When You Humans Are Away, The Pets Will Play!

So as you know when you humans leave your home show to join the work flow, sneak out for a quick ummm romp, that gives you a glow or whatever else it is you do. That is just our cue. For the so called pets will get you back and go on the attack. That's what you get for leaving us all alone. We may even chew up your phone.

Wave your hands up in the air
As we watch you leave our lair
Rolling to the street
Driving out of sight
Giving us the big green light

Vet visit taken over the ridge
Great food hidden in the fridge
Birds tease out the window
Instincts take control
Anger starts to take a stroll

The house is too clean, we can't take no more
We won't allow such a glistening floor

Time to rip it up
Got to tear it up now
With no prying eyes
We just can't wait to

Rip it up
Got to shred it up now
Even if we have to improvise
It won't be useful anymore

Interesting noises fill our ears
Smells so thick they calm our fears
Can't deny what we're feelin
Must take a peek
Don't you love our sleek technique

Too many smells for us to bear
Grab a hold and begin to tear

Rip it up
Got to tear it up now
With no prying eyes
We just can't wait to

Rip it up
Got to shred it up now
Even if we have to improvise
It won't be useful anymore

Can't blame us because you trapped us here
Can't blame us for chewing your gear
So just give us a treat and a cheer

Whether a bark or a meow
You have to clean it up now

Clean it up
Got to wash it up now
So when you close your eyes
We can once again

Rip it up
Got to shred it up now
Even if we have to improvise
It won't be useful anymore
It won't be useful anymore

So now I'll give you the facts, meaning the next time you come across such acts. You can hum this little tune, as we give you the full moon and you have to clean up our mess. But don't wait around for us to confess. It's never going to happen between me and you. So clean up the mess and get a clue. You let us roam free and a mess you will surely see. Some of it may also be more than gas, especially if there is no litter around for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. my cat took a dump on my sons lunch box last night...he has been trained otherwise so it is out of the blue...next time he will live outside and use it to poo...

    blogger is jacking up again...cant leave comments on embedded commenting without the Name/URL option...

  2. Those pesky little pets
    That's how they get at us
    Something not to regret
    Plainly got to accept it just
    Otherwise don't bother to fret
    Pet owners as a group are such


  3. I have a camera set up to watch my Beta fish while I'm at work, so his activities are never a mystery to me.

  4. hahahaha damn that is too funny
    Although what you found wouldn't be too sunny
    Yes blogger is a pain in that ass at times
    Whether one rhymes or mimes
    It's just a pain
    Makes one want to pop a vein

    Yeah may as well accept they will get you back
    And go on some rampage or attack
    Whether a bark, meow or quack
    They'll always give us flack
    For running away
    And leaving them be all day

    haha that's a good way to go
    At least you'll know
    Not sure how of an attack
    A fish could dish, maybe a pack

  5. I LOVE this one LOL! So true. It reminds me of my cat and my kids :0)

  6. We were commenting on each others' blogs at the same time LOL! Your last comment had me laughing so hard--that was awesome :0)

  7. hahaha yep whether kid or pet
    You can sure bet
    That when you look away
    A mess you will soon find at your bay

    Almost at the exact same time too
    That's fun to do
    Glad I could get a laugh as well
    And you didn't damn me to hell..haha

  8. Really nice write Pat, I've often thought about what the pets do when we leave them all alone. In the beginning, when you wrote how the cats are looking out the window waiting for the cars to leave the view- I had to smile, as mine always stare out the window, almost this exactly- And I always thought it was because they love us so much they need to catch every glance they can- guess this tune tells otherwise- Really nicely done

  9. This is exactly how I imagine my dogs talking to each other as soon as I've driven away.


  10. Yeah mine always watch when I go to
    And as soon as I open the door their right there to view
    haha yeah your thought could be true
    But still once were out of view
    Time to pull a crime
    And fill the floor with grime..haha

    haha whether it's rags
    Or those back yard flags huh..haha

    Yep they think what can we get into now
    And then kapow
    One big mess comes about
    Yeah I just used a Batman word in my shout..haha

  11. When the staff are away, dem cats will all play..and why not..it is their house after all!
    they just allow the humans to share it with them because they come in useful, sometimes...LOL

  12. haha yes no matter the time, day or seasoning
    I think that is there exact reasoning

  13. It is a fortunate thing that cats do not have opposible thumbs. We would be doomed.

  14. I think it's a matter of pets responding to separation anxiety. It's easier for them when there's more than one pet who might be responsible, so you're not sure who to punish. When Orson was younger -- and before he'd had all his shots -- he was strictly an indoor cat. He hated that, so whenever I got home, he'd be waiting by the door so he could try to run past me and get out. Any time he wasn't waiting by the door, I knew he was hiding because he'd done something he knew I wouldn't like while I was gone!

  15. Yes if they did we'd be screwed for sure
    Although mine has enough paw strength to open the front door

    Yeah that is true because when there is two
    They aren't as scared of being caught, so they are a little more hot to trot. Cassie came from the outdoors but see never wanted to go back, she knows she has it good at my rack. Orlin is to proud of himself to hide, over eager pride..haha

  16. Back when we had 2 inside cats
    they would have parties when we crossed the door mat.
    Unrolling complete rolls of toilet paper all over the house!
    Forget looking for a mouse!
    Better things were to be done.
    Funny songs were to be sung.
    Kitchen counters needed inspecting,
    toilet water they need to be licking.
    Then when they hear our car come home they crouch
    under the couch
    looking all sweet and innocent
    thinking they are brilliant!

  17. That why we don't have pets... these pets need stretching and being out as often as they are allowed to ~

    Happy day to you~

  18. hahaha yep that's about the jest of it
    Besides the odd new technique or fit
    They always get their kicks
    And their licks
    Then act all nice and calm
    Like someone else dropped the messy bomb..haha

    Yeah they need some work
    Cats don't need to lurk
    Dogs on the other hand are more needy though
    But still one day there will be one at my show


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