You Might Not Be Able To Bear, This Little Scare!

Oh this is going to be fun for my little rhyming bum. I had to laugh at some. But if you are inflicted with one of these, don't harm me please. The cat is scared of such a thing, as pain that could bring. I have no fear of you suffering from rhymophobia though. If you did, you would have a heart attack at my show. So on we go and yes the facts are easy to know.

Papyrophobia will cause vapour
If you show them a piece of paper
Oh yeah those kids are scary
Giving you Pedophobia over little two year old Mary

Nelophobia might cause you to shake your ass
As you tremble from using a glass umm glass
Damn the clock must cause dismay
Giving you Numerophobia every single day

Oh no! I saw a bare bum
Nudophobia I must have and then some
Did you loose your voice
Or was it Laliophobia giving you no choice

Lockiophobia gives me no fear
I just get the fun part dear
Oh don't peer
My Lyssophobia was gone last year

Oh that is such a scary white
Leukophobia makes me like the night
I'm not going into that room
My Koinoniphobia says it spells doom

With all the nuts I have found
Might make my Heterophobia profound
If you have Genophobia at all
You need to get over it and do a cat call

I can see why you'd have this
As Ephebiphobia might not be all bliss
I like my left more
I guess Dextrophobia landed at my door

Yes those scary mutts
Give me Cynophobia as they sniff butts
Chrometophobia is just crazy too
Unless you're afraid of what you'll do

Cathisophobia must be a chore
Standing and standing and standing some more
Yuck! I fear you
I guess my Cacophobia is due

Oh they are so scary on the shelf
I guess Bibliophobia I can give myself
You're scared of me
That Ailurophobia causes me glee

Turn on the light
And your Achluophobia will be out of sight
I can't blame you for this one
As Anthropophobia can be caused by a ton

Megalophobia would be so fun to abuse
As big things abound with my muse
Your Metrophobia must be quite high
Blame that poor Pat guy

Damn! I may really have this one
Misophobia I'll still try to shun
Don't tell me your name
Nomatophobia only lets me call you dame

Oneirogmophobia I had to laugh at
As it was just funny to the cat
Omphalophobia is even worse
There are what? 7 billion of them to curse

My last line must strike this up
Yes it was Proctophobia that made you hiccup
They are invading us
My Russophobia made me hop a bus

If you want to avoid school
Scolionophobia can be cool
Oh yes I certainly want this
With Syngenesophobia you can't miss

So you walk in the nude
Vestiphobia makes it not so crude
So your Zoophobia has kicked in
And you fear all, hair or fin

So before your Taphophobia grows
Burying you in my word rows
I'll leave you to pop that pill
So your Traumatophobia won't get a thrill

Did I show you a phobia you never knew? Making you think you have a few? Oops I'm sorry to have brought that about, with my phobia shout. Okay I'm really not. So if a phobia you just caught, don't give me any sass. For you have just been diagnosed by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. i have hippopottomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia, thus i am too afraid to read all your words today, cringing in the corner with the closet door closed...just knock, i wont answer

  2. Wow! I've never even heard of most of those.

  3. Pat, enjoyed the write. I had always wanted to get a book that just lists all phobias etc... A dictionary of phobias for my collection. Never found one, yet never really looked all too intently either. But what a write indeed, very many I've never seen. At first I thought you were making up more than a few, but by your end cap questioning, I'm now assuming that each are real. Unfortunately for me I have much to do this day, else I'd go and look each up and see what I see, but I think it's well and good they way you contextually allowed the reader to gain the meanings of each, in so these phobic terms are at least somewhat understood. Probably will go back though when I get a bit more time to wander free. Again, another entertaining and interesting write. Orlin needs more computer time, I think Pat should be a tablet for the cat's rhyming sake, that way both novel and blogging feline can both have their day:)

  4. woops- meant to say buy, not be, boy turning into a tablet for the cat to use, now that's a whole bunch of potential abuse lol

  5. hahaha hippopottomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia sounds like it would suck
    With that I'd constantly be saying ummm ****
    At least you don't have claustrophobia in that small space
    So cower in the corner and hide your face

    Yeah I heard of a few
    But many I never knew
    Until I went for a look
    To use some at my nook

    Some of them are down right funny
    Could make people money
    As watching them act that way
    Would make most peoples day
    Yeah I tried to give a little insight
    Into each phobia sight
    Incase like you
    They had no time to look up and view
    Each and every one
    As there are a ton

    hahahaha yes turning into a tablet would bring lots of abuse
    Especailly if everything hangs lose
    But almost done book number two
    So Orlin can have more time at his rhyming zoo

  6. Oh gosh! This was fun!
    I had to cut/paste and look up a ton.
    Fortunately that is easy to do
    with another open window next to you.
    Internet window that is
    in case you didn't get my drift.

