Do Not Blink! I Am Going To Make You Think!

So the cat will delve into the mind of Pat, here today at my mat. Damn! His head is fat. There is too much to go through. I am lucky I got out this little bit of thinking stuff that is due. Today the facts are simple enough. But for those kind of slow it could be rough. As all you have to do is think. I know, that really might make you hit the brink.

I read the old saying "If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you too?" the other day. As I was going about my blogland play. This brought up this little idea, that one should think before they instantly spout fear. Hell, if the bridge was two feet off the ground I would jump, it would not even leave a bump. That's why everyone else did it too because it's easy to do. Not that the cat ever follows any dumb schmuck, but just to make things easier for that example I will go cluck.

So say some guy walks up to you and just wants to make you turn blue. He says "I'll give you a million bucks if you jump out of a plane without a parachute." You're first instinct is to yell "No!" in a hoot. But he did not say the plane had to be in the air for you to get the fare. He did not say it even had to move out of its little groove. This means all you really have to do is climb in and jump out for the task to come due. Now was that not better than saying no and telling him to go?

Let's say you live a hundred miles away or so and you are bet you can't walk home before the night begins to crow. Again it's easy enough and won't be rough. Rent a moving truck and get someone to drive, then get a witness or five. Next get in back the truck and walk back and forth never stopping until the truck stops bopping. Boom! You just won the bet and did not even get wet.

Also there is lovey dovey crap, which I will give a brain clap. Let's say you aren't well liked and offered dough to leave him/her now. Well don't have a cow. If all they said was you have to dump him/her and leave. Take the cash and pretend to grieve. Dump him/her and walk out the door, wait thirty seconds and strut back across the floor. State how you were wrong and blah blah woof woof, even kiss his/her hoof. Now, hopefully, you got them back and have tons of dough in your sack.

So there was my brain rain for today. Sorry, it interrupted the rhyming play, just had to have my say and that is all from my thinking bay. Moral of this rant is I guess, think more not less. I will let you go class and you do not have to thank (unless you make one of these work and get tons of dough, then I'll take a kickback, just so you know) my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yes, thinking hard out of the box
    Sure thing, anything is possible
    Just think hard on how to out-fox
    Live life and bid goodbye to trouble!


  2. woo hoo... Its a intelligent piece ;)
    I will make sure to win such bets and then i'll definitely share the royalties with you.. LOL

    By the way... My mom often says "If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you too?"... I guess I will have an answer now.. ROFL..!!!

  3. Very true thing to do
    Think a bit and trouble will be rubble for you
    At least most of the time
    For you could think to much and commit a crime..haha

    Yes I know
    Thinking at my show
    That is something new
    For all the come and view
    Glad you are fair
    And will be nice and share..haha
    See I gave you a comeback too
    So jump off that two foot bridge with the rest of the crew..haha

  4. Very true! I never thought of it that way. Too bad no one has ever offered me money to do any of these things..but when it happens, I will jump off that 2 foot bridge. With my luck, I'll still break something. LOL

  5. Good points LOL!

    Plus, a two-foot-high bridge--epic.

  6. haha they never said you couldn't have a big cushy pillow or blown up thing
    Like the one from the Lethal Weapon movie fling
    To jump on
    So there you go at your lawn
    Now you won't break something at all
    Unless you bounce off and suffer a great fall..haha

    haha yeah that two foot high bridge
    Is need to get over the one foot high ridge

  7. If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you too? mom always used this to say...hated it...and guess there's always some cow around who's hooves wants to be kissed...ha

  8. haha I think everyone has heard that damn saying a bazillion times
    Maybe not with rhymes
    So I did something sorta first
    With my thinking burst
    Yes the hooves may want to be kissed
    But too germy, so for me they will me missed..haha

  9. 'Take the cash and pretend to grieve'. That's cold.

  10. You may run into problems with your " lovey dovey" scenario, and that's when the rich, influential businessman who paid you a fortune to leave his precious daughter alone decides that your expensive little joke wasn't very damned funny, so he calls some of his seedier cohorts to break your arms and legs. So try the other ones first, and get back to me.

  11. I bet you drove people crazy back in school and the sort. i know because I think like this all the time, and yeah-people don't like it when you throw a wrench into their clown- Trying to think things through is tough to do, it makes you actually use that rock upon your neck, but more people should try it, say what the heck and see if they can start playing with a full deck- yep. Great piece today- completely agree 10,0001 percent. Love your examples, spot on, illustrative and humorous wrapped up in one.

  12. Those are called 'Ways to beat the Devil', for 'the devil is in the details'. In the movie, Darby O'Gill and the Little People', Darby was constantly doing battle with the King of the Leprechauns. Semantics were very important.

  13. haha I only say pretend
    You can tell first what you are going to do around the bend
    Then both will know
    And take the cash and go

    hahahaha and you would be the expert on that from your irish mafia days?
    If I pull it off I'll be sure to look both ways
    Eyeing any cars that come by
    Looking for a silver haired guy
    So you won't run me down
    In some back water town..haha

    haha I still drive people crazy
    Especailly the lazy
    As most can't seem to work with a full deck at all
    51 cards seem to be missing from their hall
    Hell more like all 52
    And all that's left is the joker to view
    Just thought up the examples on the go
    And used whatever popped in at my show

    Guess I stand a good chance
    If the devil ever comes to glance
    I'll take a stance
    And not fall for his detail dance
    Look at you
    Using movie references too
    I actually thought of that one as I wrote
    This little thinking note
    Who knew James Bond could sing
    and Darby was outsmarted by the king

  14. remind me never to place any bets with you, you cunning little assed devil!

  15. hahaha I will weasel my way around
    To make sure a hole is found
    And I can win the dough
    So yeah better off not betting with me, as you already know..haha

  16. Brain rain
    what a pain!
    was it a little mist
    enough to make you pissed?
    How about a drizzle
    enough to make your good mood fizzle
    Maybe a downpour
    to make your muse soar?
    Thunderstorm with lightning?
    It must have been frightening!
    But one question I have for you.
    Do you have umbrellas in your brain, too?

  17. Oh dear. I blinked when I farted and it stinked. Stink, stank, stunk. Now I'm in such a funk. My grammar is ruined. All is destroyed. At least I still have my dear doggie boys.


  18. Yes all that crap arising in my head
    Sure does cause me dread
    Pissed I can be
    But usually that's at other and not me..haha
    My good mood stays alive here
    At least mostly with every cheer
    My muse goes on and on and on
    Seems to be a never ending lawn
    Guess the stratty stuff hasn't hit yet
    One day it could be a safe bet..haha
    Nope no umbrellas there at all
    No room for them at my hall
    So all just weathers the storm
    Unable the brain rain stops and everything is back to the norm

    You blinked? How could you?
    That's not nice to do
    Plus farting and chasing your doggies from the room
    At least you didn't use a broom
    Unless they like your smell
    And you all bask in stinky hell..hahaha


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