A Sign Stealing War, Brought On This Rhyming Tour!

So as I was over at Poetical Psyche a while back, I came across the letter stealing pack. As one store stole the letters from the others sign and made it have a weird word design. Now this was too fun not to try, so I figured I'd see what words I could make fry. I went around making up this and that, then stealing a letter like a dirty cat. No I'm not saying rat. So quiet you dirty strat. Whoops did I offend? Sorry my fingers can't reach the backspace so I can't amend.

If certain letters went poof by some letter stealing goof.

Do Not Step On The Grass!
Do Not Step On The Ass!

Finally things will start clicking...your elbows, knees and back.
Finally things will start licking...your elbows, knees and back.

Love thy partner.
Love thy part.

E.T. phone home.
E.T. phone hoe.

You can't handle the truth.
You can't handle the ruth.

I see dead people.
I see ad people.

That's all she wrote.
Hat's all she wrote.

That's a nice colored shirt.
That's a nice colored shit.

I need some catering for my buffet.
I need some cat for my buffet.

Born free...taxed to death.
Born free...axed to death.

A legend like no other.
A leg like no other.

Isn't that some yummy salamander?
Isn't that some yummy man?

Stuck on the surface.
Stuck on the face.

Feel free to take a sample.
Fee free to take ample.

Suck it up princess.
Suck it up prince.

Are you really that fragile?
Are you really that agile?

Time to board the train.
Time to board the rain.

Don't do that! It's wrong.
Don't do that! It's ron.

Oh that is impossible!
Oh that is possible!

Feel free to enter the manner
Feel free to enter the man

The facts of all of this, is a letter or two you truly can miss. Especially if it makes you look like a loon or a blithering baboon. But of course that shouldn't really matter, whether rhyming or climbing a ladder. For the cat is crazy, making your eyes go hazy. Yes I am done with my sass, meaning that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. i think i would love to board the rain...smiles
    funny stuff pat...just recently a colleague of mine wrote something in an email and forgot one single letter and it changed the whole meaning of the word from very nice to absolutely NO GO!! (no use to repeat it..was in german) but luckily i realized before she sent it to the customer...

  2. haha yes one little letter can screw it all up
    Making you sound strange or like a pup
    Good thing you caught it
    Customer might not have a sense of humor and take a fit
    Boarding the rain would be fun
    Unless it was acid or came down like a gun..haha

  3. hahaha:) i see dead people, i see ad people.
    born free was great, too.
    i keep a smile on my face as i read your stuff, i notice:)

  4. Pat, really well done. Glad the grocery store tale helped inspire some. Entertaining for sure, here are my favorite Ones:

    E.T. phone home.
    E.T. phone hoe.

    I need some catering for my buffet.
    I need some cat for my buffet.

    Born free...taxed to death.
    Born free...axed to death.

  5. hahaha glad the smile can remain
    Just don't keep it too long or you could pop a vein..haha
    Being a newspaper man figured you'd like the ad one
    As I went about my fun

    Yes the grocery store tale gave me this idea
    Just took a while for me to give it a cheer
    As I go here, there and everywhere
    But no buffet will be getting even my cat hair..haha

  6. Cool words, Pat.
    I think I am losing 'it,' whatever it is.
    I've been trying to board the train, but
    can't find the platform. The stuff of nightmares.

  7. haha I'm sure that train will stop on by soon
    And you won't lose it completely like this rhyming loon
    But if you do know it's fun
    And the nightmares will disappear under the sun

  8. Ha...ha.. I enjoyed the train ride
    Or maybe it was the rain ride

    Thanks for sharing this Pat

    Happy day ~

  9. haha train, rain all the same
    Especailly in my rhyming game..haha

  10. Some really clever stuff there! I've seen signs where letters are removed, or rearranged, for a greater "effect."

    Years ago, when I worked at a grocery store, all the employees arrived one Saturday morning to find that our store sign now read "Eat it -- 12¢ lb." And I know of a movie marquee advertising an Alfred Hitchcock film which was changed to... errr... use your imagination.

  11. Yeah I've seen it done on purpose too
    Yet they pretend it wasn't done on cue
    hahaha "Eat it -- 12¢ lb." is rather funny
    Doesn't even cost that much money
    You don't really need to stretch your imagination too far for that one
    As a child he must not have had much fun
    Maybe that's why he made such films that kill
    For his murderous urges he had to fill..haha
    Also know of a sign that had a word or two tacked on
    For the person's last name is Horne near my lawn
    You can imagine what was done with that
    God I'd change my name if it was Orlin Horne cat..hahaha

  12. My first fiancee's last name was "Horr." To this day, I suspect she only agreed to marry me in order to change her last name to mine!

  13. Hilarious.... That's a nice colored shirt. That's a nice colored shit was funny ;)
    Loved it all....
    I don't understand how on earth your brain works so much..!!!

  14. LOL Amazing what a letter missed can do. Made me chuckle for sure... I was gonna miss a letter or two but didn't want to swear in your comments...LOL

  15. haha oh yeah, I'd want that changed too
    Guess it didn't go through?

    I don't really understand much myself
    But I just let the stuff flow out onto my rhyming self

    Bah you can swear all you want
    You can do it to taunt
    Doesn't bother me
    Yes a letter missed is really s sight to see

  16. Well, someone's been licking my knees and elbows!
    He's striped and furry and bellows
    a big "meow" when I come out to say hello!

  17. Okay that's a whole different thing
    As if the last lines got cut off from the comment you bring
    That would sound bad
    Maybe you just gave another idea to this lad
    Err umm cat
    Still he prob eats nasty stuff outdoors, so I'd wash that

    haha so funny
    I should charge money..haha


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