This dVerse Could Get Excessive, As I Go All Expressive!

So I was just writing here and there in my typical rhyming flare and upon further reflection came a detection. That is all the facts I will give on that. Now comes the suffering I will cause at the dVerse mat. Just don't take away my stool or I will became a ranting rhyming fool. Oh wait! Been there done that, guess that was a bad threat from the cat. Now I will shut my yap and go on my dVerse lap.

Time to examine
An exaggerated famine
Using excavation to transact
Although it's not exact

Excerpts could be used
And excessively abused
With no exception
Or excess deception

Excise the demon within
Ridding your exclusive sin
Like morning excrement
That be just excellent

What? Excruciating headache?
Oh you're an exceptional fake
No I will not excuse you
Not exempt because you're new

I know I over exert
My exhibit should alert
Exhaustion may arise
Through exhilaration's disguise

There will be no exile
Even for an extraterrestrial reptile
At my extravagant way
Until that extinction day

But that is external
With exterior maternal
To an extent
Just exspend or get bent

Your head exploded
With the expressway loaded
Express yourself
Export feelings at my shelf

Whether exploring rhyme
Or exploiting work time
This expo is here
Like my explicit cheer

No explanation needed
Experts are very conceded
Sneezing expertise
With an expertism wheeze

Experiencing a pain
It's an expendable vein
No mere expense
Expel that two cents

Expedite things you say
You have expenditures to pay
Expectations are high
Expect an exceptional reply

Expansive it will be
Expanding it for free
Here comes the exotic taste
Exorcising your mind of waste

Expansive exoneration exercises, excelled exceptional expansion exceeding expectations.

Exitless existence exhibits exonerate exoskeletal exponents, exploding extreme exposition, extinguishing exotic excerpts.

Vex complex triplex annex reflex, perplex sex scolex codex.

So for your viewing pleasure and to keep a dVerse measure. It was done in usual verse, then to make you curse, it was done a ton and one final time backwards just for fun. Meaning the ex finished and did not start, in case I caused you a brain fart. Now that I have given the ex a pass, I leave with my exceptional little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Excellent! :)

    Yeah, that's all I got...still working on my first cup of coffee. ha. Hey, and you didn't even use Ex-Lax. Wow. lol...

  2. My goodness - it makes my head spin.

  3. Geez I expected more from you
    I think another cup of coffee is due
    To increase your exiliration a bit
    Figured I'd stray from ex-lax for this fit..haha

    That can't be good at all
    If you start floating in the call
    Might need an exorcism or something
    Pain that could bring..haha

  4. wow... kinda confusing... but loved the way you wrote it...

  5. haha the ex can confuse too
    As I go on my ex abuse..haha

  6. And you disputed hellion? lol I think I pegged you correctly. As for descending into my madness, you are already there. Glad you are too. :)

  7. Pat,
    After half-way through I asked myself where have I gone wrong! Perplexing I thought but great!


  8. whew you smoke this cat, love when you opening it up and just blat there at the end...that rips, lots of quick rhyme, time to exorcise our minds just to keep up with your quick tongue verse sung hed hung in shame when we cant keep up but all the less flows like the best. peace

  9. Pat, excellent exercise in expressive exuberance. Extra Extra, this ones Ex rated. Fun read Pat, fun indeed, for a minute there I thought Orlin second guessed himself and decided to describe his deed, the one he forewent explaining in a previous escapade lol Anyhow, great read, thanks for excelling

  10. ...I like the feel of this...Like there's a LOT of energy pulling me through it! Quite enjoyable...and yes, I liked this line, "Exorcising your mind of waste." I think that would be quite an ongoing venture for me...but a worthy one! Roger ☺

  11. This is my favorite (excerpt, shall we say lol):
    "No explanation needed
    Experts are very conceded
    Sneezing expertise
    With an expertism wheeze"

  12. It was more of a pretend dispute
    For the point it moot
    I can be a hellion through and through
    And yes my madness has over taken me, just as yours has with you

    hahaha perplexing and convexing
    Least it made your brain start flexing..haha

    Yep blat is what I went
    Maybe I should repent
    To exoricse such stuff
    Boy that would be rough
    I'll forgo that
    I'm sure you could almost keep up with the cat..haha

    Oh look at you giving the ex a once over
    An excellent four leaved clover
    Yeah that was bad
    Orlin will never second guess things at his pad
    So never fear
    He'll give one and only cheer

    Yes the energy was quite fun
    AS the ex just came out by the ton
    Yeah agreed
    I could never follow the waste lead
    As I have to much crap up there too
    So I'd have a tough venture just as you

    haha excerpt aren't you funny
    And right on the money
    With that expertise crap
    They just make me want to take a nap

  13. honestly pat - i'm waiting for the day when you start to read your poems to us and most probably break your tongue....smiles....

