The Cat Could Not Sleep! Pat's Alarm Clock Kept Going Beep!

The damn thing Shook Me All Night Long. Some American Woman would not let me be, which is so wrong. I was a Basket Case and Running On Empty at my place. So it was time I took the Rockin Robin alarm clock and went all Cold Hard Bitch on Mr. Tick Tock.

It just had to Ramble On. So I was going to pitch it and its La Bamba out on the lawn. Especially after it called me a Tutti Fruitti with its Shout. That so called Wild Thing was going to pout. Tiny Teddy felt my wrath, when the Cats in the Cradle set forth on their path.

Time of Your Life was not in store for it because I was Bad to the Bone with my fit. I pulled the plug on Run Around Sue with a yank, proving I Stir It Up and this was no prank. But the damn thing asked Who Are You? It kept on with its Yakkety Yak turning me blue.

I was sick of this Travelin Band but it said You've Got to Kick a Little which I found grand. For this thing was on the Highway to Hell. No matter if it was having Love in an Elevator, I was going to ring its bell. It shouted Rescue Me and Let it Ride. But I was Taking Care of Business and it was not going to break my stride.

Although People Are Strange I will agree. That's Life though at my sea. Tweeter and The Monkey Man can go to Katmandu. But still there will be no Blaze of Glory for you. I Want You To Want Me won't work. You're Voodoo Thing is keeping me awake jerk!

I'll be singing Jailhouse Rock you say? But I'm a Renegade and will bury you down Copper Head Road way. No matter your threats I Won't Back Down. So send Wooly Bully to chase me across town. It will soon be Movin' On and you will Thunderstruck come dawn.

That Old Time Rock n Roll won't stop us from going Side by Side for a stroll. So you can Get Off My Back. Lets Work Together so I can finish this attack. That Neutron Dance doesn't impress me. You're Still The One I'm going to bury.

You suck at Kung Fu Fighting and Standing Outside The Fire makes for great lighting. I Walk The Line and I Fought The Law and won just fine. For I've Got Friends in Low Places and you've entered a Danger Zone but It's All Been Done Before at the races.

Let It Be and call Barbaranne because Life is a Highway and I'm not a fan. Time we Hit the Road Jack. Hey Ho, Lets Go on the attack. You will no longer see the California Sun or have Somebody to Love. That Fat Bottom Girl will mourn you with a white dove.

I Would Walk 500 Miles to be rid of you. No New Attitude is due. Eww! Don't Talk Dirty To Me. I'm not a Little Bitty Pretty One for you to see. So sing your Dowaddidy, your Hippy Hippy Shake and do your Locomation, with a Splish Splash going Under The Boardwalk to cause a commotion. Make it go Higher and Higher because I Stand Alone and you're on fire.

Here's one last Tequila for you. But if you try to Gimmie Some Lovin I'll sue. Now That I Can Dance Play That Funky Music and Drift Away in a trance. The Witch Doctor will be no good. For I'm Stone Cold Crazy as I bash you with wood.

I will not Come on Feel The Noise. Just Beat On The Brat which causes such joys. Bye bye, it's Celebration time. For you are now a Spirit in the Sky and I can once again rhyme, without having Everybody Sing This Song or some scary YMCA rendition. The cat is Swinging on a Star after completing my mission.

So remember Nice Guys Finish Last and be Once Bitten Twice Shy so you don't get another cast. Oh I Feel Good now that I can sleep. I might Go For a Soda and kill those Patio Lanterns next. If you cry I Need A Hero or We're Not Gonna Take It at your annex the cat will come up to 25 Miles. I Will Survive and give you smiles, bashing the thing to crap so you can nap.

Unless it's Waltzing Matilda as she's a stalker and Bad Bad Leroy Brown is a mean talker. Sorry! I don't Walk Like a Man lass. It's All Right for the facts are I'm a (s)catman with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love this! The rock song references are awesome.

  2. Pat, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go ...

  3. Mixed and matched and used whatever popped in
    Glad the rock songs were a win

    But I hear one could Shake You All Night Long
    And you still won't get up unless something is really wrong

  4. Nice song title references, some of these are personal.... err.... preferences.

  5. haha yeah some are a bit what the hell
    But the title worked well
    In the alarm clock tale I tell
    So I rang the bell

  6. I love thiss!! Those are all the songs I rock out to everyday while sitting in traffic on my way to work :) The trick is to hold your cell phone to your ear. Pretend that you're yelling at someone on the other end, but you're really screaming HIGHWAY TO HELL at the top of your lungs. (Shh don't tell ppl my secret!)

    of course, these songs are a lot more fun in rhyme...haha

  7. You really tested my memory with all of those song titles Pat. I don't think I am ready for Jeopardy quite yet.

  8. haha that's a neat trick
    So no one thinks your crazy or sick
    They just think you have anger management issues
    Beware! Jack Nicholsan may show up naked and make you sing I Feel Pretty then hand you some tissues..haha
    But I won't tell
    For such a sight would be hell

    Are you sure about that?
    For in double jeopardy the score can really change, at least that's what is told to the cat

  9. Thank you for providing a little soundtrack for our dVerse fun. Perhaps I can dance my blues away with your musical run. You're always good for smiles, Mr. Pat, and so is that rhyming cat :)

  10. should stop rocking it all night long with those american walk the 8 mile welcome to the jungle to get to now i lay me down to sleep

  11. Hahaha, this was pretty witty. And I'm stealing the "I'd walk 500 miles to be rid of you" line.

  12. I was wondering what songs to listen to today. Now I have a whole list of songs!
    (Leroy Browns one of my favorite songs!)

