And Now Poof! Here is the Proof!

So the facts are simple today. I was over at LMF's way and I guess she has a crush on Iron Man maybe it's the suit that makes her a fan. Yeah really it is RDJ I will confess and that started this whole mess. And just think if you are having a bad day, you can pretend to be dyslexic your way. Then it will be FML instead. Look where that led?

She wants to watch every movie of his, which of course had me go back to the movie biz. I said I seen fifty or so. Which I will sorta prove at my show.

For I will go all Sherlock Holmes on the case,
With no Due Date at my place.
For The Incredible Hulk might get mad.
Of course the psycho Zodiac would be glad.

A Scanner Darkly you should skip,
Johnny Be Good is kind of hip.
The U.S. Marshals may clobber him though.
If The Gingerbread Man were to show.

Take your favorite swearing picks,
And use them on Game 6.
I'd rather be hit with a ton of bricks.
Then EVER again watch that big steamy pile of dog mix.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!
The Singing Detective has sang.
The Shaggy Dog is quite the mutt.
Sniffing Iron Man's butt.

Iron Man 2 was a pile of crap.
So the dog took a nap.
Weird Science might send you back.
To 1969 or to some strange shack.

Gothika might make you scared,
Those Heart and Souls shared.
Air America will fly you away.
Chances Are there will be no dismay.

The Pick Up Artist might cause some.
Natural Born Killers will shoot off your thumb.
Quite the Danger Zone,
Just watching that last one will make you groan.

Back to School!
You Firstborn fool.
Two Guys and a Girl,
Will give Tuff Turf a whirl.

Are you a True Believer yet?
Whoopi and her Soapdish will help I bet.
Guess I know Less than Zero.
Hail Caesar the conquering hero.

That Tropic Thunder sounds loud.
Sure Charlie Bartlett is proud.
As are the Wonder Boys,
Home for the Holidays with all their toys.

Only You can prevent forest fires.
I think Bowfinger crossed my wires.
In Dreams you should go.
With a One Night Stand and the lights low.

The Soloist would even play a tune.
So your date you can swoon.
Looks like I'm a lying err ummm duck.
So Good Night and Good Luck.

Yes! Upon further reflection and with a little bit of extra detection, I have only seen forty one. I guess I jumped the gun. Oh well only nine off, so don't scoff. I am sure there will be nine more, that I will take the movie tour. So there we go LMF lass. Now I'm certain forty one have been seen by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Excellent as always buddy. I love this stuff.

  2. Love RDJ. Not as much as LTM, and I can't say I've seen all those movies.

  3. Glad you like the stuff
    And aren't let in a huff

    Just wasn't my cup of tea I guess
    Although it was no where near a mess
    Like that Game 6 crap
    Only watch that if you want a nap

    haha oh that's only the beginning of my fun
    As let's just say I've seen a ton

  4. Always been a Downey fan, even mentioned him a few times on my blog.

  5. You blow my mind, with all of your rhymes.

  6. All of RDJ's films are pile of crap.
    They all make me take a nap.
    Can't stand that arrogant actor,
    who thinks he's the world saving factor!

  7. How about Chaplin, Captain?


  8. Of some of his movies I am a fan as well
    As a person I must tell
    I'll go with Dezmond's assessment below
    As the guy has quite teh over sized ego

    Don't let your mind blow too far
    Then you might have to give chase in a car
    And driving with no mind would be bad
    You might run over some lass or lad

    Now now some are good
    At least watch The Shaggy Dog you should
    Then you can see him out acted by one with four legs
    That can sit, roll over and even begs..hahahahaha

    Never saw that one at my show
    Maybe one day I'll give it a go

  9. downey def has it going on...have enjoyed many of his movies, Holmes was not my fav, just saying...but def some good ones there...myrhyme machine might be broke egad

  10. hahaha! I have you beat..although I've never seen Bowfinger or Game 6. You want a real snooze? Check out Eros or A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

    Let's not hate on the poor guy..he's an AMAZING actor or you wouldn't have watched 41 of his movies. 41 movies..I'm impressed!! This is definetly my favorite blog post of all time on any blog. :)

    P.S. The Singing Detective scared the shit out of me and gave me nightmares for weeks!!

  11. Yeah Brian, Holmes was not a fav of mine
    Didn't get that good until the end of the line
    If at all
    Not overly enthused about the sequel ball
    haha it's broke
    Maybe you need to drink a coke

    Oh Game 6 was just garbage if you can make it through that movie without doing something else or fast forwarding to the end or just turning the damn thing off
    And heaving it in a scoff
    I tip my hat to you
    That's a feat to do
    Yeah those two look rather bad too
    Don't think I'll ever give those a go at my zoo
    I only hate on the guy not the actor though
    I can establish between the two, unlike so many who go to the movie show
    Just like Gibson and his mouth letting it run
    Doesn't mean his movies aren't well done
    At least a fair amount
    As all have a snooze fest count
    YAY I got the favorite post
    That just makes me a happy host
    I did like the singing detective too
    But didn't scare the shit out of me like it did you..haha

  12. Nice Pat. LMF is always entertaining.

    RDJ certainly has overcome obstacles to excel in his profession.