  14. OK, I've finished the whole pot
    so let's see what I've got.
    Your writing does impress
    I will confess
    and the dVerse folks come and say
    they love to come and stay
    and read the words you wrote
    and that you're a friendly bloke.
    At rhymes you do excell
    and yes you're rather swell.
    But since Drazin was mean, let's face it
    I'm just looking for the exit!
    Don't you have the way out clearly marked?
    I feel I'm back to the start!
    It's like a maze here in your rhymes
    and I've tried a hundred times
    I may have to yell
    to get myself expelled
    and back to my own zoo
    far, far away from you.
    ok..maybe I needed more sugar in my coffee
    I'll just eat a piece of toffee.
    then I'll come back and call you dear
    and other nice things, have no fear.

  15. get bent you say
    or your head will do more than play
    bent is where i live
    my favorite tool is a good ol' fashioned sieve
    hope this isn't too dark
    for happy thoughts, imagine a dog's playful bark

  16. That was excessively expressive ~

    Enjoyed your extra creative post ~

    Happy OLN day ~

  17. Your a lexicon acrobat with 18000 dictionaries in your kung fu hat - man you are one bad motherf - - -cat!

  18. You want me to break my tongue
    How rude, although with my nonsense I could also pop a lung..haha

    Damn that pot made you go all crazy
    Sure as hell didn't make you lazy
    Not that you ever are
    Now your lost at my bar
    Watch out for Drazin for sure
    Him and the others are locked away in my drawer
    Nope the exit isn't cleary marked I'm afraid
    I don't want people to come in and spray raid
    Then try and get away
    Causing me the only dismay
    So I create the endless maze
    To get them lost in a haze
    And you can never get too far away from my zoo
    It seems to stick to people like glue
    While your kittens seem to sprout up
    Pretty soon there will be a pup
    haha I'll take the no dear chimes
    The spice can make for such fun times

    haha never too dark for me
    I can handle happy or scary
    Bring it on but leave the sieve at home
    And are you forgetting where your roam
    To a cat
    A dog's playful bark is about as happy as pee on a mat..haha
    Of course I know you meant that
    Dirty rat

    Yes expressive it was
    On this OLN day just because
    I can confuse a bunch
    At least that's my hunch

    Damn my hat must weigh a ton
    Least I have lots of stuff to use for fun
    Yay I'm a bad motherfu****
    The cat likes that, want a sucker?..haha

  19. LOLOL ... Sometimes I get such a giggle out of the comments as much as I do what you write. LOL
    Crazzzzzyyyy ass cat Pat!

  20. hahaha bad motherfu**er with a crazy ass
    Oh isn't it fun to sass
    Even if I'm full of gas
    Yes the comments are fun too lass

  21. yes sir!
    you made my brain fart -yes with all that exploding extreme exposition...
    Great write you master of rhyme!

  22. Pat...I don't know how you and the cat do it every weeek,

    but you do something I could never even attempt.

    (in part, because I don't have the vocabulary you do...and the cat!)


    Lady Nyo

  23. dude, any write that uses excrement
    and excellent together is brilliant with me....another great one dude. Do you ever write anything bad?


  24. Hi Pat,

    Great Blog you have here. Thanks for the info and follow on twitter.

    Thanks Again

    Be the best


  25. haha take the brain fart to heart
    As you got it while visiting my rhyming mart..haha

    The cat does most of the work
    Pat just sits around and lurks
    And helps when he needs some opposable thumbs
    To stop him from flapping his gums..haha

    hahaha yeah using those two together
    Doesn't seem like any storm they'd weather
    But it worked out fine
    Once and a while I've crossed the bad line
    When trying to though
    So bad is good then at my show..haha

    Thanks for the look
    Here at my nook

  26. I wasn't quite sure what that bit at the end (after the poem was about)--my brain gas must have blurred my sense of its sense, still will expell my two cents, a great ride.

  27. Wow, I hate to say it again,
    but you made my head spin,
    after reading here
    I think I see your facts quite clear.
    Just be careful with all this ex-ing.
    Though, if I know you, you're only jesting.

  28. You should be writing for Eninem.

    Even your name rhymes! I like to leave a message on my answering machine that says: Leave your poem after the tone or Speak in rhyme, if you're so inclined.

    Some people hang up.

  29. haha that was just a brain fart I had
    And a little something extra to add
    Just to confuse and abuse
    Playing with my muse
    Glad you could expel
    And rang the two cents bell

    haha your head is going to come cleen off one of these times
    Maybe I should tone back my chimes
    Bah that will never happen at all
    Not well here at my stall
    Oh and you need some on to ex first
    So I don't have to worry about having an ex thrist..haha

    Yes my names rhymes great
    The royalities for that would be a good fate..haha
    Oh that would be fun to do
    I'll have to give that a go for my message crew
    Then they'd stay away
    As my rhyming left them in dismay..haha

  30. Each time I read this master-work it gets better--or do I? Even some comments were baffling first time through. You sure write with a rhyming flair, and it IS an enjoyable read. Thank you!

  31. 'Expansive exoneration exercises, excelled exceptional expansion exceeding expectations.

    Exitless existence exhibits exonerate exoskeletal exponents, exploding extreme exposition, extinguishing exotic excerpts.

    Vex complex triplex annex reflex, perplex sex scolex codex.'

    Loved it, what's there to say when you've said it all?