  13. Way to go pat, I love when you do your reference galore- not sure if you've seen many, but I've done a ton song writes- I love music, almost as much as I love film, so always cool to play word games with them. Love the AC/DC intro, as double meanings are keen to poetry- and it's a great song, one of the best too. Surprised I didn't see any Canadian Bands in Here, you could have gone to the Cemetary, looked at the Headstones, then Rushed over to the Temples of Syrinx, noticed the Treblecharger had gone all RED, when you looked at the clock but the time looked weird, it said 5440, but Hootie and his darned blowfish were stealing the words, and of course on the long road home, you're heart would go on, even as New Orleans was sinking. It upset you, but not too much, as you took hold of the Catherine Wheel, killing rhythm from the pain, as you swallowed the jagged little pill.

    Ok, that was my canadian rock reply:) wow that just rolled off the mind way too easily

  14. There was no way I wasn't gonna like today's post. Hit the Road Jack? Damn I haven't listened to Ray Charles in forever.

  15. You have the blues
    That's sad news
    You need to get new shoes
    Or mess up some loos
    Glad I can bring smiles though
    As I go about my show

    hahaha yeah they do seem to keep me up
    Guess it's all the coffee in their cup..haha
    Don't get lost in the jungle as you roam
    Could soon be shouting Show Me The Way To Go Home

    haha stealing from me you dirty rat
    Bah it doesn't bother the cat
    Unless you are a plump rat
    Then you might get eaten at my mat

    Yes now you have a ton
    Leroy Brown is also a really good one

    Damn that was quite the Canadian retort
    Admittely I don't listen to a ton of those at my fort
    If on the radio fine
    But the older stuff I find more divine
    Liked your retort
    Though to my musical court
    haha it does roll off easily too
    When one spurts out all they knew

    haha yeah I figured you'd like the tunes I sent out
    And wouldn't Hit The Road Jack with my shout

  16. Wow, all the title songs on a platter
    Can't say I've seen them all before
    You took great pains
    To create the chain
    And we have the whole lot of songs galore


  17. haha going all limerick on me
    Such fun to see
    I will have to do one soon enough
    With a huff and puff
    Not that much of a pain though
    For in my mind all these flow

  18. Loved, loved the song titles. You worked them in so brilliantly. I knew all of them.

  19. Rhymes AND song references? It must wear you out writing these posts...

  20. A song title rhyme
    gets me all the time.
    Because I haven't the skill,
    even though I have the will,
    to create something so witty.
    Alas, it just turns out shi....
    Never mind.

  21. I love the song titles you incorporated. Sooo fun :)

  22. Damn it all to hell.
    Now I have those songs running through my head as well as the usual thoughts.
    Think I'll give up and go for a fucking walk.


  23. See from out of the acronym loop
    To sinking every song hoop
    I have almost as many of them in my head
    As the movies I'm constantly feed

    Nah doesn't wear me out at all
    I just keep on moving forward at my hall

    hahaha bah better "you know" then none
    At least one can have some shi... fun
    You rhymed rather well too
    I'm sure one could be done by you

    talented I can be
    I guess here at my sea

    Oh I get a tweet too
    How nice of you

    Who knew the songs would go over so well
    As my alarm clock rang it's annoying bell

    Movies and Songs can be done
    And if there is a ton
    I can go at it with most
    In my typical rhyming boast

    Damn that is a lot to go through your head
    That must cause dread
    The swearing must be at an all time high
    Your brains might over load and fry..haha

  24. omg..I knew every single one!
    Now wasn't that fun!
    I feel like dancing across the kitchen floor
    Hope nobody knocks on the door
    as I sing into my wooden spoon mic
    Thanks Pat for the cool song hike!

  25. I knew most of them.. not all. Gosh, I feel old now knowing that.... Haha
    I know who to blame too, it's either Pat Hatt or his darned cats!

  26. You should right children's books :)

  27. haha yeah I figured you would get most
    With the memory you also boast
    Dancing across the floor my fun to see
    Bet the cats would climb a tree
    And watch as you jumped around
    Wondering what is that sound..haha

    I made you feel old today
    And confused yesterday
    Damn I'm on a roll
    Better watch out this could take a toll

    Sadly I could do ten of these off a day
    But drawing, yeah lets just say
    My stickmen don't even look right
    Thus I have a plight

  28. hahaha How did you know they climb the trees
    and look in at me?
    They really do
    It's hilarious, too!
    Can't hear their meow
    but their mouth moves any how.

  29. Ha ha, lots of tunes to hum after having read your poem. Good stuff, Pat

  30. This is Insane in the Membrane!! Great Job!!
    Thank you For Being A Friend... ya that's a Golden Girls reference.... oh whatever!!! FML

  31. Ooohh... Nice song reference... and i guess i gotta search for some songs as well ;)

  32. I think you got just about all the genres covered here. Good job of sampling your music library.

  33. hahaha just a good guess
    Or I really am psychic I confess
    Would be quite funny to see them peeking back
    Going on a meow attack

    More like a rhyming nut
    Stuck in a rut..haha

    Don't hum too long
    Maybe get stuck in your head and that could be annoying and wrong

    hahaha referencing the Golden Girls
    Just put of some fancy pearls
    And maybe you'll fit right in
    Yeah that would be a sin..haha

    Search away
    But beware it could take all day

    Yeah I covered most as they came out of my head
    And I followed where it lead


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