  13. Did you write this on caffeine? I think Godzilla and Mothra should be included.

  14. Yes she gave me the idea
    And so came about the RDJ cheer

    Bah I don't need caffeine
    Just naturally nuts at my scene

  15. This one's really impressive. Not easy to stuff set titles into a rhyme, nice.

  16. Good night a good luck. Good film, good closing line.

  17. I'll be honest, I thinking of watching Holmes just because Downey Jr. is in it. :P

  18. Great as always! Your my rhyming hero!

  19. haha if I have enough content
    It's as easy as can be for me to rhyme and vent

    Yeah that made the perfect closing line
    And the movie was just fine

    Bah first one wasn't that great
    So the second I might get when the bargain bin is it's fate

    A rhyming hero
    Yippee not a zero

  20. I LOVE it when you incorporate the movie titles :) Sooo awesome!

  21. Yes my movie knowledge knows no bounds
    As out it comes and I release the hounds

  22. Pat, once again you remind me how lame I am lol I do believe I've seen every one of them. That is sad, as I'm not even a big RDJ fan. Although, he's not horrible. The post drunken coke binge era have been, much, much better- but that Tuff Turf- well that one there is a winner. Heck, I forgot most of the older ones even existed. but I will say, and it may cause some a bit of dismay, but that 2 guys and a girl flick wasn't half bad- I think the one girl was heather graham, but I can't pick out the brunette in that film at all. Nice post. and yet again, Thanks- I think I better go do something cool- like watch Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny for the 13th or so time:)

  23. haha yeah I'm not a fan of anyone really at all
    it's the movie for me that will pass or fall
    But I've seen a ton
    And obviously he has many done
    So it just added up
    Here with my movie cup
    Guess we are both lame
    Then I rhyme, so I'm probably winning the lame game
    Oh that sounds so cool
    You almost made me drool.haha

  24. Rhymes, rhymes everywhere... I'm a fan of RDJ but Iron Man 2 fell really flat.

  25. Agreed by the cat,
    It went really flat.
    Big piece of junk,
    That really sunk.

  26. Not sure if you'd like Chaplin, Pat. I loved it, but I'm a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin's, and old silent films in general. And if you're not a big fan of either, the running time -- it's about 47 hours, haha -- is a bit much.

  27. so many pop culture references, made my head spin! Awesome work.

  28. What did you think of Heart and Souls? I enjoyed it. Nice 1940s-style fluff piece, plus it's always great to see the underrated David Paymer (Hal, the bus driver) in anything.

  29. That is a whole range
    Of movies I've not seen
    Not a movie geek I guess
    Would typically abandon
    Halfway and sit in
    At other times
    Strange happenings!


  30. Hearts & Souls is one of my favorite movies!! And I loved Iron Man 2...I'm surprised how many people weren't a fan. Maybe b/c I was too busy staring at Iron Man and not focusing on the story line? Oh well, The Avengers is guaranteed to be awesome! Sherlock Holmes was awful...

  31. haha I might like it who knows
    Stranger things have happened in my movie windows
    Not sure I would either though
    Prob why I haven't watched it at my show

    haha glad you head did not spin off
    Then you might curse and scoff

    Tell you the truth, Heart And Souls is prob, right up there as one of my favorite movies of his. I've seen it a good 15 times or so. I always like Gordin's work, except maybe Clifford, and Elizabeth Shue makes good ones and yes Paymer is usually great in all he does too. Got done watching him in Chill Fator the other day. It's definitely right up there as a favorite.

    Yes you are not a movie geek like me
    I don't mind admitting that at my sea..haha

    Yeah pile of crap
    Too much they tried to shove into it to fill the time gap

    As said yeah Heart & Souls is on my favorites list too. Just such a good movie overall. Iron man 2 just tried to do too much and it was meh compared to the first one. Sherlock Holmes was garbage and yeah I trust Joss Whedon, he knows how to make ensemble shows/movies. So the Avenger should be awesome.

  32. downey is a guy you love or hate
    some personalities that's just their fate
    as for me, not so much
    i see more of him and less of the character as such

    i know, such-much is weak. gimme a break. i'm grasping over here:)

  33. This is hilarious. I'd forgotten about most of those movies. And now I see why. :D

  34. @Oceangirl: He was in that one, too?

    Oh, wait. I'm thinking of "There's Something About Mary."

    Never mind.

  35. haha yeah sometimes he does shine through
    Which really makes one not want to view
    And such and much was a nice touch
    If you needed a rhyming crutch

    Yes some are better off forgotten indeed
    They are so bad they'll make your eyes bleed

    Something that is a tad okay
    Or something that causes dismay

    Yeah a bit confused there Fox
    A whole different feature on the box..haha

  36. Wow. That's a lot of Downey.
    And you wrote it all profoundly
    and maybe a little proudly
    talking about the movie bounty.
    Some were good and some more lousy
    I think you would agree soundly.
    Now I'm feeling drowsy
    and since I've said howdy
    I'll now leave your county.

  37. uff. think i missed half your references here.
    i'm no expert on RDJ cinema, I fear.

    (what? was that a rhyme?) ;)

  38. haha ohhh I will agree some are crappy
    Making one want to go nappy
    As all his lips do is go flappy
    And the movie isn't even sappy
    Had to laugh at howdy though
    hahaha that be funny to hear you say at my show

    I'm just an expert overall
    Or pretend to be with my movie rhyming ball
    And yes a rhyme
    So sublime

  39. Great! Well done. Following your blog :)

  40. movies with your rhymes ...
    aah fundoo read !!

  41. Yes movies are fun to do
    As I know so many, sad but true


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