acceptable in a blog that rhymes
    When it seems a fashion for a time


  13. Who pooped on the poop deck... isn't that what a poop deck's for... bloody hell and hell's bells, not rhyming anymore!

  14. hahaha...forever now i am stinky foot and everyone will know when i walk in the room...glad i am not the only one to get poo doom...and i only have 2 cats and that is enough, eleven must be surely rough...so when do we get to hear you sing this, particularly that refrain...might cause ear pain...eh?

  15. Yeah there truly does seem to be a theme going around
    I guess it's just the time of year that it's found
    Wait until it gets buried in snow
    Then the theme will hopefully go

    haha glad it is acceptable to you
    Wouldn't want you to have a fit over poo
    That just wouldn't do
    Watch out as you visit a blog or two
    You'll find in near and far
    Seems to be all over like tar

    hahaha hey if the name fits
    May as well give some poop hits
    Bloody hell now you say
    That just made my day

    haha forver now you will be
    The stinky foot for all to see
    At least you aren't the first or the last
    As it does seem vast
    Yeah eleven would be rough
    Your twin better get tough
    And shoo some away
    From her bay..haha
    Oh that might be worse than feces foot
    Fill your ears with soot
    As I'd break glass
    Singing with my little rhyming ass..haha

  16. Boy was that ever a shitty song LOL Love your postscript there too-too, too funny. Love the way you put it in reference to irish drinking songs- I love the Dropkick Murphys and they are some of the best in my opinion- now, wouldn't it be cool to have a concert found- you've been laying down the tracks one at a time- never told us about your book, and now songs we find- perhaps America's got Talent is going to Nova Scotia, ha and will stop their tush over at bush #3

  17. hahaha! i love that miller's stepping in poop made a encore appearance:)
    i laughed my ass off at i suspect with eleven cats much will collect.
    i know a couple times in your pieces you will make me roar with laughter, and that's, i think, such a valuable product to produce for the reader.

  18. Really? Eleven cats? any particular breed, or just a mixed lot? That means a veritable fur coat of shed cat hair!

  19. hahaha yeah can you believe this shit
    This post should have got buried in a pit..haha
    I stole this one from Whose Line is it Anyway
    But the Dropkick Murphys are also great at their play
    Prob some rip off like Canada's got talent that would come my way
    And Reailty TV causes way way way too much dismay
    I'd give them nothing but a fart
    They aren't even worth the brown part..haha
    From book to song
    I'll continue to beat the gong

    Yeah such shit here today
    All around it's at play

    He sure got an encore
    After stepping in it as he went out the door
    Yeah good thing they are all outdoors too
    Don't think there would be enough pringle cans to clean all that poo..haha
    Glad here at my feeder
    At can at least be somewhat valuable to the reader..haha

    Yeah eleven cats outside
    At a zoo in another bloglands pride
    Of course with my two when I visit home
    That makes 16 where I roam
    All different shapes and sizes with tons of fur
    I wonder if the coat would purr?..haha

  20. I now have an excuse to haev to get drunk enough to sing this song in an actual Irish pub. I'm either going to get kicked out or be the life of the party. I will let you know the results!! lol

  21. HA! I love being known for my dogs wiping shit on each other so they can take a shower with me. I didn't know the little devils had planned it in advance. Obviously, it's to get a really good view of my bodacious ta-tas. Thanks for a good laugh, Pat.


  22. Mr Analyst was a poop joke. I took it out. Last week or so every one talked about cats, including you talking about cats watching men. I guess this week was poop season.

  23. Pat, yeah reality TV is the pits, but somehow I think Drazin would think it's the- umm. oh yeah, shit. lol

  24. hahaha definetly let me know how it goes
    After the alcohol flows
    And this song shows
    As your voice grows
    To see if they throw you out on your behind
    Or find it funny and be kind

    hahaha known for dogs wiping poo
    Sure that will get you a view or two..haha
    Aren't they smart planning it all out
    Just to get in the shower and splash about

    hahaha never noticed the cat thing
    But you always know I give cats a ring
    Noticed the poo thing for sure
    Just as you did at your floor
    Hope none was on your floor though
    That would just be a new low..haha

    Yeah reality tv is crappy altogether
    In any kind of weather
    I'm sure Drazin would lap it up all night long
    As he went and said is name a million times over, which would just be soooo wrong.

  25. I put Irish Cream in my coffee tonight
    in honor of your crazy poo fight
    Tomorrow you better talk about soap
    so we feel clean and not like a dope.
    Don't go parking in any illegal spots tomorrow
    and then blame me for your sorrow.
    I won't pay your ticket there
    just beware!

  26. haha Irish cream
    Was it good or did it make you scream?
    I know you have plenty of soap
    So no need to go on about soap on a rope
    Well I will be at a school tomorrow at some point
    So I could pull a you and park in the teachers joint..haha

  27. How did I miss this lyrical debut? Branching out, I see, and I agree. I'd love to hear you sing this diddy! :)

  28. Techinically it wasn't the debut
    As I did it twice before with a toot
    But you weren't around
    So this is the first to be found
    And no you wouldn't love for me to sing
    Pain to the ears that would bring..hahahaha

  29. Holy shit Batman!
    er...I mean Pat, man
    I don't mean to say that you're full of it
    and yet when I come here all I see is shit!
    So very much poo,
    what's a girl to do
    but check the bottom of my shoe
    before I bid you adieu!

  30. hahaha yes check that shoe
    Wouldn't want to smell like poo
    Blogland seems to have it abound
    As everywhere it is found
    So watch your step as you go out the door
    And anything extra on the floor


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