Flappy Just Got Cooler! Elastic Band?...Elastic Band?...Bueller?...Bueller?...Bueller?

Just when one thinks things could not get more annoying, Flappy's same repeated dumb questions just keep deploying. Pat really needs to find a new job or carry a bucket around of corn on the cob. Then as the stupid brain shuts questions arise, whack her with one right between the eyes.

As everyone left and Pat was ready to go, Oh NO! An elastic band refused to show. It's not like they are a dime a hundred or anything. Although right then Pat wished he had one to fling. Snapping her right on the forehead, creating a red mark that said, "Brain Shuts Alert! Will Make Your Head Hurt!"

"Did you see my elastic band? My elastic band was right there. Did you see my elastic band?"

Flappy acted as if she just lost a million dollar lottery ticket and was more annoying then a bedside cricket. But Pat said no. Still her questions did not slow.

"I know it was right there. Did you see my elastic band? You wouldn't happen to have an elastic band?" Did you see my elastic band?"

Yeah, I am just like the other seven billion on the planet. I carry a pocket full of elastics around that are bronzed in granite. And you are waaaay too annoying for me to unlock everything to go get some dumb elastic for your stupid crap. Shove your crap in your bag and shove off already you sap. But off course Pat remained in a happy place and her yap continued to flap off her face.

"Someone must have took my elastic band. Are you sure you didn't see my elastic band? I know it was right there. I wonder what happened to my elastic band."

I wish you would wonder long and hard about it and get lost. Also maybe suck on some exhaust. Really, who the hell is going to steal an elastic anyway? I sure know that's the first thing I would steal any day. Someone probably took it and used it to snap their own head for listening to her just brings dread.

"I wonder where my elastic band went. I know it was there on the table. What happened to my elastic band?"

She keep saying as I slammed the door shut. Literally I almost hit her in that rather large butt. I over emphasized the slam too. Sadly, I do not think the hint got through. For I could still hear through the door her go on about some stupid elastic forever more.

I guess the facts of today. Maybe all should carry an elastic around in case Flappy comes their way. If you have good aim fling it at her head for me and take a video as that be a delight to see. Also sure Pat thought things quite crass, which will not be repeated by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Nice post as usual. I'll keep it in mind to carry elastic around at all times. In response to your comment on my blog post you're probably right buddy, it would be wise to remain a student but I'm not sure if that's possible. I really should life the worker lifestyle first so I can know what my aims are anyway, I can always go back at the end of the year.

  2. I'll have an elastic band handy too LOL! So funny :0)

  3. Yeah keep that handy in case Flappy skisp the pond
    She isn't even blonde..haha
    Oh that might get me in trouble
    Better go hide under some rubble

    hahaha I'm sure you've got good aim
    And always have a camera handy for your prank game
    So if some comes near
    At least hit her behind the ear

  4. LOL I have an elastic hair band on my writst at all times. It NEVER comes off. Only when it's gets too stretched out. Then it gets replaced with a brand new one identical to the first.

    Now, if it got lost I would REPLACE it and move on with my life. Maybe she needs to develop this skill. LOL

  5. Or you could give her some for Christmas or something. Doesn't matter if she loses some, she'll have an ample supply.

  6. Yeah, she should just bother
    With one elastic band on her
    If it ever gets misplaced
    She just needs to replace
    And stop being a nuisance
    Under whatever circumstance


  7. haha...all over a rubber band, man i can see where that might sting the cran-ium, growing in the corner like a geranium, ok that one was just for the rhyme-um...perhaps you could get one for her lips.

  8. Next time, fling one fast at Flappy's fat fanny. :)

  9. My granddaughters leave a trail of elastic hair bands. I pick them up as I follow them, and have several around my wrist at the end of the day.

    What we need, we need.

  10. Sadly she was just talking about the one made of rubber
    That can't dance like Flubber
    Would have been even stranger though I suppose
    If she asked me if I had a hair one with her constant flappy flows
    YES she truly does need to develop such a skill
    For I have had my fill..haha

    Pffft wouldn't waste a dime on Flappy
    She is far to yappy

    A nuisance she is
    With her pyramid type biz
    She should go far far away
    And never come back my way

    Yes is really stung
    I hoped she'd pop a lung
    Hey the rhyme worked at least a bit
    Afraid with her lip fit
    It would probably stretch in no time
    And fall off as she continued her stupid repeated chime

    hahaha I do have a weapon in my desk made of those
    I tied a few together and wrapped a bunch into a ball, was bored, that's just how that goes
    So i can stretch the ball really far back
    Hold on the other end and let it fly going on the attack
    Might hurt a bit
    Sure would be fun until another question spree with hit

    Yeah those I can at least see
    But rubber one whoopdi
    As much time as she spent harping on the thing
    She could have found 20 more to fling

  11. 7 billion people but how many cats?

  12. An elastic band is NEVER around just when you need one! LOL

  13. I found this post........ rubbery and stretchy.

  14. I heard there is a gang which steals rubber bands from people's houses .... during night ... they are dangerous ..

  15. Woah, that's a lot of drama over an elastic band haha. Your rhyming is impressive as usual.

  16. This post revolves around an elastic band. I don't know how you do it. I'd wander off and miss the point.

  17. Oh don't worry, D4. Flappy kept him right on topic. lol...

  18. You were playing hide the elastic band, weren't you? But Flappy didn't know it was a game and poor Flappy freaked. Oh Pat.


  19. looks like you got some spam
    shoot them with a rubber band.

  20. Good thing I have this ginormous bag of rubberbands- all different sizes and colors, left from my old job- I asked them if they wanted that or the two staplers, and a bunch of other supplies back but obviously related to flappy they were not. So I have no use for them, other than finding them all over the floor when I leave the computer table cupboard open- Chloe loves them to all high heavens, she'll jump in there and somehow get them loose- then meow at me when I tell her it's not safe to play with them- anyhow I went on a bit of tangent there, but old flappy, old flappy what next will she do. Reminds me a lot of that stapler guy from office space- perhaps one day we'll find out she'll wind up like him- wouldn't that make pat mad lol

  21. That little thingies often comes in handy :P

  22. Haha, this is great Pat, so original and clever!

  23. Oh cats I'm sure there are double that
    As out usually pops more than one cat
    And they do it faster too
    So can have quite a few

    Was it tough to chew
    That rubber can taste like glue

    Glad I don't have any on me
    So that gang will stay away from bush number three
    But if they come
    They'll step into my traps and then some

    hahaha that ball is just what I have at work
    Tied to a couple of them so I can swing it around at those who lurk
    They tried to take it from me a couple times
    For all the bouncing crimes..haha

    Yes drama came into play
    Stupid Flappy had to have her repeated say

    hahaha yeah I just go at it my way
    And add some rhymes as I play

    So true it is
    Not hard with the same old repeated over and over and over Flappy biz

    hahaha good guess but no
    I just wanted Flappy to go
    So I would have had it show
    If I had it and even wrapped it in a bow

    Think I meant plastic

    Yeah first spam I got in a good long while
    Guess the elastic band was just their style

    hahaha yes Orlin eats the things too
    I have to hide them because he has no clue
    They can get stuck in him
    Cassie is also kind of dim
    Both eating the things
    Like they were flies with wings
    She could be stapler guy in disguise
    But doesn't seem as wise
    Which is sad
    To not beat out that lad

    Yes they can come and handy
    Flappy really thinks they are quite dandy

    Glad I can be found clever
    With my rhyming endeavor


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