  32. Glad it is an enjoyable time
    Even as I rant and rave in rhyme
    Maybe you get better at reading
    Catching on the the bull I'm feeding..haha

    haha I doubt I've said it all
    But I sure had an ex ball
    Thanks for the love
    Fits like a glove..haha

  33. What fun! Very clever to make it work backwards as well as forwards, and I do enjoy unexpected/unsusual rhymes.

  34. Yes Pat, always a pleasure and looked forward to this, and yes, yours is indeed an exceptional rhyming ass!!!! Funny.... and the morning constitutional is a well regarded add for some of us older guys! Excellent again!

  35. a lot of rhyme but no compassion today

  36. Yes forward and back
    As I go on the ex attack
    Even corrected yourself
    Here at my shelf..haha

    haha glad I could add to your morning umm movement
    After that I may need to repent
    Looked forward to this
    That is nice and doesn't make me hiss

    Compassion went out the window
    It seems today at my show..haha

  37. You made my head spin :) excellent :)

  38. Pat! Time is short
    but I must say
    You sure do rock
    in a dVerse way
    and for me a smile
    it's been a while
    but thanks to you
    and Brian too
    that is now all I can do!

  39. Pat this is very unique and it sure makes my head spin. It is excellent and so well written and thank you for sharing

  40. hee hee... I always wondered where brain farts came from. ;) Clever, intriguing and *rhyming*


  41. Very cool and well worth my time to stop by and read it. This would be great to listen to live. Like at a coffee house. Or a bar. Have a few shots. Then a few more. Then rap these verses freestyle. You go White Boy!

  42. Exquisitely exalting exageration of excessive examination of exceptions to examples of extreme exclusion. Excruciatingly executed!

    .......PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN NOVEMBER! .......

  43. haha another head is spinning
    I must be winning

    You and time don't get along
    That is just so wrong
    Glad I can give a smile though
    And have fun at the dVerse show
    Even with Brian too
    Yeah you got a chuckle when he went to the loo..haha

    Fun stuff
    With my puff

    I'll share
    Whether one can bear as I go on my tear
    Here at my lair
    Now I'm done this pair

    hahahaha see now you know
    And can blame my show
    When you get a brain fart
    Or just blame wal-mart

    God doing it live would me scary
    The cat would make things get hairy
    It'd take quite a few shots
    And I mean lots
    For the cat to calm down
    And spread this live over town..haha

    Look at you going right aboard
    Becoming a regular ex lord
    Quite fun to read too
    Vote for you in November to umm turn blue?..haha

  44. Hello?
    Is there any body below?
    I'm still lost in the maze
    it's just a bunch of haze!
    And now the lights are out
    and I can't see..only shout!

  45. so unique - the words just whirl around you - clever

  46. I'm Xhausted trying to Xtract even inXact meanings, whether forward or back. Guess the deck is stacked, Pat, against a guy (me) who can't think like a cat.

  47. Ghost of my cat Missy says: "pat you funny lotz of xxxxs like you kiss the girlz a whole lot eeeeeeew do they have furry lipz like cats do just wonderin. Also Mommy sez me and Gable cant catch tripleX movies what are they. maybe they have em here in hevvin. keep on writing love the kitty picture love, missy"

  48. Glad I was able to digest this one a bit later in the day. Might have set my meetings into a melaise.

  49. A bestiary of Exces -- nine times nine X equals my exegical fine delight. Does that cerebral metronome of harmonic tones quiet down when you sleep? Or do you dream in rhyme, too? Brendan

  50. hmmm...deep and then deeper Pat, dark and darker from that cat

  51. haha still lost in my maze?
    Now with no lights you can't even gaze
    Maybe it's a certain thing like age
    That gets you stuck on this page..hahahaha
    Oh that had to be done
    The big 5 0 is so much fun

    Yes they whirl
    I'm sure they even make some hurl...haha

    Oh you went one step further than I
    And made the X catchy to the eye
    Wasn't that fun
    Yes I seem to think like a cat a ton
    Not sure if that is good or bad
    But the cat seems to be glad

    Impressing once more
    Here at my shore

    hahaha not that many xxxxs in my past
    That be scary and quite vast
    Unless you count the one off ones
    Of course thinking of that would give me the runs
    Glad you like the picture too
    You spirit, ghost, kitty you

    hahaha yes prob better when more relaxed away from work
    Could make you confused and act like a jerk..haha

    Yes the damn cerebral metronome comes into play at night
    Such is my plight
    Can't get any sleep
    Just can sit and say what the bleep..haha

    Deeping into the rabbit hole
    I go for a nice little stroll

  52. Two thumbs up - kicking out with this day's bit of a rhyme, but still your usual dose of impressiveness.

  53. Glad I can be impressive
    And not too aggressive
    With the rhyming fluff
    As I rant about useless stuff..haha

  54. I'll NEVER curse your verse.
    Why -- what would be worse
    Than 29 long needles
    From a bitchy nurse.


  55. hahaha yes not much would be worse than that
    One is scary to the cat
    29 would make me run
    And Jannie Funster would no longer be fun


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