C From Cat! How About That!

So Fred and his Twisted T went and had to challenge me. So when you go blind from looking at my hmmm "Curly C," blame Fred for what you see. That is all the facts you will need today. For you will C what I mean in a second or two at my bay.

Can Canadian Cats Create Cryptic Claps Causing Cuban Club Culture Cookey Coca Cola Clogs? Citizen Class Could Confirm Consumer Capital Clears Corrupt Corporate Coin. Contract Collusion Coincendentally Causes Country Conflict Costing Citizens Cash. Cost Cutting Crunches Cripple Crowds Curving College Commision. Clapping Claims Cover Convex Chemical Companies, Conning Construction Crews. Cramped Courts Certify Cuts, Clogging Criminal Cases. Chocolate Chip Cookies Can Cause Citizens Celluloid. Census Claims Cats Cannot Cough Corresponding Customization. Cold Cycles Cause Complete Crippling Chin Crying, Claiming Crop Clipping Chickens. Christmas Caroling Conitinues Curing Cold Climate Chin Cases. Coronary Catching Can Carry Cross Crazy Cyber Cat Chat. Class Cramming Cripples Circuits Causing Clear Cut Cramping. Colleges Can Cure Cramping, Corresponding Cost Claiming Can Cripple Coin. Crystals Cry Closing Causing Creditor Commissions Contracting Corn. Carrying Canoes Can Cripple Coronary Cover. Candles Create Carbon Chemicals Causing Continuous Consumer Cash Cycles. Climate Change Can Cure Cold Cycles Creating Complex Climates. Clumsy Curly Clawed Cats Can Catch Cold Climate Changing Corporate Criminals. Covering Celluloid Clingy Cuddling Can Cause Cramping. Clipper Customizing Changes Chin Copping, Clipping Crystals, Causing Cuts. Complex Companies Can Change Consumer Cart Cases, Chipping Cash Capital, Crippling Club Culture. Chickens, Cows, Chimpmunks, Canaries, Coyotes, Cranes, Crickets, Crabs, Camels, Chinchillas, Catfish, Crocodiles, Clams, Cardinals, Cockroaches, Caribou, Centipedes, Clown Crews, Contract Clear Cut Corny Class Census Claims, Confirming Cookey Canadian Complex Cryptic Cat Concerts Can Contract Country Crowds.

Now I bet you will never look at C the same way. Wasn't it such fun today. What is that? You can no longer C thanks to the cat? Oops! My bad. I may have went overboard a tad. But there is no need to C that sass. Today I was just a C happy little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. from C to shining C, oh cross eyed me, i cant C, i must flee or drown in C

  2. Thanks for the Fall wishes buddy. This post confuses me to no end yet for some reason I really like it! Keep up with the good work.

  3. Cowabunga,Crazy Canadian Cat!
    Catchy Calculating Cakewalk C's
    Cerebral Clogging Catchy Cattails
    Customarily Cheerfully Chosen Claims.
    (cough, cough)

  4. Hahaha, this is great. you're cracking me up here with some of these lines.
    Can Canadian Cats Create Cryptic Claps
    Chocolate Chip Cookies Can Cause Citizens Celluloid
    Census Claims Cats Cannot Cough Corresponding Customization

    oh there's so many more. Great job.

    Touche, touche. Eyes can get a bit blurry with this twisting rhymes, but they sure are fun when you take em apart:)

  5. hahaha yes I would want to flee as well
    I couldn't even look as I wrote I must tell
    For C put me through hell
    Cing such a C of C made my eyes yell

    hahaha oh confusing I like to be
    Guess I'll have to remember C

    hahaha made you go for to gold
    Good thing C took hold

    hahaha loved the Cheerio
    Forgot about that ones as the C's started to show
    They C's gave you a coughing fit too
    Guess Cing is believing with the C crew

    haha pop a pill
    That's be warned had my hill

    haha see you challenge me and I'll come up with something
    Giving your T a C ring
    I just blurted out the C's that came
    With my curly C game
    Was fun to do
    Glad I was nudged by you

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Pat. Cats rule.

  7. Yep cats rule and dogs drool
    I know I'm just a rhyming fool

  8. oh, this is like taking precious vitamin C :)) Wonder if I will feel better after it :)

  9. haha never thought of it like that
    But you just got your daily dose from the cat..haha

    Didn't like the sea of C's
    Would you rather have P's

  10. Chat Cave Cou Cone Coo Ce! C Can Cnly Ctart Cy Cords Cith C Cow!

  11. Oh now Dezmond thinks your post is a cold rememdy!
    Shall I print it off and carry it with me?
    Pin it to my shirt to ward off germs?
    Better than garlic around my neck
    or a germ orb from your books.

