Blogger Seems To Be In A Rage. I Guess Someone Forgot To Pay A Wage!

***Before I go on my daily jog, seems something has been updated on the blog. For those that come on by and continually give a comment cry. Plus have something new to see, you have a rhyme all your own at my rhyming tree. In no order really though, except the first three almost always let their two cents worth show, which is always fun and a delight under my rhyming sun. Then there are a few further down, that rarely come to rhyming town or are on their what? 15th break this year..haha? Never fear you are still liked and get a cheer. Added and subtracted it will go, as the days pass at my show. If I forgot someone that's always been around shout out like a hound and a linky rhyme will be found.***

Today's facts are simple enough, lately Blogger seems to be playing rough!

One time here, One time there.
Blogger seems to pull out its hair.
Gobbling up a comment made.
Pretending the comment did not really fade.

Taking an hour to load.
Oh wait! That's just you in widget galore mode.
A message to you.
And to help those who view.

Stick some of those widgets up your nose.
So one does not have to wait 15 minutes to see what flows.
It will work better for all.
Might even see an increase at your hall.

Damn! Error 503.
Yet hit refresh and poof it's there to see.
Blogger and my hotmail also don't get along.
So if you send an email song.

Might take note.
That you did not get Blogger/Hotmails vote.
And poof there it goes.
To where? God only knows.

Making one think I'm rude.
Or trying to elude.
Oh wait! Maybe that's for the best.
Would not want an emailing night and day pest.

Then of course I sign in.
And oops what a sin.
No one to be found in the friend list.
Guess Blogger got pissed.

Hit refresh and they all came back.
Blogger deserves a whack.
Of course for some it says they did not post for weeks.
Yet are constantly reaching new peaks.

Another case of Blogger telling you to spread your cheeks.
And take it because we have no time for tweaks.
Comment box does not even show.
But anonymous works don't you know.

I guess your face is just too scary.
Or Blogger thought it was too hairy.
So anonymous is all you are allowed.
Doesn't that make you proud?

Now the comments are typing slow.
Just goes and ruins my rhyming flow.
But hey Blogger is not such a bitch.
Today it helped scratch my rhyming itch.

Crap! Blogger is suffering screen freeze.
That just does not please.
Now you are stuck.
And dear Blogger could not give a ****.

That felt good to get out of my head after Blogger seems to be giving many such dread. I did not even have to be all too crass. Blogger took care of that all on its own with its buggy mass. I am sure it has already gotten much sass. So I will just give it nothing but my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I wonder what do you water your rhyming tree with? :) Whiskey, vodka? It seems blogger is under booze sometimes too :P

  2. Yes, suffering the same issues too
    i think Blogger is just crossed eyed
    or under stress, take your pick....

    Good night or good morning to you ~

  3. haha...ok ok, i have good news today, seems blogger and internet explorer dont play well, changed to firefox and oh hell, i can comment and not get errors out the whazzu, seems IE may have the blog flu, so all is good once more in my world, which is good cause i nearly hurled, but people do need to lay off the widgets slow load times give me the fidgets

  4. Neat. Incentive to leave frequent clever comments here; hopefully, the pressure won't get to me. I better work on my rhyming.

  5. Yep, Blogger has plenty of glitches. But in all fairness, you get what you pay for. Blogger gives us a lot for free, wouldn't you say?

  6. I really hope some Blogger moderator doesn't stop by this page and really mess with your account! lol!

    I hear you though, Blogger most DEFF has some serious glitches. Andddd here goes another blogger glitch... I'm typing but the word output is very delayed. My fingers must be too quick :)

  7. Blogger hasn't been giving me trouble lately. Lucky me.

  8. Hmmm the tree just seems to grow
    Could be the acid rain that starts to flow
    Or could be that annoying mutt that comes by
    He lifts his leg to the sky
    And relieves himself once in a while
    Then I chase him away for a mile

    hahaha a little of both I'd say
    Each and every day
    I'm only a few provinces away from you
    So when it's morning there, here is pretty much the same time and view..haha