    Fear of bellybuttons had to be the best
    I would have thought it was in jest
    and not a real fear
    what would you do with your own, dear?

    Just have triplets and that will cure
    any lockiophobia for sure

    and come to my place for a test
    to see which zoophobia cure works the best!

    Was having a very glum day
    so thanks for making me laugh and say
    I'm so glad rhymophobia I do not have
    to miss your blog would make me sad.

  7. haha I got your drift
    Didn't think you were cutting paper then giving it a lift
    And tossing it outside
    Because the actual window was open wide..haha

    Yes each and everyone were real
    Maybe cover it up with a banana peel
    Of course now a days you could prob have it removed or filled in with plastic
    Making your phobia think you look fantastic

    haha yes I'm sure both of those would be a cure
    Especially with critters outside galore

    Okay I lied rhymophobia I made up
    The rest are real, like being afraid of a glass cup..haha
    Happy to get rid of your day of glum
    As I rant and rhyme with my little rhyming bum..haha
    Yes that would be sad
    Because the cat is such a clever lad
    Errr umm cat
    Stupid Pat..haha

  8. I have a supercalifragilisticexpialidociousphobia over all those phobias now... had no idea there were so many... what's a fear of Pat the Hat called?
    LOLLOL OMGoodness laughing at me own jokes now... sheesh!

  9. I've read your poetic listing through;
    what's a phobia-free gal to do?
    I looked at every one of these.
    Not one describes my aching knees.

    Perhaps tomorrow or next week,
    I'll return, a response to seek.
    Will Pat pull something from the Hatt?
    Surely Orlin and Cassie have an answer for that!

  10. hahaha stealing from Mary Poppins now
    Better watch out she may give you a spoon full of suger some how
    hahaha alittlerhymingassophobia was quite good
    Steal that one of these times I should
    Nothing wrong with laughing at yourself
    Do it all the time here at my shelf

    Oh but there is a phobia about knees
    I just didn't get it with all of these
    As this was just a touch of them all
    There are like another 200 or so I didn't give a call
    Genuphobia is what you're looking for
    See can find all at my shore..haha

  11. i feel sick from sicknesses unknown
    they started in my head and have moved to the bone
    i don't know their names, only the pain
    after the diagnosis by your rhyming ass, i will never be the same

  12. A phobia of all manner
    Never to come by near
    I cringe when I feel one
    It spoils all the fun
    I'd just shut out all the fear


  13. haha an unknown phobia you say
    Maybe you could make a name all your own for such dismay
    Sounds like awful pain though
    Glad my little rhyming ass could help it show...haha

    True it does spoil the fun
    And prevents things from getting done
    So I tell my brain to shut up
    If I feel a phobia hiccup

  14. Damn..!!! I finally realized that I have rhymophobia :P

  15. I had to look some of those up LOL! So awesome :0)

  16. Yes I think I can keepthis funny stuff up
    At least for a while with no hiccup

    Damn you aren't supposed to have that
    Glad you can get over it and visit the cat

    haha yeah it's nuts that you can look them up too
    Half I'd never believe were true

  17. Glad we don't have metrophobia!
    Thanks for visiting while I've been slacking
    I know my writing lately has been lacking
    Now I'm off to pen something new
    and give you something over which to stew.
    Cheers Kitty Cat!

  18. haha I enjoy to sit and stew
    So will surely view
    Yes such a slacker
    Maybe you need someone to annoy you with a constant clacker

  19. So, I guess this means there's a phobia for everything, huh? Ephebiphobia? Who knew that there was a fear and loathing of teenagers phobia? Very enlightening today, Mr. Hatt :)

  20. Wow that is a lot of phobias! I've never heard of most of them but definitely prefer my learning lessons in rhyme, so... THANKS! :)

  21. Yeah there seems to be a phobia for most things
    At least those that phobia people give rings
    Glad I could be enlightening too
    Yeah those teenagers sure are a scary crew..haha

    Knew that is what you prefer
    And of course rhymes always come from my fur
    That's barely the tip of the phobia's though
    Just did not want to go on forver at my show


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