  12. c, I am c-ing things
    and getting c-sick too ~

    c-u around ~

  13. Oh, my. I got lost. LOL. I know, it doesn't take much.

  14. I'm impressed. Those are a lot of Cs!

  15. The Cs... Not the Cs! They're in my eyes! Ahhh the Cs!!!

  16. Holy Cs!! That was pretty creative.

  17. My brain...it's twitching now...lol!!

  18. Pat, thank you for all the lovely comments. Really appreciate it!:)

  19. OMGoodness... All I C is a C of C's.

    I'm all C'd out. LOL

  20. I think I'm going blind from all the C's too
    I started something as my C's flew

    Hey you never know
    Still think the germ orb would work best though
    But if the germs saw all the C's in sight
    Thye may decide it isn't worth such a plight..haha

    It will wear off I hope
    C so don't mope

    Eww C-sick isn't fun
    Look what those C's done

    hahaha no it won't take much to get lost in that
    The C's are plenty from the cat

    Yes the sea
    Is full of C's

    Blink really fast and they may go away
    So you can see C another day

    I wore C out enough that now you like
    So C won't have to take a hike

    Clever with C
    Guess that's me

    Creative with C
    Fun to be

    hahaha a Sick C
    Keep them away from me

    A twitching Brain and not eye
    At least no one can tell and you won't scare away your new guy..haha

    Not a problem at all
    Fun to give the movie call

    Bloody hell the C's are attacking
    And certainly not lacking

  21. Wow! I feel I've crossed over to Dr. Suess's world. Love the website.

  22. haha Dr. Suess has nothing on the cat
    Maybe just a little bit on Pat..haha

    Yeah I know right
    It's like C makes day to night

  23. Wow, that made my eyes sore! Haha

  24. Choly Chit. Cthat Cwas Cawesome. See, i can do that too.

  25. Ooof - now my head hurts! Cilly, cilly cat!

  26. I can't C on account of all of those C's!

  27. C is too mainstream all the kool kats use K

  28. @Adam:

    Kan Kanadian Kats Kreate KryptiK Klaps Kausing Kuban Klub Kulture Kookey KoKa Kola Klogs? Kitizen Klass Kould Konfirm Konsumer Kapital Klears Korrupt Korporate Koin. KontraKt Kollusion KoinKendentally Kauses Kountry KonfliKt Kosting Kitizens Kash. Kost Kutting KrunKhes Kripple Krowds Kurving Kollege Kommision. Klapping Klaims Kover Konvex KhemiKal Kompanies, Konning KonstruKtion Krews. Kramped Kourts Kertify Kuts, Klogging Kriminal Kases. KhoKolate Khip Kookies Kan Kause Kitizens Kelluloid. Kensus Klaims Kats Kannot Kough Korresponding Kustomization. Kold KyKles Kause Komplete Krippling Khin Krying, Klaiming Krop Klipping KhiKkens. Khristmas Karoling Konitinues Kuring Kold Klimate Khin Kases. Koronary KatKhing Kan Karry Kross Krazy Kyber Kat Khat. Klass Kramming Kripples KirKuits Kausing Klear Kut Kramping. Kolleges Kan Kure Kramping, Korresponding Kost Klaiming Kan Kripple Koin. Krystals Kry Klosing Kausing Kreditor Kommissions KontraKting Korn. Karrying Kanoes Kan Kripple Koronary Kover. Kandles Kreate Karbon KhemiKals Kausing Kontinuous Konsumer Kash KyKles. Klimate Khange Kan Kure Kold KyKles Kreating Komplex Klimates. Klumsy Kurly Klawed Kats Kan KatKh Kold Klimate Khanging Korporate Kriminals. Kovering Kelluloid Klingy Kuddling Kan Kause Kramping. Klipper Kustomizing Khanges Khin Kopping, Klipping Krystals, Kausing Kuts. Komplex Kompanies Kan Khange Konsumer Kart Kases, Khipping Kash Kapital, Krippling Klub Kulture. KhiKkens, Kows, Khimpmunks, Kanaries, Koyotes, Kranes, KriKkets, Krabs, Kamels, KhinKhillas, Katfish, KroKodiles, Klams, Kardinals, KoKkroaKhes, Karibou, Kentipedes, Klown Krews, KontraKt Klear Kut Korny Klass Kensus Klaims, Konfirming Kookey Kanadian Komplex KryptiK Kat KonKerts Kan KontraKt Kountry Krowds.

    Better? Hahaha!

  29. haha yes it really does
    Look at it makes the go to fuzz

    My words were real
    You had to cheat to get the C deal..haha

    Silly I can be
    Fun making ones head hurt here at my sea..haha

    haha C I made you appreciate sight
    And not the darkness of night

    Bah K is for another day
    Plus K causes more dismay
    And it means one cant spell
    But oh well..haha

    (shakes head back and forth)
    Sad fox, just sooo sad you did that
    hahahaha though really funny to the cat

  30. Don't fret, little cat,
    That the ol' Fox did that!
    Just a copy and paste,
    Then a "find and replace!"
    In a moment or two,
    The whole darned thing was through!
    So a short comment thread's
    Novel-length now, instead!

  31. Try saying that 5 times as fast as you can. :P

  32. This blog post is great. I've been reading your blog posts regularly and I think they're great! Keep up the excellent work! Followed!

  33. lol hard work to think all about

  34. haha yes it really blew the short ones away
    With your K play
    I figured that's what you did
    When the K made the C flips its lid

    I can't even say it one time
    Not even in rhyme

    Crazy Cats are at my shore
    And will be forever more

    hahaha Gah would be the right response
    To my little C naunce

    Will keep it up here at my shore
    The cat can be a bit of an attention whore..haha

    Hard work just looking at the thing
    As the C's fling


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