What If I Use a Brick To Make It Stick!

The cat is in a ranting mood, so I may get rather crude. But I don't give a damn and no not about a traffic jam. Actually this week, less nuts I came across. Maybe they needed to stay home and floss. But that is neither here of there, as the cat goes on a ranting tear.

The simple facts of this one, are if you're told over and over again, amounting to a ton. Yet that thick skull still makes you look dumber than a seagull. I'm going to have a brick with your name on it. Maybe it will stick after a hit.

Oh and this does not apply to kids or pets, as they are entitled to upsets. But if you are a grown ass person, things are about to worsen. Even pets can be trained not to do a task, I guess you could just be spending too much time with that flask.

So there seems to be a wall
A good ten feet tall
Around what you call a brain
I guess you never feel pain

As that thing can block a truck
Even this brick I want to chuck
Not even a crack shines through
Your inability to comprehend continues to ensue

Seems a simple no
Does not take flow
And that river deep within
Just keeps on doing its spin

As the same question comes the next day
To my utter dismay
Even when told to shove it up your gazoo
Sometimes more subtle depending on you

Might wait a week
And then out the question will peek
Maybe it needs to be typed up
Then printed and given to a pup

Let the thing tear it to shreds
Then I'll pick up the threads
Mash them all together
No matter the weather

Create a type of paste
And in your ear it will be placed
Think that would be a good hint
Hell it would have a short stint

Then come back out your yap
As the same shit you continue to flap
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb and then some
No matter what way I beat the drum

Let your lips flap a mile a minute
The point is moot
It is still going to be no
Even as your ass continues to grow

A day or year
Do not come near
With your same dumb question
That is my suggestion

Once answered tons of times
Whether intentions are good or that of mimes
Pound that sand good and tight
Blocking another orphus to my delight

As now you'll push and squirm
Wiggling like a worm
In a germy room
As the gases fume

And I will be left alone
No more annoying moan
Oh that will be grand
No I will not touch your damn hand

Now that I am through
A brick hit is due
If you want to see how, shoo
And watch Home Alone two

Oh that was good to get out of my head. Even though give it a week and I will hit the same old retread. As some people just can't get it through their mind when no comes from my little behind. No this way, no that way, no yesterday, no today. No tomorrow too. You trying to make me turn blue? Now that this has come to pass, off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Okkkk
    So now I want to know what the question is, to which you keep answering No to! LOLOL

  2. hahaha oh I didn't mention that at my show
    Hmmmm maybe I'll just give you a no..hahahaha

  3. I love the rhythm to this. It flows very nicely!

  4. well fine then, see if i ever ask again, nah just calling your bluff, dont get all huff, and puff....the house needs to stand as you did too, lid blown like ingrown toe nails, ringing hells bells, not AC/DC, please him, please her, it aint EZ, no means get the hell off my porch for this shotgun your a$$ will torch...see dats how its dun, now run...

  5. haha guess I got the flow
    With my little no

    Did you see the brick fly over your head
    Don't worry I used a rubber one so if it ever hit someone they won't be dead..haha

    hahahahaha oh from a brick to a shotgun
    hmmmm that would be quite fun
    Loaded with rock salt
    While sipping a single malt
    Then when they come
    Shoot right in the bum
    Those hells bells will surely be ringing
    As they run away, cursing and singing..haha

  6. well if the brick is rubber
    I hope the bullets are, too!
    Cause I'd have to shudder
    thinking what real ones would do!

    Quite the little rant
    you did in your chant
    Hope the person gets the point
    even if their nose is out of joint!

  7. Hope your day is better soon
    Wouldn't want those crazies sending you over the
    Keeping saying, no. Stand your ground.
    Don't let'em make your head spin 'round.


  8. Pat, you just make my day with all your rhyming play. :) I especially loved this part: "Then I'll pick up the threads Mash them all together"

    ~Shawna @ poetrypastiche.blogspot.com

  9. picking up the threads, mashing them all together...sounds like a good thing to do on such days...hihi..

  10. Brian gave me the bullet idea
    So it's your twin you should fear
    I'd only just rock salt or bean bag rounds
    It do the trick and scare them off my grounds
    Oh they are think headed and will never get the point
    Not even(which I want to but don't) if I smacked their nose out of joint..haha

    Oh I don't let them send me over the moon
    I just want to whack them with a spoon
    Yes not problem there
    No will come out with flare
    Whether I have to swear
    I mutter as I grin and bear

    Glad I can make you day
    As I yap about some dismay
    And Mash things into one
    With my usual fun

    Yes it does work some
    Like to some them up such a persons bum
    But I reframe
    And stick with the no game..haha

  11. To rant away seems to be the thing these days, here there everywhere, guess there's just too many questions and not enough lessons, but in the end it will be what it will see and if such a sight causes fright then perhaps it was not right at all.

  12. Getting all philosopichal on me today are you
    I guess it could be true
    But ranting is kind of fun
    Especailly when the same stupid questions are asked a ton
    Stupid people need to get it through there thick head
    But they won't and just cause me dread..haha

    Yes sure everyone knows one or two
    Sad but true

  13. You appear to be Etrigan the Rhyming Demon.

  14. hahaha oddly I knew about him a bit
    I just don't have horns when I take a rhyming fit..haha

  15. lovely lines...nicely crafted words!

  16. I guess I can craft some
    With my little rhyming bum..haha

  17. they have to stay home and floss, funny.

  18. haha you never know
    Their ocd may not let them come out and see my show

  19. paste in the ear is too funny. great gross:)

  20. hahaha yes reall gross indeed
    Maybe then no they'll be able to read


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