    Hmmm I have firefox just never use
    I guess IE has blown a fuse
    I'll have to try the other the next time it goes boom
    To stop my blog doom and gloom
    For you it would really be bad
    As you have like a bazillion comments a day to be had
    Yeah those widgets need to die
    Or the blog just needs to fry

    hahaha doesn't have to be in rhyme
    At least not all the time
    I'm sure you can beat back the pressure each day
    Because you know you want to have your say

    Yeah you can't really complain about free
    Oops guess that is being done by me
    But then it isn't technically free
    As they are getting a bazillions fees
    From advertising this and that
    And many other tricky ways at their mat
    All because for them we yap
    Continuing on the blog lap

    Shhh don't jinx me
    We wouldn't want them to see
    They might throw me in blogger jail
    And seal me shut with a nail..haha
    Yeah the damn typing goes slow for me too
    Here, there and half the places I view
    Glitches seem to be all around
    You'd think with their dough they'd be found

    Oh don't rub it in
    Just because blogger let you win....haha

  9. Blogger has definitely been a bitch lately!

  10. AMEN Pat. After reading your post though, I was fully expecting only Anonymous in the comment section to show. Yeah- Bloggers been a pain in the but, but not only that, when you complain, it's like trying to crack in uncrackable nut. For me, well It's been tough indeed- Lots of this and lots of that- Blogger blips and Tweets from friends-stating how blogger's boycotted them again- Boo Hoo- but hopefully they'll fix- I think I'll shoot them over this link- On second thought- no I won't- they might be fans of rats- and detest all that's cats- Stole that line from you-in the comments from my show- but rearranged the words a bit-

    But thanks to you- the venting is there for all to read- saying "hey this stuff sounds like what's happening to me." So thanks again. Great write at your show

  11. Firefox definitely helps. It doesn't solve all my problems, but it makes some things better.


  12. you hit it right about blogger. this is great, and is exactly how i feel about blogger. there are so many glitches, so many areas in which it misbehaves. i need to switch, but it took me a year just to get to the point where i like how my blog looks. oh, well. my blog drama, i suppose.

  13. lol! now i've learned that frustration can be expressed quite well in rhyme. :) thanks for the smile!

  14. An hour to load -- did you break for pie a la mode?

    Comments typing slow? Out to climb trees did you go?

    Blogger, Blogger, you uncaring cad.

    have to stop typing, I'm getting a bit mad.

  15. I have to write a post through IE
    but comment with the firefox screen
    Crazy, I know
    but try to just go with the flow.
    So I have both up together
    and switch depending on whether
    I want to post or comment.
    Yes, it's a pain, I will admit.

  16. Yes does seem to be in quite the mood
    Really bitchy and rather rude

    haha yeah I know they've been screwing around with you
    Used a little bit of that with this rhyme that came due
    They don't seem to give a crap
    And just go take a nap
    When someone asked for a fix
    I guess they like playing tricks
    And yeah don't send them my way
    Thay may cause even more dismay..haha
    Least it's not just one
    And everyone has had some of this fun

    At least it solves some
    Maybe it solves it by sticking it together with gum..haha

    nice rhymes
    And fun times

    haha think we all have that
    Took a while to get it down for the cat
    The look and all
    Here at the rhyming hall
    So switching is just a pain
    Which blogger knows so they won't board the helpful train

    Yes the frustration can be placed in rhyme
    Avoiding any other type of crime
    Saving such things as jail time
    For robbing blogger of each and every dime

    hahaha oh try and be glad
    No sense in being mad
    Just rhyme it all out
    And then away will go your pout

    That is just weird indeed
    Using two seperate ones for your feed
    Switching back and forth would be a pain
    I'd definitely want to pop a vein..haha

  17. They won't answer me when I ask for help
    Even if I let out a really big yelp!
    Maybe the hiccups I should try
    it would make them want to die
    That would scare them into paying attention
    and be a kind of retaliation.
    Or maybe they would just think it was a goose
    that got on the loose.

  18. haha then out would come their guns
    And they'd shoot at your buns
    Thinking you were dinner
    And they found a real winner
    So might not recommend being a goose
    Or any kind of honking moose
    As blogger might just do away with you
    Especailly watch those backwater towns, they could shoot on cue..haha

  19. Oh, that reminds me! I was going to tell you
    that yesterday blogger said my blog had been deleted!
    I had a dashboard but was invited to start a blog
    since I didn't have one at my rug!
    Then to verify that I was me
    they sent me a secret code by text, you see.
    And then when I could type it on their site
    They gave me back my blog and everything was alright!
    WTH was that all about? lol....
    I swear I've never heard of anyone having to do such a thing!
    Why are they picking on me do you think?

  20. Monday is a holiday for you!
    Are you going to visit the 14 cat zoo?

  21. I never heard of that being done either in blogland
    I've seen them say for "your added protection" add phone number or some crap like that, that is supposedly so grand
    But nothing like that crap
    Geez, really making you go though an extra lap
    Maybe you are just so nice
    They want you to sign up twice..haha

    Yep here with the weiner dog and 14 cats now
    Orlin is still having a cow..haha

  22. Had to do a google search just to make sure
    but I see your Thanksgiving meal is like our tour
    Turkey and pumpkin pie
    I know..that made you sigh.
    Maybe you could try turkey nuggets for a change
    do they make those on your range? lol.
    Is Cassie on her high throne perch?
    Tell Orlin not to hiss or lurch.

  23. Yes it's the same as yours
    We just do it sooner at our shores
    I guess to avoid any scary black friday
    So no one is ran over and stomped to death our way..haha
    But I eat the turkey just fine
    And can surely feed the 14 cats if I'm not overly fond of stuff on the plate of mine..haha
    Right now Orlin is asleep on my butt
    And Cassie is warming my feet with her gut..haha

  24. You're just more civilized up there
    not killing each other for new black friday underwear
    and other Christmas gifts
    with people shopping third shift
    I don't leave the house that day
    too scary to leave my bay!

    Aw...two cats curled up on you
    I missed those days from my two.

    Tell gram and ma hello
    and tell them I had 11 at my show
    if only for a day
    and it didn't bring too much dismay.

  25. hahaha yes those underwear must be had
    They must make you guys down there so glad..haha
    I only ever saw nutso shoppers once that were really right out of a bad movie/commercial type deal
    It was quite insane and unreal

    Yes it's nice when they curl up mostly
    Because if Orlin hears a nose that is ghostly
    He springs off me in the air
    And can scratch me good like that one I showed a while back at my lair
    He also has kicked me down below
    By mistake, by still an awful blow..hahaha

    Yes outdoors they won't cause too much dismay
    But come this way
    Where they are all indoors
    And running across the floors
    With 10 litter boxes or so to clean
    And it really is a scary sight to be seen..hahaha

  26. Using your crotch as a springboard?
    Oh, Good Lord!
    ok...I've commented here enough to where out the welcome mat
    enjoy your holiday, dear Pat.
    Hope you get time to look
    over the book!

  27. Pfft....Blogger/Google has driven me so batty that I have moved most of my online stuff to Hotmail and RSS feeds.

  28. haha yes he does indeed
    Thankfully Cassie doesn't follow his lead
    The welcome mat is already chewed a bit
    So no matter how many comments I don't think it will where out or have a fit
    Already over half way through
    So it will surely be up mid week to view

    Sick as in no germs right
    That would cause my ocd a fright..haha

    Yeah it does drive me up the wall at times
    But I guess it gives me some rhyme chimes

  29. LOL! Blogger is going wacko. My follower button keeps disappearing :)

  30. Yeah I noticed a few of those go bye bye too
    What are we to do

  31. I'm quite thankful to say I don't have all that trouble you've experienced in the blogger bubble. I guess I better thank my lucky stars and hope my blog doesn't soon seem like it's run from Mars. :)

  32. Guess you are one of the few
    Bloggers crap has yet to do anything to
    So yes be very thankful for such things
    As it is a pain when the glitch crap flings


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